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<Dr_Xadium> I mean, you do know that Evian spelled backwards is "Naive", right?
<--=[ SpeedRcrX ]=--> HOLY [BLEEP]ing [BLEEP] No WAY!
* --=[ SpeedRcrX ]=-- feels so used, so cheap

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[20:36] <@Darkness Kusanagi> !
[20:36] <@Darkness Kusanagi> I claim this log for X-chan and not dieing after five rounds with Marsilio.
[20:36] * @Darkness Kusanagi nods profoundly and digs out that bottle of Sakura Sake she knows is stashed here somewhere.
[20:39] * @Darkness Kusanagi refills her jug.
[20:40] <@Michael D> Insert Jugs joke here
[20:40] * @Darkness Kusanagi bounces :P XD
[20:41] <TuxRainbow> lol
[20:41] <David O`Cain> Heheh.
[20:42] * @Darkness Kusanagi tucks the sake bottle away.
[20:43] * Potamos pulls out her book, making sure none of the guys are watching her, and continues reading and blushing
[20:43] * @Darkness Kusanagi takes a swig of sake from her jug
[20:43] * @Darkness Kusanagi glances at Potamos
[20:44] <@Darkness Kusanagi> what'cha got there?
[20:44] <Potamos> Um...
[20:44] * Potamos shows it quickly but everyone can see that she's reading a Kama Sutra book
[20:44] <@Darkness Kusanagi> Ahh, got it from Mina-chan?
[20:44] <@Darkness Kusanagi> She hands out the pop-up books of those.
[20:45] <@Michael D> sexy
[20:45] <Potamos> I actually bought it myself mitai na
[20:45] <TuxRainbow> Pull the handle to watch the shexy action
[20:45] <@Darkness Kusanagi> X-chan and I have like three different copies. The Manga Sutra is a fun read.
[20:46] <Potamos> Oh, Futari Ecchi? I've read a bit of that, mitai na
[20:47] <Potamos> I'm going to learn some tricks for Klavier mitai na
[20:47] <Potamos> (( I once owned a book on sentence structure and grammar rules...called the Comma Sutra ))
[20:48] <@Darkness Kusanagi> (( I actually own the manga sutra, it was there and I was like "why the hell not" ))
[20:48] <@Darkness Kusanagi> (( Amazingly enough it's translated by Tokyopop. ))
[20:49] <Potamos> (( I've only seen it at Anime Boston, and not at a mainstream bookstore (of course, I do not expect for it to be shelved w/the manga seeing as it's red and white and shiny and has a slipcover ))
[20:49] <@Darkness Kusanagi> (( lol this was ))
[20:50] <@Darkness Kusanagi> (( in a bigass bookstore XD ))
[20:50] <@Darkness Kusanagi> (( tucked in with the other manga, that's how I spotted it XD ))
[20:50] <Potamos> (( I go to library sales and look out for manga. Once I saw an issue of Battle Royale among the childrens' paperbacks. ))
[20:50] <Potamos> (( It was bought for the parents' book business ))
[20:51] <Potamos> (( Because you don't want a 9 year old reading Battle Royale ))
[20:52] <@Darkness Kusanagi> (( lol Ikkitousen was up there too ))
[20:52] <@Darkness Kusanagi> (( Canada isn't exactly strict when it comes to manga ))
[20:52] <Potamos> (( There was a news story on Anime News Network that a kid found an issue of Absolute Boyfriend in the children's section, his mom complained, and the manga section was physically located because of the naked Japanese cartoons. ))
[20:53] <Potamos> (( *sigh* I need Kitchen Princess 6, I want my unusual recipe fix ))
[20:53] <Potamos> (( If you don't mind shoujo fluff but love cooking, get that one ))
[20:54] <@Darkness Kusanagi> (( hehehe ))
[20:55] <@Michael D> (( NEEKIED JAPANENSE CARTOONS ))
[20:55] <@Darkness Kusanagi> (( OH MY ))
[20:55] <@Darkness Kusanagi> (( YOU AMERICANS MUST FLEE NOW ))
[20:55] <@Darkness Kusanagi> (( I'll kick back and enjoy it ))
[20:56] <Potamos> (( Here's one reason for you to buy Kitchen Princess: Crepe recipe ))
[20:56] <Naocat> (( ... ))
[20:57] <Naocat> (( I'm scared to probe further, shaldra ))
[20:57] <Potamos> (( If I wasn't going to have to PACK ALL MY S[BLEEP]T UP AGAIN BECAUSE THEY'RE LAYING OUT THE FLOORING THIS WEEKEND I'd try a recipe for Rose Ginger Ale that was in one volume of Kitchen Princess ))
[20:57] <Potamos> (( and when I say ALL, I mean ALL since they're doing the whole place ))
[20:57] <Potamos> (( But it's going to be super special awesome because I will have no more horribly stained living room carpet ))
[20:58] <Potamos> (( speaking of super special awesome...I'd better return to my silly H-fic writing ))
[20:58] <Potamos> (( and yes that was a clue ))
[20:59] <Naocat> (( oh snap ))
[20:59] <TuxRainbow> (( silly h-fic writer :D ))
[21:02] <David O`Cain> (( Aren't they a hoot and a half? ))
[21:08] <@Michael D> ¯\(º_o)/¯
[21:10] <Souldier> o_O
[21:10] *** Souldier [Buffet_of_Girliness@WTF?!.org] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[21:10] <+Luna-P> y0 Souldier
[21:10] <Souldier> La caja se parece diferente.....
[21:10] * Darkness Kusanagi looks at Souldier.
[21:10] *** Souldier is a topaz eyed 5' 9" male human with a husky build, and short, black hair. He's dressed for go, not show. He's packing a quiver of arrows and an odd looking, large, collapsable Bow.
His image Song is: We Didn't Start The Fire by Billy Joel.

[21:10] * @Darkness Kusanagi sort of eyes the IP address
[21:10] <Souldier> o_O
[21:10] * @Darkness Kusanagi eyes Souldier
[21:11] * Souldier raises his hands. "Uh.... it wasn't me?"
[21:11] * @Darkness Kusanagi eyes the IP address
[21:11] * @Darkness Kusanagi breaks down laughing
[21:11] <David O`Cain> Hey, Guyver.
[21:11] <@Michael D> ha ha, you have a p[BLEEP]y ?
[21:12] <TuxRainbow> Someone forgot to change it :D
[21:12] <Naocat> Rawr. ^__~
[21:12] <TuxRainbow> Rawr indeed :3
[21:13] * Potamos giggles
[21:13] <Potamos> I'm going to dress you in a pink Gothic Lolita dress mitai na
[21:14] <TuxRainbow> heh, love to see it happen
[21:14] * Souldier looks confused?
[21:14] <Naocat> Technically if it's pink it's not gothic.
[21:15] <@Darkness Kusanagi> it's just loli!
[21:15] <Naocat> Yep.
[21:15] <David O`Cain> Use a maid outfit.
[21:15] <Naocat> ...
[21:15] <Naocat> Maid != loli
[21:16] <@Darkness Kusanagi> maid = maid
[21:16] <Naocat> Just so you know.
[21:16] <TuxRainbow> lol, maid outfit
[21:16] <Naocat> loli = loli
[21:16] <Naocat> moo = cow
[21:16] * just kinda pops up and slaps Souldier upside the head. "God....DAMN you really are a sucker...."
[21:16] * Naocat is away: pie = mmm
[21:16] <TuxRainbow> who popped up?
[21:16] * @Darkness Kusanagi is now known as Maid Shaldra
[21:16] *** Card Excluder [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[21:16] <+Luna-P> y0 Card Excluder
[21:17] <Card Excluder> I'm a loli! :D
[21:17] *** Souldier: Demonized[Stand Form] has left #suburbansenshi2 (Damn... Now even I'M doing it wrong because of you.)
[21:17] <Maid Shaldra> Hey Chibi!
[21:17] <Souldier> O_o
[21:17] <Card Excluder> HiHi!!!! :D
[21:18] <TuxRainbow> Hi
[21:18] <David O`Cain> Hello.
[21:18] * Souldier high fives David
[21:19] * Card Excluder eats cake!
[21:19] * Maid Shaldra is now known as Shaldra-taicho
[21:19] <Shaldra-taicho> You are my Yachiru.
[21:20] <Souldier> - oh yeah.... I'm kickin' that Unicorn's ASS this weekend.... -
[21:21] * Card Excluder hops up and Shal's shoulder wearing a cute little kimono!
[21:22] <Card Excluder> Neeee! :D
[21:22] <TuxRainbow> Kawaii...
[21:22] <@Shinji Ikari> i'm tempted to ask but, instead, i'll just go with the amusing assumption that immediately comes to mind when i echo soul's above comment in my head
[21:22] <Shaldra-taicho> Perfect.
[21:22] * Shaldra-taicho grins menacingly
[21:22] * Card Excluder puts little bells in Shaldra's hair!
[21:23] <Souldier> Souldier makes this look at Shinji "Wut?"
[21:23] <Shaldra-taicho> Eh, it works.
[21:23] <David O`Cain> Heh, not bad.
[21:23] <@Shinji Ikari> now you're looking at me like some mildly-retarded person.
[21:23] <Card Excluder> D-chan is pretty pretty now! :D
[21:24] <Shaldra-taicho> >:D
[21:24] <Souldier> I was reffering to this thing anyway. -_-
[21:25] <Shaldra-taicho> Souldier's gonna get the girl this time?
[21:25] <Shaldra-taicho> Kinky.
[21:25] <Naocat> Desu! :D
[21:25] <Card Excluder> Ne are they gonna hug?
[21:25] <Souldier> o_O Actually that's the Armore and Great Sword you can make FROM the thing...but...I are taken by Yuma anyhoos... >_> I dun cheat
[21:26] <TuxRainbow> Or something like that
[21:27] <@Michael D> Don't brag about that, Souldier
[21:27] <@Michael D> She's one of, "them"
[21:27] <TuxRainbow> "Them" who?
[21:27] <TuxRainbow> <_<
[21:27] <TuxRainbow> >_>
[21:28] <Naocat> ...Yuma?
[21:28] <Shaldra-taicho> She's a Hollow!
[21:28] <Shaldra-taicho> Wait no that's not right.
[21:28] <@Michael D> worse.
[21:28] <Naocat> I was thinking a totally different "them."
[21:28] * TuxRainbow wonders what could be worse
[21:28] <@Shinji Ikari> me too
[21:28] <Souldier> ?
[21:28] <Souldier> She's a Skrull?
[21:28] <@Michael D> The loud yelling screaming hitting troupe
[21:29] <Souldier> Mike- out with it already pretty boy
[21:29] <Souldier> ohhhhhhhhhh
[21:29] <Souldier> a Tsundere?
[21:29] <Naocat> mmm, yes, that "them."
[21:29] <TuxRainbow> SKRULL
[21:29] <Naocat> They tend to be demons or unmeians or whateverans.
[21:29] <Shaldra-taicho> oh the ones who do the leaps up and sexily lapdances for
[21:29] <Shaldra-taicho> HAH it's still censored.
[21:29] * Naocat leaps up and sexily lapdances for NO ONE
[21:29] <TuxRainbow> Oh... "them"
[21:30] <Naocat> I get this strange idea that we won't be seeing much of "them" for a few months.
[21:30] <David O`Cain> Heh.
[21:30] <Potamos> Uwah, who's this cutie?
[21:30] * Souldier shrugs and sets his pilebunker aside. "Got me all worked up fer nuthini..."
[21:30] <@Shinji Ikari> ah, a tsundere. i've had experiences with such.
[21:30] <Souldier> Potamos- Who?
[21:30] <@Michael D> and now shaldra has now helped me name them
[21:30] <Shaldra-taicho> I have?
[21:30] <@Michael D> "The C[BLEEP]t Punters"
[21:30] <Naocat> lol.
[21:30] <TuxRainbow> lol
[21:31] <Naocat> Sex Brigade vs P[BLEEP]y Police vs C[BLEEP]t Punters!
[21:31] * Potamos points at Card Excluder
[21:31] <Shaldra-taicho> ahahaha
[21:31] <Souldier> You mean this broad there Winji?
[21:32] <TuxRainbow> lesbo action?
[21:32] <Naocat> (if you write that h-fic i will send you tenbux. real tenbux. paypal and everything.)
[21:32] <Shaldra-taicho> Mike! You are my Ikkaku. We have some perverted Hollows to hunt.
[21:32] <David O`Cain> They'll just love that.
[21:32] <Ayanami Rei> Man fears the darkness, and so he scrapes away at the edges of it with fire.
[21:32] <Souldier> Hollows...meh. better then Rippers I suppose
[21:32] <@Michael D> Yes!
[21:32] * Ayanami Rei is away: :d
[21:32] <@Michael D> wait, I don't have to shave me head now, do i?
[21:33] <Souldier> LOL
[21:33] <TuxRainbow> I like my hair
[21:33] <Souldier> Mike might actually look a bit manly if he did that
[21:33] <Naocat> (Paypal is Serious Business.)
[21:33] <Shaldra-taicho> Would you prefer Yumichika?
[21:33] <Naocat> ...ew. No.
[21:33] <Naocat> Bald guys != hot.
[21:33] <@Shinji Ikari> everything online is serious business, beeyatch
[21:33] <Souldier> Bald is the new hotness now anyway
[21:33] <Naocat> orly
[21:33] <Naocat> then why did you get angry at me earlier huh D:<
[21:34] <David O`Cain> If Mike goes bald, will have to change his last name to Jordan?
[21:33] <@Michael D> I'll get the bald cap then!
[21:34] <Naocat> shinji i hate you
[21:34] <David O`Cain> ^will he
[21:34] <TuxRainbow> lol @ David
[21:34] * Souldier boos David
[21:34] * Potamos giggles
[21:34] <Souldier> Mike doesnt have the Tounge waggle
[21:34] <@DR. XADiUM>

[21:34] <Naocat> i hate you like a misogynist hates women
[21:34] <@Shinji Ikari> i hate you too
[21:34] <Shaldra-taicho> X-chan what are you approving.
[21:34] <@Michael D> what are we approving?
[21:34] <Souldier> lulz
[21:34] <@Shinji Ikari> i hate you like bill o'reily hates commies
[21:35] <Naocat> yes what ARE you approving
[21:35] <@DR. XADiUM> He's bald.
[21:35] <TuxRainbow> Commies!
[21:35] <Shaldra-taicho> I will make you my Yumichika if you don't answer.
[21:35] <Potamos> True, true
[21:35] <Naocat> ...yes.
[21:35] <Potamos> You must be Exi-chan!
[21:35] <Naocat> That doesn't make him beautiful.
[21:35] <Potamos> Suu-chan told me about you mitai na
[21:35] * @Michael D dons a kimono and a Squad 11 badge
[21:35] <Souldier> Naocat- Honestly I think it depends on the person. Some people look..... odd bald.
[21:36] <=^catablanca^=> My new girlfriend is beautiful
[21:36] <=^catablanca^=>

[21:36] <Shaldra-taicho> >:D
[21:36] <@Shinji Ikari> your new girlfriend is a MAN
[21:36] <@Michael D> .......
[21:36] <Shaldra-taicho> That's terrifying.
[21:36] <@Shinji Ikari> i'm sorry you didn't check for a wang
[21:36] <Souldier> Cat- you have no girlfriend
[21:36] <Souldier> Cat- that billow doesnt count
[21:36] <Naocat> That cat is vibrating.
[21:36] <Souldier> o_O
[21:36] <@Michael D> I should set Arty up, seriously.....I know a whore cat.
[21:37] <Naocat> I don't believe it isn't animatronic.
[21:37] <TuxRainbow> WHORE
[21:37] <=^catablanca^=> REALLY I mean no.
[21:37] * =^catablanca^= is away: T_T damn my mrals
[21:37] <Naocat> D:<
[21:37] <Souldier> The cat... has a f[BLEEP]king vibrating dil-cat-do?
[21:37] <Potamos> We should bring Arty to the animal shelter and let him pick someone out mitai na
[21:37] <Naocat> don't make me pimpslap you.
[21:37] * Naocat is now known as Madamestarcat
[21:37] * @Michael D tempts arty
[21:38] <Souldier> (( gah. time to bust out the sandpaper again..... ))
[21:38] <Madamestarcat> If you use catnip, does that make it forced?
[21:38] <TuxRainbow> Tempting...
[21:38] <Souldier> (( Potential ingrown toenails suck >< ))
[21:38] * psYchO_saKi looks at thart catnipped cat
[21:38] * psYchO_saKi looks at SOMEONE IN THIS ROOM and busts out lughing
[21:38] * psYchO_saKi is away: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
[21:39] <Madamestarcat> Was it Shaldra Darkness with the butter knife?
[21:39] <Madamestarcat> WHO DID SHE LOOK AT?
[21:39] <Madamestarcat> Was it Shinji Ikari with the legendary oak?
[21:39] <Souldier> I thought it was Professor Plum with the Candlestick
[21:39] <Shaldra-taicho> Me. Back when catnip was a big thing.
[21:40] <Shaldra-taicho> Get back here you little robotic weakling!
[21:40] <Madamestarcat> Was it Michael D with the razor deck?!
[21:40] <Madamestarcat> >:[ way to spoil it.
[21:40] <Shaldra-taicho> Don't make me take off my eyepatch!
[21:40] <@SpeedRcrX>

