Suburban Senshi IRC Chat #1006: “Fuming Fairytale”
#1006: “Fuming Fairytale”

[17:26] *** Sun Jul 23 2006 - LOGGING START ***
[17:26] *** Now talking in #sengoku
[17:26] *** Topic is - This one is for Shaldra and all you IY fans who just LOVED the ending of the anime -
[17:26] *** Set by @Dr. Xadium on Sun Jul 23 17:26 2006

17:07] <InuYasha> f[BLEEP]king s[BLEEP]t, WHY are we still here
[17:07] <Kikyo> Because your GIRLFRIEND needed new shoes.
[17:07] <Kagome> I AM NOT HIS GIRLFRIEND
[17:08] <Kikyo> then let me have him
[17:08] <Kagome> ..NO!
[17:08] <Kikyo> then SILENCE, hypocritical woman!
[17:08] <Miroku> Kikyo, can I bear your children?
[17:09] <Kikyo> Every five minutes he asks that. He doesn't SAY anything else!
[17:09] <Sango> Well, at the right moments it can be quite a nice thing to hear~
[17:09] <Shippou> OH GOD MY VIRGIN EYES
[17:09] <InuYasha> I know, runt, I know
[17:10] <InuYasha> Still it's not as bad as Jaken/Rin
[17:10] <Kagome> Jaken... WHAT?
[17:10] <InuYasha> Yeah, Sessh was tellin' me the other day
[17:10] <Kikyo> Shesshomaru and you... speak?
[17:11] <Kagome> You mean without the two of you trying to kill each other?
[17:11] <InuYasha> Oh yeah, that violence thing is just for the cameras, losing that one arm's made him a BABE magnet.
[17:11] <InuYasha> they call him "teh Sexomaru" now
[17:12] <InuYasha> he won't stop thanking me
[17:12] <Kikyo> You're just trying to cover up how badly he beats on you every week
[17:12] <InuYasha> Sh--SHUT UP
[17:12] *** Naraku has joined #sengoku
[17:13] <InuYasha> THAT'S IT! f[BLEEP]kING GET MY GUN
[17:13] <Naraku> AH AHAH AHA While all of YOU spent your time fighting filler monsters, I killed a kevlar demon and upgraded to BULLETPROOF!
[17:13] <Miroku> Would you allow me to bear your children?
[17:13] <Naraku> ...
[17:14] <Sango> I'd slap him, but he's a bot... I think.
[17:14] * shippou leaves a spinning top in the path
[17:14] <Naraku> Yes, you stupid idiots, once again I prove that I am--- whaaa-
[17:15] * Naraku trips on the top and splits his head open
[17:15] *** Naraku has quit IRC (dead)
[17:15] <InuYasha> No... f[BLEEP]king way
[17:15] <Shippou> YAY! I killed Naraku!
[17:16] <Shippou> Oh crap
[17:16] <Miroku> would you allow me to bear your children?
[17:16] <Sango> Later, let's flay that little jerk before he gets away
[17:28] *** Disconnected
[17:28] *** Sun Jul 23 2006 - LOGGING END ***