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welcome to #suburbansenshi3

[22:31] * Freya Felinus touches the golden necklace around her neck
[22:31] <Freya Felinus> (( I CLAIM THIS LOG IN THE NAME OF SUMMER! ))
[22:32] * Daini Felinus looks at freya and the necklace
[22:41] <Daini Felinus> whats that?
[22:41] <Freya Felinus> ..your father gave it to me
[22:42] <Daini Felinus> ohhh... did he ask you out with it?
[22:42] <Freya Felinus> ..in a manner
[22:42] <Megan O`Cain> Such a beautiful night.
[22:43] <Freya Felinus> it's called the BrĂ­singamen
[22:43] <Daini Felinus> .......so..... like the constellation?
[22:43] <Freya Felinus> in a way
[22:43] <Freya Felinus> he stole it
[22:44] <Daini Felinus> DAD?!!!
[22:44] <Daini Felinus> our dad? like dad dad? he STOLE?
[22:46] <Freya Felinus> indeed..and he was punished
[22:47] <Daini Felinus> what happened?!
[22:48] <Freya Felinus> how do you think he became a cat?
[22:49] <Daini Felinus> he was born that way?
[22:50] * Daini Felinus blinks confused
[22:51] <Freya Felinus> like myself...he was transformed
[22:51] <Freya Felinus> for me..to survive..for him..as punishment
[22:52] * Daini Felinus frowns "well i dont think thats much of a punishment... cats are awesome!"
[22:58] <Freya Felinus> aww *strokes daini's hair* you're such a good girl
[23:01] * Daini Felinus purrs and grins "that's because you and dad raised me."
[23:01] <Kanri-chan> kissass
[23:04] * Freya Felinus pulls kanri into a hug
[23:04] * Kanri-chan hugs freya and sticks her tongue out at Daini
[23:05] * Daini Felinus rolls her eyes
[23:06] * Mata Hari makes a tiny squeal and claps
[23:06] <Mata Hari> such an amazing bound of true caring and adoration!
[23:07] <Daini Felinus> huh? what's that Miss Mata
[23:11] <Mata Hari> the bond you share with your mother is truly to be admired, master ^^
[23:12] <Daini Felinus> you think that's impressive? You should meet our dad.
[23:15] <Daini Felinus> his bond with mom is out of this world
[23:18] <Mata Hari> it sounds wonderful!
[23:19] * Freya Felinus coughs, blushing
[23:20] <Kanri-chan> Yes after what? Centuries? They still have enough energy to scar us all every friday. after the 5th you would think it would be over but no
[23:21] <Anesha> XD
[23:21] <Daini Felinus> Its truly a miracle my room to soundproofed
[23:21] <Kanri-chan> You'll learn all about it now Mata-Chan!
[23:21] <Freya Felinus> girls...
[23:22] * Kanri-chan and daini turn in unison "Hai?"
[23:23] <Freya Felinus> enough of that
[23:24] <Megan O`Cain> Matsumi, is there somewhere I can stay for the night?
[23:24] <Matsumi Kaze> oh yes, you can use one of the guest rooms on the second floor
[23:24] <Megan O`Cain> Thanks.
[23:25] *** Megan O`Cain has quit IRC (Gonna get some sleep.)
[23:26] * Daini Felinus and Kanri salute "Hai! Okaa-san!"
[23:29] * Matsumi Kaze giggles just a bit
[23:36] <Daini Felinus> Nee chan can we spend the night please?
[23:40] <Kanri-chan> im pretty sure keiko has snuck in a room already soo... i gotta go see to the others
[23:44] <Matsumi Kaze> of course you can!
[23:47] <Daini Felinus> awesome! Come on Mata!
[23:48] <Mata Hari> coming, master ^^
[23:50] <Daini Felinus> stop calling me that!
[23:50] * Daini Felinus is away 
[23:50] <Kanri-chan> good luck!
[23:51] *** Mata Hari has left #suburbansenshi3
[23:55] <Anesha> Things are going to get very interesting in the next few weeks.
[23:55] <Matsumi Kaze> hm?
[23:57] <Anesha> Consider --- Daini is due to head back to some kind of educational facility soon, correct? Would Miss Hari end up following her?
[00:01] <Matsumi Kaze> ...that's a good question
[00:01] <Matsumi Kaze> I know when i was at work....Anne and Mary followed me >.>
[00:07] <Matsumi Kaze> ..I hope she can handle this
[00:30] * DD_Girl_Green looks out the ocean
[00:40] * A raft with a rower is coming towards the beach.
[00:42] <Matsumi Kaze> hm?
[00:43] * The rower is gazing up at the moon, not aware of where the raft is going.
[00:44] <Matsumi Kaze> huh someone here
[00:45] <Matsumi Kaze> hello? HELLO OVER THERE
[00:46] * The rower looks around the raft for the source of the noise, and begins to row to shore.
[00:48] <Anesha> Now I wonder who this could be.
[00:52] * The rower manages to get raftwrecked to shore, muttering in a not-so-known language.
[00:55] <Matsumi Kaze> huh welcome to ShinRyu
[00:57] <The rower> shnrlyu?
[00:58] * The rower wonders a question in the very same language, though a few pieces can be translated to home, deep, snow.
[00:59] <Matsumi Kaze> um..this island...island
[01:00] <The rower> eye...land?
[01:01] *** Matsumi Kaze [AirGal@QTech.com] has left #suburbansenshi3 (*tries to explain it*)
[01:01] *** Anesha [VineWhisperer@Makai.dw] has left #suburbansenshi3 (*off to do her own thing*)
[01:02] *** DD_Girl_Green [midoriyouma@imadethisserver.co.jp] has left #suburbansenshi3 (stays outside with Matsumi and the rower)
[01:03] *** The rower has left #suburbansenshi3 (Stays for the explanation*)
[01:05] *** DD_Girl_Green [midoriyouma@imadethisserver.co.jp] has left #suburbansenshi3 (* *^ *)
[09:36] *** Matsumi Kaze [AirGal@QTech.com] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[09:36] <@spiritflame> ohayo Matsumi Kaze *** Happy Obon!!
[09:36] * Matsumi Kaze [Bikini] opens the window and breaths in
[09:37] * Matsumi Kaze has moved to: [ ]
[09:37] <Matsumi Kaze> mmmm good morning!
[09:38] <Matsumi Kaze> hello world!
[09:38] * Matsumi Kaze turns and quick gets dressed
[09:42] * Rower is now sitting on a sofa, in a blanket, confused
[09:43] <DD_Girl_Green> good morning.
[09:46] <Matsumi Kaze> morning, Green
[09:46] * Hideki Kaze has already made breakfest and has it out for everyone
[09:51] <DD_Girl_Green> how is our guest doing?
[09:52] <Matsumi Kaze> I don't know
[09:52] <Matsumi Kaze> good morning!
[09:54] * Matsumi Kaze goes to get some food as well
[09:55] * Rower tries to utter "good morning" back, but winds up being untranslatable.
[09:59] <Freya Felinus> Matsumi, I'll be back..I have to get a few things for tonight
[09:59] <Matsumi Kaze> tonight? um..alright
[10:01] * Freya Felinus goes outside
[10:01] *** Freya Felinus has left #suburbansenshi3
[10:06] * Rower starts eating the breakfast laid out near her.
[10:14] <DD_Girl_Green> I think she's still nervous.
[10:15] <Matsumi Kaze> aww
[10:15] * Matsumi Kaze walks over to wipe Mira's face a bit
[10:18] * DD_Girl_Green wipes Beryl's messy face.
[10:42] <DD_Girl_Green> messy gem
[14:37] * Anesha has found herself a nice little spot to unwind in the sun♫
[17:47] * Matsumi Kaze glances around, wondering where Freya went
[18:08] <Matsumi Kaze> that's odd
[18:09] <Anesha> Hm?
[18:17] <Matsumi Kaze> I can't find Freya...
[18:17] <Hideki Kaze> Matsumi, it's almost time
[18:18] <Matsumi Kaze> huh? time?
[18:23] * Matsumi Kaze is lead back into the house by her husband and her lover
[19:04] * Matsumi Kaze has moved to: [ Yukata ]
[19:04] * Matsumi Kaze [Yukata] walks out in a green and purple yukata decorated with flying insects
[19:04] <Matsumi Kaze> [Yukata] oh I forgot about this..but we're..on an island..with nobody
[19:06] * Hideki Kaze has moved to: [ Yukata ]
[19:06] <Hideki Kaze> [Yukata] ...
[19:07] * Hideki Kaze [Yukata] just glances back as Mary and Anne walk out in their own yukata....they seem just a bit uncomofrtable..haven't never worn one before
[19:08] * @Paisley Pythia Peinforte has moved to: [ Yukata ]
[19:09] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> [Yukata] Oh the beach. Just the thought of poisonous jellyfish fills me with such joy at nature's magnificent bounty.
[19:10] * Exeter L. Wakefield has moved to: [ Suit ]
[19:10] * Matsumi Kaze [Yukata] picks up Mira, who runs over in a Black and Gold Yukata
[19:10] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> [Yukata] ...Really.
[19:10] <Exeter L. Wakefield> [Suit] I don't do Yukata.
[19:11] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> [Yukata] Tch.
[19:11] <Hideki Kaze> [Yukata] everyone ready?