[21:40] <Madamestarcat> NOTHING.
[21:40] <Madamestarcat> I fear nothing!
[21:41] <Souldier> XD
[21:41] <Madamestarcat> Nothing, I say!
[21:41] * Potamos looks over at Shaldra and pulls out her book "Oooh, did you ever try this?"
[21:42] * Shaldra-taicho glances over.
[21:42] <@Michael D> Shaldra, what can you tell me about catnip sex
[21:42] <Shaldra-taicho> Oh ya, that's a good one.
[21:42] <Madamestarcat> shaldra what can you tell me about duo
[21:42] <Shaldra-taicho> both sucked c[BLEEP]k.
[21:42] <Madamestarcat> what literally?
[21:42] <@Michael D> literally?
[21:43] <@Michael D> JINX
[21:43] <Souldier> Literally?
[21:43] <Shaldra-taicho> first figuratively, second literally.
[21:43] <Madamestarcat> D:<
[21:43] <Madamestarcat> I don't owe you a soda I made you royalty >:[
[21:43] <Potamos> What about this? It seems kinda awkward with him being way taller than me mitai na
[21:44] <Madamestarcat> now SOULDIER on the other hand...he looks like a jinxed man to me.
[21:44] <Shaldra-taicho> I'm taller than X-chan, you just have to be flexible.
[21:44] * Souldier yawns and takes out his tools, then starts tweaking his slicer
[21:44] <Potamos> I don't think I'm THAT flexible...
[21:45] <Souldier> Me? Jinxed? Yeah, whatever.
[21:45] <Shaldra-taicho> it's not that hard
[21:45] *** Madamestarcat [] has left #suburbansenshi2 (there is a tiny conversation that is making me uncomfortable.)
[21:45] * Souldier dons his Safety Helmet as a precaution >_>
[21:45] <Souldier> Sounds like she can't flex.
[21:46] <David O`Cain> Who knows.
[21:47] <Souldier> (( its nice to finally have 1.6 regulations >_> my friend let me borrow his 360 copy of AC4 ))
[21:47] * Potamos puts the book back
[21:47] <Potamos> Oh, yeah...Xadium-sensei, you still here?
[21:48] <Shaldra-taicho> Hah he's probably run off.
[21:48] * @DR. XADiUM is here
[21:48] <Shaldra-taicho> Or he's on my back again.
[21:48] * Shaldra-taicho feels around
[21:48] <Potamos> You know how Suu-chan's trying to decide what to do for part time work, right?
[21:48] * @DR. XADiUM is sitting atop thwe TARDIS
[21:48] <Potamos> Have you got anything she can do?
[21:48] <@DR. XADiUM> I've heard a little about it, yes
[21:48] <Shaldra-taicho> Since when did you do that
[21:48] <@DR. XADiUM> Me? Uhh
[21:49] * Souldier deposits cash into the Mountain Dew machine :3
[21:49] <@DR. XADiUM> You might be better off checking with Minako or Rei or Makoto
[21:49] * Souldier presses butan for Sprite
[21:49] <@DR. XADiUM> I don't really do anything that needs help
[21:50] * @DR. XADiUM watches a Sprite tumble out
[21:50] <Yaijinden> wait what
[21:50] <Souldier> :3
[21:50] <Potamos> Makoto-chan has that restaurant, mitai na
[21:50] * Souldier checks the expiration date
[21:50] * @Michael D pushes the button for liquid sex in a bottle?
[21:50] <@DR. XADiUM> Yes she does.
[21:50] <TuxRainbow> heh
[21:51] <@Michael D> and Creepy and Sad Hogan news.
[21:51] * @DR. XADiUM watches Micheal get a bottle of Spanish Fly
[21:51] * @Michael D pockets it for later. << >>
[21:51] * Shaldra-taicho is now known as Darkness Kusanagi
[21:51] <TuxRainbow> okay, how creepy?
[21:51] * @Darkness Kusanagi hops up on the TARDIS with X-chan
[21:51] <@DR. XADiUM> What happened with the Hogans nao
[21:51] * @DR. XADiUM leans on shal happily <3
[21:51] <@Michael D> Sad Hogan news, Nick Hogan is going to jail for 8 monthes for the car thing.
[21:51] <@DR. XADiUM> Oh yeah I know.
[21:51] <Souldier> oops
[21:51] <@DR. XADiUM> He deserves that time tho.
[21:52] * @Darkness Kusanagi hops off the TARDIS since the topic of wrestling is up
[21:52] <@DR. XADiUM> Civil suit should be nasty.
[21:52] * @Darkness Kusanagi goes into the kitchen to find something to eat
[21:52] <@DR. XADiUM> Nick Hogan isn't a wrestler :<
[21:52] * Potamos presses a button for a Coke
[21:52] * @DR. XADiUM pouts
[21:52] * @DR. XADiUM watches a bag of blow comes out of the TARDIS
[21:52] <@DR. XADiUM> ....
[21:53] * @DR. XADiUM kicks it
[21:53] <@Darkness Kusanagi> X-chan I told you to fix that.
[21:53] * @DR. XADiUM watches a can of Coke come out
[21:53] <@Michael D> and I need a sec to get my pic for the creepy one
[21:53] <@DR. XADiUM> Sorry Tony Montana reprogrammed it one time
[21:53] * Souldier has a steel chair at his side now for some reason, he sips his Sprite and goes back to tuning the Slicer
[21:53] <@Shinji Ikari> hah!
[21:53] <@Shinji Ikari> xad is such a coke head and i don't mean cola.
[21:54] <@DR. XADiUM> Har Har
[21:54] <@Michael D>

[21:54] <@DR. XADiUM> go smoke your Oan green
[21:54] <@Michael D> And yes, That is his daughter.
[21:54] <@Shinji Ikari> daddy loves his daughter
[21:54] <@DR. XADiUM> I KNOW THAT
[21:54] <Souldier> Coppin a feel
[21:54] <@DR. XADiUM> ARRRRGH
[21:54] <@Darkness Kusanagi> this is why I went into the kitchen
[21:54] <David O`Cain> Haha.
[21:54] * @Darkness Kusanagi pulls out a bunch of veggies
[21:54] <Potamos> That's...child molestation mitai na
[21:54] <@Michael D> i have an even more damnit shot of it
[21:55] <@DR. XADiUM> "Damning"
[21:55] <@Michael D>

[21:55] <@DR. XADiUM> O
[21:55] <Souldier> lulz
[21:55] <@Michael D> damning too.
[21:55] <@DR. XADiUM> O_
[21:55] <@DR. XADiUM> O_O
[21:55] <@Shinji Ikari> HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
[21:55] <@Shinji Ikari> (yeah i've seen these prior)
[21:55] <@DR. XADiUM> WHAT THE HE::
[21:55] <David O`Cain> Butt pirate.
[21:55] <Souldier> Noice~
[21:55] <@Darkness Kusanagi> thanks Mike, I'm not getting laid tonight either.
[21:56] * @DR. XADiUM changes topic to `[21:55] <David O`Cain> Butt pirate. `
[21:56] <David O`Cain> XD
[21:56] <@Michael D>

nom nom nom
[21:56] * @DR. XADiUM is so trumatized it's beyoned belief
[21:56] * @Darkness Kusanagi fries up some tofu and veggies
[21:56] <@DR. XADiUM> THE HELL
[21:57] <@DR. XADiUM> the hell man
[21:57] <@Darkness Kusanagi> scratch "tonight", I'm not getting sex for a week
[21:57] <@Shinji Ikari> daddy loves his daughter... long time
[21:57] <@DR. XADiUM> why hulkster why
[21:57] <@Darkness Kusanagi> maybe two
[21:57] * Potamos smells yummy tofu and veggies
[21:57] * @DR. XADiUM sheds a manly tear
[21:57] <Souldier> hmmmm we need to unf[BLEEP]k Equis
[21:57] <@Michael D>

Honk Honk
[21:57] * @DR. XADiUM is pretty much unf[BLEEP]ked right now sir
[21:57] <Souldier> lulz
[21:58] <@DR. XADiUM> opkay that is just camera angle trickery
[21:58] * @Darkness Kusanagi cries inside, this is Mike making her join his pain.
[21:58] <Potamos> I feel sick.
[21:58] * Souldier looks at Shaldra - "Yeah... you're f[BLEEP]ked.
[21:58] <@Michael D> XD I just noticed it too, but stillif you aren't looking
[21:58] <@Darkness Kusanagi> I WISH I WAS
[21:58] <@Shinji Ikari> insert amusing comment about hulk hogan HULK SMASHING his daughter. in the v[SLOT B]a. long time.
[21:58] * @Darkness Kusanagi returns to cooking D:<
[21:59] <@Raihosha> (( The woman in the third pic is not the same one in the first two. ))
[21:59] * @DR. XADiUM falsl off the TARDIS
[21:59] <Souldier> Shaldra- Just read some Hustler or something
[21:59] * Madamestarcat points darkness to the rantbox, there is a lot of angst to go around
[21:59] * Potamos creeps into the kitchen and tries to steal a bite from Shaldra's food
[21:59] <@Michael D>

[21:59] <@Shinji Ikari> i couldn't resist!
[21:59] <Madamestarcat> SO MUCH ANGST
[21:59] * @DR. XADiUM clings to this small shred of a New Hope
[21:59] * Madamestarcat is now known as angstcat
[21:59] <@Michael D> lawls, angles
[21:59] * angstcat is away: angst
[21:59] <@Darkness Kusanagi> ... T_T
[21:59] <@Darkness Kusanagi> why mike
[21:59] <@Darkness Kusanagi> why are you making my life hell
[22:00] *** @DR. XADiUM [user-11345xdm@TARDIS14356.panopticon.gallifrey.sen] has quit IRC (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo)
[22:00] <@Michael D> I'm sorry, D:
[22:00] <@Darkness Kusanagi> no you're not
[22:00] <@Darkness Kusanagi> i know you're not
[22:00] * @Darkness Kusanagi hands Potamos the veggies and tofu and goes somewhere to do something
[22:01] * Potamos continues cooking it.
[22:01] *** @Michael D [] has left #suburbansenshi2 (D:)
[22:01] <Souldier> yEAH.
[22:01] * Potamos adds a bit of nanami togarashi
[22:01] <David O`Cain> Dey's been broked.
[22:01] <Souldier> That right there. C[BLEEP]kblocking...not manly
[22:02] <@Michael D> If it helps, i think the girl with the skull on her bikini is his daughter.
[22:03] <Souldier> XD
[22:04] * Souldier re-installs the grip on the slicer
[22:04] *** @Michael D [] has left #suburbansenshi2 (flee)
[22:04] <TuxRainbow> You'd better flee... argh
[22:05] <David O`Cain> Man, Hulkster's just going down.
[22:05] <@Shinji Ikari> on his DAUGHTER!
[22:05] * Souldier shrugs
[22:05] <@Shinji Ikari> (you so left that wide open)
[22:06] <angstcat> (like her [BLEEP] after he [BLEEP] [BLEEP]s her [BLEEP])
[22:06] * TuxRainbow screams
[22:07] <@Raihosha> (( I think the one with the skull on her bikini is his wife, who is the one he was putting lotion on... ))
[22:07] * Souldier smashes David with the Steel Chair
[22:07] * TuxRainbow is confused nao
[22:07] <@Raihosha> (( I believe his daughter was the second figure, mostly off screen in the first picture. ))
[22:08] * David O`Cain grabs the chair, "Don't even, Guyver."
[22:08] <@Diamond Dice Darkness> Souldier rolls 1d20 [ 15 ]
[22:08] <Potamos> (( WOAH GOLDDIGGER ))
[22:09] * Souldier kicks David in the gut then Stunner's him :3
[22:09] * David O`Cain ends up sitting on the floor
[22:09] <@Raihosha> (( good night all. ))
[22:10] <TuxRainbow> Stunner! Stunner!
[22:12] <David O`Cain> Ow.
[22:12] * Souldier raises his arms and grunt/yells like a pro-wrassler
[22:13] * David O`Cain gets up and sits down on the chair Guyver tried to hit him with
[22:14] <Souldier> :3
[22:20] <Souldier> David- a good combo for that heavywieght AC of yours would be Bazooka/Canopus
[22:21] <David O`Cain> (( What's Canopus again? ))
[22:21] <Souldier> (( the Karasawa of AC4 basically ))
[22:22] <David O`Cain> (( Gotcha. Does it matter which arm the weapons go on? ))
[22:22] <Souldier> (( Bazooka stuns, Canopus gets a free hit ))
[22:22] <Souldier> (( one sec. what regs you have on your AC4? ))
[22:23] *** Soeur_d'Apollo [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[22:23] <+Luna-P> y0 Soeur_d'Apollo
[22:23] <David O`Cain> (( I still have the original regs. ))
[22:26] <Souldier> -_-
[22:26] <Souldier> (( you need a gold membership man -_- ))
[22:26] <Soeur_d'Apollo> Hello!
[22:27] <David O`Cain> (( Right now, I'm unable to get ANYTHING online! I don't have a broadband connection that's necessary! ))
[22:27] <TuxRainbow> hi
[22:27] <Souldier> (( since you are on 1.0... all you really need to own everything is an all Tellus build, twin er-0200, an Ogoto... and thats it ))
[22:27] <Souldier> Hey there
[22:27] <David O`Cain> Evening.
[22:31] <Soeur_d'Apollo> How are you guys doing?
[22:31] <Souldier> (( laser weapons are BROKEN in 1.0. not only that... but PA is nigh useless... in 1.0 once its gone... you're pretty much screwed ))
[22:32] <TuxRainbow> Good
[22:32] <David O`Cain> Doing alright.
[22:34] <Souldier> normal
[22:34] <Souldier> (( i think its in 1.3 that PA is given a boost so that it recovers much faster ))
[22:35] <Soeur_d'Apollo> That's gooooood.
[22:35] <David O`Cain> (( Well, whenever I get a better connection than dial-up, I'll do some stuff. ))
[22:38] <Souldier> (( I reccomend the Hilbert arms though instead of Tellus if you try a bazooka/cano build ))
[22:43] <David O`Cain> (( Gotcha. ))
[22:44] *** David O`Cain [] has quit IRC (I think I'll turn in for the night.)
[22:58] *** TuxRainbow [] has left #suburbansenshi2 (yawn.)
[23:32] * Soeur_d'Apollo looks at Soeur_d'Apollo.
[23:32] *** Soeur_d'Apollo is Allison Blitz, a young, 13-year-old girl, with golden-brown hair up in a ponytail. She stands at 5'7", with green eyes and small freckles. She wears a goldenrod tubetop with a butterfly belt, black pants and black shoes. More information about her is Here.
Her image Song is: "Tokaikko Junjou" -- °C-ute.

