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"Miss Dream... welcome to the nightmare... of our lives. Beer?" --Haruka

*** Fri May 02 2008 LOG RESET - Please scroll up for the message of the Day
[22:15] <Michelle D> ...
[22:15] <@Darkness Kusanagi> !
[22:15] <Yaijinden> ding
[22:15] *** Tina Kensei has joined #suburbansenshi2
[22:15] <+Luna-P> y0 Tina Kensei
[22:15] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> Damn it
[22:15] <starcat> d
[22:15] <Yaijinden> !yai
[22:15] Wisdom from the Book of Yai:
[22:02] <Yaijinden> He also participates in autoerotic asphyxiation! With crystals!

[22:15] <@Darkness Kusanagi> DAMMIT MIKE-CHAN
[22:15] <Sailor Rainbow> lost it
[22:15] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> SOMEONE DO IT AGAIN
[22:15] <starcat> boo :<
[22:15] * Tina Kensei pokes her head in
[22:15] <starcat> I got a p[TAB A]s and lost the log.
[22:15] * Darkness Kusanagi looks at Wolfwood.
[22:15] *** Wolfwood is A tall american female with cobalt eyes and blonde hair with a pony tail off to the side. she wears a pair of slightly dirty capri's, a Stark Industries t-shirt and Blue canvas sneakers
His image Song is: "Better Days" by Uncle Kracker.
Wolfwood is an IRC Operator - Channel Administrator

[22:15] <Tina Kensei> um..hello?
[22:15] * Wolfwood looks at Wolfwood.
[22:15] *** Wolfwood is A tall american female with cobalt eyes and blonde hair with a pony tail off to the side. she wears a pair of slightly dirty capri's, a Stark Industries t-shirt and Blue canvas sneakers
His image Song is: "Better Days" by Uncle Kracker.
Wolfwood is an IRC Operator - Channel Administrator

[22:15] * Yaijinden looks at Wolfwood.
[22:15] *** Wolfwood is A tall american female with cobalt eyes and blonde hair with a pony tail off to the side. she wears a pair of slightly dirty capri's, a Stark Industries t-shirt and Blue canvas sneakers
His image Song is: "Better Days" by Uncle Kracker.
Wolfwood is an IRC Operator - Channel Administrator

[22:15] <starcat> adam can I move to England ;_;
[22:15] <Yaijinden> THREE TIMES GAWD
[22:16] <Michelle D> I CLAIM THIS LOG, IN THE NAME OF RIGHT GENDERS(and oocly for Vanessa, because i love her. :D)
[22:16] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> The phone got -- AHAHAHA
[22:16] <Sailor Rainbow> At least Ying-kun isn't here
[22:16] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> (yes star you can stay with Jasmine)
[22:16] * Terra Knight nods
[22:17] * Tina Kensei walks in
[22:17] * Michelle D pokes her cleavage
[22:17] <@Wolfwood> Dunno how I feel about all this yet.
[22:17] * Yaijinden waves
[22:17] * Yaijinden pokes Michelle's boob
[22:17] <Terra Knight> Hmm... Female Prof Tomoe... Washuu or not?
[22:17] <Michelle D> Again, What is this good for Shal-kun?
[22:17] * @Darkness Kusanagi pokes Mike-chan's cleavage too.
[22:17] * Terra Knight ponders
[22:17] <Yaijinden> Besides giving milk to babies?
[22:17] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> Shal, you have any idea how this happened?
[22:17] <Yaijinden> I suggest you think about it with Elda.
[22:18] * starcat is away: helicopters can go to england right ;_;
[22:18] <@Darkness Kusanagi> I think something blew up in Tomoe's lab.
[22:18] <Yaijinden> Do a little bit of discovery.
[22:18] * Tina Kensei pokes her own chest
[22:18] <@Darkness Kusanagi> Cyril's looking into it--
[22:18] <Yaijinden> Exploration. ♡
[22:18] * Darkness Kusanagi looks at Ninth Sage.
[22:18] *** Ninth Sage is a tall, sexy young woman with shaggy silver hair and elf like ears, dressed in flowing black and gold robes. Tendril-like wings extend from her back, and a large halberd rests in her hands. She is constantly tossing a ball up and down in her free hand.
Her image Song is: .