[19:11] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> [Yukata] What's happening?
[19:11] <Hideki Kaze> [Yukata] you'll see
[19:12] <Matsumi Kaze> [Yukata] ..I'm so confused
[19:12] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> [Yukata] Then I'll lie and pretend I'm ready.
[19:15] * Hideki Kaze [Yukata] walks off away from the beach, heading into the tropical foredst
[19:15] * Matsumi Kaze [Yukata] blinks and follows
[19:20] * @Paisley Pythia Peinforte [Yukata] + Exeter follow
[19:23] *** as you walk along..you become aware of lines of lanterns along the forest path.....
[19:23] *** finally the area opens up a bit...revealing a VERY busy Obon festival....stalls, people..everything....
[19:23] <Matsumi Kaze> [Yukata] ....holy s[BLEEP]t
[19:25] <Anne Bonny> is this some manner of Faire?
[19:25] * Anne Bonny has moved to: [ Yukata ]
[19:26] * @Paisley Pythia Peinforte [Yukata] reflexively pulls a little closer to Exeter
[19:26] <Exeter L. Wakefield> [Suit] Just block them out
[19:27] * Eilean is at a stall, eating a takoyaki
[19:27] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> [Yukata] It's a lot of bloody people.
[19:27] <Exeter L. Wakefield> [Suit] I find it's easier to focus on no one thing in particular.
[19:27] <Matsumi Kaze> [Yukata] wait..I recongize these people....
[19:27] <Matsumi Kaze> [Yukata] ........aren't most of them from the Kaioh-Shin company?
[19:28] <Hideki Kaze> [Yukata] their way of thanking you for being a good boss
[19:28] <Matsumi Kaze> [Yukata] AWWWW
[19:28] * @Paisley Pythia Peinforte [Yukata] nods and composes herself and pulls away again, interested in looking for some unagi
[19:28] <Matsumi Kaze> [Yukata] ..wait what does that mean how they thought of Michi
[19:31] * Matsumi Kaze [Yukata] walks over to one stall to get some food!
[19:31] * Matsuo Shin has moved to: [ Yukata ]
[19:31] <Matsuo Shin> [Yukata] oh hello there, Paisley
[19:34] * Matsuo Shin [Yukata] is holding his daughter, who has a balloon tied around her tiny wrist..she's bouncing it against her father's head
[19:35] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> [Yukata] 'Allo Matsuo~ Quite a nice sancutary you have here.
[19:36] <Matsuo Shin> [Yukata] ..it's not mine >.>
[19:37] * Matsuo Shin [Yukata] feels he's in an akward postion now
[19:37] <Matsumi Kaze> [Yukata] I own this ^^;;
[19:37] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> [Yukata] Hmm?
[19:37] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> [Yukata] Ah!
[19:37] <Matsumi Kaze> [Yukata] I'm the head of the Shin Clan..well this Shin Clan
[19:37] * Matsumi Kaze [Yukata] noms on some cotton candy
[19:37] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> [Yukata] So this is where you swan off to eveyr now and then.
[19:38] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> [Yukata] Oh right, Aren't you 'The Shogun of Japan' or something?
[19:39] * Matsumi Kaze [Yukata] blushes
[19:39] <Matsumi Kaze> [Yukata] ..I..guess..I don't know...
[19:40] * Matsumi Kaze [Yukata] is now the one being emberssed
[19:44] * BluSky_Caprice has moved to: [ Yukata ]
[19:44] <BluSky_Caprice> [Yukata] OH! there you all are ^_^
[19:45] * BluSky_Caprice [Yukata] walks over..she's holding several food in one hand and has several prizes from a few games
[19:48] <Matsumi Kaze> ..you look like you've been having fun...
[19:48] * Matsumi Kaze has moved to: [ Yukata ]
[19:51] *** Megan O`Cain has joined #suburbansenshi3
[19:51] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Megan O`Cain *** Happy Obon!!
[19:52] <Megan O`Cain> Hey, folks.
[19:53] <Matsumi Kaze> [Yukata] oh hey Megan!
[19:55] <Megan O`Cain> How's it going?
[20:01] *** welcome to the ShinRyu Island Obon Festival!
[20:06] <Matsumi Kaze> [Yukata] we're having f-
[20:07] <Megan O`Cain> Hm?
[20:08] * Matsumi Kaze [Yukata] DUCKS as Anne fires her blunderbuss at one of the stalls to win the shooting game
[20:08] <Matsumi Kaze> [Yukata] GEEZ!
[20:10] <Megan O`Cain> Was that necessary?
[20:13] <Anne Bonny> HA I WIN!
[20:13] * Anne Bonny has moved to: [ Yukata ]
[20:13] * Mary Read has moved to: [ Yukata ]
[20:13] * Mary Read [Yukata] takes the prize from the shaking stall owner
[20:15] <Megan O`Cain> Yeesh.
[20:16] * Megan O`Cain has moved to: [ Yukata ]
[20:21] <Matsumi Kaze> [Yukata] sometimes I forget they're pirates >.>
[20:23] <Megan O`Cain> [Yukata] Yar?
[20:24] <Matsumi Kaze> [Yukata] OH I SEE A HAUNTED HOUSE
[20:24] * Matsumi Kaze [Yukata] grabs Euri's hand and runs into the house
[20:24] * Delilah Inochi is at a stall, trying to catch goldfish
[20:26] * Megan O`Cain [Yukata] looks around to see what sort of stalls are around
[20:29] *** there are all sorts...food, games...objects to buy
[20:32] * Freya Felinus has moved to: [ Yukata ]
[20:32] * Freya Felinus [Yukata] is up further, keeping an eye on her children as she tries to buy a few toys for them
[20:33] <Megan O`Cain> [Yukata] I have no idea.
[20:33] * Megan O`Cain [Yukata] looks at the game stalls, followed by food
[20:44] * Matsumi Kaze [Yukata] also spots Jo with Vicki
[20:52] <Megan O`Cain> [Yukata] Hmm. Not bad.
[20:53] *** Chibi-Alex [BoundlessExuberanceOfYouth@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:53] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Chibi-Alex *** Happy Obon!!
[20:53] *** you apparently went through the random door!
[20:54] <Chibi-Alex> Where am I?
[20:54] <Chibi-Alex> >__>
[20:54] <Chibi-Alex> <__<
[20:54] * Chibi-Alex drops a hand down to the hilt of her combat blade as a precaution.
[20:54] *** David O`Cain [JRPMoonSoldier@MKArmyRanger.mil] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:54] <@spiritflame> konbanwa David O`Cain *** Happy Obon!!
[20:54] <David O`Cain> Um...where are we?
[20:58] *** you are on a tropical island in the pacific...there's an Obon going on!
[20:58] <David O`Cain> Well, this is interesting.
[20:59] <Chibi-Alex> Oooooo!
[20:59] <Chibi-Alex> I think I smell food!
[20:59] * Chibi-Alex walks in the direction of the scent of cooking food.
[21:00] * Something pokes Alex from a random direction.
[21:00] * Chibi-Alex looks to see!
[21:00] <Chibi-Alex> Who's that pokin' this Kit?
[21:01] * Is that a vine? It looks to be scampering away.... towards the smell of the food!
[21:03] * Will you follow?
[21:04] * David O`Cain follows Alex towards the festival
[21:06] * Chibi-Alex FOLLOWS!
[21:07] * Hey hey, there's one hell of a festival going on here!
[21:09] <Chibi-Alex> Ooooooo! But I'm wearing a survival suit! :<
[21:10] <David O`Cain> Huh. Who could have set this place up?
[21:11] * Anesha suddenly pops up, dressed in quite the nice Yukata! "Hey, welcome to the fun♫"
[21:12] <David O`Cain> Hey, Anesha.
[21:13] <Chibi-Alex> Hi! =^ ^=
[21:13] <Chibi-Alex> Where are we? This festival looks like it's really big!
[21:13] * Chibi-Alex pokes Anesha with her tails.
[21:13] * Anesha is poked. She returns fire with her own tail~
[21:14] <Anesha> Well, head on in and you'll find out♫
[21:16] <Chibi-Alex> Okay!
[21:17] <David O`Cain> Alrighty then.
[21:17] * Chibi-Alex heads on into the festival, letting all of her fox-like traits be visible.
[21:18] *** people notice Alex and her fox-ness but seem to be alright with it
[21:21] <Chibi-Alex> :P
[21:21] * Chibi-Alex goes over to the food stalls with a very hungry expression! :D
[21:23] <Megan O`Cain> [Yukata] Hey, David.
[21:23] <David O`Cain> Hey, Megan. Been having fun here?
[21:23] <Megan O`Cain> [Yukata] Yep. It's quite the festival here.
[21:26] * Chibi-Alex goes for the meat skewers!
[21:28] * Sarah Christensson is with her own family in looking over a few stalls
[21:28] * Sarah Christensson has moved to: [ Yakuza ]
[21:29] * Megan O`Cain [Yukata] and her brother visit various stalls
[21:31] * Chibi-Alex goes off in search of any Forest Foxes to play with and give treat to!
[21:31] * Chibi-Alex is away 
[22:01] *** Matsumi and her family head up the rest of the road towards the temple....as the fireworks go off
[22:03] <->