[02:16] <Yaijinden> so late
[02:16] <Yaijinden> soooooo laaaaaaaate
[11:47] *** Lady Yuma [Prêtresse_Rê] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[11:47] <+Luna-P> y0 Lady Yuma
[11:50] *** Lady Yuma [Prêtresse_Rê] has left #suburbansenshi2 (O Angels above, please protect those around me and guide them to safety at all times.)
[13:01] <Yaijinden> ♫
[13:02] <@Raihosha> Something that had to be shared. For Xadium in particular.
[13:08] * daylily giggles a little "She is rather cute, though..."
[13:14] <Yaijinden> Wanna pinch her cheeks and get annihilated for it. ♫
[13:16] <daylily> Hello, Yai-san.
[13:17] * Yaijinden waves
[13:19] <daylily> How are you?
[13:31] <Yaijinden> Finishing up the day's installment.
[13:32] <TuxRainbow> lol @ drawing
[13:33] <daylily> Installment of what?
[13:43] * daylily sits on the arm of a couch and swings her legs idly
[13:44] <Yaijinden> Tales of MU. S'funs and not particularly work-safe. :3
[13:50] * daylily will OOCly look more thorooghly later, then
[14:18] <@Shinji Ikari> Ahh~
[14:19] <@Shinji Ikari> Ever had one of those moments when the everything is aligned properly and you're given a good opportunity to get something?
[14:20] <@Shinji Ikari> That has happened to me on eBay.
[14:21] <@Shinji Ikari> I FINALLY got a sealed DC Direct Teen Titans Superboy figure. Without having to pay over $100 (at the usual lowest price) for it.l
[14:21] <@Shinji Ikari> Score one for me against scalpers.
[14:21] * @Shinji Ikari is away: neverhere and suck it on, scalpers!
[15:08] <@DR. XADiUM> Dalek-tan is awesome.
[15:08] * @DR. XADiUM is away 
[15:26] <Yaijinden> Yesssssssssss.
[15:57] <Furu> (( Furu is ridiculously unhappy. ))
[15:57] <Furu> (( I can't get paid without a state ID. ))
[15:57] <Furu> (( I can't get a state ID without a pay stub. ))
[15:57] <Furu> (( This is...this is wonderful is what it is. ))
[15:57] * Furu is away: Just...rrrghhhhhh.
[15:58] <@DR. XADiUM> (( What kind of an asinine state needs a PAY STUB to give you an IDA ))
[15:59] <@DR. XADiUM> (( tell me what state you're in by IM or something, I'll dig a bit ))
[16:04] <@Raihosha> (( At least in Tennessee, State ID is issued on a county-by-county basis, so the office needs proof you live in the county. Either a pay stub sent to your home, or utility bills addressed to you, or some other proof you really live where you say you do. ))
[16:04] <@DR. XADiUM> (( ahh that makes sense ))
[16:05] <@Raihosha> (( The advantage of random knowledge from temping at the DMV testing center... ))
[16:05] <@DR. XADiUM> (( yes uit's much the same as with library cards. ))
[16:05] <Furu> (( Yeah. ))
[16:05] <Furu> (( I need proof of residence. ))
[16:06] <Furu> (( I don't HAVE any. ))
[16:06] <@DR. XADiUM> (( hmm. ))
[16:06] <Furu> (( And if it's not a pay stub it has to be thirty days old, and I really don't have the time. ))
[16:06] <@Raihosha> (( The lease on your apartment? ))
[16:07] <Furu> (( It's not my apartment! ))
[16:07] <Furu> (( Legally I'm just living here. I don't pay rent or anything. My name's on nothing. ))
[16:08] <@Raihosha> (( It sounds like you need to work from the getting paid end then. They should accept your SSN if they need some proof you're a 'murican. ))
[16:09] <Furu> (( It's not that. I need a state ID to get a clock-in number at work. ))
[16:09] <Furu> (( I NEED one or I can't get paid. ))
[16:10] <@DR. XADiUM> Employee photo identification card issued by your current employer, containing your employer's name and address. Your employer's telephone number may be required for verification.
[16:10] <@DR. XADiUM> Abny chance they can make you one of those?
[16:10] * @DR. XADiUM is assuming he's got the right state.
[16:11] <Furu> (( No one has those, so no. ))
[16:11] <@DR. XADiUM> ><
[16:11] <@Raihosha> (( It sounds like your employer has a poorly designed clock-in system then. ))
[16:13] <@Raihosha> (( You have discovered a wonderful little catch-22 to get caught in, it seems. ))
[16:13] <Furu> (( ¯\(º_o)/¯ ))
[16:13] <daylily> (( did you change your address with your bank? ))
[16:14] <@DR. XADiUM> (( Do they HAVE to take an ID from YOUR state or can you use one from your old state. (The employers) ))
[16:14] <@DR. XADiUM> (( I mean there is no law that says you can't live in one state and work in another. ))
[16:14] <Furu> (( I don't have a photo ID from Illinois. ))
[16:14] <Furu> (( Never needed on. ))
[16:14] <Furu> (( one^ ))
[16:15] <@DR. XADiUM> (( Anyway you can get one of thsoe quickly? ))
[16:16] <@DR. XADiUM> (( Assuming it would even be taken ))
[16:16] <Furu> (( I would literally have to go back to Illinois to do it. ))
[16:16] <@DR. XADiUM> (( geez. ))
[16:17] <Furu> (( so yeah, I honestly idea what to do. ))
[16:18] <@DR. XADiUM> (( Why didn't they twell you you'd need this beforehand >< ))
[16:19] <Furu> (( ¯\(º_o)/¯! ))
[16:19] <@DR. XADiUM> (( So wait, if you can't clock in without a state ID how have they even been recording your pay? ))
[16:21] <@Raihosha> (( The only things I can think of: Beg the employer to give you at least one pay check so you can get an ID or see if the DMV will accept an affidavit or notarized statement from the person you live with (and who can prove he lives there) that you live with him... ))
[16:22] <@DR. XADiUM> (( Yeah Rai has a good idea there. ))
[16:22] <@DR. XADiUM> (( You can get stuff noratized for free at most banks. ))
[16:22] <@DR. XADiUM> (( but it's up to the DMV to take it. ))
[16:22] <Furu> (( That's probably the best I can do. ))
[16:22] <Furu> (( As for pay recording I dunno but I was promised I'd get pay for as long as I've been working so far on my first check ))
[16:25] <@DR. XADiUM> (( Yeah give the DMV a call and see if they'll take that, explain your dilemman ))
[16:26] <@DR. XADiUM> (( ^ dilemna ))
[16:26] <@DR. XADiUM> (( also ask if they will take a notarized statement from your work that you've worked there for whoever long ))
[16:26] <@DR. XADiUM> (( but the living is the most importnat part ))
[16:27] <@Raihosha> (( suddenly I keep thinking, "Papers please..." in a russian accent. ))
[16:27] <@DR. XADiUM> (( I know. ))
[16:28] <Furu> (( ._. ))
[16:31] <@Raihosha> (( Well I'm going to fade into the ether. Later all. ))
[16:32] <@DR. XADiUM> (( cya ))
[16:32] *** @Raihosha [] has left #suburbansenshi2 (as the universe wills.)
[16:32] <TuxRainbow> Vhere are your papers
[16:32] <daylily> (( later rai ))
[16:33] * Furu is away: aaaaaaaangst
[16:33] <daylily> (( this might also be helpful ))
[16:34] <@DR. XADiUM> What;'s wprse is
[16:34] <@DR. XADiUM> even if he gets the card
[16:35] <@DR. XADiUM> it will take 2-3 weeks to arrive .
[16:35] <@DR. XADiUM> I dunno if the DMV would give him a temp # he can use.
[16:42] <TuxRainbow> ouch
[16:46] <@DR. XADiUM> Damned Bureaucracies.
[17:00] <Furu> (( no sign of a starcat yet? *worry worry* ))
[17:04] <Furu> (( She might just be busy though >_> ))
[17:09] <@DR. XADiUM> (( did you call the DMV and ask them about stuffs ))
[17:10] <Furu> (( No, I can do it tomorrow before we go up there since I don't work till 5 or so. They're either closed or closing soon I think. I can never remember. ))
[17:10] <Furu> (( I want to ask Adam what he thinks first too ))
[17:10] <@DR. XADiUM> (( -nods- ))
[17:16] <Furu> (( Right now though I'm waiting for starcat and trying not to freak out like I used to :D;; ))
[17:18] <@DR. XADiUM> (( :D ))
[17:19] * @Shinji Ikari suddenly punches a Nazi and tosses him out of the airship
[17:19] <@Shinji Ikari> ...NO PAPERS
[17:20] <@Shinji Ikari> Although I feel for you, poor Furu, you reminded me of that scene.
[17:20] <@Shinji Ikari> Also, points to anyone that gets the reference.
[17:22] <@DR. XADiUM> no points for me
[17:22] <Furu> (( D: ))
[17:22] <@Shinji Ikari> you suck, xadium
[17:22] <@Shinji Ikari> go back to your tardis
[17:22] <@DR. XADiUM> sky captain?
[17:23] <@Shinji Ikari> NO D:
[17:23] <@Shinji Ikari> But you're getting close
[17:23] <@DR. XADiUM> uhh
[17:23] <@Shinji Ikari> (Sky Captain was pure awesome)
[17:23] <@DR. XADiUM> bloody hell how to get closer than that
[17:24] <@Shinji Ikari> I'll give you a hint: think about any sort of film that fits in the genre of Sky Captain
[17:24] <@DR. XADiUM> indy jones comes to mind
[17:24] <@Shinji Ikari> We need a full answer
[17:24] <@Shinji Ikari> 'Cause you basically got it
[17:24] <UltraMatt> (( Last Crusade? ))
[17:24] <@DR. XADiUM> i cannot give you one as i have not seen a complete IJ movie ever.
[17:25] <@Shinji Ikari> ...................
[17:25] <@Shinji Ikari> Matt, full answer
[17:25] <UltraMatt> (( Indiana jones and the last crusade ))
[17:25] <@Shinji Ikari> that ............. also should've came after the matt full answer reply
[17:25] <@Shinji Ikari> Matt wins
[17:25] <@Shinji Ikari> And Xadium wins him a recommendation to WATCH ALL THE INDIANA JONES MOVIES
[17:25] <@DR. XADiUM> give the man his points!
[17:25] <@DR. XADiUM> I will
[17:25] <@Shinji Ikari> My god, man. You're around my age!
[17:25] <UltraMatt> (( heh ))
[17:25] <@DR. XADiUM> I need to see them and all the prior rambos
[17:25] <@Shinji Ikari> That's almost unbelievable.
[17:26] <@DR. XADiUM> yes but see the temple of doom caused problems.
[17:26] * @Shinji Ikari gives Matt his deserved Golden Awesome Points
[17:26] <@Shinji Ikari> The heart scene?
[17:26] <UltraMatt> (( *takes them with thanks* ))
[17:26] <@DR. XADiUM> because my family bought all the retarded propaganda surounding it
[17:26] <@DR. XADiUM> and never let me see it
[17:26] <UltraMatt> (( oh..I have a funny story about Temple of Doom from my mom ))
[17:26] <@Shinji Ikari> Yeah I remember the whole 'lol we gotta create the PG-13 rating now' deal
[17:27] <@DR. XADiUM> Well I dunno about that, no not that
[17:27] <UltraMatt> (( she went to see it with my dad on a date ))
[17:27] <@DR. XADiUM> It was set in Inda and had some kind of a cult right
[17:27] <@Shinji Ikari> D: towards your family prohibiting you from seeing the Indy films but DOUBLE D: for now catching them when you got older.
[17:27] <angstcat> (( fyi, internets were down, a Fu can stop panicking ))
[17:27] <UltraMatt> (( and they were getting right around the part where the guy gets scraficed and burned up... ))
[17:27] <@Shinji Ikari> Yeah Temple of Doom was the cause of the creation of PG-13
[17:27] <@Shinji Ikari> And that's the film you're describing.
[17:27] <UltraMatt> (( she hated the movie....and just when they were getting into that part..... ))
[17:27] <@DR. XADiUM> the local asian indian community went bats[BLEEP]t and they ate it up
[17:27] <UltraMatt> (( the film broke ))
[17:27] <@DR. XADiUM> LOL matt
[17:28] <@Shinji Ikari> ouchies matt!
[17:28] <UltraMatt> (( she said she was so happy ))
[17:28] <@DR. XADiUM> so yeah I need to see them all esp with 4 coming out
[17:28] <@Shinji Ikari> D: YOUR MOM NEEDS SALVATION
[17:28] <UltraMatt> (( they started the film back up right after that point ))
[17:28] <@Shinji Ikari> I fully recommend torrenting them
[17:28] <@DR. XADiUM> and some ... lol I doubt the film really broke
[17:28] <@DR. XADiUM> I bet the movie house people got creative.
[17:29] <@DR. XADiUM> the projectionist was probably told to mess with it
[17:29] <@Shinji Ikari> Films breaking isn't unheard of
[17:29] <@Shinji Ikari> It does occur.
[17:29] <@DR. XADiUM> yeah but at the most controversial point XD
[17:30] <@Shinji Ikari> Anything is possible.
[17:30] <UltraMatt> (( this is the same woman who dragged my dad to see ST the motion picture...and he fell asleep half-way trhough it ))
[17:30] <@DR. XADiUM> i know :<
[17:30] <@Shinji Ikari> I've heard of stories of people watching films and when they got to the climatic moment, it broke.
[17:30] <@DR. XADiUM> Dude I love ST TMP
[17:30] <UltraMatt> (( me too ))
[17:30] <@Shinji Ikari> S[BLEEP]t happens D:
[17:30] * HeraldricElf zwees through the room fireballs hitting her and healing from it all.
[17:30] <@DR. XADiUM> But only the super long one. Not the new director's cut because while it looks better I love my extended Enterprise Ogle ans as[BLEEP]t.
[17:31] <@DR. XADiUM> ^and s[BLEEP]t
[17:31] <UltraMatt> (( I need to watch that again..for some reason lately I've been turning to people and saying "V'GER MUST JOIN WITH THE CREATOR!" ))
[17:31] <@DR. XADiUM> XD you need to say it in the Creepy Illya voice.
[17:31] * HeraldricElf is away: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
[17:31] <UltraMatt> (( oh..I could do that ))
[17:31] <@DR. XADiUM> XD
[17:31] <D. Flac> .......
[17:31] <@DR. XADiUM> Vger Nomad called and wants his spisode back
[17:32] <angstcat> OH MAN GUYS
[17:32] <precious1> Yup she's gone bats[BLEEP]t insane!
[17:32] <ThunderMage> CATCH HER!
[17:32] <angstcat> :D
[17:32] <angstcat> MAY 25 IS INTERNATIONAL TOWEL DAY
[17:32] * angstcat is now known as starcat!!
[17:32] <UltraMatt> (( oh neat!! ))
[17:32] * starcat!! dons an Indiana Jones fedora AND grabs her towel
[17:32] <starcat!!> let's go hitchhiking
[17:32] <@DR. XADiUM> don't leave home without your towel
[17:32] * reporting_master is away: get the bunny shoes!
[17:32] <UltraMatt> (( we all have to know where our towel is ))
[17:33] * D. Flac is away 
[17:33] * precious1 is away: oh god where did she go!
[17:33] * ThunderMage is away: SHE HAS THE APHRODISIAC OH GOD
[17:33] <UltraMatt> (( I remember when I was in Good Person of of the props to stand in for the bible was a complete hitchikers ))
[17:33] <starcat!!> ALSO
[17:33] <starcat!!> THINK GEEK HAS POCKY
[17:34] <starcat!!> HOLY S[BLEEP]T I AM HAPPY
[17:34] <@DR. XADiUM> (( awesome ))
[17:34] <starcat!!> only wait I have no money to spend on it ;_;
[17:34] * starcat!! is now known as angstcat
[17:34] <UltraMatt> (( and we would do this game where we would ask a question..and then turn to a random page and say the line in the book ))
[17:34] * angstcat curls up and uses her towel to soak up her tears
[17:35] <UltraMatt> (( awwww ))
[17:36] * Furu hugs his waifu
[17:38] <angstcat> Desu?
[17:39] * @DR. XADiUM is away 
[17:39] <Furu> Desu. :D
[17:41] * O. Vectra glances into the room.
[17:41] <O. Vectra> Hey have any of you seen a blue haired Nedian zwee by?
[17:42] <O. Vectra> Any helpful information is rewarded with chocolate.
[17:43] <angstcat> yes, I have!
[17:43] <angstcat> but...but I don't have helpful info.
[17:43] * angstcat looks down despondently
[17:43] <O. Vectra> Which direction did she go?
[17:45] <Furu> :< Don't be sad.
[17:45] <angstcat> I think it was that way.
[17:45] <angstcat> But I'm not sure.
[17:46] <O. Vectra> Good enough!
[17:46] * O. Vectra tosses the girl a chocolate bar.
[17:46] <O. Vectra> Let's go Ern!
[17:46] <Tomb_Explorer> Right.
[17:47] * angstcat noms chocolate :3
[17:47] <angstcat> thanks!
[17:47] <O. Vectra> No, thank you!
[17:47] * O. Vectra is away: We shouldn't have given Rena those boots.
[17:48] * Tomb_Explorer is away: I just have to wrap my whip around her feet and she should hit the ground.
[18:19] * angstcat is away: now these points of data make a beautiful line ♫
[18:43] *** Eiry [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[18:43] <+Luna-P> y0 Eiry
[18:43] <Eiry> Hello?
[18:58] <AbsurdlyFraaahnschcat> 'Allo!
[18:59] * Eiry looks at Absurdly Fraaahnschcat.
[18:59] *** Absurdly Fraaahnschcat is no one

[19:03] <AbsurdlyFraaahnschcat> Pourqoui are you lookeeng at mooooi?
[19:03] <@Darkness Kusanagi> So I'm wandering through Fun City minding my own business totally out of costume when I come across the sounds of ramped sexings from the prep area in the battle arena.
[19:03] <@Darkness Kusanagi> I wander in that general direction and come across Rena with this weird look in her eyes and a cornered Celine lacking a skirt.
[19:04] <@Darkness Kusanagi> I was absolutely TERRIFIED
[19:05] <@Darkness Kusanagi> I fled and found them a few minutes later hanging out like nothing had happened.
[19:05] <@Darkness Kusanagi> That didn't help things either!
[19:05] <AbsurdlyFraaahnschcat> Ohohoho!
[19:05] * Darkness Kusanagi looks at AbsurdlyFraaahnschcat.
[19:05] *** AbsurdlyFraaahnschcat is no one

[19:05] <@Darkness Kusanagi> Oh ho ho ho ho?
[19:06] <AbsurdlyFraaahnschcat> Non.
[19:06] <@Darkness Kusanagi> Who are you
[19:06] <AbsurdlyFraaahnschcat> Eet ees a more guttural nasal sound. Hawh hawh hawh!
[19:06] <@Darkness Kusanagi> and why is the TARDIS translator broken again
[19:06] <AbsurdlyFraaahnschcat> I am ta mére.
[19:07] <@Darkness Kusanagi> seriously I don't know french.
[19:07] <AbsurdlyFraaahnschcat> YOUR MOTHER, woman.
[19:08] <@Darkness Kusanagi> See is genericlanguageofthislocation hard to speak.
[19:09] <AbsurdlyFraaahnschcat> Mais oui.
[19:09] <@Darkness Kusanagi> Must you
[19:09] <AbsurdlyFraaahnschcat> I would not BE so absurdly Fraaaancsch if I spoke...EEEEeeeenglish.
[19:09] <@Darkness Kusanagi> Who are you Max?
[19:09] <AbsurdlyFraaahnschcat> Non! D:<
[19:10] <@Darkness Kusanagi> (this is me making low blows)
[19:10] <AbsurdlyFraaahnschcat> I HAVE A BERET.
[19:10] <@Darkness Kusanagi> I have one too! It ups my sketching skill by 3.
[19:10] <AbsurdlyFraaahnschcat> I am faaar more Frahnsch than...heeem.
[19:11] <AbsurdlyFraaahnschcat> He is...CANADIEN.
[19:11] * AbsurdlyFraaahnschcat pronounces it the French way -- kanadiahn
[19:11] <@Darkness Kusanagi> tell me aboot it, eh
[19:14] <AbsurdlyFraaahnschcat> Pfuit.
[19:14] *** Suu [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:14] <+Luna-P> y0 Suu
[19:14] * Suu is carrying a box
[19:15] <AbsurdlyFraaahnschcat> Bonjour!
[19:15] <@Darkness Kusanagi> what's in the box, kiddo?
[19:15] <AbsurdlyFraaahnschcat> Bonjour, my little cabbage!
[19:15] <Suu> Uh, bonjour.
[19:16] <Suu> Some Duel Monsters cards a friend of mine gave me.
[19:16] <Suu> And also a recipe book
[19:16] * Suu opens the box and shows it to Darkness: "101 CREPE RECIPES"
[19:17] <@Darkness Kusanagi> Planning to please the gods?
[19:17] <Suu> Yeah
[19:17] <Suu> Scarlet-neesan is trying to get back into gourmet cooking...
[19:18] <Suu> There are a few more books I got...
[19:18] <AbsurdlyFraaahnschcat> Crrrrepes!
[19:19] <Suu> French cooking in general, and a book on cookies
[19:19] <AbsurdlyFraaahnschcat> A good FRANSCH food.
[19:19] <AbsurdlyFraaahnschcat> You see? WE are zhe leaders in cuisine.
[19:19] <AbsurdlyFraaahnschcat> Trés magnifique, n'est pas?
[19:20] <Suu> Um, what's like you sounding like Max-san?
[19:20] <@Darkness Kusanagi> told ya!
[19:20] <AbsurdlyFraaahnschcat> I AM NOT MAX D:<
[19:21] <AbsurdlyFraaahnschcat> Max is a poncy Canadian LAPIN.
[19:21] * Suu chuckles
[19:21] <Suu> You need to look more like Marcel Marceau then
[19:21] <AbsurdlyFraaahnschcat> I am an elegant beret'd WOMAN.
[19:22] <AbsurdlyFraaahnschcat> My shirt with zhe wide horizontal stripes declare my decolletage to be FEMININE!
[19:22] <@Darkness Kusanagi> What's your Sketching Skill level :3
[19:22] <AbsurdlyFraaahnschcat> OVER NINE THOUSAND.
[19:22] <AbsurdlyFraaahnschcat> I am Fransch. We are...artistes!
[19:23] * @Darkness Kusanagi puts on a beret.
[19:23] * @Darkness Kusanagi grabs a pen out of her pocket
[19:23] * @Darkness Kusanagi does a portrait of Suu and hands it to her :3
[19:23] <@Darkness Kusanagi> I'm only level 8 but it's still enough!
[19:23] * Furu eats some french bread?
[19:23] <Mdm_Maestro> ...
[19:24] <Mdm_Maestro> Amateurs.
[19:24] <AbsurdlyFraaahnschcat> Bien!
[19:24] * Mdm_Maestro takes out a paintbrush.
[19:24] <AbsurdlyFraaahnschcat> Eat, eat!
[19:24] <Mdm_Maestro> [img=[/img]
[19:24] <Mdm_Maestro>

[19:24] * Suu looks at the portrait
[19:24] <AbsurdlyFraaahnschcat> OUI!
[19:24] * Mdm_Maestro PAINTS that.
[19:24] <Suu> Ceci n'est pas un pipe.
[19:24] <AbsurdlyFraaahnschcat> Plus de NEUF MILLE.
[19:25] <Furu> ....what's the big deal?
[19:25] <Mdm_Maestro> French. The language of the uncultured quasi-elite.
[19:25] <@Darkness Kusanagi> ya the french is hurting my brain more than Celine and Rena getting it on
[19:25] <AbsurdlyFraaahnschcat> If eet does not work, it is not aaaaaaaahrt.
[19:25] * @Darkness Kusanagi takes off the beret
[19:25] <Mdm_Maestro> ...
[19:25] <Mdm_Maestro> Art does not work.
[19:25] <Suu> (( I feel horrible, I took 8 years of French and I had to look up what "thousand" was ))
[19:25] <Mdm_Maestro> Art is.
[19:26] <AbsurdlyFraaahnschcat> Performance! Installations! Things that really MOVE people to TEARS!
[19:26] <Mdm_Maestro> Like your accent, dear?
[19:26] <AbsurdlyFraaahnschcat> Zhis is MODERNE art.
[19:26] <@Darkness Kusanagi> (( lol I just replaced every word of french I knew with japanese. ))
[19:26] * Mdm_Maestro covers her mouth "Oh, ho ho ho "
[19:26] <@SpeedRcrX> LOL this is the most personality she's shown all year.
[19:26] <AbsurdlyFraaahnschcat> I am ABSURDLY Frahnsch. My acc::ent does not need to be toned down for the commoners.
[19:26] <Mdm_Maestro> HARUKA!
[19:27] <@Darkness Kusanagi> Wait she has personality?!
[19:27] <AbsurdlyFraaahnschcat> accént
[19:27] <@SpeedRcrX> (see this is what we normally get out of her)
[19:27] <Furu> Most personality she's shown ever
[19:27] <Furu II> Why you rippin' on Michiru?
[19:27] <Mdm_Maestro> Just. Because. I am reserved.
[19:27] <Furu> She knows what she did
[19:27] <AbsurdlyFraaahnschcat> Painting...zhat is for old people!
[19:27] * Furu folds his arms. Dramatic music plays.
[19:27] <AbsurdlyFraaahnschcat> Old people who are DEAD.
[19:28] <Mdm_Maestro> :/
[19:28] <@Darkness Kusanagi> Ahahah Rena was reserved then she turned into motherf[BLEEP]king Goku.
[19:28] <AbsurdlyFraaahnschcat> zombie.
[19:28] <Mdm_Maestro> I can sculpt as well.
[19:28] <AbsurdlyFraaahnschcat> Do zhey light up?
[19:28] <Mdm_Maestro>

[19:28] <Mdm_Maestro> YES.
[19:29] * Mdm_Maestro crosses her arms.
[19:29] <AbsurdlyFraaahnschcat> Minimalistic. Good try!
[19:29] <AbsurdlyFraaahnschcat> A beet...understated, mais it will do.
[19:29] * Mdm_Maestro 's veins throb in her forehead
[19:29] <Suu> Art is whatever you want it to be. Right, Michiru-neesan?
[19:29] * Tomb_Explorer takes a picture of the sculpture
[19:29] * Tomb_Explorer makes an exact copy of it in every detail.
[19:30] * Tomb_Explorer is away: ebay.
[19:30] <Mdm_Maestro> That, dear Suu, is the palliative of the masses.
[19:30] <Furu> You know usually I find it a turn-on when starcat speaks in French. I guess there's such a thing as too much of a good thing.
[19:30] <TuxRainbow> What iz zis, ze French day?
[19:30] *** @Michael D [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:30] *** spiritflame sets mode +o @Michael D