[22:18] <Terra Knight> Or whatever his name is now
[22:18] * @Darkness Kusanagi c[BLEEP]ks an eyebrow and gets back to that sentence from before.
[22:18] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> And now Cyril's a chick.
[22:18] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> Great.
[22:18] <Michelle D> ADAM, IT GOT YOU TOO!??
[22:19] <@Darkness Kusanagi> She said she'd be able to fix it after a few days.
[22:19] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> (( Shal are you secretly drawing everyone's gender-swapped self to torture us with at later dates? ))
[22:19] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> It got me.
[22:19] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> It got Jasmine.
[22:19] <@Darkness Kusanagi> (( HOW DID YOU KNOW ))
[22:19] <Terra Knight> /sign Tor-ment
[22:19] <Michelle D> (( and I'm apparently the only one who did before hand. ¯\(º_o)/¯ ))
[22:19] * LOVELYboy is back
[22:19] <Terra Knight> Torment
[22:20] * Tina Kensei sees her boyfriend and blinks
[22:20] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> (( XD ))
[22:20] <@Darkness Kusanagi> ...
[22:20] <@Darkness Kusanagi> wait..
[22:20] <@Darkness Kusanagi> Jack and Yura--
[22:20] <Yaijinden> What?
[22:20] <@Darkness Kusanagi> with Jack's libido--
[22:20] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> I dunno if it got to other people.
[22:20] <Yaijinden> Are probably getting it on that much harder.
[22:20] <Yaijinden> If the secret lair is a rockin' don't send FEMA in yet.
[22:20] <Sailor Rainbow> No comment.
[22:21] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> I haven't left the base yet today, and I haven't heard from that team yet.
[22:21] <@Darkness Kusanagi> and DAMMIT I highly doubt I'll even see X-chan.
[22:21] <Yaijinden> So are you thinking yet about how your niece is probably delivering, as it is said, "the deep d[BLEEP]kings"?
[22:21] * Suu looks at the phone " happened to him too..."
[22:21] <@Darkness Kusanagi> I'm worried my sister-- BROTHER is D:
[22:21] * LOVELYboy looks at Tina Kensei.
[22:21] *** Tina Kensei is is a girl with curvy brown hair, bright eyes and a sunny smile
Her image Song is: .

[22:21] <Michelle D> Elda-chan was on a shot for a couple days for a movie she was working on.....
[22:21] <Suu> Um, this is Suu...
[22:21] * Suu has become a very shota youg boy.
[22:21] <@Darkness Kusanagi> Oh god poor Kelric
[22:22] <Yaijinden> Long and hard.
[22:22] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> Suu did your voice just crack?
[22:22] <Yaijinden> And until they both get annoyed with the novelty.
[22:22] <Sailor Rainbow> Stop it
[22:22] <Suu> - Uh-huh -
[22:22] <@Darkness Kusanagi> It got most of us here.
[22:22] * Sailor Rainbow is getting ecchi thoughts
[22:22] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> Welcome to püberty for men, Suu.
[22:22] <Suu> - I'm going to go home and hope this is just a dream -
[22:23] * Yaijinden offers a pamplet for Miss Rainbow
[22:23] * @Darkness Kusanagi brushes back his hair
[22:23] *** Suu [] has quit IRC (This has to be a bad dream)
[22:23] * Tina Kensei sits quietly on a sofa
[22:23] <Terra Knight> It won't be a dream when you wake up tomorrow.
[22:23] <@Wolfwood> Yea can we like undoo whatever this was fast. I only had enough on me for one change of clothes.
[22:23] * Michelle D pushes her sunglasses back up her nose.......*jiggle*
[22:23] <Sailor Rainbow> Thanks
[22:23] <LOVELYboy> Taki??
[22:23] <Michelle D> OH DAMNIT, STOP THAT YOU TWO
[22:23] <@Darkness Kusanagi> ... DAMMIT MIKE STOP THAT
[22:23] <Tina Kensei> um....Tina now >>
[22:23] <@Darkness Kusanagi> SERIOUSLY
[22:23] <Tina Kensei> apperetly
[22:23] * Sailor Rainbow reads the pamphlet
[22:23] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> Really, London? Your clothes didn't switch with you like all mine did?
[22:24] <Sailor Rainbow> I think ours did
[22:24] * Alissa Kanal [EN] woke up with a very... pink wardrobe.
[22:24] <Yaijinden> You're a bit tall or I'd offer you mine :<
[22:24] <@Wolfwood>
[22:24] <Sailor Rainbow> Pink... I love pink
[22:24] <@Wolfwood> ............
[22:24] <@Wolfwood> I sleep naked
[22:24] * Sailor Rainbow is shocked
[22:24] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> ... hay I'm gonna go npuke now
[22:24] <Michelle D> Is it my fault that I ended up with your breasts!? D:
[22:24] * Tina Kensei blinks
[22:25] <Yaijinden> It's very comfy now.
[22:25] <Terra Knight> I don't. At least, not now
[22:25] <@Darkness Kusanagi> YES YES IT IS
[22:25] <Yaijinden> Sleeping in the buff anyway.
[22:25] <Yaijinden> I do it whenever weather permits.
[22:25] <@Darkness Kusanagi> I DISLIKE HAVING A p[TAB A]s GREATLY
[22:25] *** has joined #suburbansenshi2
[22:25] <+Luna-P> y0
[22:25] <@Wolfwood> ¯\(º_o)/¯
[22:25] * Sailor Rainbow now has to buy bras. :(
[22:25] <Michelle D> Oh god, I so can't deal with Bras.
[22:26] <@spiritflame> ATTENTION: Ms. Xadium is already registered. Check your password or enter a new name.
[22:26] <@Darkness Kusanagi> --
[22:26] <Michelle D> .......
[22:26] *** has joined #suburbansenshi2
[22:26] <+Luna-P> y0
[22:26] <@spiritflame> ATTENTION: Ms. Xadium is already registered. Check your password or enter a new name.
[22:26] * Darkness Kusanagi looks at Ms. Xadium.
[22:26] *** Ms. Xadium is A female version of Dr. Xadium with purple hair and golden eyes who looks very much like Bleach's Yoroichi in a business suit.
Her image Song is: "Is she is or is she ain't" by Louis Farrakhan.

