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Wish you were Here! Dr. Xadium [Reply]

No. 50

Just what it says. Nothing gets one's mind off current worries like a fun beach picture with Minako!
The basis for Minako's picture was a very bad scan of a SuperS trading card... if I had a higher res scan of it, I could make a better picture. I want to make these into postcards.

Ruin Dr. Xadium [Reply]

No. 49

The third of my Hotaru-based dire visions of the state of the world. Done to replace Apocalypsim, whose master copy was lost, and to reflect upon the fact that the sum of all my fears was indeed becoming a reality. In addition to my standard use of the Yeats poem, the second coming, I have also added Nostradamus' Century II, Quatrain 62, which I think holds an eerie portent in light of current events.
(And yes, I reused the model of Hotaru I worked up for the Renaissance picture... as a funny note, the wheel behind Hotaru is actually George W's Natal astrological chart (more visible in Apocalypsim as the net which ensnares Hotaru....) Due to the blending option I used, it overlaid her hands like a bloodstain, which was not an effect I was originally going for, but it fit thematically and symbolically, so I left it.)

Hotaru Renaissance Dr. Xadium [Reply]

No. 48

For a lark, I wanted to try seeing how well I could integrate a picture of Hotaru into a Renaissance style painting. This is the result. Getting the folds in her clothing to line up right was a major pain...! I may print this one out extra large and stick it in a frame. :)

In the Shadow of Les Soldats Dr. Xadium [Reply]

No. 47

My second NOIR related work... now with Kirika! This time I tried to capture some more of the moody atmosphere behind the anime (that's a map of Mireille's home country, Corsica, behind the shadowy figures of the Soldats). I reused a lot of minor graphical elements from the first NOIR wallpaper... waste not, want not, eh?

Apocalypsim Dr. Xadium [Reply]

No. 46

I did this a while back, when all the Total Information Awareness / Detention without Representation and Iraq war stuff got started... you could call the second of my my "Saturn / Apocalypse" series pictures, because I did them both while feeling very upset and worried about the state of the world, and it is the "Sum of All [my] Fears" if you will. Maybe it's not the most polite thing to mass distribute, but I believe art should not be afraid to express the emotions of the artist. And to me, Sailor Saturn / Hotaru is about as iconic of Ruin as any other literary / artistic symbol.
Sorry about the somewhat poor quality of the image; it was only after the original got destroyed that I realized a friend of mine might still have a collapsed lower quality JPG copy, which he kindly sent to me. Thanks, Whitewind!

Artemis Dr. Xadium [Reply]

No. 45

Just a quick experiment to see what a cat would look like in real life if it had a "crescent moon bald spot".

Minako Relaxed Dr. Xadium [Reply]

No. 44

This one is a re-do of an image I did a long time ago which got lost in a Hard drive crash. I have tried a new technique for getting the background (which was based off a real picture) to look anime-like. I used webpage background textures to give Minako's clothes more detail, and I used no less than four levels of shading and brightening. The astute viewer may note hidden plugs for Suburban Senshi in the background :) NEW- Slightly Revised

Budokai Dr. Xadium [Reply]

No. 43

This is a remix of my "Sailorvenus vs. Calaveras" picture, with Saturn fighting against Venus instead. I was inspired by the Senshi'ichi Budokai, so I tried to remix the picture to have them fighting in front of the battle arena on Papaya Island from Dragonball. Unfortunately, since I had lost the source to the original picture in a HD crash, the outcome was much less than I had expected. One day when I have more time I may try to redo it properly.

NAVI Dr. Xadium [Reply]

No. 42

This is a desktop I worked up using an image from the Visual Experiments Lain artbook. I went for the creepy techno look again, as you can see. :)

The Black Hand of Justice Dr. Xadium [Reply]

No. 41

The anime Noir rocks. This wallpaper is based off a Newtype image of Mireille, with my patented SuperShading applied. The background is a mix of photographs and doctored newspaper articles. (The original article was actually referring to the deaths of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid... kind of apt, don't you think?

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