[19:30] <+Luna-P> y0 @Michael D
[19:30] <@Michael D> oh god, no french
[19:30] <AbsurdlyFraaahnschcat> ZHIS IS FRAAAHNCE.
[19:30] <@Darkness Kusanagi> French gives me headaches D:
[19:30] <Mdm_Maestro>

[19:30] <Mdm_Maestro> Outlandish enough for you :P
[19:31] <AbsurdlyFraaahnschcat> Non.
[19:31] <TuxRainbow> Allo, Mike
[19:31] <Furu> Wait, I'm Japanese-German!
[19:31] * Furu invades starcat
[19:31] <TuxRainbow> lol, invasion
[19:31] <Mdm_Maestro> Furu, dear, not on the livingroom floor.
[19:31] <@Darkness Kusanagi> kinky?
[19:31] <AbsurdlyFraaahnschcat> TWO couleurs?
[19:31] <AbsurdlyFraaahnschcat> D:
[19:31] * Mdm_Maestro puts a tarp over them.
[19:31] <AbsurdlyFraaahnschcat> noooooooooo
[19:31] <@Michael D> p[TAB A]s in the v[SLOT B]a
[19:31] * AbsurdlyFraaahnschcat is away: OHOHOHOHO *mimes escaping*
[19:31] <TuxRainbow> star needs to wave a white flag, nao
[19:31] <Mdm_Maestro> I wish Haruka would invade me~
[19:32] <@Darkness Kusanagi> wait if she mimes escaping she isn't really and ewwwwwwwwwww
[19:32] * @SpeedRcrX is away: so not here right now.
[19:32] * AbsurdlyFraaahnschcat is outside of the tarp
[19:32] * Furu is away: INVASIOOOON
[19:32] * AbsurdlyFraaahnschcat is hiding behind an invisible wall
[19:32] <Mdm_Maestro> :/
[19:32] <Mdm_Maestro> Before our marriage, Haruka couldn't get enough of me.
[19:33] <Mdm_Maestro> Now it's a constant struggle.
[19:33] <@Darkness Kusanagi> Man at least you people are getting sex.
[19:33] <TuxRainbow> And now, not so much
[19:33] <AbsurdlyFraaahnschcat> ZHE FRANSCH LEEEVE ON SEEEX.
[19:33] <Mdm_Maestro> If by "Sex" you mean watching Haruak scratch herself while watching wrestling.
[19:33] <AbsurdlyFraaahnschcat> Sex et waine!
[19:33] <@Darkness Kusanagi> Oh you deal with that too?
[19:33] <Mdm_Maestro> the French also have hairy armpits, dear.
[19:33] * AbsurdlyFraaahnschcat waggles her eyebrows
[19:34] <Mdm_Maestro> It is not worth the trade.
[19:34] * TuxRainbow nods
[19:34] <AbsurdlyFraaahnschcat> ...not all Fransch.
[19:34] <AbsurdlyFraaahnschcat> Some are Westernized.
[19:34] <TuxRainbow> Do vous want some cheese wit that whine?
[19:35] <AbsurdlyFraaahnschcat> Gruyere, s'il vous plait.
[19:35] * @Michael D changes topic to `[21:55] <David O`Cain> Butt pirate.| This Friday at 20:00; Michael D Origins! ¯\(º_o)/¯`
[19:36] <@Michael D> (( YES, I finally got around to it. :p ))
[19:36] <Suu> (( I hope I'll be around for it ))
[19:36] <Suu> (( BTW I am getting the flooring installed in my place so I may be going dark for a day or so ))
[19:36] <Suu> (( Probably Monday since that's when they'll be doing the living room & bedroom carpet ))
[19:36] <@Darkness Kusanagi> (( I've put mine on hold but so far the game has told me basically that Shal sounds like Yoruichi if she was from Osaka. ))
[19:37] <Suu> (( I could do a Potamos Origins ))
[19:37] <Suu> (( seeing as that only Mike and I (and emmychan) know a lot about Wedding Peach ))
[19:38] * Furu suddenly glomps starcat
[19:38] <Furu> INVASIOOOOON
[19:38] <@Shinji Ikari> we all need a legendary oak origins
[19:38] <Furu> Surrender your land!
[19:38] * Suu sifts through the Duel Monsters cards that her friend gave her
[19:38] * Furu is now known as Kaiser Furu
[19:38] <@Shinji Ikari> NAZI
[19:38] * @Shinji Ikari PUNCHES FURU OUT
[19:38] <@Michael D> (( I will tease two things. SEE TEENAGE MIKE, and MYSTERIOUS NEVER BEFORE KNOW PERSON ¯\(º_o)/¯ ))
[19:38] <@Michael D> (( : *KNOWN ))
[19:39] <AbsurdlyFraaahnschcat> MY TRACTS OF LAND D:
[19:39] * AbsurdlyFraaahnschcat surrenders and becomes German
[19:40] <Suu> Nooooooo!
[19:41] * AbsurdlyFraaahnschcat is now known as KommanderAnordnetStarkatzederGrammatikNaziKräfte
[19:41] <KommanderAnordnetStarkatzederGrammatikNaziKräfte> NEIN.
[19:41] <Kaiser Furu> Fufufufufu
[19:41] *** Klavier [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:41] <+Luna-P> y0 Klavier
[19:41] <KommanderAnordnetStarkatzederGrammatikNaziKräfte> My fake German is nowhere near as authentic as my fake French1
[19:41] <Klavier> ACHTUNG!
[19:41] * Klavier does an air guitar riff
[19:41] <Kaiser Furu> Toooooooooo baaaaaaaaad, overylpretentiousfrenchstarcat isn't very wife-y! >:D
[19:42] <Klavier> Fraulein, you're doing it all wrong.
[19:42] <@Shinji Ikari> I see a NAAAAAAZIIIIIIIII in that name
[19:42] <TuxRainbow> Ja, she is doing it wrong
[19:42] <@Shinji Ikari> I PUNCHES NAZIS
[19:42] <Klavier> So do I.
[19:43] * Klavier pats Shinji on the shoulder
[19:43] <KommanderAnordnetStarkatzederGrammatikNaziKräfte> >:[
[19:43] <KommanderAnordnetStarkatzederGrammatikNaziKräfte> BAH I AM NOT GERMAN.
[19:43] <@Shinji Ikari> You're a good German, Klavier. You're no Ratzi!
[19:43] <@Shinji Ikari> You're a credit to your race, son!
[19:43] <Kaiser Furu> Well we could compromise and let you go back to bewing French >:D
[19:43] <Klavier> Danke schon.
[19:43] <KommanderAnordnetStarkatzederGrammatikNaziKräfte> Wait.
[19:43] <KommanderAnordnetStarkatzederGrammatikNaziKräfte> That sounds like there's a catch.
[19:44] * Klavier hands Shinji a promo copy of "Guilty Love"
[19:44] * Kaiser Furu suggests a maid outfit
[19:44] * @Shinji Ikari accepts the copy of "Guilty Love" and gives him a friendly handshake!
[19:45] * KommanderAnordnetStarkatzederGrammatikNaziKräfte rolls her eyes
[19:45] <KommanderAnordnetStarkatzederGrammatikNaziKräfte> I like my long name.
[19:45] <Klavier> (( Hey there's a TPIR Million Dollar Spectacular on tonight ))
[19:46] <Klavier> I've heard songs shorter than your name
[19:46] <Kaiser Furu> Longname is longer than longcat!
[19:46] <KommanderAnordnetStarkatzederGrammatikNaziKräfte> I've heard your mother in bed with Shinji. She liked it.
[19:46] <TuxRainbow> (( I know ))
[19:46] <@Shinji Ikari> Oh snap!
[19:47] <Klavier> Tch
[19:49] * Klavier smiles at Suu "So, fraulein, I hear you're looking for summer work."
[19:49] <Klavier> I wish I could be of assistance, but when I was your age I was in my third year of law school.
[19:49] <Klavier> So I can't really say I had a "normal" childhood, ja/
[19:49] <KommanderAnordnetStarkatzederGrammatikNaziKräfte> GERMUNZ. D:<
[19:50] <Kaiser Furu> I don't like pointy hats.
[19:50] <KommanderAnordnetStarkatzederGrammatikNaziKräfte> Did any of us have normal childhoods?
[19:50] * Kaiser Furu is now known as Furu
[19:50] * Klavier laughs
[19:50] <KommanderAnordnetStarkatzederGrammatikNaziKräfte> Sorry, Furu, you can't be Pope.
[19:51] <@Shinji Ikari> oh yeah. totally ooc right now.
[19:51] <@Shinji Ikari> not sure if anyone mentioned this here or not but there's gonna be a fraggle rock movie
[19:51] <Klavier> (( WHAT?! ))
[19:51] <@Shinji Ikari> yeah
[19:51] <Klavier> (( How are they going to do it? ))
[19:51] <@Shinji Ikari> [URL]
[19:51] <@Shinji Ikari> we will find out later on!
[19:53] * Klavier sits next to Suu "I have a few people here that are looking for someone to help in the recording studios..."
[19:53] <Furu> :(
[19:53] <@Shinji Ikari> i also have more news
[19:53] <Klavier> You'd be doing stuff like making copies and coffee and organizing tapes and such.
[19:53] <@Shinji Ikari> hasbro has reaquired the sunbow library
[19:53] <@Shinji Ikari> [URL]
[19:54] <KommanderAnordnetStarkatzederGrammatikNaziKräfte> NOO MLP
[19:54] <Klavier> (( Okay, it's BUCKET FEELS SO GODDAMN OLD TIME ))
[19:54] <Klavier> (( Who remembers Moon Dreamers? ))
[19:54] <Klavier> (( WITH THEIR GLOW IN THE DARK HAIR ))
[19:55] <TuxRainbow> (( don't recall that ))
[19:55] <@Shinji Ikari> welcome to the old people club!
[19:55] <@Michael D> (( vaguely ))
[19:55] <KommanderAnordnetStarkatzederGrammatikNaziKräfte> ha ha shinji is old
[19:55] <@Michael D> (( i can one up you. ))
[19:55] <@Michael D> (( I REMEMBER GLOW WORMS ))
[19:55] <Klavier> (( Mike, I HAD one. ))
[19:55] <TuxRainbow> (( so do I ))
[19:55] <@Shinji Ikari> I REMEMBER
[19:55] <Furu> So long, dreams of popehood
[19:55] <Klavier> (( My babysitter gave it to me for my birthday ))
[19:56] <@Shinji Ikari> being old is also awesome kiddo
[19:56] <Suu> I've got a lot of choices...
[19:56] <KommanderAnordnetStarkatzederGrammatikNaziKräfte> of course, or shinji wouldn't be it
[19:57] <Suu> (( Oh, Lady Lovely Locks ))
[19:57] <KommanderAnordnetStarkatzederGrammatikNaziKräfte> however i am an impertinent youngster and as such must jeer mockingly at the old folks.
[19:57] <Suu> (( And I knew a MALE Rainbow Brite fan ))
[19:57] <@Shinji Ikari> my older sister loved rainbow brite
[19:57] <@Shinji Ikari> and jem
[19:57] <@Shinji Ikari> and my little pony
[19:58] <@Shinji Ikari> also care bears
[19:58] <@Shinji Ikari> (i liked the care bears too)
[19:59] <Suu> (( I liked Silverhawks ))
[20:00] <@Shinji Ikari> i remember them!
[20:00] <@DR. XADiUM> SMURFS FTW
[20:01] <@DR. XADiUM> ...what
[20:01] * @DR. XADiUM is away: <_<
[20:02] * Suu pulls out a notebook from her pocket and writes down more job possibilities
[20:02] <Suu> (( Why the crap am I watching the Red Sox? They already lost today. ))
[20:03] <@Shinji Ikari> i liked smurfs too!
[20:03] <Suu> (( X if you're still here I hope you're just as mad as me at the fact that TAMPA BAY is at the top of the AL East ))
[20:03] <UltraMatt> (( I remember only three diffrent shows growing up... ))
[20:03] <UltraMatt> (( Transformers, Gi-Joe ))
[20:03] <UltraMatt> (( and the other one I used to watch.. ))
[20:03] <TuxRainbow> G-I-Joe
[20:03] <UltraMatt> (( Doctor Who ))
[20:04] <UltraMatt> (( that's all I remember ))
[20:04] <UltraMatt> (( oh wait ))
[20:04] <UltraMatt> (( He-Man and She-Ra ))
[20:05] <UltraMatt> (( almost forgot them ))
[20:05] <@Shinji Ikari> since i am a child of the 80's, i watched he-man, she-ra, transformers, g.i. joe, robotech, that show with robots disguised as rocks whose name i can't remember, gobots, and so much more
[20:05] <@Shinji Ikari> i f[BLEEP]king sucked up any cartoon series i could find
[20:06] <TuxRainbow> heh
[20:06] <Suu> (( Shinji I remember that series with the robot rocks too ))
[20:06] <@Shinji Ikari> even captain n
[20:06] <TuxRainbow> Wish I could recall that one
[20:06] <UltraMatt> (( apperently I used to call the villians in He-Man "Ick-Guys" ))
[20:06] <Suu> (( cuz I was a tomboy and had guys as friends and they had the cool toys ))
[20:06] <@Shinji Ikari> bucket is old with me!
[20:06] *** David O`Cain [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[20:06] <+Luna-P> y0 David O`Cain
[20:07] <@Shinji Ikari> surprisingly i never watched superfriends until much later on when cartoon network had it
[20:07] <David O`Cain> (( Yo. ))
[20:07] <TuxRainbow> Captain N... man
[20:07] <@Shinji Ikari> yo yo yo, dj david
[20:07] <UltraMatt> (( I remember when CN had that time of day when they would show just old Superhero cartoons ))
[20:07] <@Michael D> Rock Lords, Shinji
[20:07] <@Shinji Ikari> captain n rocked when i was a kid
[20:07] <@Shinji Ikari> ROCK LORDS
[20:07] TuxRainbow Rocks out
[20:08] <@Shinji Ikari> i so remembered both the times that link and zelda appeared on captain n
[20:08] <@Michael D> I so had them, The female that was all crystaly and transparent ROCKED
[20:08] <Suu> (( I have a confession ))
[20:08] <@Shinji Ikari> captain n and link was like superman and batman teaming up
[20:08] <Suu> (( In fact it's something I've never been able to explain ))
[20:08] <TuxRainbow> Well, Excuuuuse me princess
[20:08] <Suu> (( Okay, so like I was a 6 year old girl and the only girl in her class to have her OWN Nintendo, and I became quite the fangirl ))
[20:09] <Suu> (( and I made a very good comic of Mario and Luigi and hid it from my mom ))
[20:09] <David O`Cain> (( An 80's show flashback, huh? ))
[20:09] <TuxRainbow> Do the Mario
[20:09] <Suu> (( But I had to guess at what Princess Peach looked like and I thought the goombas were owls ))
[20:09] <@Michael D> Rock Out
[20:09] <TuxRainbow> heh, owls
[20:10] <Suu> (( And from that point forward, I WOULD PHYSICALLY AVOID ANYTHING MARIO RELATED other than playing the actual game, and that aversion lasted many years ))
[20:10] <@Michael D> Rock Lords, Powerful Living Rocks
[20:10] <Suu> (( Like if they had a commercial on I'd hide ))
[20:11] <Suu> (( This ends Taxicab Chatbox Confessions. ))
[20:11] <TuxRainbow> (( lol ))
[20:11] <TuxRainbow> (( Million $ punchboard ))
[20:12] <TuxRainbow> Anyway...
[20:13] <KommanderAnordnetStarkatzederGrammatikNaziKräfte> (( How many regenerations does The Doctor have? ))
[20:13] <David O`Cain> (( Man, much fun was had during the 80's. Saturday morning cartoons. Sad that trend is dying nowadays on the networks. ))
[20:13] <Suu> (( and one more thing my first video game crush was Luigi. ))
[20:13] <Suu> (( Yeah, I guess I have a thing for facial hair ))
[20:13] <TuxRainbow> (( heh ))
[20:14] <@DR. XADiUM> (( 12 ))
[20:15] <@DR. XADiUM> (( for total of 13 bodies ))
[20:15] *** Lady Yuma [Prêtresse_Rê] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[20:15] <+Luna-P> y0 Lady Yuma
[20:15] <@DR. XADiUM> (( but i'm sure they can work around this, the Five Doctors implies Time Lords know how to extend the cycle somehow, the TV Movie indicates lives can be transferrerd. ))
[20:16] <@DR. XADiUM> (( and of course Rassilon is Immortal so. ))
[20:16] * Suu looks at the list "Hmm, maybe I should talk with Minako-neechan...
[20:16] * @DR. XADiUM is away: this has been your infodump for the evening
[20:16] <@Shinji Ikari> the legendary oak is immortal
[20:16] <Lady Yuma> (( I finally get into Bleach >> ))
[20:16] <Lady Yuma> (( And I realize there's no way I'm going to catch up ))
[20:16] <Lady Yuma> (( I'm only on chapter 119 ))
[20:16] <@DR. XADiUM> (( Bah ))
[20:16] <@DR. XADiUM> (( they are only up to episode 170 ))
[20:17] <KommanderAnordnetStarkatzederGrammatikNaziKräfte> (( sweet :3 ))
[20:17] * @DR. XADiUM caught up on 300 episodes of one pie-- oh the manga XD
[20:17] <KommanderAnordnetStarkatzederGrammatikNaziKräfte> (( Thanks for the info, X. ))
[20:17] <@DR. XADiUM> (( you can do it! ))
[20:17] <KommanderAnordnetStarkatzederGrammatikNaziKräfte> (( NOW I CAN DEBATE MORE :D ))
[20:17] <@DR. XADiUM> (( debate? ))
[20:17] <KommanderAnordnetStarkatzederGrammatikNaziKräfte> (( well actually it's not debate. ))
[20:17] <Lady Yuma> (( There's....170 episodes....?! ))
[20:18] <@DR. XADiUM> (( so far. 170 just camre out ))
[20:18] <KommanderAnordnetStarkatzederGrammatikNaziKräfte> (( My Wonder Shirt Twin and I are speculating on the nature of Jenny's Death ))
[20:18] <Lady Yuma> (( D: My summer will be filled with BLEACH instead of FINAL FANTASY like I had planned D: T_T ))
[20:18] <KommanderAnordnetStarkatzederGrammatikNaziKräfte> (( dude. ))
[20:18] <KommanderAnordnetStarkatzederGrammatikNaziKräfte> (( Simple. ))
[20:18] <@DR. XADiUM> (( Dude, one piece just hit 352. ))
[20:18] <KommanderAnordnetStarkatzederGrammatikNaziKräfte> (( if it makes you that sad, don't watch it. ))
[20:18] <Lady Yuma> (( No, I'm just procrastinating on buying Crisis Core XD ))
[20:18] <@DR. XADiUM> (( HOWEVER you can cut out a huge filler arc which i think is like 40 eps or so ))
[20:18] <KommanderAnordnetStarkatzederGrammatikNaziKräfte> (( filler? in my bleach? ))
[20:18] <@Michael D> (( ahahha, you and yourr bleach anime, MANGA HAS NO FILLER, BWAHAAAH ))
[20:19] <@Michael D> (( WE HAD NO BOUNTS, BWAHAHAHA ))
[20:19] <TuxRainbow> (( Filler... ))
[20:19] <@DR. XADiUM> (( I think bleach has has 2 filler arcs, they are in the rthird now, and you manga-only ppl can bite me, k :P XD ))
[20:19] <Suu> (( Yuma, don't be like me, I procrastinated a LONG time on Dirge of Cerberus ))
[20:19] <TuxRainbow> nom nom nom :E
[20:20] <Lady Yuma> (( If nothing else I'll just borrow my boyfriend's psp and Crisis Core game when he's done with it XD ))
[20:20] <@Michael D> (( ahahahha, Dirge of Crapberus is more like it ))
[20:20] <Lady Yuma> (( That way he can pick on me about how much I suck at the con ))
[20:20] <Suu> (( You're entitled to your opinion and I'm entitled to mine: ))
[20:21] <Suu> (( Reeve: WORST. CHARACTER DESIGN. EVER. ))
[20:21] <Lady Yuma> (( ....i unashamedly admit I got picked to do Dark Nation, Shinra's pet ))
[20:21] <@Shinji Ikari> and everyone's opinion is wrong compared to mine because i am awesome and you're not
[20:21] <TuxRainbow> Shinji is the Awesome
[20:21] <KommanderAnordnetStarkatzederGrammatikNaziKräfte> man
[20:21] <Suu> (( Yeah Shinji but can you win in bowling league after coming in last the previous year? ))
[20:21] <KommanderAnordnetStarkatzederGrammatikNaziKräfte> for individuality, I'm okay with not being awesome.
[20:21] <@Shinji Ikari> if shinji wanted to, he could punch the moon into mars
[20:22] <Suu> (( Shinji's tears cure incuritis, too bad he never cries. ))
[20:22] <@Shinji Ikari> shinji needs more facts like that
[20:22] <@Shinji Ikari> also i now have an idea of there being a /shinjfact command
[20:23] <TuxRainbow> Just create a website
[20:23] <Suu> /shinjfact
[20:23] <@Shinji Ikari> /shinjifact command, i mean
[20:23] <@Shinji Ikari> or shinfact to keep it short. or sfact
[20:23] <@DR. XADiUM> If you can come up with a list of 200 Chuck Norris like facts
[20:24] <@DR. XADiUM> You can have it
[20:24] <@Shinji Ikari> !
[20:24] * @DR. XADiUM is away: That is the challenge.
[20:24] <Suu> (( Can we help you compile it or is this something that Shinji has to do all by his awesome? ))
[20:24] <@Shinji Ikari> hotdamn!
[20:24] <@Michael D> !DUELMAN, HIT ME For Shinji inspiration
[20:24] <@DR. XADiUM> (( You can help _shinji_ compile it and then he can get it to me :D ))
[20:24] <@Shinji Ikari> suu asks a good question
[20:24] <Michael D> !DUELMAN HIT ME