[22:26] <Terra Knight> Well, looking who showed up
[22:26] * Michelle D EPICLY POINTS AT X
[22:26] <@Darkness Kusanagi> ..............
[22:26] * @Darkness Kusanagi just... stares.
[22:26] <Michelle D> X HAS BEWBIES TOO
[22:26] * Sailor Rainbow points
[22:26] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> X, too?!
[22:26] <@spiritflame> ATTENTION: Ms. Xadium is already registered. Check your password or enter a new name.
[22:26] <@Wolfwood> T_T
[22:26] <Sailor Rainbow> I still dare female X to do a chat based on this
[22:27] <Tina Kensei> ...this is a strange effect
[22:27] <@Wolfwood> Everyone has a decent rack but me...
[22:27] * @Darkness Kusanagi can't stop staring oh god
[22:27] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> Hells yeah I do.
[22:27] * Yaijinden notices the commotion and takes her hand off of Michelle's boob
[22:27] * is now known as Ms. Xadium
[22:27] * Alissa Kanal [EN] has Ds. :D
[22:27] <Ms. Xadium> <_<
[22:27] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> They hurt like a b[BLEEP]ch, though.
[22:27] * Michelle D looks at Michelle D.
[22:27] *** Michelle D is a tall female with her brown hair tied up in the back, two long bangs frame her face. She is wearing a black suit with a gold button shirt....with a plunging neckline. She has a pair of sunglasses with silver frames on her face along with Purple lipstick. More information about her is Here.
Her image Song is: "Faces" by Scary Kids Scaring Kids.