[22:05] <->

[22:07] * Megan O`Cain [Yukata] and David watch the fireworks
[22:08] <->

[22:08] * Matsumi Kaze [Yukata] sits between both Hideki and Euri...and looks really super happy as she watches the fireworks
[22:14] <->

[22:16] * Daini Felinus squeezes in between her parents and siblings "WOAH!!!"
[22:18] * Freya Felinus [Yukata] smiles, watching
[22:18] * Mata Hari moves close to Daini to look as well..very close
[22:19] * Daini Felinus is busy staring at the explosions in the sky to notice "LOOKIT THAT ONE!"
[22:21] <- >

[22:23] * BluSky_Caprice and Sarah watch the fireworks, smiling
[22:28] <->

[22:30] *** the fireworks slowly die down..but the festival continues!
[22:31] * Matsumi Kaze [Yukata] stops at the island shrine to make an offering to the spirits of the dead, as is expected of her
[22:32] * Daini Felinus makes her way to the water
[22:37] * Mata Hari follows Daini
[22:38] <Daini Felinus> What do yoi want to do with your life Miss Mata?
[22:39] * Mata Hari pauses and thinks
[22:39] <Mata Hari> I mearly wish to find peace and someone who I care share it with ^^
[22:42] * Daini Felinus thinks on that : peace.
[22:51] * Matsumi Kaze [Yukata] watches as a few children hear the story of how the island came to be and was given to the northern Shin Clan
[23:05] *** as the festival slowly dies down......stalls are closed...and people leave the island in boats for the mainland...
[23:10] *** Megan O`Cain has quit IRC (Back to the guest house.)
[23:20] * Matsumi Kaze [Yukata] and her family head back to the house
[00:02] * Matsumi Kaze has moved to: [ ]
[00:02] * Matsumi Kaze yaaaawns
[18:40] *** has joined #suburbansenshi3
[18:40] <@spiritflame> konbanwa *** Happy Obon!!
[18:40] *** has joined #suburbansenshi3
[18:40] <@spiritflame> konbanwa *** Happy Obon!!
[18:40] *** Freya Felinus has joined #suburbansenshi3
[18:40] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Freya Felinus *** Happy Obon!!
[18:41] * Freya Felinus walks along the beach, dressed in a one piece swimsuit, wearing large sun glasses and a large brimmed sun hat as she picks up a few shells
[18:54] * Freya Felinus listens to a shell
[19:12] *** Chibi-Alex [BoundlessExuberanceOfYouth@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[19:12] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Chibi-Alex *** Happy Obon!!
[19:12] *** Chibi-Catri [MakerOfMischief@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[19:12] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Chibi-Catri *** Happy Obon!!
[19:13] * Chibi-Catri and Chibi-Alex have both arrived wearing PROPER yukatas and ornamentation as befitting two little Kitsunes!
[19:16] * Chibi-Catri looks quite a lot like her mother now.
[19:18] * Chibi-Alex has her hair done up in twintails, so she looks quite a bit like Rin Toosaka from FSN.
[19:39] * Chibi-Alex and Chibi-Catri both dash off into the crowds to make mischief!
[19:52] * Freya Felinus [Yukata] returns to the household
[19:52] <DD_Girl_Green> oh good evening
[19:52] * Freya Felinus has moved to: [ ]
[19:52] <DD_Girl_Green> you missed the Obon festival
[19:53] <Freya Felinus> I was there
[19:54] <DD_Girl_Green> I was talking to the nice Foxes
[20:04] <Freya Felinus> oh!...
[20:04] *** Freya Felinus has left #suburbansenshi3
[20:05] <DD_Girl_Green> huh? Freya?
[21:59] <DD_Girl_Green> oh...
[21:59] *** DD_Girl_Green [midoriyouma@imadethisserver.co.jp] has left #suburbansenshi3
[23:57] *** Matsumi Kaze [AirGal@QTech.com] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[23:57] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Matsumi Kaze *** Happy Obon!!
[23:57] * Matsumi Kaze goes for a midnight stroll along the beach with Hideki
[00:21] <Matsumi Kaze> mmm it's so calm and peaceful..no enemies to fight..nothing
[00:29] <Hideki Kaze> at least for now
[00:43] *** Hideki Kaze [AirKnight@QTech.com] has left #suburbansenshi3
[00:43] *** Matsumi Kaze [AirGal@QTech.com] has left #suburbansenshi3