[20:25] <@Shinji Ikari> woooooooooooo!
[20:25] <@Shinji Ikari> time to get some facts and awesome them up!
[20:26] <Suu> (( Since only like 3 of us here know what incuritis is from we should replace it with something else ))
[20:26] <Lady Yuma> (( Will t3h Shinji be around at all next week? ))
[20:26] <@Shinji Ikari> shinji will hopefully be around all week except for days that indiana jones debuts early if it does
[20:27] <@Shinji Ikari> 'cause we all know shinji is a huge indy fan
[20:27] * Suu is away: IRL cleaning up the fridge brb
[20:27] <KommanderAnordnetStarkatzederGrammatikNaziKräfte> I hear it is a Thursday thing
[20:27] <KommanderAnordnetStarkatzederGrammatikNaziKräfte> I have something Else to do on Thursday however
[20:27] <KommanderAnordnetStarkatzederGrammatikNaziKräfte> But this is a good time to announce this Other Thing: GENERIC PARTY NEXT FRIDAY!
[20:27] <Lady Yuma> (( Great! I'll probably be around at random times due to job hunting, unpacking, etc. ))
[20:27] <KommanderAnordnetStarkatzederGrammatikNaziKräfte> Wooo.
[20:28] <@Shinji Ikari> cancer is a perfect replacement
[20:28] <KommanderAnordnetStarkatzederGrammatikNaziKräfte> don't say that; my pneumonia will turn out to be cancer
[20:28] <TuxRainbow> Yay, Generic
[20:29] TuxRainbow partays
[20:29] <@Shinji Ikari> also you need to keep in mind that comment i said about being around on the day that indy jones opens up early (if it does). to sum it up, shinji will be around definitely monday, tuesday, friday, saturday, sunday
[20:29] <KommanderAnordnetStarkatzederGrammatikNaziKräfte> heh.
[20:29] <@Shinji Ikari> weds and thurs are reserved for SHINJI PROBABLY WON'T BE AROUND DUE TO SEEING INDIANA JONES AT LEAST TWICE
[20:29] <KommanderAnordnetStarkatzederGrammatikNaziKräfte> Woooo
[20:30] <TuxRainbow> Woo
[20:30] <Dark Magician Girl> .............
[20:31] <CyberHottie> .....................
[20:31] <KommanderAnordnetStarkatzederGrammatikNaziKräfte> Mana-dono! :D
[20:31] <HarpieHeartbreaker> ........................
[20:31] *** Candy [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[20:31] <+Luna-P> y0 Candy
[20:31] * Dark Magician Girl waves to star-chaaaaaan
[20:32] <Dark Magician Girl> Our fans......are creepy
[20:32] * Candy walks in.
[20:32] <TuxRainbow> Your point, Mana-chan?
[20:32] <Dark Magician Girl> nsfw for side boob and lyrics
[20:33] <TuxRainbow> bleh, adult link...
[20:33] <Candy> hey guys!
[20:33] <David O`Cain> Evening, Candy.
[20:34] <KommanderAnordnetStarkatzederGrammatikNaziKräfte> ...ew.
[20:34] <KommanderAnordnetStarkatzederGrammatikNaziKräfte> I'm sorry. :(
[20:35] <David O`Cain> Candy - What's new?
[20:35] <TuxRainbow> Okay, so they are crazy
[20:36] <@Michael D> Come now, they all aren't that bad. See this one is nice
[20:37] <Candy> nothing much
[20:38] <David O`Cain> Candy - Ah.
[20:38] * Suu is back
[20:38] <Candy> what's going on here?
[20:39] <Suu> I'm looking for a summer job!
[20:39] <KommanderAnordnetStarkatzederGrammatikNaziKräfte> ¯\(º_o)/¯
[20:39] * KommanderAnordnetStarkatzederGrammatikNaziKräfte is away 
[20:40] <@Michael D> Oh yes, Suu. I have a gift for you.
[20:41] <Suu> Huh?
[20:41] * @Michael D rummages around his bag
[20:41] <David O`Cain> Candy - Not much.
[20:42] * Suu shows Mike the box full of books and cards "I got some cards from a friend of mine earlier today"
[20:44] * @Darkness Kusanagi stretches
[20:44] <@Darkness Kusanagi> meditating sucks sometimes
[20:45] <Suu> D-sensei's bag is more cluttered than Scarlet-neechan's purse
[20:45] <@Darkness Kusanagi> Bags of holding tend to get that way
[20:45] <David O`Cain> Hi, Shaldra.
[20:45] * Candy watches the group
[20:46] * Suu wonders what would happen if Louis Vuitton or Chanel or Gucci ever made a handbag of holding
[20:46] <@Michael D> It's a new series of cards, it might fit you.
[20:46] * @Michael D pulls out a stack of card, wrapped in a gold ribbon, and hands them to Suu
[20:46] <@Darkness Kusanagi> awwwwwwwwwwwwww how cute
[20:47] * @Darkness Kusanagi makes everything all watercolor
[20:48] <TuxRainbow> Kawaii
[20:48] * Suu looks through them
[20:48] <David O`Cain> Awww.
[20:48] * Candy hums lightly
[20:50] <TuxRainbow> What did Suu get?
[20:50] <Suu> Hmm...
[20:51] <@Michael D> (( give me a sec to do the reveal ))
[20:51] <Suu> (( What did Suu get? ))
[20:51] * @Darkness Kusanagi adds rose petals and flowers and soft music and this is going much too far
[20:51] <TuxRainbow> lol
[20:52] * @Michael D package is topped with this card
[20:52] <TuxRainbow> ah, Lightsword
[20:52] <TuxRainbow> er, Lightsworn
[20:52] <Suu> Ooh!
[20:53] * @Michael D notes the whole list of lightsworns are here, and how to use them, and notes you have three of each of them
[20:54] * @Darkness Kusanagi drops flower petals over the scene
[20:54] * KommanderAnordnetStarkatzederGrammatikNaziKräfte adds gentle twinkling sparkles
[20:55] <@Michael D> When i saw them released, They reminded me of your temperament and will to fight.
[20:55] * Suu sneezes as she's allergic to gentle twinkling sparkles
[20:55] * KommanderAnordnetStarkatzederGrammatikNaziKräfte removes them then :<
[20:55] * @Darkness Kusanagi hands starcat some rose petals :O
[20:55] <David O`Cain> Heh, nice find, Mike.
[20:57] * KommanderAnordnetStarkatzederGrammatikNaziKräfte flutters the rose petals down, but it's not the same :(
[20:58] <@Darkness Kusanagi> water color, flower petals, soft music, uhh... I know!
[20:58] <Suu> Wow, thanks!
[20:58] * @Darkness Kusanagi adds a rose frame.
[20:58] * @Michael D holds up Lumina
[20:58] * @Darkness Kusanagi nods profoundly
[20:58] <@Michael D> You have a twin in here too.
[20:58] <TuxRainbow> Who does?
[20:59] <Dark Magician Girl> Ne, Master knows how to work a room....
[20:59] * KommanderAnordnetStarkatzederGrammatikNaziKräfte pays Shaldra in cookie
[20:59] * @Darkness Kusanagi omnoms cookie
[21:00] <Suu> Lumina?
[21:00] * @Darkness Kusanagi flutters more flower petals down :3
[21:01] * KommanderAnordnetStarkatzederGrammatikNaziKräfte flutters paper stars down
[21:01] <TuxRainbow> Heh, that he does
[21:03] <@Darkness Kusanagi> (We need this in Utena anime style.)
[21:03] <@Darkness Kusanagi> (Then it'll be perfect.)
[21:03] * KommanderAnordnetStarkatzederGrammatikNaziKräfte gives everyone pointy chins?
[21:03] <@Darkness Kusanagi> and big eyelashes.
[21:04] * Suu becomes long legged with pastel eyes and see-through bangs
[21:04] <KommanderAnordnetStarkatzederGrammatikNaziKräfte> And craaazy hair.
[21:04] * @Darkness Kusanagi gives this scene two thumbs up.
[21:04] <KommanderAnordnetStarkatzederGrammatikNaziKräfte> (does anthy roll her hair around a sock or something)
[21:04] <@Michael D> and meet, Your Trump Card
[21:05] <David O`Cain> Psychadelic, man.
[21:07] <@Darkness Kusanagi> I think we've maxed out our options now
[21:07] <Suu> Wow, so there IS a strategy for putting all your cards in the graveyard...
[21:07] <Suu> I'd like to make a deck around these.
[21:07] <@Darkness Kusanagi> Besides the classic "is mike a lolicon" option
[21:08] <KommanderAnordnetStarkatzederGrammatikNaziKräfte> (pedomike + lolichos = candy in the white party van)
[21:09] <David O`Cain> Lolichos' long lost brother?
[21:09] <@Michael D> ha ha ha
[21:09] <@Michael D> Unlike Solar, I only like my poon when it's ripe and of age
[21:09] TuxRainbow trips out
[21:09] * @Darkness Kusanagi tosses her hair while we're all utena'd out
[21:10] <CyberHottie> T________________________________T thats why he never reacted when i used to lean my chest against his back when he was grading papers...
[21:11] <KommanderAnordnetStarkatzederGrammatikNaziKräfte> And yet now that he's out of the picture, you give his sugar baby a gift.
[21:11] <KommanderAnordnetStarkatzederGrammatikNaziKräfte> A substantial gift!
[21:11] <Suu> ...I'd hardly say this is substantial, for him at least.
[21:11] <Suu> You forget what he does for a living~
[21:11] <@Michael D> I'm a lover of the duel. Thats all, besides, I work for my clients afterall.
[21:11] <KommanderAnordnetStarkatzederGrammatikNaziKräfte> So?
[21:11] <TuxRainbow> Oh, well
[21:11] <KommanderAnordnetStarkatzederGrammatikNaziKräfte> It means a lot for you.
[21:12] <@Darkness Kusanagi> and he wrapped it in a pretty gold ribbon!
[21:12] * @Darkness Kusanagi spins around once and looks at dreamy
[21:12] <KommanderAnordnetStarkatzederGrammatikNaziKräfte> Are you going to wear the ribbon in your hair? I bet he'd like that!
[21:12] <@Michael D> Unlike Solar, you can not get me ire.
[21:13] <KommanderAnordnetStarkatzederGrammatikNaziKräfte> senpai Senseis like girls with red gold ribbons in their hair!
[21:13] <@Michael D> besides, another client means me and Elda can take that vacation cruise in august~
[21:13] <KommanderAnordnetStarkatzederGrammatikNaziKräfte> Irritated isn't the point. :D
[21:13] * Suu looks at the ribbon
[21:13] * Suu ties it around Darkness's tail
[21:13] * @Darkness Kusanagi blinks
[21:13] <KommanderAnordnetStarkatzederGrammatikNaziKräfte> you'll save on sunscreen; cardboard cutouts don't get sunburned
[21:14] * @Darkness Kusanagi looks at her tail.
[21:14] * @Darkness Kusanagi raises an eyebrow.
[21:14] <@Michael D> /queak your friend f[BLEEP]ked you husband when he was all vag'ed out
[21:14] <@Michael D> ^
[21:14] <KommanderAnordnetStarkatzederGrammatikNaziKräfte> i gave them permission
[21:15] <@Michael D> (( and that makes it different? ))
[21:15] <Suu> My hair's a bit too short for ribbons
[21:15] <@Darkness Kusanagi> as much as I'd like to joke with Mike
[21:15] <@Darkness Kusanagi> he's the reason I'm not getting sex this month
[21:15] <@Michael D> ^
[21:15] <KommanderAnordnetStarkatzederGrammatikNaziKräfte> all the difference
[21:16] <@Michael D> I'm not getting laid lately either, Elda-chan is working on that movie right now
[21:16] <Yaijinden> behold the seething resentment?
[21:16] <KommanderAnordnetStarkatzederGrammatikNaziKräfte> "lately" heh
[21:16] <@Darkness Kusanagi> no but you see I COULD have been.
[21:17] * Suu is away: BRB
[21:17] <@Darkness Kusanagi> I could have had X-chan [BLEEP]ing my [BLEEP] with [BLEEP] [BLEEP] and [BLEEP] or [BLEEP] [BLEEP] [BLEEP].
[21:18] <KommanderAnordnetStarkatzederGrammatikNaziKräfte> Why/how did Mike stop it?
[21:18] <@Darkness Kusanagi> He broke X-chan with pictures of Hulk Hogan touching his daughter.
[21:18] <KommanderAnordnetStarkatzederGrammatikNaziKräfte> Oh right.
[21:18] <KommanderAnordnetStarkatzederGrammatikNaziKräfte> ...
[21:18] <KommanderAnordnetStarkatzederGrammatikNaziKräfte> I'm sorry. :(
[21:19] <TuxRainbow> X is a broken, broken man...
[21:19] <David O`Cain> Indeed.
[21:19] <@Michael D> From the girl who was going to leave the person she loved 'cause they got gender bended
[21:20] <KommanderAnordnetStarkatzederGrammatikNaziKräfte> Safety mechanism.
[21:20] * Suu is back
[21:20] <KommanderAnordnetStarkatzederGrammatikNaziKräfte> Besides that was more like me getting broken than him :/
[21:20] * Suu is back
[21:20] <TuxRainbow> wb, Suu
[21:20] * @Darkness Kusanagi chugs back sake.
[21:20] * Suu is looking over her cards
[21:21] <@Darkness Kusanagi> I'm glad she left before I explained all that :/
[21:21] <@Michael D> it's nothing she hasn't heard before.
[21:21] <KommanderAnordnetStarkatzederGrammatikNaziKräfte> want some hugs :/
[21:23] * Suu gives starcat a hug
[21:23] * @Michael D looks over at mana, and says something to her via sign language
[21:23] <Dark Magician Girl> Ah! Ok, brb!
[21:23] * Dark Magician Girl is away: Getting the thing!
[21:23] <KommanderAnordnetStarkatzederGrammatikNaziKräfte> :D
[21:23] * KommanderAnordnetStarkatzederGrammatikNaziKräfte hugs Suu back.
[21:23] <@Michael D> Now, where were we, you two
[21:24] * KommanderAnordnetStarkatzederGrammatikNaziKräfte is now known as starcat
[21:24] * starcat hugs Mike
[21:24] <David O`Cain> Mike - Curious, how much did those cards set you back?
[21:24] <@Darkness Kusanagi> I was, and am, angry at you for practically removing my sex life.
[21:24] * @Michael D hugs star?
[21:25] * starcat hugs Shaldra
[21:25] <@Michael D> Shal, Shal, Shal, do you think I haven't thought of some way to redeem myself on this.
[21:25] <starcat> No more hugs for Mike.
[21:25] <starcat> He breaks brains and hurts sex.
[21:25] <@Darkness Kusanagi> (no wonder Elda flees, he must be rough)
[21:26] <TuxRainbow> Thing? What thing?
[21:26] <starcat> (you know it really wouldn't surprise me)
[21:27] <@Michael D> (i can hear you, you know this right?)
[21:27] <@Darkness Kusanagi> (of course we do)
[21:27] <starcat> (why wouldn't you be able to hear us)
[21:27] <starcat> (are you half-deaf)
[21:28] *** Aki Natsuko [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[21:28] <+Luna-P> y0 Aki Natsuko
[21:28] <@Michael D> (............don't make fun of deaf people)
[21:28] <starcat> (I won't unless they're you :3 )
[21:29] * @Darkness Kusanagi swigs back more sake.
[21:29] * Aki Natsuko enters the household in a calm manner, her black hair up in its usual ponytail. She adjusts her glasses and then keeps her hands by her sides.
[21:29] <Aki Natsuko> Good night everyone.
[21:29] * Suu wonders what cards she could mix with her new ones...
[21:29] <David O`Cain> Hello.
[21:29] * Dark Magician Girl floats back, hugging a package in her arms
[21:30] <TuxRainbow> Hello, Aki
[21:30] * TuxRainbow wonders who the package is for
[21:30] <Aki Natsuko> Hello hello.
[21:30] <@Darkness Kusanagi> new girl?
[21:30] * Aki Natsuko smiles.
[21:30] * starcat looks at Aki Natsuko.
[21:30] *** Aki Natsuko is a former special investigator of the Cosplay City's police force. Currently, she works as a Private Detective in her own firm with Honey Kisaragi, the warrior of love Cutey Honey. She wears black framed glasses, a nicely cut black suit and white blouse. More information about her is Here.
Her image Song is: "Naraku no Hana" by Eiko Shimamiya.