[22:27] <Ms. Xadium> What the hell.
[22:27] <Sailor Rainbow> Darn it
[22:27] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> X
[22:27] <@Darkness Kusanagi> X-ch-chan.
[22:27] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> XADIUM
[22:27] <Ms. Xadium> I have mammaries.
[22:27] <Yaijinden> Welcome to the Jungle
[22:27] <Michelle D> I have...wait, how in the hell do you know how big these things are?
[22:27] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> I'VE MISSED YA
[22:27] <Yaijinden> We got Fun and Games
[22:27] <Sailor Rainbow> Xadium... chan?
[22:28] <@Darkness Kusanagi> how do you deal with that thing in your pants half the time ><
[22:28] <Ms. Xadium> :/
[22:28] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> I was gonna say "brother" but that's not accurate anymore.
[22:28] <Yaijinden> You measure around your boobs, then you measure around your chest beneath your boots?
[22:28] * Sailor Rainbow measured them :)
[22:28] <Ms. Xadium> I uually let you take care of it
[22:28] * @Wolfwood lights a smoke
[22:28] <Yaijinden> Or you look at the tag.
[22:28] * @Darkness Kusanagi whacks his head off the wall.
[22:28] <Yaijinden> osnaps
[22:28] <@Wolfwood> oh thank god I had a fresh pack
[22:28] <Ms. Xadium> Walking is annoying.
[22:29] <@Darkness Kusanagi> you're telling me!
[22:29] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> That's why you have such a small chest, London.
[22:29] <@Wolfwood> Sweet sweet Turkish Jades.
[22:29] <Ms. Xadium> I keep leaning forward.
[22:29] <Yaijinden> That whole slightly-adjusted center of balance hip-shaking thing?
[22:29] <Sailor Rainbow> I know.
[22:29] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> You smoke like a chimney
[22:29] * @Darkness Kusanagi flails.
[22:29] <Ms. Xadium> Yes Yai. What IS with that.
[22:29] <Yaijinden> Prop yourself back! Thrust yourself out proudly! Or something. It works for me!
[22:29] * Ms. Xadium waggles her butt
[22:29] <@Wolfwood> Hey hey. I'm down to two packs a week, i'm trying here.
[22:29] * @Darkness Kusanagi drools X STOP THAT D:
[22:29] <@Darkness Kusanagi> REALLY
[22:29] <Terra Knight> Try harder
[22:30] <@Darkness Kusanagi> DON'T DO THAT D:
[22:30] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> Wait
[22:30] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> Wait
[22:30] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> Wait
[22:30] <Yaijinden> matte
[22:30] <@Darkness Kusanagi> FOR THE LOVE OF GOD
[22:30] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> ... OH NO SHE BETTER LEAVE IANTO ALONE
[22:30] * Ms. Xadium stops
[22:30] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> I WILL F[BLEEP]K THAT B[BLEEP]CH UP
[22:30] <Sailor Rainbow> Catfight?
[22:30] <@Darkness Kusanagi> My hakama are uncomfortable enough as it is!
[22:30] * Ms. Xadium sits down on unnamed Sofa and crosses her legs
[22:31] * Alissa Kanal [EN] starts taking her earings off. "Jasmine, hold my s[BLEEP]t."
[22:31] <Terra Knight> I am SO not used to wearing a tuxedo.
[22:31] <@Wolfwood> =O
[22:31] <@Darkness Kusanagi> dammit I hate my life ><
[22:31] <@Wolfwood> I wonder what the others look like.
[22:31] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> I'll call back in a bit
[22:32] *** Alissa Kanal [EN] has left #suburbansenshi2 (I'm gonna make Jack PAY.)
[22:32] *** Yura [] has left #suburbansenshi2 (>_> way ahead of you Adam, waaaaaaaaaaaay ahead.)
[22:32] <@Wolfwood> Adam went strong black woman on us!
[22:33] <Sailor Rainbow> She scares me. (and I wish I could do a /look, but...)
[22:33] * starcat looks at Alissa Kanal [EN].
[22:33] *** Alissa Kanal [EN] is in England, so you can't see her! Haha! Well, y'all know her, right? Blonde, blue eyes, nice chest, detective.
Her image Song is: Big Girls Don't Cry - Fergie.

[22:33] * Alissa Kanal [EN] looks at Yura.
[22:33] *** Yura is a blue haired Tetragenus-Felpurr in miko robes! Yura died but got better; see Yura Leocadia.
Her image Song is: .

[22:33] * starcat knows the way to England
[22:33] * Yura is too lazy to change his /look okay
[22:33] * Captain Jack Harkness is now known as Captain Jacqueline Harkness
[22:34] * Captain Jack Harkness is dressed exactly as before don't bother looking :P
[22:34] <Captain Jack Harkness> ...
[22:34] * Captain Jack Harkness looks like a woman.
[22:35] <Captain Jack Harkness> This hasn't happened to me in years.
[22:35] * Yura glances at Jack.
[22:35] <Captain Jack Harkness> Hey Y, lookin' hot~
[22:35] <Yaijinden> Tell me has this functionally changed anything in your current life aside from the nitty-gritty details of anatomy.
[22:35] <@Wolfwood> (( Fem-Wood needs a better song. ))
[22:35] <Captain Jack Harkness> Not really Yai, not really.
[22:35] <Yura> I absolutely LOVE your hormones.
[22:35] * Captain Jack Harkness flashes a bright smile
[22:35] <Terra Knight> fixed
[22:35] * Yura grabs Jack
[22:36] * Terra Knight looks at Terra Knight.
[22:36] *** Terra Knight is is the protector of the Earth. He wears a brown Tuxedo, and can shape the Earth to his needs.
image Song is: 0.