[17:05] *** Daini Felinus has joined #suburbansenshi3
[17:05] <@spiritflame> konnichiwa Daini Felinus *** Happy Obon!!
[17:05] * Daini Felinus is sunbathing on the roof of the house
[17:07] <Mata Hari> oh hello master ^^
[17:07] *** Mata Hari has joined #suburbansenshi3
[17:07] <@spiritflame> konnichiwa Mata Hari *** Happy Obon!!
[17:09] * Daini Felinus cracks one eye with a huff "will you ever not call me master?"
[17:09] <Daini Felinus> i feel like a slave owner >>
[17:09] <Mata Hari> I have just learned of this lotion which protects you against the sunlight..would you like some ^^
[17:10] * Daini Felinus cringes and back up "MOM ALREADY DID IT!"
[17:10] <Mata Hari> oh!
[17:10] <Mata Hari> is there something wrong, master?
[17:11] * Mata Hari moves closer towards Daini
[17:11] * Daini Felinus tries not to but hisses at the bottle of white sludge "BACK UP!"
[17:12] <Mata Hari> oh..I..I am sorry *looks hurt*
[17:14] * Daini Felinus dips behind the chimney "its not you..... its THAT. It's evil!"
[17:18] <Mata Hari> oh! I see!
[17:18] * Mata Hari puts the lotion away
[17:18] <Mata Hari> is that better, master?
[17:20] * Daini Felinus nods and relaxes a bit "Suncreen is a scam"
[17:21] <Daini Felinus> Its like rubbing snot over my skin ><
[17:46] * A pair of fox ears pop up nearby. They twitch ever so subtly....
[17:47] * Daini Felinus twitches her tail a bit
[17:48] * The fox ears dip down, and appear elsewhere.
[17:48] * Daini Felinus sniffs the air
[17:51] <Daini Felinus> hello
[17:52] * The fox ears pop up even closer..... and (not-so) surprise Thirza! "Hello~"
[17:53] <Daini Felinus> How are you Thirza?
[17:57] <Thirza> I'm doing quite all right♫
[17:58] * Daini Felinus grins "did you come for the beach too?"
[18:00] <Thirza> Anesha did bring mention to how nice this place is, so I couldn't help but come check it out for myself~
[18:01] <Daini Felinus> It is amazing! You should try the waters.
[18:04] <Thirza> I'll make certain to do that. Just need to get my specially-made wetsuit --- fur plus water equals one hell of a bogging down.
[18:05] <Daini Felinus> Not if your fur has special coating made for water.
[18:05] <Thirza> And I take it you know of such a coating?
[18:06] <Daini Felinus> Of course! Otters, beavers, ever some bears have fur meant to keep them warm without bogging them down!^^
[18:07] <Daini Felinus> I'm pretty sure some foxes do too.
[18:07] <Thirza> Fair enough.
[18:07] * Daini Felinus taps her chin thinking
[18:09] <Daini Felinus> Or you could use a special conditioner~
[18:09] * Daini Felinus grins and giggles
[18:09] * Mata Hari reaches over and adjusts Daini's top
[18:10] * Daini Felinus flushes "uh... thank?"
[18:10] <Mata Hari> your top was slipping slightly...you need not thank me, master ^^
[18:11] <Daini Felinus> Daini... My name is Daini....
[18:11] <Thirza> ? And who is this?
[18:11] <Daini Felinus> Miss Mata Hari.
[18:13] * Mata Hari twirls and winks and curtises
[18:14] <Thirza> Ah~
[18:15] * Daini Felinus nods nods and heads to the edge of the roof
[18:16] * Mata Hari follows Daini
[18:17] * Daini Felinus hops off the roof to the ground below
[18:17] * Mata Hari goes to head into the house to get down that way..and gets delayed by Freya, who asks her for a favor
[18:19] * Thirza leaps on down, and lands flawlessly.
[18:20] * Daini Felinus looks up at her mom and shrugs "i guess she needs her help
[18:22] <Thirza> So, what's her story?
[18:23] <Daini Felinus> I pushed the big red button and she showed up. Courtesy of Miss Red.
[18:24] <Thirza> One of those Servants I heard about, then?
[18:24] <Daini Felinus> Is that why she calls me that?
[18:25] <Thirza> Sounds like it. You did get the details from Magistra, correct?
[18:26] * Daini Felinus looks down embarrassed "she used some words i didnt understand and i didnt want her to think im stupid......"
[18:27] <Thirza> ....you do realize there is no shame in asking, right?
[18:27] <Daini Felinus> She's intimidating
[18:27] * Daini Felinus flushes red
[18:28] <Thirza> (Oh, this sweet summer child....)
[18:31] * Daini Felinus huffs "well do you know what a 'servant' is?"
[18:32] <Thirza> From what I remember, these are spirits of famous people from legend.
[18:32] <Daini Felinus> ok..
[18:36] * Mata Hari is still talking to Freya
[18:36] <Thirza> Depending on their legend, it grants them some differing abilities.
[18:37] <Daini Felinus> ?
[18:37] <Daini Felinus> eh
[18:38] <Thirza> It all depends on the summoned Servant. I'd imagine Magistra would know more, given she developed this system.
[18:39] <Daini Felinus> what is a differin ability??
[18:41] <Thirza> Think of it like this --- you know how your brother's magic skills are different compared to Zotia's or my own?
[18:41] <Daini Felinus> sure
[18:42] <Daini Felinus> not really...
[18:44] <Thirza> Well, how we use that magic is our unique ability.
[18:45] * Daini Felinus blinks "I thought niikun uses a gun"
[18:46] <Thirza> That's a weapon, to be fair.
[18:47] <Daini Felinus> ......my brother can do MAGIC MAGIC??? Like ore than healing???
[18:48] <Thirza> ....oh, right. You've not seen too many of his battles.
[18:49] * Daini Felinus shakes her head "nope"
[18:49] * Daini Felinus is blissfully ignorant
[18:51] * Mata Hari returns to the group
[18:51] <Mata Hari> is this a friend of your's, master?
[18:52] <Daini Felinus> This is Thirza. Friend of the family
[18:53] <Thirza> Hello again♫
[18:53] <Mata Hari> greetings to you :)
[18:54] <Daini Felinus> what did mom need?
[18:55] <Mata Hari> oh your mother asked if perhaps we could procure supplies tonight
[18:55] <Daini Felinus> what kind?
[18:58] * Mata Hari shows a list
[18:58] * Daini Felinus looks over the list "hmmm"
[19:01] <Daini Felinus> we can get most of this here. the fish and herbs are easy. but there's no-where for cream
[19:03] <Mata Hari> we shall have to visit a near by city, master
[19:03] <Daini Felinus> or go home for it
[19:08] * Daini Felinus snorts "there is the way home inside
[19:09] <Daini Felinus> ....i just dont want to.....
[19:09] <Thirza> ?
[19:10] <Daini Felinus> (( brb ))
[19:25] <Daini Felinus> (( back ))
[19:28] * Daini Felinus looks at Thirza "its supplies for the house and dinner."
[19:29] <Thirza> Hmm...
[19:31] <Daini Felinus> hm?
[19:33] <Thirza> These should be easy enough to obtain.
[19:35] * Daini Felinus bounces towards the water "I GOT THE FISH!"
[19:39] <Thirza> Leave obtaining the cream to me♫
[19:40] <Daini Felinus> okay!
[19:42] * Daini Felinus dives in thwaterand blends in ""ill be right back!!"
[19:43] * Thirza poofs away!
[20:11] * Daini Felinus surfaces nearby and tosses a bunch of fish on the shore
[20:17] * Daini Felinus grabs her fish and takes them inside
[20:17] * Daini Felinus is away: irl stuff

[19:58] *** Matsumi Kaze [AirGal@QTech.com] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[19:58] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Matsumi Kaze
[19:58] * Matsumi Kaze is watching the surf
[19:59] <Matsumi Kaze> ♫
[20:10] * Matsumi Kaze frowns glancing back at Anne and Mary......who both look just a tiny bit guilty..well Anne does..Mary who knows
[20:24] *** Matsumi Kaze [AirGal@QTech.com] has left #suburbansenshi3

[01:02] <Silicon Momoko> test
[01:02] *** Silicon Momoko has turned their sound on
[01:02] <Silicon Momoko> test
[01:02] <Silicon Momoko> :<
[08:41] *** Silicon Momoko has turned their sound on
[08:42] <Delia> test
[08:44] <Delia> test
[11:43] *** has turned their sound on
[11:43] <@spiritflame> ATTENTION: Silicon momoko is already registered. Check your password or enter a new name.
[11:43] *** Silicon momoko has turned their sound on
[11:43] <Silicon momoko> test
[11:45] *** Silicon momoko has turned their sound on
[11:45] <Silicon momoko> test
[11:45] <Silicon momoko> ><
[11:46] <Silicon momoko> /sound
[11:46] *** Silicon momoko has turned their sound on
[11:47] <Silicon momoko> test
[11:47] <Silicon momoko> check
[11:48] *** Silicon Momoko has turned their sound on
[11:48] <Silicon Momoko> test
[11:48] <Silicon Momoko> weird
[12:03] *** @ has turned their sound on
[12:03] <@> test
[12:13] <Silicon Momoko> FP ss3 audio check
[12:13] <Silicon Momoko> Pas
[12:15] <Silicon Momoko> RP ss3 sound check
[12:15] <Silicon Momoko> PASS
[12:18] *** Silicon Momoko has turned their sound on
[12:18] <Silicon Momoko> SS3 BE Sound Test PASS
[13:36] <test> /sound
[13:36] <test> test
[17:18] *** has turned their sound on
[17:18] <> test
[17:19] *** Thank you all for putting up with sound testing bulls[BLEEP]t. We are all good to go.