[21:30] <starcat> Hm.
[21:31] <Aki Natsuko> Ah, no, I've been here about twice before.
[21:31] <Aki Natsuko> You could consider me new if you want to.
[21:32] * @Darkness Kusanagi waves and has more sake
[21:32] * Dark Magician Girl sets the package down in front of shaldra!
[21:32] * Aki Natsuko waves back and sets herself down on a chair.
[21:33] * [gTV]Karasuma_Akane changes topic to `Charter Communications, the fourth-largest cable system in the United States, has started telling its high-speed Internet customers that it is going to keep track of every site they visit on the Web`
[21:33] * @Darkness Kusanagi eyes it
[21:33] <David O`Cain> Early birthday for Shaldra?
[21:33] <@Darkness Kusanagi> if it's sex toys I'm not interested.
[21:33] * [gTV]Karasuma_Akane changes topic to `Charter Communications, the fourth-largest cable system in the United States, has started telling its high-speed Internet customers that it is going to keep track of every site they visit on the Web } Friday @ 20:00 Mike D Origins`
[21:33] <@Michael D> It's a peace offering
[21:34] <TuxRainbow> Oh, great... I hope Comcast doesn't try anything like this...
[21:34] * @Darkness Kusanagi kneels down and opens the box
[21:34] <starcat> whoa, what
[21:35] <[gTV]Karasuma_Akane> Article on it
[21:35] * Inside the box if a large ornate guandao
[21:35] <starcat> ...
[21:35] <starcat> Tell me that's not typo'd guano.
[21:35] <TuxRainbow> I hope not
[21:35] * Aki Natsuko reads the article.
[21:36] <David O`Cain> Doubt it.
[21:36] <@Darkness Kusanagi> No no it's a chinese martial arts weapon
[21:36] <TuxRainbow> Oh
[21:36] <TuxRainbow> ...never heard of it
[21:36] <@Darkness Kusanagi> reclining moon blade
[21:36] * @Darkness Kusanagi is quite impressed.
[21:36] <@Darkness Kusanagi> it's like a naginata.
[21:36] <starcat> Cool.
[21:36] <TuxRainbow> Nice
[21:37] <Aki Natsuko> How annoying.
[21:37] * [gTV]Karasuma_Akane is away 
[21:37] <@Michael D> It's been called the "Green Dragon Crescent Blade"
[21:37] <@Darkness Kusanagi> Quite nice.
[21:37] * @Darkness Kusanagi carefully takes hold of it
[21:38] <David O`Cain> Very nice, though.
[21:38] * watches with interest.
[21:39] * @Darkness Kusanagi glances down the shaft; adjusts her grip to get used to the weight.
[21:39] <Aki Natsuko> Whose is it?
[21:40] <@Darkness Kusanagi> Guan Yu's~
[21:40] * @Darkness Kusanagi twists it in her hands.
[21:40] <@Darkness Kusanagi> Romance of the Tree Kingdoms, if I recall correctly.
[21:40] <Aki Natsuko> I've never heard of him.
[21:41] <Aki Natsuko> How'd it get here?
[21:41] <@Darkness Kusanagi> ^Three
[21:41] <@Michael D> There was a lot of rumor if it was real or not, guess we know now
[21:41] <Suu> Woaaaah. That's beautiful.
[21:42] <@Michael D> Another agent i know is a weapons nut, I got it off of him in a duel, c[BLEEP]ky SOB doesn't know what he deals with
[21:43] * Aki Natsuko chuckles.
[21:43] <David O`Cain> Mike - Overmatch?
[21:43] <@Michael D> I figured I'd use it as my way of saying sorry.
[21:43] <David O`Cain> Or was it outmatch?
[21:43] <@Darkness Kusanagi> Good to know you remember my liking of weapons.
[21:44] * @Darkness Kusanagi flicks the blade to the side and cuts a falling rose petal in two.
[21:44] <@Michael D> I know a lot about you, me, you and X are the original Steel Fist. :p
[21:45] <Aki Natsuko> Rose petals?
[21:46] <David O`Cain> At least we know the blade's still sharp.
[21:46] * @Darkness Kusanagi is now known as Kusanagi
[21:46] <Kusanagi> Tee-hee~ ♫
[21:46] <TuxRainbow> That it is
[21:47] <starcat> desu
[21:47] <starcat> D:
[21:47] * Kusanagi slides her hands down the long shaft of the Green Dragon Crescent Blade~
[21:47] <starcat> bad memories.
[21:47] <Kusanagi> Oh, I'm going to enjoy this~ ♫
[21:48] <Aki Natsuko> It's yours, then is it?
[21:48] * Suu is away: BRB
[21:49] <Kusanagi> My pretty Green Dragon Crescent Blade? Oh yes ♡
[21:49] <Kusanagi> All mine now~ ♫♡
[21:50] <starcat> It's not Thursday.
[21:50] * Aki Natsuko smiles.
[21:51] <Kusanagi> mmm?
[21:51] <starcat> I'd offer you celebratory cake but it's not Thursday.
[21:51] <starcat> I've decided to only have cake on Thursdays and very special occasions because I eat too many sweets.
[21:51] <Aki Natsuko> Cake every Thursday?
[21:52] <@Michael D> hey....anyone who what today's date is?
[21:52] <Aki Natsuko> Honey'd dread the idea for sure.
[21:52] <Aki Natsuko> It's the 14th.
[21:52] * Kusanagi fingers the tip of the blade :3
[21:52] <@Michael D> thanks.....
[21:53] <@Michael D> It's almost been ten years now............
[21:54] <Suu> ?
[21:54] * Suu is back
[21:54] <Suu> Ten years since what?
[21:55] <@Michael D> !
[21:55] <@Michael D> Nothing, nothing at all. Don't worry about it.
[21:55] <Aki Natsuko> Then next time try not to whisper it so loudly.
[21:55] * Kusanagi keeps a hold of the Crescent Blade, wrapped around it, the shaft pressed between her breasts
[21:55] <Kusanagi> Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuure~
[21:55] <TuxRainbow> When someone says that, i worry
[21:55] <David O`Cain> You sure, man?
[21:56] <@Michael D> I'm fine, never better!
[21:56] <TuxRainbow> No comment, Kusanagi.
[21:56] * Kusanagi just grins at Hachi-chan
[21:57] * Suu decides it's not best to pry
[21:57] <starcat> why are you giving your weapon a boob job.
[21:57] <starcat> are you THAT desperate for a p[TAB A]s :/
[21:57] <Kusanagi> I like my weapons~
[21:59] <Kusanagi> Monjuu-sama never had time for me, so I got by with my friends~
[21:59] <TuxRainbow> I won't say it...
[21:59] <starcat> Oh god that's like an awful porn plot.
[21:59] <TuxRainbow> bom-chicka-wow-wow
[21:59] * Aki Natsuko snickers.
[21:59] <David O`Cain> It probably is.
[22:00] <Kusanagi> :P
[22:00] * TuxRainbow nods
[22:00] <starcat> Sorry. v_v
[22:00] <Kusanagi> I thought it was common fact that I liked my weapons!
[22:01] <TuxRainbow> Yeah, but that much?
[22:01] <Suu> Yeah but you're liking that one a little too much
[22:01] <Kusanagi> Have you seen me with a katana?
[22:01] <@Michael D> It was always interesting to watch her polish her blades.
[22:01] <Aki Natsuko> It's a bit surprising for someone to like their weapons as much as you seem to be,
[22:01] <starcat> Thank god, no.
[22:01] <Suu> if she starts frenching it, take it away from her
[22:01] <TuxRainbow> lol
[22:01] <Kusanagi> Moh, I am a weapon :<
[22:02] <starcat> i don't think it has an orifice for it to french
[22:02] <Kusanagi> such loyal things deserve love and care
[22:02] * @Michael D is now known as Hachiman
[22:02] <Hachiman> A weapon with sme very dangerous curves~
[22:02] <Hachiman> *Some
[22:02] <Hachiman> rwaaaaar~
[22:02] <TuxRainbow> Oh, great... >_>
[22:02] <Kusanagi> Ha~chi~chan~♫
[22:03] * Aki Natsuko checks her watch and curses softly.
[22:03] <Kusanagi> Or is it Hachi-senpai now~
[22:03] * Aki Natsuko mutters to herself as she gets up to leave, "I don't know why Honey likes this place so much."
[22:03] *** Aki Natsuko [] has left #suburbansenshi2
[22:03] <Hachiman> Hachi-chan is just fine with me~
[22:04] <Hachiman> I like my relationships to be, Intimate~
[22:04] <Kusanagi> Oh Hachi-chan~
[22:04] <starcat> This is repulsive.
[22:05] *** Kurisutaru [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[22:05] <+Luna-P> y0 Kurisutaru
[22:05] <Kusanagi> No that is.
[22:05] <Kurisutaru> ...
[22:05] <Kurisutaru> F[BLEEP]k you too, Kusanagi..
[22:06] <Kusanagi> tee-hee~♫
[22:06] <Kurisutaru> I came in here looking for my budokai opponent
[22:06] <David O`Cain> And that would be...?
[22:06] <Hachiman> oh look, Blood v[SLOT B]al Bleechs Flesh Suit is here.
[22:07] <Kusanagi> Just like old times ♡
[22:07] <Kurisutaru> They're only listed on the brackets as "Mystery Fighter"
[22:07] *** Kurisutaru [] has left #suburbansenshi2 (But I would rather not fight an honorable fight with such filth around)
[22:07] *** Ari Leroux [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[22:07] <+Luna-P> y0 Ari Leroux
[22:07] <Kusanagi> you, honorable? HAH
[22:08] <starcat> ...
[22:08] <Hachiman> Then how do you live at your house?
[22:08] <starcat> so you don't KNOW?
[22:08] <starcat> Also
[22:08] <starcat> what
[22:08] <starcat> did she just call you guys "filth"
[22:08] <Hachiman> thats what the last guy who tried to f[BLEEP]k her said too.
[22:08] <Kusanagi> technically she didn't indicate who so she referred to all of us as filth
[22:09] <The Actuary> Clearly we need a distraction from all this.
[22:09] <The Actuary> !awesome
*** Shinji Ikari is the only person in the world who can actually give 110%.
[22:09] <Hachiman> How can i f[BLEEP]k your p[BLEEP]y when there is such filth around it
[22:09] * The Actuary is away: :3
[22:09] <starcat> :D
[22:09] * Kusanagi eyerolls
[22:09] <starcat> !awesome
*** Shinji Ikari doesn't cheat death. He wins fair and square.
[22:09] <Furu L. Amoros> Hahaha, she hasn't seen filth yet!
[22:09] <starcat> Oh man that rocks.
[22:09] <starcat> So hard.
[22:09] <starcat> GAYFURU
[22:09] <Kusanagi> Meh.
[22:09] * starcat climbs up to sit on GayFuru's shoulders
[22:09] <TuxRainbow> !awesome
*** Shinji Ikari doesn't read books. He stares them down until he gets the information he wants.
[22:09] <Hachiman> !awesome
*** When he was nine, Shinji Ikari dressed as himself to go trick-or-treating. He came home with a bag full of candy, a bag full of miniature liquor bottles, an Irish Setter, and two underage prostitutes carrying more of his candy.
[22:09] <starcat> Aww I missed you, buddy :3
[22:09] * Furu L. Amoros is away: Where's that bucket of manure
[22:09] <David O`Cain> !awesome
*** Shinji Ikari cannot predict the future; the future just better fucking do what Shinji Ikari says.
[22:09] <Hachiman> !Duelman hit me, duel the awesome

[22:09] <Furu L. Amoros> ...
[22:10] * Furu L. Amoros creeps back in.
[22:10] * Furu L. Amoros whistles at Kusanagi
[22:10] <Shinji Ikari> !awesome
*** Shinji Ikari can set ants on fire with a magnifying glass. At night.
[22:10] * Kusanagi goes to polish her Crescent Blade
[22:10] <TuxRainbow> heh, that works well
[22:10] * starcat huggles GayFuru's weird head
[22:10] <TuxRainbow> :D
[22:10] * Kusanagi looks sexy then goes to do that polishing thing.
[22:10] * TuxRainbow cheers the new addition
[22:11] * Kusanagi is away: then again for me looking sexy just involves existing ♡
[22:11] <Hachiman> She has such a dirty whorey p[BLEEP]y~
[22:11] <TuxRainbow> !yai
[22:11] Wisdom from the Book of Yai:
[02:44] <Yaijinden> I'm almost curious, but my general impassivity keeps me from considering it for more than a moment. =o

[22:11] <@Shinji Ikari> i will declare that this is one of the most awesome !things of all time
[22:12] <TuxRainbow> That it is
[22:13] * Furu L. Amoros is away 
[22:13] <David O`Cain> The epitome of awesome.
[22:13] <Furu L. Amoros> WAIT GIRL ON HEAD OFF ME NOW
[22:14] <David O`Cain> You just noticed?
[22:16] * Furu L. Amoros is away: aaaa
[22:16] <starcat> D:
[22:16] <starcat> noooo.
[22:16] * starcat sits on the floor and pouts.
[22:19] <David O`Cain> I think I'll take my leave for the night. Take care, folks.
[22:19] *** David O`Cain [] has quit IRC (Good night.)
[22:21] <Suu> That reminds me, how is the budokai going?
[22:21] <TuxRainbow> I need to schedule Tempestt's match with Quinox.
[22:21] <TuxRainbow> But, Matt is never on when I am :(
[22:21] <UltraMatt> (( *join* ))
[22:22] <TuxRainbow> (( speak of the devil ))
[22:22] <UltraMatt> (( Tux..I'm going to be more avalible after tomorrow ))
[22:22] <TuxRainbow> (( cool ))
[22:22] <TuxRainbow> (( I can wait another day :) ))
[22:22] <UltraMatt> (( I'll be done with Finals after tomorrow so my days will be free ))
[22:23] <UltraMatt> (( sorry to keep you waiting so long ))
[22:23] *** Souldier [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[22:23] <+Luna-P> y0 Souldier
[22:24] * starcat sits on the floor, looking forlorn
[22:25] * Souldier strolls in :3
[22:26] * Hachiman lorns the number 4
[22:28] * starcat sobs. a little bit.
[22:30] * starcat crawls under the sofa
[22:30] * starcat is away: nooooo
[22:33] <Souldier> o_O
[22:33] <TuxRainbow> heh
[22:33] <TuxRainbow> (( no problem ))
[22:33] <TuxRainbow> !awesome
*** On his birthday, Shinji Ikari randomly selects one lucky child to be thrown into the sun.
[22:34] <Suu> Good night everyone
[22:34] <Suu> And thanks for the cards!
[22:34] *** Suu [] has quit IRC (I want to shine like the full moon)
[22:34] <TuxRainbow> Bye Suu
[22:34] *** LOVELYgirl [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[22:34] <+Luna-P> y0 LOVELYgirl
[22:34] <LOVELYgirl> Hello!
[22:34] <TuxRainbow> Hi
[22:34] <Souldier> well. tht was random
[22:35] <Shinji Ikari> !awesome
*** The French did not send the Statue of Liberty to the United States as a sign of peace. They just wanted to see if Shinji Ikari could fuck a 300 foot tall copper woman.
[22:35] <Souldier> O_o
[22:35] <@Shinji Ikari> truer words have never been spoken
[22:35] * LOVELYgirl plops down on a couch
[22:35] * Souldier .... goes to work on his slicer >_>
[22:35] <Souldier> F[BLEEP]k France.
[22:35] <Shinji Ikari> !awesome
*** The phrase, "You are what you eat" cannot be true based on the amount of pussy Shinji Ikari eats.
[22:35] <LOVELYgirl> That's a weird one...
[22:35] <LOVELYgirl> Ne, what are you working on?
[22:36] <Shinji Ikari> !awesome
*** Shinji Ikari is the only person in the world who can actually give 110%.
[22:36] <Souldier> XD
[22:36] <Souldier> Lg- This is a Slicer.
[22:36] <Shinji Ikari> !awesome
*** Jack was nimble, Jack was quick, but Jack still couldn't dodge Shinji Ikari's roundhouse kick.
[22:37] <Shinji Ikari> !awesome
*** Shinji Ikari sleeps with a night light. Not because Shinji Ikari is afraid of the dark, but the dark is afraid of Shinji Ikari.
[22:37] <Souldier> Lg- its basically a .... kinetic energy genertor, that then launches a boomerang of sorts.
[22:37] <Shinji Ikari> !awesome
*** Shinji Ikari once bowled a 300. Without a ball. He wasn't even in a bowling alley.
[22:38] <LOVELYgirl> Not that thing you were working on with HK, is it?
[22:38] <Souldier> Lg- I'm working on a Kinetic energy one, and one to draw on previously stored Ki/Mana
[22:38] <Souldier> Lg- THE SAME~
[22:39] <LOVELYgirl> Cool!
[22:40] <Souldier> I was changing the mechanism that revs up and preps kinetic energy.
[22:40] <Souldier> I already have the ball bearing system set up to stock up "charges
[22:40] <Souldier> "
[22:40] <LOVELYgirl> So I can put power in there and use it later?
[22:41] <Souldier> HK didn't like the two-stage trigger system I figured to use on the prototype, so the grip will handle the first stage, and the trigger will fire.
[22:41] <Souldier> Lg- for the Ki/Mana variants, yes
[22:42] <LOVELYgirl> Hm. Well, I suppose she wouldn't.
[22:42] *** TuxRainbow [] has left #suburbansenshi2 (Finally, Tempestt vs. Quinox... and Shinji, that is awesome what you have done :))
[22:43] <LOVELYgirl> Bye Tux!
[22:43] <Souldier> See ya Tuxy
[22:46] <LOVELYgirl> Well it'll be interesting to see how the different versions turn out.
[22:46] <Souldier> That it will.
[22:47] <Souldier> I think the kinetic one will work best. The others seem redundant...
[22:50] * LOVELYgirl starts peeling an orange
[22:50] <LOVELYgirl> Well, maybe someone will get some good use out of it.
[22:52] *** Lady Yuma [Prêtresse_Rê] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[22:52] <+Luna-P> y0 Lady Yuma
[22:52] <LOVELYgirl> Hi Yuma!
[22:52] * starcat is back
[22:52] * starcat looks dully at Yuma
[22:52] * starcat is away: never mind
[22:52] <LOVELYgirl> Hi star!
[22:52] <Lady Yuma> Hi Miara!
[22:53] <LOVELYgirl> How are you?
[22:55] <Lady Yuma> Good
[22:55] <Lady Yuma> I suppose i missed Guyver
[22:55] <LOVELYgirl> That's good!
[22:56] <LOVELYgirl> No, he's here *points to Guyver*
[22:57] <Souldier> O_O
[22:57] <Souldier> starcat must be too bored~
[22:58] * Lady Yuma GLOMPS Guyver happily :DF
[22:58] * Lady Yuma stabs the F at the end of that
[22:58] <Lady Yuma> Damn typo demons
[22:59] <Souldier> :3
[22:59] <Souldier> Hey there sweety~
[22:59] <LOVELYgirl> Awww, aren't you two cuuuute~
[23:02] * Souldier sets the Slicer aside and huggles Yuma :3
[23:05] * LOVELYgirl tosses her orange peels in the trash
[23:08] <Souldier> Yuma- What have you been up to. And how is the practice with the Bo going?
[23:11] * LOVELYgirl stretches and yawns
[23:12] <LOVELYgirl> Guess I'll go find someplace to sleep. Night, you two.
[23:12] *** LOVELYgirl [] has left #suburbansenshi2 (Stand up and watch me!)
[23:12] * Souldier waves "See ya Miara~:
[23:18] <@Shinji Ikari> dundundunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
[23:18] <Shinji Ikari> !awesome
*** Shinji Ikari used to beat the shit out of his shadow because it was following to close. It now stands a safe 30 feet behind him.
[23:19] <Souldier> lol
[23:19] <@Shinji Ikari> that's just how i roll
[23:20] <@Wolfwood> (( Oh good. Nice to know the whole privacy thing is big. -_- ))
[23:21] <@Shinji Ikari> wolf you should cheer up
[23:21] <@Shinji Ikari> by using !awesome
[23:21] <@Shinji Ikari> it'll bring a smile to your face. or else.
[23:23] <@Wolfwood> (( Not much to smile about man. Going through something big right now. ))
[23:25] <@Wolfwood> (( it's why I havent been on. ))
[23:25] <@Shinji Ikari> D:
[23:27] <@Wolfwood> /ppc Not doing the University thing anymore. Decided to do something else with my life.
[23:27] <@Wolfwood> (( ^ ))
[23:27] * Souldier is going through the rantbox logs, so please forgive him if he is late responding to you. I guess I'll chat with Solar later.
[23:28] <Souldier> (( WOlfwood. I dont mean to be nosy but why have you chosen to stop studying?? ))
[23:29] <@Wolfwood> (( I have my reasons. None of them I wish to talk about. ))
[23:29] <@Wolfwood> (( I've decided to go to cooking school. ))
[23:29] <Souldier> (( Cooking school? Cool. Follow your heart. ))
[23:30] <@Wolfwood> (( I'm trying. We'll see how it goes. ))
[23:33] <@Wolfwood> (( back to your conversation then. ))
[23:33] <Souldier> Shinji does what he pleases and so he'll join this conversation of 'seriousness'
[23:34] <Souldier> that right there. should be added to !awesome
[23:35] * Lady Yuma is back
[23:36] * @Wolfwood lights a smoke
[23:36] * Lady Yuma snatches the cigarette "That'll kill you and others around you, you know."
[23:36] <@Wolfwood> This is me careing.
[23:36] <Ari Leroux> Let the man do as he pleases, Yuma
[23:37] * @Wolfwood lights another one
[23:37] <Ari Leroux> If he wants to kill himself from the inside out, that's his right
[23:37] <@Wolfwood> What she said.
[23:38] <Lady Yuma> Hmph, you wouldn't care Ari, you're already dead
[23:39] <Ari Leroux> I think smoking is disgusting, personally, but who am I to tell someone else how to slowly decrease their lifespan?
[23:39] <Ari Leroux> my job isn't to keep people alive
[23:40] <Ari Leroux> My job is to basically kill people when it's their time
[23:40] <@Wolfwood> There you go. Who are you to tell.
[23:40] <Ari Leroux> And if they choose to make that time closer to now, that's perfectly fine by me. Just don't die in a way that makes me do tons of paperwork
[23:41] * @Wolfwood gives Ari a thumbs up
[23:41] <Lady Yuma> Ari! You're a third-rate, useless, lazy, peice of trash! ><
[23:42] <Ari Leroux> Wow, what a nice compliment! Here I was thinking I was a 4th rate piece of trash shinigami. I know very well I'm lazy!
[23:42] <Ari Leroux> :D
[23:42] <@Wolfwood> You two wanna take this outside?
[23:42] * Ari Leroux returns the thumbs up
[23:42] * Wolfwood looks at Lady Yuma.
[23:42] *** Lady Yuma is young woman whose actual age is known to very few due to her ability to change her physical appearance to be older or younger. Yuma has reddish-pink hair and blue eyes and is a priestess at the temple on Unmei that the royal family visits.
Her image Song is: .