[22:36] * Captain Jack Harkness Grabs Yura!
[22:36] <Yura> screw Ianto I get you tonight.
[22:36] <Sailor Rainbow> heh
[22:36] <Captain Jack Harkness> You want me to screw Ianto?
[22:36] <Yura> :/
[22:36] <Captain Jack Harkness> but I wanted you tonight! You're a hot lookin' guy!
[22:36] <Terra Knight> (minor typo, but...)
[22:36] <Captain Jack Harkness> ;D
[22:37] <Yura> I don't know if I should take that positively or not but what the hell!
[22:37] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> (from London) B[BLEEP]CH I WILL F[BLEEP]K YOU UP IF YOU TOUCH IANOT
[22:37] <Terra Knight> (( Do what I did, and create a new name.... sheesh ))
[22:37] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> ^IANTO
[22:37] * Captain Jack Harkness is away: Pushing Y behind a sofa for an exploration of the parameters of the problem
[22:37] * Alissa Kanal [EN] really has gone strong black woman on y'all
[22:37] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> /.away for realz
[22:37] <Captain Jack Harkness> (( too lazy to do that for a one shot cameo XD ))
[22:37] * Yura is away: HOT DAMN she knows how to work things well ♡
[22:38] <Sailor Rainbow> Oh, no she didn't!
[22:38] <@Darkness Kusanagi> .................
[22:38] <Sailor Rainbow> (( ok ))
[22:38] * @Darkness Kusanagi whacks his head off the wall again
[22:38] <starcat> (( Adam are you on MSN ))
[22:38] <Terra Knight> Something wrong, Shal?
[22:38] <starcat> "whacking his head off the wall" sounds so. wrong.
[22:38] <@DR. XADiUM> Shal don't hit your head, man
[22:38] <starcat> I'm sorry, Glen.
[22:38] <@Darkness Kusanagi> DAMMIT
[22:38] <Ms. Xadium> ^
[22:39] <@Darkness Kusanagi> It's easier to crave sex silently as a woman ><
[22:39] <Terra Knight> At least I'm not the only one to make that mistake :)
[22:39] <Ms. Xadium> <_< is it
[22:39] * Wolfwood looks at Wolfwood.
[22:39] *** Wolfwood is A tall american female with cobalt eyes and blonde hair with a pony tail off to the side. she wears a pair of slightly dirty capri's, a Stark Industries t-shirt and Blue canvas sneakers
His image Song is: Amy Winehouse - Rehab.
Wolfwood is an IRC Operator - Channel Administrator

[22:39] <@Darkness Kusanagi> :P
[22:39] * Sailor Rainbow shrugs
[22:39] <@Wolfwood> (( Kinda fits =D ))
[22:40] <starcat> You don't have a bodily part springing to the attention of the whole room.
[22:40] <Terra Knight> I know
[22:40] <@Darkness Kusanagi> it is INCREDIBLY AWKWARD
[22:40] <Ms. Xadium> Wear a cup :P
[22:40] <@Darkness Kusanagi> I'm going into the TARDIS ><
[22:41] <@Darkness Kusanagi> oh HAHA ya you can laugh now
[22:41] <@Wolfwood> You. Time......thing.
[22:41] <Terra Knight> I don't wanna buy one if it only lasts three days :(
[22:41] <@Wolfwood> Fix this.
[22:41] <Ms. Xadium> You. Human. Thing.
[22:41] <Ms. Xadium> you fix it I didn't do it
[22:41] <Sailor Rainbow> Time Lady... get it right, please
[22:41] <starcat> ¯\(º_o)/¯
[22:41] <LOVELYboy> I don't see how this is a time thing exactly.
[22:41] <@Wolfwood> I don't know s[BLEEP]t about this. You're the scientist.
[22:42] <Terra Knight> WE HEARD.
[22:42] <Ninth Sage> AHAHAHA Xadium it hit you too.
[22:42] * starcat looks at Ninth Sage.
[22:42] *** Ninth Sage is a tall, sexy young woman with shaggy silver hair and elf like ears, dressed in flowing black and gold robes. Tendril-like wings extend from her back, and a large halberd rests in her hands. She is constantly tossing a ball up and down in her free hand.
Her image Song is: .