[20:35] *** Matsuo Shin [Shin@history.um.u-tokyo.ac.jp] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:35] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Matsuo Shin
[20:36] * Matsuo Shin [Yukata] arrives o nthe beach..a series of bonfires have been set...and food is lined along a certain pattern...there are also music bieng played
[20:38] *** David O`Cain [JRPMoonSoldier@MKArmyRanger.mil] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:38] <@spiritflame> konbanwa David O`Cain
[20:38] *** David O`Cain has turned their sound on
[20:40] * Matsuo Shin already makes a beeline for the food
[20:42] <David O`Cain> Nice set up.
[20:44] <Beryl> :D
[20:47] * David O`Cain heads over to the food, and looks to see what is provided
[20:48] * the food is a mix of traditional quinoxian foods mixed with foods inspiried by quinoxian cuisine
[20:51] <Beryl> Foo :D
[20:51] <Beryl> Foo :D
[20:51] <David O`Cain> Looks great. Man, where to start?
[20:57] <DD_Girl_Green> what about the stew?
[20:58] * David O`Cain gets himself a plateful of food, a cup of drink, and finds himself a seat to sit
[21:01] * glances as music is being played by Tobas
[21:16] <Matsuo Shin> ^
[21:17] * Matsuo Shin smiles, listening to the music
[21:20] <DD_Girl_Green> what else are we celebrating, aside from the end of summer?
[21:21] <Matsuo Shin> that's about it
[21:23] <David O`Cain> Food's pretty good.
[21:23] <Matsuo Shin> I haven't a lot of this for awhile
[21:25] <DD_Girl_Green> the taset is... unique
[21:29] <Matsuo Shin> try the moth's wings
[21:44] * DD_Girl_Blue seems more interested in the music then the food
[21:48] * DD_Girl_Red is desperately trying to find Quinoxian Alcohol.
[21:51] *** there is indeed some....it's pretty hard stuff too
[21:57] * DD_Girl_Red takes a few shots of the stuff
[22:14] * Milina starts to make a speech about the ending of summer and the coming of the autumn and the changes of the seasons and how all things change but all things return
[22:23] * David O`Cain listens to the speech
[22:27] * Freya Felinus listens as well
[22:31] * DD_Girl_Red and the others, Pink, purple and Green listen to the speech.
[22:40] * Milina finishes the speech...signaling to Tobas to turn off the bonfires in a certain pattern
[22:51] * @Sailor Quinox changes topic to `LL'S TIME TRAVEL EVENT IS PLANNED FOR THIS SUNDAY EVENING!`
[22:53] * Matsuo Shin is giving a signal by freya and starts to sing a specific song
[23:08] * Matsuo Shin ends the song as the festival finally ends
[23:13] * Matsuo Shin streaches
[23:13] <David O`Cain> Nicely done, man.
[23:15] <Matsuo Shin> aw thanks
[23:17] * Beryl claps :D
[23:28] *** David O`Cain [JRPMoonSoldier@MKArmyRanger.mil] has left #suburbansenshi3 (Heading home.)
[23:32] *** Matsuo Shin [Shin@history.um.u-tokyo.ac.jp] has left #suburbansenshi3 (same)
[12:20] <zairafirefly> (( for clarity, can we just put dates on topiced events? Like, Sunday, August 25? ))

[19:07] *** Due to the Budokai box having techinal dificulties, fights are being held here for the time being.
[19:07] *** The Magistra [SageLord@TimeyWhimey.com] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[19:07] <@spiritflame> konbanwa The Magistra
[19:08] *** Victoria Smithson has joined #suburbansenshi3
[19:08] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Victoria Smithson
[19:08] * Victoria Smithson bounds in...looking really excited!
[19:09] <Victoria Smithson> ^^
[19:09] * Victoria Smithson stretches and bows to Magistra
[19:09] <The Magistra> Yo Vic!
[19:09] * The Magistra bows back
[19:10] <Victoria Smithson> I'm ready ^_^
[19:10] ☼ Scouter indicates The Magistra has POWERED UP!
[19:10] ☼ Scouter indicates Victoria Smithson has POWERED UP!
[19:11] * Victoria Smithson waves to her mama, her aunt and her teacher in the stands
[19:12] <spiritflame>The Magistra rolls 1d10 [ 6 ]
[19:12] <spiritflame>Victoria Smithson rolls 1d10 [ 1 ]
[19:12] <Victoria Smithson> ^_^
[19:12] * Victoria Smithson gets herself in a defense pose
[19:14] * The Magistra cracks her knuckles then bangs them together, the plates on the back of her gloves sparking with electicty when they hit. She dashes in to punch Victoria.
[19:14] █████ The Magistra ^ That
[19:14] ████ Victoria Smithson has been STAGGERED!!
[19:14] * Victoria Smithson is hit and SHOCKED by the attack, her hair going all crazy!
[19:14] <Victoria Smithson> O_O
[19:15] * Victoria Smithson staggers a bit..then shakes her head
[19:15] * Victoria Smithson rubs her nose
[19:15] ████ Victoria Smithson flies forward and tries to headbutt Magistra under the chin
[19:15] ████ The Magistra has been HIT!!
[19:18] * The Magistra is hit and stumbles back. She streaches her jaw out for a moment.
[19:18] * Victoria Smithson lands carefully on the ground
[19:19] ████ The Magistra holds up hand and a small torando, about the size of an adult, heads twords Victoria
[19:19] ████ Victoria Smithson has BLOCKED the attack!
[19:19] * Victoria Smithson actually slams her hand forward...dispelling the tornado!
[19:20] <Victoria Smithson> you're really cool!
[19:20] <Victoria Smithson> ^_^
[19:21] ████ Victoria Smithson zooms forward again and tries slamming her palm again and again and again into Magistra's stomach
[19:21] ████ The Magistra has PARRIED the attack! [ Opponent: /def ]
[19:22] █████ Victoria Smithson has been SLAMMED BACK!!
[19:23] <Victoria Smithson> ><
[19:25] * The Magistra grins "I been awhile since I had to fight bare handed. Glad I'm not rusty.
[19:26] <The Magistra> That said, you might be after this...
[19:26] ████ The Magistra sends a piller of water at Victoria
[19:26] █████ Victoria Smithson has been STAGGERED!!
[19:26] * Victoria Smithson is hit hard by the water and nearly washed away!
[19:26] * Victoria Smithson only is not washed off the ring thanks to her ability to fly
[19:26] * Victoria Smithson spits out water!
[19:26] <Victoria Smithson> my turn!
[19:27] █████ Victoria Smithson flies towards Magistra and does a flying kick at her
[19:27] ████ The Magistra has DODGED the attack!
[19:27] * The Magistra just side steps "Telegraphed it too soon"
[19:29] ████ The Magistra creates a wall of ice right in Vic's path.
[19:29] ████ Victoria Smithson has been STAGGERED!!
[19:29] * Victoria Smithson SLAMS into the ice wall @_@
[19:29] * Victoria Smithson has a tiny bit of a bloody nose but shakes her head
[19:30] * Victoria Smithson looks to Hong, who gives her a thumbs up and nod
[19:30] * Victoria Smithson holds out her hand and then clenches it into a fist...which lights on fire
[19:30] ████ Victoria Smithson turns and SLAMS the fiery fist through the ice wall..and tries to hit Magistra right in the face!
[19:30] ████ The Magistra has DODGED the attack!
[19:31] <Victoria Smithson> O_O
[19:31] * The Magistra was just a reflection on another ice wall :D
[19:32] <The Magistra> So you want to play with fire eh?
[19:32] ████ The Magistra holds fire in one hand, ice in the other, and brings them together createing a flame embeded in ice, which she launchs at Vic. "Antipode!"
[19:32] <Victoria Smithson> huh?
[19:33] █████ Victoria Smithson has been HIT!!
[19:33] Victoria Smithson has BEEN DEFEATED!!!
[19:33] * Victoria Smithson is hit by the mass of ice and fire and goes flying across the stage, crashing into the far structure,,bringing it down in the process
[19:33] <The Magistra> (S[BLEEP]t. I'm gonna get billed for that, I just know it)
[19:35] * Victoria Smithson is pulled out of the rubble @_@
[19:36] * The Magistra runs over to check on her. "Oh my gods, are you alright? I went overboard at the end there"
[19:38] * Victoria Smithson is unconscious but ok otherwise
[19:40] * The Magistra makes sure she gets looked at by the medics before reporting her victory
[19:42] *** Victoria Smithson has left #suburbansenshi3