[23:42] *** Lady Yuma [Prêtresse_Rê] has left #suburbansenshi2 (HMPH!)
[23:42] * Wolfwood looks at Ari Leroux.
[23:42] *** Ari Leroux is a girl who looks about 17 years old, she is 5'7" and has golden brown hair that is about a half inch off her shoulders with bangs that go just past her shoulders. Ari's grey eyes seem to be distant at times, and she doesn't always speak much. More information about her is Here.
Her image Song is: "Heaven or Hell" by Gamma Ray.

[23:43] <@Wolfwood> (( I need to go to the hardware store tomorrow. ))
[23:45] <Lady Yuma> (( Ow, I need to learn not to fall off this mattress now that I've stripped the sheets off it so I can wash them and then pack them >< ))
[23:45] <Lady Yuma> (( I'm gonna have a nasty ass bruise on my shoulder when I go home XD ))
[23:46] <@Wolfwood> (( that sucks ))
[23:46] <Souldier> Yuma- Let the man smoke his cig.
[23:49] * @Wolfwood fiddles with his PDA
[23:50] * Souldier tweaks his slicer
[23:51] <@Wolfwood> Who did what now?
[23:54] <Ari Leroux> Uh, Soul, your girl already left
[23:54] <@Wolfwood> (( Shinji? Shinji are you here? ))
[23:57] <@Wolfwood> (( If so I demand Daniel Day Louis play Andrew Ryan in the Bioshock movie. You will make this so. ))
[23:57] * Souldier sighs "D'oh"
[00:00] <Ari Leroux> Maybe you should also teach that girl of yours some manners. Eh, Wolf?
[00:03] * Souldier shrugs "People tend to NOT listen to me:
[00:03] <Souldier> as annoying as it is
[00:03] <@Wolfwood> Don't bring me into this. Don't care. Never will.
[00:06] <@Wolfwood> Ltd edition Gunslinger Girl airsoft gun.
[00:08] <Souldier> lulz Sig Sauer
[00:08] <Souldier> Ari- If Wolf or anyone else had an issue with Yuma's actions I'm pretty sure they'd tell her
[00:08] <@Wolfwood> If it does not come with some horrible loli battle machine I don't want it.
[00:09] <Souldier> besides, while she is indeed my girlfriend, I'm not her dad, she's a grown-ass woman and is responsible for her own actions, even IF the embarras the s[BLEEP]t outta me sometimes
[00:09] <Souldier> o_O @ Wolfwood
[00:09] <@Wolfwood> Ooooh, you tell her girl.
[00:10] <Souldier> You need a loli battle machine to fire an airsoft gun for you? What kinda a weakling-ass girly man are you o_O
[00:11] <@Wolfwood> .......
[00:11] <@Wolfwood> Did you just call me a weakling and girly?
[00:11] <@Wolfwood> Because I will be forced to leave you a small pile of mush if you did.
[00:11] <Ari Leroux> .
[00:11] <Ari Leroux> .
[00:11] <Souldier> Well. At least he can hear.
[00:12] * Souldier yawns
[00:12] <Souldier> (( Airsoft P230 is sexy ))
[00:14] <@Wolfwood> (( It'd make a good backup gun. But i'm running a USP as my main sidearm and a Beretta Cougar as my backup so I don't need it right now. ))
[00:14] <Souldier> (( You a cop or something o_O ))
[00:14] <@Wolfwood> (( Just a airsoft gun nut. ))
[00:15] <@Wolfwood> (( main rifles are a railed M4 with a grenade launcher and iron sights, and a beater AK47 that i'm working on. ))
[00:15] <Souldier> (( Oh. Its a sexy gun ))
[00:16] * Ari Leroux is away 
[00:16] <Souldier> (( If it was real life stuff I'd say hell no to the P230. I prefer KO power so that I can aim center mast instead of headshots ))
[00:16] <Souldier> (( Cant go wrong with an AK or an M4 :3 ))
[00:16] <@Wolfwood> (( I have mixed feeilings about real steel sigs. ))
[00:16] <@Wolfwood> (( They look too..generic. ))
[00:17] <@Wolfwood> (( I like my Jericho tho. The Israels make a good handgun. ))
[00:18] <Ari Leroux> (( I can't wait for August ))
[00:19] <Souldier> (( if I could get a real gun it'd have to be a Browning Pro 40 or a M1911 ))
[00:20] <@Wolfwood> (( Ari- me too ))
[00:21] <@Wolfwood> (( I might get a .45 1911 here eventually. ))
[00:22] <@Wolfwood> (( I was looking at a Springfeild Operator today. ))
[00:24] <Souldier> (( /ooc 1911's rule. ))
[00:25] <Souldier> (( Whoever made that gun is pretty much a god damn genius ))
[00:25] <@Wolfwood> (( i'd agree. ))
[00:34] *** Souldier [] has left #suburbansenshi2 (ZzZZzZ)
[00:38] <Ari Leroux> (( August = next convention I'm going to ))
[00:39] <Ari Leroux> (( As I'm going to be Shinra's pet my group thought it would be funny for me to wear a collar and leash ))
[00:40] <Ari Leroux> (( Which is still a possibility for the photo shoot just to be funny ))
[01:10] *** Ari Leroux [] has left #suburbansenshi2 (It'll be fun to see what craziness will happen in August :D)
[01:43] <AMD> (( HEY PEOPLE: Go to Desumatic! and read my article thinger. Not an actual article, but it's something. :D ))
[01:46] <AMD> (( ))
[09:44] *** [gTV]SaiyaJimmy [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[09:44] <+Luna-P> y0 [gTV]SaiyaJimmy
[09:44] <SaiyaJimmy> I LIVE
[09:45] <[gTV]SaiyaJimmy> ...only, there doesn't seem to be anyone here...
[09:46] *** BraveBLADE [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[09:46] <+Luna-P> y0 BraveBLADE
[09:47] *** daylily [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[09:47] <+Luna-P> y0 daylily
[09:47] <[gTV]SaiyaJimmy> Hey, other people.
[09:47] <[gTV]SaiyaJimmy> Names I don't recognize, either...
[09:47] * BraveBLADE looks at SaiyaJimmy.
[09:47] *** SaiyaJimmy is a mild-mannered employee of GingaTV's Osaka bureau. He wears a three-piece suit, a dependable haircut, and horn-rimmed glasses when not wearing some '80s-style shades. He's awfully muscular for a reporter, and his belt looks furry.
His image Song is: Hataraku Otoko ("Working Man") by PUFFY.

[09:47] <daylily> Hello.
[09:47] * SaiyaJimmy looks at BraveBLADE.
[09:47] *** BraveBLADE is Yuuki Kenshin, the 28-year-old sensei of a kendo school in a small village just on the other side of Mt. Fuji. He wears a red and black hakama, with a katana hanging from his belt on his left.
His image Song is: something..

[09:48] <BraveBLADE> I didn't think they made furry belts in Osaka.
[09:48] <[gTV]SaiyaJimmy> It's, er... a style popular with young white-collar types.
[09:48] * BraveBLADE looks at daylily.
[09:48] *** daylily is a short young woman with blue eyes and long, dark brown hair. She is 18 and somewhat naive. More information about her is Here.
Her image Song is: "Bach Street Prelude" by Vanessa Mae.

[09:48] <[gTV]SaiyaJimmy> It lends me respect as a reporter... or something.
[09:49] * [gTV]SaiyaJimmy doesn't need to remind you that he's liable to tsukkomi you with a karate-chop to the head if you question needlessly
[09:49] <BraveBLADE> Oh, I just didn't think I'd see them worn outside of Harajuku or those anime conventions I hear about.
[09:49] <daylily> Well I don't think I've ever seen one.
[09:49] <[gTV]SaiyaJimmy> They seep into ordinary society these days. You know how it is.
[09:50] <BraveBLADE> Actually no, I don't.
[09:50] <[gTV]SaiyaJimmy> One day's 'Ponbashi fad is quickly replaced by another as the mainstreamers take it over.
[09:51] <[gTV]SaiyaJimmy> I consider the "fur belt" an indulgence, 'specially because the Japanese trend towards skintight suits these days has led to me accidentally ripping apart a few too many.
[09:51] * [gTV]SaiyaJimmy 's "belt" twitches in agitation
[09:51] <daylily> Oh! Is it alive?
[09:51] <[gTV]SaiyaJimmy> Just not built like a pencil, I'm afraid...
[09:51] <BraveBLADE> ... did they forget to kill your belt before selling it?
[09:52] <[gTV]SaiyaJimmy> I beg your pardon?
[09:52] <BraveBLADE> It moved.
[09:52] <[gTV]SaiyaJimmy> That's absurd.
[09:52] <daylily> But it did! I saw it move, too!
[09:52] <[gTV]SaiyaJimmy> It's just a belt...
[09:52] <BraveBLADE> No, ninja schools in America are absurd.
[09:53] * [gTV]SaiyaJimmy sweatdrops and makes a mental note to keep his tail very still
[09:53] <[gTV]SaiyaJimmy> that is quite absurd.
[09:53] <[gTV]SaiyaJimmy> But so is you thinking that my belt is alive.
[09:53] <BraveBLADE> And yet they exist. ¯\(º_o)/¯
[09:54] <[gTV]SaiyaJimmy> I visited Toei Uzumasa Eigamura in Kyoto a month or so ago. They had ninjas there, albeit fake ones.
[09:54] <[gTV]SaiyaJimmy> The elevation of the San'in Main Line is also going to play havoc with their filming period dramas there, I think
[09:54] <[gTV]SaiyaJimmy> But then again, they can do a lot with CGI these days...
[09:55] <BraveBLADE> Ah, Toei. I hear they make quality entertainment.
[09:55] <[gTV]SaiyaJimmy> As long as the actors can pretend they don't notice the trains, they can just paint them out and dub over the lines with ADR
[09:56] <[gTV]SaiyaJimmy> Yes, well, it was rather amusing.
[09:56] <[gTV]SaiyaJimmy> Oddly, they were selling "Naruto" merchandise even though that is made by Studio Pierrot rather than Toei
[09:56] <[gTV]SaiyaJimmy> I chalk it up to the "ninja" theme.
[09:57] <BraveBLADE> I've heard of "Naruto"
[09:57] <daylily> I think it's an animated show of some sort.
[09:57] <BraveBLADE> One of my students has a collection of little Naruto figures.
[09:57] <[gTV]SaiyaJimmy> Indeed
[09:58] <[gTV]SaiyaJimmy> I find its pacing interminable, even allowing for a long running adaptation of a comic still in serialization
[09:58] <[gTV]SaiyaJimmy> But to each his own, I suppose.
[09:59] <[gTV]SaiyaJimmy> Juunin Toiro, as they say around Osaka.
[10:04] * daylily sits on the arm of a couch
[10:05] * BraveBLADE looks at the time. "... oh boy."
[10:05] <BraveBLADE> Oda-san is going to kill me if I'm late for our coffee date.
[10:08] <daylily> Goodbye, then. I hope your date goes well!
[10:08] * BraveBLADE bows to the others. "It was a pleasure , uh, 'hanging out' with you!"
[10:08] *** BraveBLADE [] has left #suburbansenshi2
[10:16] <daylily> I wonder who Oda-san.
[10:17] <daylily> *is.
[10:20] <[gTV]SaiyaJimmy> Good question.
[10:21] <daylily> I'm Kai, by the way.
[10:24] <[gTV]SaiyaJimmy> You can call me SJ.
[10:25] <daylily> Alright. It's nice to meet you.
[10:27] * daylily is away: brb
[10:27] <[gTV]SaiyaJimmy> huh.
[10:30] * daylily is back
[10:38] <daylily> So what kind of reporter are you?
[10:47] <[gTV]SaiyaJimmy> I'm a food critic.
[10:47] <[gTV]SaiyaJimmy> And general Osaka beat reporter.
[10:47] <daylily> Do you like it?
[10:50] <daylily> You must have to talk to an awful lot of people.
[10:52] <[gTV]SaiyaJimmy> Yep.
[10:52] <[gTV]SaiyaJimmy> Benefits aren't bad either.
[10:52] <SaiyaJimmy> better than those cheapskate Jedi anyway...
[10:56] * daylily looks at SJ curiously
[10:58] <[gTV]SaiyaJimmy> Hm?
[11:00] <daylily> Nothing.
[11:02] <[gTV]SaiyaJimmy> all right.
[11:02] <[gTV]SaiyaJimmy> Anyhow, I must be going.
[11:02] <[gTV]SaiyaJimmy> Work to be done, you know.
[11:02] *** [gTV]SaiyaJimmy [] has left #suburbansenshi2 (On assignment!)
[11:03] <daylily> Goodbye.
[11:15] * daylily is away 
[12:23] <[gTV]Karasuma_Akane> LOL they stole orangerose too.
[12:24] <[gTV]Karasuma_Akane> That's beyond hilariously sad.
[12:24] * [gTV]Karasuma_Akane is away: and the fact they need a /part2 command shows why a copy's just a copy
[12:25] <@SpeedRcrX> Dude Akane I thought you were past caring
[12:25] <[gTV]Karasuma_Akane> I *am*, I'm just amusing myself
[12:27] <[gTV]Karasuma_Akane> let's see~ /ooc, /angst, tm, /sing, /spoiler (with the |for what is being spoiled too)
[12:28] <[gTV]Karasuma_Akane> I mean those aren't generic IRC commands at all :3
[12:28] <[gTV]Karasuma_Akane> Well they did innovate on the nick think by using a | after it so that state-of-undress could be more easily shown.
[12:29] * [gTV]Karasuma_Akane is now known as Lead Crow (BDSM Fetish mode)
[12:29] <[gTV]Lead Crow (BDSM Fetish mode)> Of course I just use /nick :P
[12:29] <@SpeedRcrX> [sexy
[12:29] * [gTV]Lead Crow (BDSM Fetish mode) is now known as Karasuma_Akane
[12:29] <[gTV]Karasuma_Akane> Dream on, Speed Racer.
[12:29] * [gTV]Karasuma_Akane just saves this and adds it to the evidence pile.
[12:30] <@SpeedRcrX> And what are we doing with this evidence pile again?
[12:30] <[gTV]Karasuma_Akane> nothing
[12:31] <[gTV]Karasuma_Akane> But it helps to have in, you know "break glass in case of bulls[BLEEP]t" and all that.
[12:31] <[gTV]Karasuma_Akane> ^have it
[12:31] *** [gTV]Karasuma_Akane [] has left #suburbansenshi2
[12:31] <@SpeedRcrX> I like that phrase.
[12:32] * @SpeedRcrX changes topic to `Break Glass in case of Bulls[BLEEP]t`
[12:32] * @SpeedRcrX is away: :3
[12:57] *** has joined #suburbansenshi2
[12:57] <+Luna-P> y0
[12:57] *** Tempestt [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[12:57] <+Luna-P> y0 Tempestt
[12:57] <Tempestt> Ah, there we go
[12:57] * Tempestt cheers
[12:57] <Tempestt> !awesome
*** There is intelligent life in the universe, but they have not contacted Earth because they are avoiding Shinji Ikari. They owe him $5.
[12:58] *** Tempestt [] has left #suburbansenshi2 (back to class... *sigh*)
[13:37] <Raihosha> !awesome
*** Rosa Parks refused to get out of her seat because she was saving it for Shinji Ikari.
[13:37] <@Raihosha> I need more awesome.
[13:37] <Raihosha> !awesome.
*** Shinji Ikari doesn't believe in rubber condoms. Instead, he sticks his penis in a girl, and uses that girl as a condom while fucking another.
[13:37] <TuxRainbow> eww
[13:38] <@Raihosha> Once more?
[13:38] <Raihosha> !awesome
*** There is no "I" in team. There are four "I"s in Shinji Ikari. Fuck you, team.
[13:38] <TuxRainbow> lol
[13:38] <@Raihosha> I like that one.
[13:38] <TuxRainbow> much better :)
[13:39] <@Raihosha> I have met my required level of awesome.
[13:39] <@Raihosha> Hello sir of the multi-colored formalwear.
[13:40] <TuxRainbow> hello
[13:40] * TuxRainbow lags
[13:40] <@Raihosha> brb
[13:41] <TuxRainbow> kk
[13:42] * daylily returns from outside and waves
[13:43] * TuxRainbow waves
[13:44] <@Raihosha> (( Sorry, LDS at the door. ))
[13:44] <@Raihosha> Hello there, Miss Kai.
[13:44] <daylily> Hello.
[13:45] <daylily> I was wondering when I was going to meet you.
[13:45] <@Raihosha> I think
[13:46] <@Raihosha> I think the odds makers were leaning towards the first week of June. ^__^
[13:47] <daylily> What do you mean?
[13:47] <@Raihosha> Although... Shouldn't you be in school?
[13:49] <@Raihosha> About the odds-makers? That's a little joke, I was suggesting that there was a betting pool that it would be a few more weeks before we ran into each other.
[13:49] * TuxRainbow chuckles
[13:50] <daylily> The term changed a while ago, I'm done now.
[13:51] <@Raihosha> Oh. You've graduated?
[13:51] <daylily> Yesu~
[13:52] <@Raihosha> Congradulations then. Any thoughts on university?
[13:53] <daylily> Not for me. I don't suppose there would be any point.
[13:53] <@Raihosha> No point? There is always a point to education.
[13:54] <daylily> Well I have no plans on the kind of job that would require one at the moment.
[13:55] <@Raihosha> Admittedly, life is it's own education, but ...
[13:55] <daylily> I'm going to be a Speaker, so I need a different kind of education than university right now.
[13:56] <@Raihosha> Ah. That's an interesting choice. Ever considered the social sciences then?
[13:57] <daylily> Not really.
[13:57] <@Raihosha> I realize that human societies aren't going to be a perfect match for lupa, but I'd think psychology, philosophy and political science would all be useful to you in such a position.
[13:58] <daylily> Yeah, but right now I need training, not schooling. I can do that later if I want to.
[13:58] <@Raihosha> Of course, an apprenticeship would give you most of that...
[13:59] <@Raihosha> Have you selected, or been selected by a mentor yet?
[14:00] <daylily> Oh gosh, it's 2 alright. Sorry, I have to go before I'm late. Hopefully we'll catch each other later.
[14:00] *** daylily [] has left #suburbansenshi2
[14:00] <@Raihosha> Later Miss Kai.
[14:08] *** @Raihosha [] has left #suburbansenshi2 (as the universe wills.)
[14:43] *** daylily [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[14:43] <+Luna-P> y0 daylily
[14:50] * daylily sits on a couch and looks over some things
[14:51] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[14:51] <+Luna-P> y0 Matsumi Kaze
[14:51] <Matsumi Kaze> heya
[14:53] * Matsumi Kaze removes her glasses and puts in her contacts
[14:53] <daylily> Hello, Kaze-san.
[14:53] <daylily> (( how did it go today? ))
[14:53] <Matsumi Kaze> how are you doing?
[14:54] <Matsumi Kaze> (( it went well...for some reason however I'm still feeling edgy and full of nerves >< ))
[14:54] <daylily> I'm just fine. How are you?
[14:54] <Matsumi Kaze> a bit tired..but alright
[14:54] <daylily> (( hopefully that will go away in a bit ))
[14:55] <Matsumi Kaze> (( I really hope so >< I don't like being edgy ))
[14:55] <Matsumi Kaze> yourself?
[14:55] <daylily> Didn't you sleep well?
[14:55] <daylily> I'm fine.
[14:55] <Matsumi Kaze> not really no
[14:56] * Matsumi Kaze is away: brb for a sec
[15:15] * Matsumi Kaze is back
[15:15] <Matsumi Kaze> (( sorry about that...had to grab a smoothie ))
[15:17] <Matsumi Kaze> I had alot on my mind
[15:18] <daylily> (( smoothies are yummmmy ))
[15:18] <daylily> Hopefully they're not all bad things?
[15:19] <Matsumi Kaze> (( I needed it...helps perk me up ))
[15:19] <Matsumi Kaze> oh I've just been worried about some students of mine
[15:20] <daylily> Aren't they doing well?
[15:21] <Matsumi Kaze> the ones I'm worried about not really
[15:23] <Matsumi Kaze> so it's been kind of on my mind lately
[15:24] <daylily> You can't make them study, but it must be horrible to fail someone.
[15:24] <Matsumi Kaze> yeah it is
[15:25] <daylily> Have you ever had to?
[15:26] <TuxRainbow> I failed a few college courses
[15:26] <TuxRainbow> It wasn't fun
[15:26] <Matsumi Kaze> had to what?
[15:27] <daylily> Fail someone.
[15:29] <Matsumi Kaze> ...yes..I have before
[15:32] <daylily> Was it very bad?
[15:33] <Matsumi Kaze> ..yeah it was pretty bad <_<
[15:37] <Matsumi Kaze> it's a story I usually try best to forget
[15:37] <Matsumi Kaze> (( though I may write a fic about it later on ))
[15:38] <daylily> (( that would be awesome ))
[15:39] <daylily> Oh, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have brought it up.
[15:40] <Matsumi Kaze> nah it's ok
[15:40] <Matsumi Kaze> sometimes it's good for me to be reminded about it
[15:43] <daylily> I suppose that's true.
[15:43] * Matsumi Kaze pulls out a ginger ale and opens it "'s a nice day"
[15:43] <daylily> Yeah, it is.
[15:47] <Matsumi Kaze> sorry if I brought you do or anything
[15:48] <Matsumi Kaze> *down
[15:51] <daylily> I'm okay, don't worry about it, Kaze-san.
[15:51] * Matsumi Kaze nods and offers a ginger ale to daylily "ginger ale?"
[15:53] <daylily> Thank you.
[15:54] * daylily accepts the ginger ale and sips it
[15:55] <Matsumi Kaze> no prob...I find it helps me relax
[15:57] <daylily> That's nice.
[16:00] <Matsumi Kaze> it's my favorite drink in the whole world ^^
[16:01] <daylily> It's an unusual one, too. At least, here it is. It's a North American drink, isn't it?
[16:03] <Matsumi Kaze> yeah I think so...though this one is a brand called Canadian Dry..
[16:03] <Matsumi Kaze> wait..gah..silly me
[16:05] * daylily is away: brb
[16:17] * daylily is back
[16:21] * daylily wonders if Kaze-san is still here
[16:24] * Matsumi Kaze snaps out of her thoughts "oh sorry"
[16:25] <Matsumi Kaze> kind of drifted off there ^^;;;
[16:25] <daylily> It's alright.
[16:25] <Matsumi Kaze> (( sorry about that..old roomie showed up ))
[16:26] <daylily> (( ah ))
[16:26] <Matsumi Kaze> I sometimes get lost in thought
[16:27] <daylily> People do, from time to time.
[16:29] <daylily> I suppose I'd better get going. It's my turn to cook and I have to do that before I go to work.
[16:30] <daylily> Have a good evening, Kaze-san!
[16:30] *** daylily [] has left #suburbansenshi2
[16:33] <Matsumi Kaze> *snaps out of it again* huh..what?
[16:34] <Matsumi Kaze> oh seeya ^^
[16:35] <TuxRainbow> Someone should get you a map
[16:35] <TuxRainbow> *rimshot*
[16:37] <Matsumi Kaze> hmmm?
[16:37] * Matsumi Kaze sips her ginger ale
[16:39] <TuxRainbow> Nothing. Bad joke there
[16:42] <Matsumi Kaze> heh it's ok
[16:43] <Matsumi Kaze> (( pardon the big pauses..still moving stuff out ))
[16:45] <Matsumi Kaze> how are you doing?
[17:04] * Matsumi Kaze hums to herself
[17:26] <Matsumi Kaze> nice day
[17:28] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has left #suburbansenshi2 (off for a walk ((OOC: moving out)))
[17:36] <TuxRainbow> bleh, I am alone T_T
[18:50] <TuxRainbow> Beuler?
[18:50] * TuxRainbow sighs
[18:51] *** Eiry [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[18:51] <+Luna-P> y0 Eiry
[18:53] <Eiry> Hello?
[18:54] <TuxRainbow> hi :)
[18:54] * TuxRainbow stretches
[18:54] <Eiry> Hey Tux. How are you?
[18:54] <TuxRainbow> Okay
[18:57] <Eiry> That's good, I guess.
[19:10] * Eiry is away 
[19:28] *** @Michael D [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:28] *** spiritflame sets mode +o @Michael D