[22:42] <Ms. Xadium> ...
[22:42] <starcat> Do you like playing with balls?
[22:42] <Ms. Xadium> This is YOUR doing
[22:43] <Ninth Sage> It wasn't at all intentional.
[22:43] <Terra Knight> Hers? You sure?
[22:43] * Ms. Xadium gets intoa catfight with Cyril
[22:43] <Ninth Sage> If it was I wouldn't be lacking my p[TAB A]s.
[22:43] <Terra Knight> What were you trying to do?
[22:43] * Ninth Sage catfights D:<
[22:43] <Yaijinden> Give us a new reason to appreciate the trivialities of not being who we are?
[22:43] <Sailor Rainbow> Catfight!
[22:44] <@Wolfwood> I say we shoot at it 'till it does what we want it to. Worked before for me.
[22:44] <Yaijinden> Screw this noise, I'm going to go diddle myself for a while.
[22:44] * @Darkness Kusanagi is away: you two aren't helping OH F[BLEEP]KING GOD I can't believe I'm doing this ><
[22:44] * Yaijinden fishes a vibrator from Cargo Capris of Holding
[22:44] * Yaijinden is away: ♡ ♡ ♡
[22:44] * Sailor Rainbow has another ecchi thought
[22:44] <Ninth Sage> He looks like Sephiroth.
[22:44] *** Furu [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[22:44] <+Luna-P> y0 Furu
[22:44] <@Wolfwood> <_<
[22:44] * Ms. Xadium knocks on the TARDIS DOOR
[22:44] <Furu> I'm baaaaaaaack
[22:44] <Furu> ...what's going on?
[22:44] <@Darkness Kusanagi> OH LIKE YOU'D HELP WITH IT
[22:45] <Ms. Xadium> OPEJ THIS DOOR RIGHT NOW
[22:45] <Terra Knight> Not much, if you like being the opposite sex
[22:45] <@Darkness Kusanagi> F[BLEEP]K NO
[22:45] <Ms. Xadium> YOU'VE BEEN IN HTERE FOR EVER
[22:45] <Ms. Xadium> I'M COMING INSIDE
[22:45] <@Darkness Kusanagi> NOW YOU KNOW HOW I FEEL
[22:45] <@Darkness Kusanagi> W-WHAT?!>?!?!?!
[22:45] <@Darkness Kusanagi> D-DON'T YOU DARE
[22:46] <Sailor Rainbow> He's naked!
[22:46] * Furu looks at Ms. Xadium.
[22:46] *** Ms. Xadium is A female version of Dr. Xadium with purple hair and golden eyes who looks very much like Bleach's Yoroichi in a business suit.
Her image Song is: "Is she is or is she ain't" by Louis Farrakhan.

[22:46] * Ms. Xadium fumbles with the key to the TARDIS Door
[22:46] <@Darkness Kusanagi> IF YOU COME IN HERE I SWEAR I'LL
[22:46] <Terra Knight> >>
[22:47] <@Darkness Kusanagi> OH YOU KNOW DAMN WELL WHAT I'M DOING
[22:47] <Terra Knight> He isn't doing that
[22:47] * Ms. Xadium bangs on the door
[22:47] <Furu> Aaaaaaaaaw.
[22:47] * Terra Knight has flashbacks. He screams
[22:48] <LOVELYboy> (( hey wolf ))
[22:48] <@Darkness Kusanagi> --- GOD DAMMIT
[22:48] <Ms. Xadium> WHAT WHAT DID YOU DO
[22:48] <Sailor Rainbow> Well, she did shake what she got
[22:48] <@Wolfwood> (( yo ))
[22:48] <@Darkness Kusanagi> (oh you're kidding me we soil it all the time why are you spazzing about that)
[22:49] <Terra Knight> Yeah, but not like THAT
[22:49] * Ms. Xadium sits down and cries her interiopr decortator sense is going off
[22:49] <LOVELYboy> (( we need to talk before it gets too much later ))
[22:49] <@Darkness Kusanagi> .........
[22:49] * @Darkness Kusanagi can be heard grumbling
[22:49] * Terra Knight can't believe he said that
[22:49] <@Wolfwood> (( um.....rantbox? ))
[22:49] <@Darkness Kusanagi> the f[BLEEP]king door's unlocked okay
[22:49] <@Darkness Kusanagi> I'll go somewhere else
[22:49] <LOVELYboy> (( k ))
[22:50] <Furu> This has gotten a little odd.
[22:50] <@Wolfwood> OH YOU THINK FURU
[22:50] * Ms. Xadium goes inside to help
[22:50] <Terra Knight> isn't this place ALWAYS odd?
[22:50] <starcat> a LITTLE.
[22:50] <@Darkness Kusanagi> H-Help?!
[22:51] * Ms. Xadium is away: yes... "help" <_<
[22:51] <@Wolfwood> (( i'm in there whenever youre ready ))
[22:51] * @Darkness Kusanagi is away: the f[BLEEP]k didn't you say that sooner woman.
[22:51] <starcat> that's creepy
[22:51] * starcat shudders and puts in his ipod earbuds again
[22:52] * starcat zones out
[22:52] <Terra Knight> Don't knock it 'till you've tried it
[22:52] * Wolfwood looks at starcat.
[22:52] *** starcat is a 21-year-old man who looks rather stunned. He's wearing girljeans and a mesh t-shirt and looks a bit emo. He's tall and skinny, though, and somehow, it works! More information about is Here.
image Song is: "Extraordinary" by Liz Phair.