[17:23] * Matsumi Kaze [Yukata] leaves the island in a hurry
[17:24] * Matsumi Kaze has moved to: [ ]
[17:24] *** Matsumi Kaze [AirGal@QTech.com] has left #suburbansenshi3

[19:51] <Matsumi Kai> ""

[19:54] *** Yuki City, Nothern Japan
[19:55] *** the storm is ripping apart the city as two figures fight...........most have been evacuated.....
[19:56] *** the larger of the two figures SLAMs it's fist against the other armored figure...sending said figure into the heart of the storm...before walking after it....
[19:58] *** CHAOS Si Jun has joined #suburbansenshi3
[19:58] <@spiritflame> konbanwa CHAOS Si Jun
[19:58] * CHAOS Si Jun stands in the middle of the twisting exploding vortex......
[20:00] * CHAOS Si Jun spots a pile of rubble.....and a staff....which his enemy had used to fight him.....
[20:00] * CHAOS Si Jun grabs the staff....but then notices the tops which normally are placed inside the staff are gone...
[20:02] <CHAOS Si Jun> where....where.....
[20:02] * CHAOS Si Jun looks desperately..then notices Hiro Kojima trying to prop himself against a rock...having followed the others....
[20:03] * CHAOS Si Jun stalks towards the man but stops...realizing Hiro is looking up....
[20:05] * CHAOS Si Jun looks up....and stands there....
[20:05] *** high up in the sky.......four figures can be seen falling towards earth through the vortex
[20:08] *** Saori Shin has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:08] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Saori Shin
[20:08] * Saori Shin is visibly injured...but focuses...heading downward like a spear...
[20:09] * Saori Shin falls alongside Kagomi Mizuka, Hana Chikyo and Fuji Tachibana...
[20:10] <CHAOS Si Jun> ...nani...
[20:11] <Hiro Kojima> ganbare...everyone...
[20:12] <Saori Shin> ...everyone......
[20:12] * Saori Shin pulls out her Arashi Spinner...
[20:12] <Saori Shin> ....let's HENSHIN!
[20:12] * Kagomi Mizuka pulls out her Tidel trigger "heh...ready for this target..."
[20:13] * Hana Chikyo pulls out her Quake Orb "Ready for this assignment..."
[20:13] * Fuji Tachibana takes out the Inferno Shell "...for Saburo..."
[20:15] *** the four girls slam their transformation items into their belts "HENSHIN"
[20:15] * Saori Shin is now known as Kamen Rider Arashi
[20:17] * Kagami Mizuka is now known as Kamen Rider Tide
[20:17] * Hana Chikyo is now known as Kamen Rider Quake
[20:18] * Fuji Tachibana is now known as Kamen Rider Inferno
[20:21] * CHAOS Si Jun growls angrily..and gathers power from the ground under himself...and fires it upwards into sky towards them as a huge pillar of light
[20:21] * CHAOS Si Jun 's attack starts to constrict the pillar of storm around it...
[20:22] <Kamen Rider Tide> ya ready, ride girl? *powers up her Tidel Trigger*
[20:22] <Kamen Rider Arashi> not really....but let's go!
[20:23] * Kamen Rider Tide aims the gun at Arashi's back..and FIRES..the power propelling forward through Arashi...before Tide gets pushed back by the force...
[20:24] * Kamen Rider Quake propels forward and SLAMS her armored fist into Kamen Rider Arashi's back, transferring the force through her as she too is pulled back by the force
[20:25] * Kamen Rider Inferno lands on Arashi's back with both feet..then glances at Arashi, who looks back at her..who nods back to her
[20:26] * Kamen Rider Inferno spins the top of the cube in her belt, transferring flame through both her feet before pushing them hard against Arashi, transferring the force through her....
[20:26] * Kamen Rider Arashi glows with the force of Water, Earth, Fire and Wind...and does a flying kick forward....
[20:27] * Kamen Rider Arashi meets the energy with her glowing form....and starts to push through it...
[20:28] * CHAOS Si Jun growls and starts to channel more power from the area..........
[20:29] * Kamen Rider Arashi feels herself getting pushed back......but spins her Arashi spinner..and forces herself forward more as she starts to head closer towards CHAOS
[20:30] <Kamen Rider Arashi> brother.....I finally understand...........
[20:30] *** flashback....Saburo Shin shows a little Saori a top and hands it to her...
[20:35] <Saburo Shin> someday, Saori....nobody will have to be afraid of the storms anymore....
[20:35] *** the young little Saori looks up at her brother, who smiles to her and ruffles her hair...
[20:35] *** end of flashback
[20:36] <Kamen Rider Arashi> ...I'm not afraid anymore...
[20:36] <Kamen Rider Arashi> ...brother....
[20:36] <Kamen Rider Arashi> this will be....
[20:36] <Kamen Rider Arashi> MY FINAL STORM!
[20:36] * Kamen Rider Arashi plows through the energy and SLAMS into CHAOS
[20:37] * Kamen Rider Arashi and CHAOS Si Jun's energies flow against each other in a display of colors and light....
[20:37] * Kamen Rider Arashi 's eye lens start to crack...as does her boot......
[20:38] * CHAOS Si Jun holds her off...but then his chest and body starts to crack..as does the ground under him
[20:38] <CHAOS Si Jun> gr...gra...GRAAAAH
[20:39] * CHAOS Si Jun 's cracks open..as Arashi PLOWS past him...........
[20:39] * CHAOS Si Jun EXPLODES in a light so massive that it can be seen from space...

[18:42] *** Yuki City is already being rebuilt...Matsumi Kaze supervises some of the reconstruction, looking up as buildings are being repaired...
[18:43] * Hana Chikyo types at a computer at Shin Incoporated, adjusting her glasses as she concentrates on the work on the screen....
[18:43] * Kagami Mizuka leans against a motorcycle on the road outside of Yuki City, glancing at her cellphone and sending a text...
[18:44] * Fuji Tachibana sits in a room, trying to repair a damaged piece of machinery and wipes her brow...piles of notes and experiments around her
[18:45] * Hiro Kojima works on a car then argues with the owner, turning and hitting his head up against the bottom of the car and rubs it
[18:46] *** on a hill just outside of Yuki City, Saori Shin walks towards a single grave newly placed there...
[18:46] * Saori Shin digs in her pocket and pulls out the remains of her brother's diary..burnt..practically destroyed...and puts it on top of his grave
[18:46] * Saori Shin offers a prayer to her brother...as a wind picks up around her
[18:47] *** the wind blows against the diary....disrupting the ash on it...and sending it swirling up into the air as she watches
[18:47] * Saori Shin smiles a bit....and then turns and returns to her motorcycle..putting on her helmet..and riding off....
[18:48] *** Inside Saori's brother's house....ontop of a small pillow in what was his workshop...sits the ArashiBrace, alongside the other spinners.......
[18:49] *** Kamen Rider Arashi ~ THE END