[19:28] <+Luna-P> y0 @Michael D
[19:30] <TuxRainbow> Hi Mike
[19:31] * @Michael D pulls out his deck, looking at the new card he has added
[19:31] <TuxRainbow> Interesting way to get back Mana and Dark Magician, Mike
[19:36] <TuxRainbow> Mana in 3 and Dark Magician in 4
[19:36] <@Michael D> indeed, and it's recursion possible.
[19:37] <@Michael D> link it with the Valkyrie lock, and the combo with kuriboh using multiply and detonating, and bring on the spell counters
[19:41] <TuxRainbow> yeah, lots of counters = recursion
[19:45] <@Michael D> so, it's empty here
[19:47] <TuxRainbow> Yeah
[19:47] * TuxRainbow hears crickets chirp
[19:55] *** Potamos [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:55] <+Luna-P> y0 Potamos
[19:56] <@Michael D> yo
[19:57] * Potamos looks a little smashed
[19:57] <Potamos> Evening, mitai na *hic*
[19:58] <Potamos> How is everyone?
[19:58] * Potamos staggers over to a sofa and collapses on it
[19:58] <@Michael D> (( you know what, I almost have my hobo phoenix costume done for otakon.....but honestly.....I'm thinking of still going casual this year and do it wit the anime shirts and stuff like i was gonna do. ))
[20:00] <TuxRainbow> Drink too much?
[20:00] <Potamos> Nnnn.
[20:00] <Potamos> (( Oh come on, you were so excited about it ))
[20:00] <Potamos> (( Heck I don't wear my costume 24/7 at cons ))
[20:01] <Potamos> (( I always keep a change of clothing ))
[20:02] <@Michael D> (( meh, Im just not feeling it right now. ))
[20:03] <@Michael D> (( the hotter it gets here, the less appealing it gets. :/ ))
[20:03] <@Michael D> ooc: and a fleece hat, a hoody, long pants, in 90+ degree weather.....It's quickly getting out weight by heat stroke possibilities
[20:04] <Potamos> (( I can relate to that ))
[20:04] <TuxRainbow> (( Then just wear it inside ))
[20:05] <BraveBLADE> (( While it is air conditioned inside, it's still a b[BLEEP]ch wearing it on the way there. ))
[20:05] * Potamos is exhausted
[20:05] <@Michael D> (( and you know the dealer room, and the big halls are still hot as hell ))
[20:06] <@Michael D> (( this is also from, Mike tried this on recently when it was 80 degress and did not like the sudden build up of heat he felt just from 80 ))
[20:06] <Potamos> (( oof. ))
[20:06] <Potamos> (( I have to think about what to do for Anime Boston next year ))
[20:07] <Potamos> (( I'm actually considering going as Tea Gardner ))
[20:07] <@Michael D> (( fleece and fleecey lining don't offer a lot of breathing i've found out. :/ ))
[20:07] <Potamos> (( What can I say, I ADORE her school uniform ))
[20:08] <@Michael D> (( I'm not crazy for not following through with this costume, am I? ))
[20:08] <BraveBLADE> You know, Yugi's gal pal?
[20:08] <BraveBLADE> (( ^ ))
[20:09] <Potamos> (( Well, you COULD always enter the Masquerade as a walk on ))
[20:09] <@Michael D> (( meh, to much work, and to much missed con. ))
[20:10] <@Michael D> (( you have to devote a couple of hours just to walk across the stage. :/ ))
[20:10] <Potamos> (( crap ))
[20:11] * Potamos is away: Playing Trauma Center
[20:11] <BraveBLADE> (( I misread what you wrote Mike, n/m ))
[20:12] <BraveBLADE> (( Also I HAS PERSONA 3 FES ))
[20:12] <@Michael D> (( furu must be s[BLEEP]tting himself for that. XD ))
[20:13] <BraveBLADE> (( He was on his way to work when I told him. He was more worried about that, since we've been really busy the past few nights. ))
[20:13] <@Michael D> (( I'm really leaning too not cosplaying this year now, Is that a cardinal sin for a cosplayer. XD;;;; ))
[20:14] <BraveBLADE> (( Don't worry. ))
[20:14] <BraveBLADE> (( I'm not really cosplaying. I never do. ))
[20:15] <@Michael D> (( I mean, I've been cosplaying since my second otakon, I'm feeling weird about not doing it this time. ))
[20:15] <TuxRainbow> (( So you don't. Big deal ))
[20:15] <@Michael D> (( Atleast I can finish up with something I'm doing for Vanessa's costume ))
[20:18] <@Michael D> (( I'm making a couple accessories for her costume, I can focus on finishing those up now. ))
[20:20] <TuxRainbow> (( cool ))
[20:21] <@Michael D> (( and HAHAHHAAHA Otakon's video openings are...BEING PRODUCED AND MADE BY STUDIO MADHOUSE ))
[20:21] *** Souldier [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[20:21] <+Luna-P> y0 Souldier
[20:21] <@Michael D> (( *does the in your face dance* ))
[20:22] <TuxRainbow> !awesome
*** Shinji Ikari doesn't play "hide-and-seek." He plays "hide-and-pray-I-don't-find-you."
[20:22] <TuxRainbow> lol
[20:23] <TuxRainbow> Hey there
[20:23] <Souldier> Hey there Tux
[20:24] <Souldier> How ya doin'?
[20:24] <TuxRainbow> Good
[20:27] *** Haak [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[20:27] <+Luna-P> y0 Haak
[20:27] <Haak> What up, b[BLEEP]ches.
[20:28] <TuxRainbow> Hello, Haak
[20:28] <Haak> Seriously what's up, it's alarmingly quiet in here.
[20:28] * TuxRainbow shrugs
[20:30] * Souldier points behind Haak
[20:30] * Haak turns.
[20:30] <@Diamond Dice Darkness> Souldier rolls 1d20 [ 18 ]
[20:30] * Souldier slips up behind Hak and pulls his pants down
[20:31] <Souldier> *Haak
[20:31] <TuxRainbow> Pants-ed
[20:31] <Souldier> Not much is up... but your pants need to be
[20:31] *** David O`Cain [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[20:31] <+Luna-P> y0 David O`Cain
[20:31] <Haak> .
[20:31] <David O`Cain> Yo.
[20:31] * Souldier chuckles and heads to the kitchen
[20:31] <TuxRainbow> hello
[20:31] * Haak restores his pants to their rightful place.
[20:32] * Souldier salutes David
[20:32] <Haak> Note to self: begin virus bombing early
[20:32] <Souldier> O_o
[20:32] * Haak waves at David.
[20:35] <@Michael D> omg, you aren't dead.
[20:35] <@Michael D> congrats
[20:36] <TuxRainbow> Nope
[20:36] <Haak> Thanks I guess!
[20:36] <Haak> It takes an irritating amount of effort kill someone like me, really.
[20:36] <David O`Cain> Hey, Haak. Long time, man.
[20:37] <@Michael D> A quick blow to the head.
[20:37] <@Michael D> Thats all.
[20:37] <Souldier> Boom. Headshot.
[20:38] <@Michael D> I learned that from Video Games.
[20:38] <@Michael D> because if you hit someone in the back of the head, it's an instant kill
[20:38] <Haak> You'd think so, but it's never that simple.
[20:38] <Haak> There'd be like, an earthquake before you fired, or someone would scream, or something equally random
[20:39] <Souldier> yeah. all the hi-tech state of the art armor in the world won't save you from instant death by way of slap-to-the-back-of-the-head
[20:39] <Shinji Ikari> !awesome
*** As part of his morning routine, Shinji Ikari stretches by defeating 20 armed ninjas that jump out of various household appliances.
[20:39] <Haak> Because let's face it, if we're being reasonable here, everyone in this room really should be dead
[20:39] <@Shinji Ikari> It's a Haak!
[20:40] <@Michael D> or that damned car would zoom up and hit you while you aimed for their head....DAMN YOU GTA4 ONLINE MULTIPLAYER *shakes fist*
[20:40] <Haak> There's only one of me, b[BLEEP]ches.
[20:40] <@Shinji Ikari> Damn better be. 'Cause then we'd be risking a Crisis of Infinite Haaks.
[20:40] <Haak> GTA4 is pretty hilarious since you can just be walking along and then FLOORED BY BUS
[20:40] <Souldier> o_O
[20:41] *** LOVELYgirl [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[20:41] <+Luna-P> y0 LOVELYgirl
[20:41] <@Shinji Ikari> I HAVE BEEN HIT BY CARS IN THAT GAME
[20:41] <LOVELYgirl> Hello!
[20:41] <TuxRainbow> *beep beep, crunch*
[20:41] <Souldier> Meh. Too many morons complaining about driving in gta4
[20:41] <@Shinji Ikari> I'm just minding my business and suddenly some b[BLEEP]ch will run me over.
[20:41] <Souldier> (( Shinji- whats your PSN, we must play Metal Deer Online when it is unleashed ))
[20:41] <David O`Cain> Insta-roadkill.
[20:41] <@Shinji Ikari> Which causes me to pull out my shotgun and kill her.
[20:41] <Haak> That's when you bust out the hospitality.
[20:41] <TuxRainbow> Police! Someone ran me over
[20:42] * LOVELYgirl plops down on a couch
[20:42] <TuxRainbow> Hi
[20:42] <@Shinji Ikari> If Shinji remembers, he'll share his PSN name at a later date privately.
[20:42] <Haak> So, what have I missed, in short, while I was Over There?
[20:42] <David O`Cain> Hi, Miara.
[20:42] <Souldier> all righty.
[20:42] <@Michael D> What i love/hate, is the fact, THEY BLAME YOU FOR THEM RUNNING INTO YOU
[20:42] * Souldier waves to Miara
[20:43] <LOVELYgirl> Hey
[20:43] <TuxRainbow> What are they, drunk?
[20:43] <Haak> Anyone important dead/turned traitor/impending attack I should know about?
[20:43] <TuxRainbow> Not that I know of
[20:43] <Souldier> The world is safe
[20:43] <Souldier> for the next....
[20:43] <Haak> Good times.
[20:43] * Souldier checks watch
[20:44] <LOVELYgirl> Safe at least that we know of, I suppose.
[20:44] <@Shinji Ikari> I'm totally in my Post-Final Crisis incarnation right now.
[20:44] <TuxRainbow> For now...
[20:44] <Souldier> for about the next 4 hours, 46 minutes, and 15 and 3/4 seconds
[20:44] <Haak> Well, I mean technically I could launch a few nukes right this second to spice it up
[20:44] <TuxRainbow> heh
[20:44] <Souldier> DO EET
[20:44] <Haak> But those things are expensive, so I'm keeping them.
[20:44] <TuxRainbow> Global Thermonuclear war
[20:44] <David O`Cain> So far so good, man.
[20:44] <@Shinji Ikari> (Also, the cops in GTA4? God they annoy me when I accidentally and harmlessly bump into their cars.)
[20:44] <Souldier> Dude just ask the Russians
[20:45] <Souldier> They should have plenty to spare
[20:45] <Haak> Been there, seen it, got the radiation poisoning.
[20:45] * Souldier procures a "Rampage Permit"
[20:45] <Haak> I got better though. I do that a lot.
[20:46] * Souldier fills out said permit form "Yeah... RadHaz is never fun."
[20:46] <David O`Cain> Hey, at least you're still in good health after all that.
[20:46] <Haak> I can't remember, has the budokai happened this year or am I going completely mad?
[20:46] <Souldier> Both