[22:52] <starcat> I can find it creepy without trying it.
[22:52] <starcat> It's like childbirth.
[22:52] <Sailor Rainbow> Fine enough
[22:52] <starcat> I can know it's painful without going through it.
[22:53] * Sailor Rainbow thinks she can't have children... right?
[22:53] <Terra Knight> I hope not. Anyway, I promise to protect myself.
[22:53] * Sailor Rainbow sighs deeply
[22:54] * Furu hugs his husband to his chest again :<
[22:54] *** Terra Knight has left #suburbansenshi2 (gotta buy protection for my wife...)
[22:54] <The Ronin> .........
[22:55] * The Ronin looks in the mirror
[22:55] <Sailor Rainbow> Hello
[22:55] * The Ronin looks at The Ronin.
[22:55] *** The Ronin is a dark haired man with a deep tan, in a nicely fitting pair of jeans and a dark slick top. A trench coat, sleeves ripped off, covers it all, revealing cloth arm braces. His hair is tied back, and a sly smirk is constantly seen. He looks like Dr. Xadium :/
Her image Song is: "Edge" the Liminality Single.

[22:55] <The Ronin> Oh hell I look like my husband.
[22:55] <Sailor Rainbow> don't we know it :/
[22:55] <The Ronin> And he looks like me
[22:56] <Sailor Rainbow> I know :p
[22:56] *** The Ronin has left #suburbansenshi2 (the definition of awkward.)
[22:56] <Furu> Ha ha!
[22:56] <Sailor Rainbow> Awk-ward!
[22:56] <starcat> ...this is seriously weird.
[22:57] <Sailor Rainbow> That it is. That it is
[22:57] <starcat> I don't LIKE it but it's not wrong because she's my wife and i'm tired.
[22:57] * starcat closes her eyes and rests
[22:58] *** Sailor Rainbow has left #suburbansenshi2 (I guess I should go talk to Mel. And maybe shine some light on the situation.)
[22:59] * Yaijinden steps back inside, bearing a pitcher of iced tea, positively glowing
[22:59] <Yaijinden> We didn't get into trouble oh I see we are short more people than before. :)
[23:00] <Furu> Yeah.
[23:00] <Furu> Poor star-kun's had a rough day.
[23:00] <Furu> Some people are adapting to this better than others.
[23:00] <Yaijinden> For some of us it's just a hiccup. :)
[23:00] <@Wolfwood> It's uncomfortable being a woman...
[23:01] <Yaijinden> You'll adjust or you won't. We, speaking as someone who wears a human skin like the rest of you, tend to take a while to internalize these sorts of things. :)
[23:01] * Yaijinden pours herself some tea, holds the pitcher up meaningfully for anyone else who's interested
[23:02] <Furu> I'll have some.
[23:02] <Yaijinden> It's unsweetened and really strong, so bear that in mind. :)
[23:02] * Yaijinden pours a glass and sort of flops back on the couch
[23:03] <@Wolfwood> i'll take one thanks.
[23:04] * Furu sips some.
[23:04] * Yaijinden pours another, offers it
[23:04] * @Wolfwood takes, thanks
[23:04] <Yaijinden> So besides the new units, what's new? :)
[23:05] <@Wolfwood> Not much.
[23:05] <@Wolfwood> I work and sleep mostly. Not too much else.
[23:05] <@Wolfwood> Sylvie got the boat so i'm sleeping ither in the UNIT dorms or my car.
[23:06] * starcat snuggles on Furu, half-asleep already
[23:06] <Furu> Aaaw.
[23:06] <Furu> I've been trying to work with star-kun on this but it's hard. :/ That's about the only thing going on
[23:09] <Furu> Maybe I should take him home.
[23:10] <Yaijinden> Maybe maybe.
[23:11] <Yaijinden> I suggest you wake your Prince up with a kiss, just to be silly about it.
[23:11] <Ms. Xadium> O_O OH MY GOD THAT'S HOW IT FEELS?! !? AHHHH!!!
[23:11] <@Wolfwood> S[BLEEP]t.
[23:11] <Furu> That's not a bad idea!
[23:11] <@Wolfwood> I just realised something.
[23:11] <Yaijinden> Did you?
[23:11] <@Darkness Kusanagi> GOD D-DAMN THIS IS G-GOOD!!!! NNGHHHHH!!