[19:21] *** Matsuo Shin [Shin@history.um.u-tokyo.ac.jp] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[19:21] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Matsuo Shin
[19:21] * Matsuo Shin walks along the tokyo bay waterfront..trying to pin point where the body was found
[19:22] * There are a few signs of leftover police tape and such that provide a clue
[19:24] * Matsuo Shin carefully examines the area!
[19:25] * There's nothing really. The police collected what little evidence there was.
[19:27] * But there is someone watching from the distance.
[19:28] * "You know they say the criminal always returns to the scene of ther crime~"
[19:29] * Matsuo Shin has psychic abilities..can he senshi this person?
[19:29] <Matsuo Shin> *sense
[19:29] * You sense the small of the snackoos before all that.
[19:30] * Det. Ema Skye is now known as Det. Ema Skye
[19:30] <Det. Ema Skye> JAck told me you might be nosing around.
[19:30] <Det. Ema Skye> I heard about the bombing. Are you all right?
[19:30] * Det. Ema Skye offers a snackoo. One.
[19:33] <Matsuo Shin> ..I'm alright
[19:33] <Matsuo Shin> ......but I want to know what's going on
[19:34] <> So does the Tokyo P.D.
[19:34] * is now known as Det. Ema Skye
[19:34] <Det. Ema Skye> Which is why I'm here.
[19:34] <Det. Ema Skye> You're interested in the DB they fished out of here the other day huh?
[19:35] <Matsuo Shin> yes..it seems like the only lead other then the card
[19:36] <Det. Ema Skye> I heard about that. Why don't we exchange information?
[19:37] <Det. Ema Skye> Sadly, the body's been cremated (there wasn't anything special about it) but we do still have what little personal effects were on it.
[19:38] <Matsuo Shin> what was there?
[19:40] * Det. Ema Skye shows him some pictures from her phone. "Just some cheap sandals and a white robe. The cut of the robe was pretty weird though.. kinda space-age."
[19:41] * Det. Ema Skye shows him a picture of the robe and it is OBVIOUSLY heavily inspired by Silver Millennium-era garb even if the smaller details are wrong.
[19:43] <Matsuo Shin> ........
[19:43] <Matsuo Shin> wait
[19:44] <Det. Ema Skye> ... you recognize something?
[19:45] <Matsuo Shin> well....
[19:45] <Matsuo Shin> I'm not certain...
[19:45] <Matsuo Shin> ..but this looks very familiar to me
[19:46] <Det. Ema Skye> ...Wanna come down to the station and look at it?
[19:46] <Det. Ema Skye> And I can amnalyze your evidence at the same time.
[19:46] <Det. Ema Skye> ^Analyze
[19:46] <Matsuo Shin> yes..i'll come along
[19:47] *** SCENE CHANGE
[19:47] * Det. Ema Skye pulls out the box of possessions
[19:47] <Det. Ema Skye> Don't lose anything or Chief Sakurada'll have my head.
[19:47] <Det. Ema Skye> Can I see that "Card" you were talking about?
[19:48] <Matsuo Shin> I won't..
[19:48] * Matsuo Shin hands it over
[19:48] * Det. Ema Skye carefully takes it with gloved hand
[19:49] <Det. Ema Skye> ...hand written... on what looks to be some kind of... bespoke paper?
[19:49] * Det. Ema Skye checks it under the microscope
[19:50] * in the box are the robes, some sandals, and that's it
[19:51] * Matsuo Shin curiously examines the robe
[19:51] <Det. Ema Skye> Ink's homemade... paper's just a mis-mash of other papers pulped and re-pressed. Whoever this was really didn't want their materials to be traced.
[19:52] * The robe looks 100% like a Silver Millennium outfit worn by Lunarian nobility, but it feels cheap and looks hand-stitched. The material is... cotton? This is like VERY good cosplay.
[19:53] * Moreover this is the MALE style.
[19:53] <Matsuo Shin> .....
[19:53] <Matsuo Shin> normally I would say this is impossible......
[19:53] <Matsuo Shin> but with the life i lead.......I'm starting to believe anything
[19:53] <Det. Ema Skye> What is it?
[19:55] <Matsuo Shin> well this robe
[19:55] <Matsuo Shin> the design..the pattern
[19:56] <Matsuo Shin> if i'm not mistaken..this is a robe belonging to a lower acolyte from the Moon....during the mid-Silver Millennium period
[19:57] <Det. Ema Skye> ....
[19:57] <Det. Ema Skye> That's where... all the Sailor Soldiers and such come from, right?
[19:57] <Matsuo Shin> yes..that's where I came from
[19:57] <Matsuo Shin> I mean it's made from Earth materials....hand made too
[19:57] <Matsuo Shin> ....but it's design..is exactly the same
[19:59] <Det. Ema Skye> You seemed pretty surprised to see it. So I take it the Sailor Soldiers and their buddies don't go around in this stuff in their off time?
[20:00] <Matsuo Shin> ..well...
[20:00] <Matsuo Shin> no..it's....
[20:00] <Matsuo Shin> complicated
[20:00] <Matsuo Shin> I can tell you though...this should not exist
[20:01] <Det. Ema Skye> ...how come?
[20:03] * Matsuo Shin sighs
[20:03] * Matsuo Shin explains the whole thing about the fall..the rebirth....the..nature of the originals vs what they are now..and so on
[20:04] <Det. Ema Skye> So... basically there should be no one running around in the present day wearing this.
[20:05] * Det. Ema Skye looks at the pictures from the autopsy - the burnt forehead
[20:05] <Det. Ema Skye> So there were burns kind of where the "third eye" might be in mystic / occult traditions
[20:05] <Det. Ema Skye> It was like something was removed
[20:06] <Matsuo Shin> yes...that does seem about right...
[20:06] <Det. Ema Skye> Did the people of that time have something there?
[20:08] <Matsuo Shin> well...
[20:09] * Matsuo Shin thinks
[20:11] <Matsuo Shin> there were the ceremonal signets that some wore
[20:12] <Det. Ema Skye> Go on?
[20:13] <Matsuo Shin> well you've met Artemis, correct?
[20:13] <Det. Ema Skye> Yeah... poor guy.
[20:14] <Matsuo Shin> the signet on his forehead..it's a sign of his bond or loyalty to the moon court..somewhat
[20:15] <Det. Ema Skye> hmm
[20:15] <Det. Ema Skye> Is it jewelry or physically attached?
[20:15] <Matsuo Shin> it's physically attached
[20:16] <Det. Ema Skye> So to remove it... if you had to...
[20:16] <Det. Ema Skye> would that kind of damage make sense?
[20:16] <Matsuo Shin> ...yes possiliby....though it shouldn't technically be able to be damaged it it was a real signet
[20:17] * Det. Ema Skye wrinkles her nose in thought and munches on a snackoo
[20:17] <Det. Ema Skye> So I'm sensing a theme here.
[20:18] <Det. Ema Skye> Close to the real deal... but not 100%
[20:19] <Det. Ema Skye> But you said this design shouldn't exist right.
[20:20] <Matsuo Shin> it shouldn't....the civilization that created is long dead
[20:21] <Det. Ema Skye> So the question is... how did this guy know about it?
[20:22] <Det. Ema Skye> Maybe we need to investigate his house.
[20:23] <Det. Ema Skye> All we know is this guy was a hardcore NEET.
[20:24] <Matsuo Shin> hm?...that's..probably for the best
[20:25] <Det. Ema Skye> Okay.
[20:25] *** SCENE CHANGE
[20:27] * You're in a small cramped apartment with garbage bags everywhere. There are almost no personal touches in it like posters or pictures on the wall, but there are lots of discolored spots. There is a computer.
[20:27] <Matsuo Shin> .....
[20:27] <Matsuo Shin> >_>
[20:28] * Det. Ema Skye munches on her snackoos
[20:28] <Det. Ema Skye> Forensics didnt really do much here. This guy didn't seem to have friends or family.
[20:29] <Det. Ema Skye> Honestly it's like the local cops phoned it in.
[20:29] <Matsuo Shin> ..I wonder why
[20:29] <Det. Ema Skye> Honestly they're over worked. And if no one was asking questions well...
[20:30] <Det. Ema Skye> ...I guess that's why we're here, right?
[20:30] * Det. Ema Skye tries to get into Windows but it's locked with a password
[20:31] <Det. Ema Skye> Aww man IU am not a hacker.
[20:31] *** Det. Ema Skye is carrying:
1. Notepad
2. Luminol Bottle
3. Bag of Snackoos
4. Metal Detector
5. Detective's Badge
6. Digital Camera
7. Science Tricorder (Torchwood Issue)

Assets: G¥0 .

[20:32] <Det. Ema Skye> I wonder if this Tricorder will help
[20:32] * Det. Ema Skye looks for a "Hacking
[20:32] * ^" setting
[20:32] <spiritflame>Det. Ema Skye rolls 1d20 [ 10 ]
[20:32] * Det. Ema Skye is SOL
[20:33] <Det. Ema Skye> Matsuo, you got any skills in this department?
[20:33] <Matsuo Shin> I'm more a historian....
[20:33] <Matsuo Shin> ....I guess I could..try?
[20:34] * Det. Ema Skye shrugs and hands it over
[20:35] * Matsuo Shin tries his luck..
[20:35] <spiritflame>Matsuo Shin rolls 1d20 [ 3 ]
[20:35] * Matsuo Shin is apparently horrible at this
[20:35] <Det. Ema Skye> ...
[20:35] <Det. Ema Skye> Well
[20:35] <Det. Ema Skye> Wow.
[20:35] * Det. Ema Skye sees a fingerprint reader on the computer
[20:36] <Det. Ema Skye> <_<;
[20:36] <Det. Ema Skye> Gimme a sec.
[20:36] <Matsuo Shin> um..
[20:36] <Det. Ema Skye> It's time to use SCIENCE!™
[20:36] * Det. Ema Skye goes to the kitchen and gets out a mizing bowl and some ingredients
[20:37] * Det. Ema Skye makes up a starchy, jello-like substance
[20:37] * Det. Ema Skye takes ot the fingerprtint card taken from the victim
[20:38] * Det. Ema Skye puts 2+2 together and makes a quickier fake fingerprint she slips on her fingertip
[20:38] * Det. Ema Skye attempts to unlock computer
[20:38] <spiritflame>Det. Ema Skye rolls 1d10 [ 7 ]
[20:38] * Det. Ema Skye opens it
[20:38] <Det. Ema Skye> time to look at his browser hi--- WOW THOSE ARE BIGGER THAN HER HEAD HOW DOES SHE STAND UP
[20:39] * Det. Ema Skye shakes her head
[20:39] <Det. Ema Skye> Moving on
[20:39] * Det. Ema Skye looks for anything that might be useful, pictures, contacts etc
[20:40] <Det. Ema Skye> You wanna take a look too Matsuo?
[20:43] * Det. Ema Skye chews on her snackoos and investigates
[20:43] * Matsuo Shin sits down and looks
[20:44] * You can check browser history, email, facebook
[20:45] * Matsuo Shin first checks facebook
[20:45] * Facebook is mercifully logged in. What section of facebook do you check
[20:46] * Matsuo Shin thinks back to what he DOES know about the service
[20:46] * Matsuo Shin checks what online groups he was a part of in facebook
[20:48] * Redpilled, MRA, Incels4life, LoveLife4Ever, 2disbest, FullMoon, Aniroge, SpeedSeduction, Assmen
[20:48] <Matsuo Shin> ....
[20:49] * Matsuo Shin 's clicks on FullMoon
[20:49] <Det. Ema Skye> ...wow this guy was into some messed up stuff
[20:49] * FullMoon is a closed group with 73 members. Apply for access?
[20:50] <Det. Ema Skye> Wait, shouldn't he already be in it?
[20:50] * Det. Ema Skye frowns
[20:52] <Matsuo Shin> .....I have a feeling
[20:52] <Det. Ema Skye> Hmm?
[21:00] <Det. Ema Skye> Spit it out :P
[21:12] * Det. Ema Skye frowns and checks her phone
[21:16] * Matsuo Shin decides to dive in.and applies
[21:17] * Are you applying from the same computer under the young man's account?
[21:18] * Matsuo Shin pauses....
[21:18] * Matsuo Shin decides to create a fake account....and applies using that
[21:19] * A chat box opens. You are chatting with "Dyana Moon"
[21:20] * "Why?"
[21:21] * Dyana is obviously waiting for an answer.
[21:22] <Det. Ema Skye> ... Looks like you got their attention?
[21:22] * Matsuo Shin pauses..thinking what this person might say
[21:22] * Matsuo Shin types in
[21:22] <Matsuo Shin> "I belive the truth"
[21:23] * "..."
[21:23] * For a long time, nothing.
[21:24] * the chat box closes.
[21:24] * there is a notification ding, and you have access to Facebook group FullMoon
[21:25] * What do you do?
[21:25] * Matsuo Shin takes a deep breath.and starts to check the forum area a bit more
[21:27] * There are pictures of smiling people in Silver Millennium style robes just like the victim had, standing in shallow pools of water under the moonlight. They are all shaved bald, even to the eyebrows, and they all have golden crescent moons on their foreheads. There is a rather s[BLEEP]t photoshop of a large robe-sleeved habd reaching down to them with the caption "By the moonlight we are saved."
[21:28] * The forums are just testaments to how finding the Moonlight has filled these empty people's lives with love and hope and peace. That they have truly found what makes them whole.
[21:28] <Matsuo Shin> ...............
[21:29] * There is a lot of talk of Moon miracles, and healings. And of a secret origin of mankind, now revealed by His Light.
[21:30] * It is not slick,. or well-produced. It's home-grown, with a lot of homespun effort int he various memes and unprofessional photography. But one thing is clear. There is a movement of some kind.
[21:30] <Det. Ema Skye> So... is this... how it was in the Silver Millennium?
[21:31] * Matsuo Shin just looks at Ema
[21:31] <Matsuo Shin> no...no not at all
[21:31] <Det. Ema Skye> Dont' give me that look I'm not a Moon Power Expert :P
[21:32] * Det. Ema Skye reads over the posts and checks her facebook to look up some of the other group members
[21:32] <Matsuo Shin> we were certainly...never like this
[21:32] <Det. Ema Skye> ....Wow. All these people have scrubbed their FB profiles and changed their names to s[BLEEP]tty Lunar-related puns
[21:33] <Det. Ema Skye> Like Artemiss Moon and Seleeena Moon
[21:33] <Det. Ema Skye> All names ending in "Moon"
[21:34] * Det. Ema Skye looks over more posts
[21:34] <Det. Ema Skye> They keep mentioning his grace.
[21:34] <Matsuo Shin> ...his
[21:34] <Matsuo Shin> ..a leader?
[21:34] <Det. Ema Skye> But they never seem to name "him"
[21:34] <Det. Ema Skye> Maybe?
[21:34] * You have full access to the group. What now?
[21:34] * Matsuo Shin mutters something about Artemis not even being a lunar name
[21:35] * Matsuo Shin checks for the most recent posts
[21:36] * They mention a "Purification Bath" to take place at the time of "Lunar Blossoming"
[21:36] * Many are eager to have their ailments cured after the bath.
[21:37] * There is much excitement about this event, and everyone seems eager to go!
[21:38] <Matsuo Shin> ...lunar blossoming...
[21:38] <Det. Ema Skye> What does that mean.
[21:38] <Matsuo Shin> ..they mean the full moon
[21:39] <Det. Ema Skye> ....
[21:39] * Det. Ema Skye checks her phone
[21:39] <Det. Ema Skye> That's the 14th.
[21:39] <Det. Ema Skye> But these posts don't say where the bath is
[21:42] <Matsuo Shin> .....I don't know if I should ask outright..that might seem suspcisious
[21:42] <Det. Ema Skye> Well it'd a facebook group right?
[21:42] <Det. Ema Skye> What other features des it have
[21:45] * Matsuo Shin checks around
[21:47] * There's home, about, shop, photos, videos, posts, events, notes, jobs, community.
[21:50] * Matsuo Shin checks events
[21:53] * The first event, "Advent" already happened June 30. There are purification baths every full moon, it seems. There is also an "Benefaction" on August 23rd.
[21:53] <Matsuo Shin> august 23rd...
[21:54] * There is an RSVP link
[21:56] <Det. Ema Skye> Hey.
[21:56] <Det. Ema Skye> you logged in with a fake account, right? We can do this from any computer.
[21:56] <Det. Ema Skye> There's no need to rush into anything.
[21:56] <Det. Ema Skye> Just use that account later and we can maybe get more info.
[21:57] <Matsuo Shin> agreed
[21:58] <Det. Ema Skye> All right. I should go write this all up. And we should leave this place for the landlord to clean up.
[21:58] * Det. Ema Skye pats him on the shoulder
[21:58] <Det. Ema Skye> We'll get whoever did this bombing.
[21:58] * Det. Ema Skye is away: Paperwork, the less glamorous side of policing.
[21:59] *** Matsuo Shin [Shin@history.um.u-tokyo.ac.jp] has left #suburbansenshi3 (I hope we do find them..)

[#suburbansenshi3 chat]