[23:11] <@Darkness Kusanagi> ^
[23:11] * Yaijinden just rolls her eyes at the background count :)
[23:12] <@Wolfwood> I don't know if I'll be able to get in the UNIT dorms like this.
[23:12] <@Darkness Kusanagi> HAAAAAAA!! HAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!
[23:12] <Yaijinden> They did all that dancing about the issue of being turned on by each other and now they're finally down to the business. :)
[23:12] <Ms. Xadium> INCREASE THE VELOCITY!!!!!!1
[23:13] <@Darkness Kusanagi> YOU GOT IT!!!
[23:13] <Yaijinden> Maybe you should call them? Explain that something terrible is going on, and that you will probably test more or less identical genetically to yourself? :)
[23:13] <Ms. Xadium> O________O OH MY GIDDY AUNT
[23:13] <@Wolfwood> I don't want Yuki getting wind of this. She'll never let me live it down.
[23:14] * Furu covers star-kun's ears
[23:14] <@Darkness Kusanagi> G-GODS!!!!!!
[23:14] <@Wolfwood> The science nerd will turn me into a medical exparament
[23:14] * Furu is away: Yeah taking him home now!
[23:14] *** Ms. Xadium [] has quit IRC (O___________O)
[23:15] <@Wolfwood> I need a place to stayD :
[23:15] *** @Darkness Kusanagi [] has left #suburbansenshi2 (GRAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhh now I'm spent @_@)
[23:16] * starcat is away: ngh?
[23:16] <Yaijinden> Hotel? :)
[23:16] <@Wolfwood> Maybe.
[23:16] <Yaijinden> Probably. :)
[23:16] <Yaijinden> You can pick up some porn on the way, use the silence to figure out how your clit works.
[23:16] <Yaijinden> There's not nearly enough masturbation going on for my tastes.
[23:17] <Yaijinden> :)
[23:17] <@Wolfwood> Maybe.
[23:17] <@Wolfwood> For some reason I want chocolate.
[23:17] <Yaijinden> Chocolate is a good thing in general.
[23:18] * @Wolfwood nod-nods
[23:19] <@Wolfwood> I hope this ends soon.
[23:19] <@Wolfwood> This sucks.
[23:19] <Yaijinden> It'll end when it does. Enjoy what you can while you can. :)
[23:20] <@Wolfwood> I just might.
[23:20] <Yaijinden> Use it as a time to experience the world through a pair of eyes unfamiliar to your own. A bit of strange experience, accepted and integrated, does the mind well. :)
[23:21] <Furu> A few days, I guess. :/
[23:22] *** SHammond has joined #suburbansenshi2
[23:22] <+Luna-P> y0 SHammond
[23:22] * Yaijinden waves
[23:22] <Yaijinden> SHammond of Texas?! :)
[23:22] * SHammond looks around a bit, and seems to be a little releived
[23:23] <SHammond> No.
[23:23] <Yaijinden> :<
[23:23] <Yaijinden> That's okay, SHammond of Texas probably has more important things going on.
[23:23] <SHammond> I was beginning to think it was just me.
[23:23] * Yaijinden looks at SHammond.
[23:23] *** SHammond is no one

[23:23] <Yaijinden> :o
[23:24] <Yaijinden> It's everybody! Or a lot of people!
[23:24] * SHammond is a very handsome man with long, georgous blond hair and blue eyes.
[23:24] <SHammond> (( meh. so i'm lazy ))
[23:24] <Yaijinden> (( so lazy so lazy so lazy ))
[23:24] <SHammond> Please tell me someone knows what's going on?
[23:24] <Yaijinden> We're all a little weird here.
[23:25] <Yaijinden> I'm going to go with my stock answer of "causality sneezed."
[23:26] <SHammond> Great. Wonderful.
[23:26] <Yaijinden> I scent sarcasm in there just a bit. :)
[23:26] <SHammond> You think?
[23:27] <Yaijinden> It's hard :<
[23:27] * @Wolfwood is away: getting someone to buy me a drink or six
[23:27] <Yaijinden> Geology is haaaaard
[23:29] <Furu> D:
[23:29] <Yaijinden> See it's a tripartine pun.
[23:29] <Yaijinden> Not one, not two, but three levels.
[23:31] <Yaijinden> Off of the Barbie dolls that once recited Math is Hard.
[23:31] <Yaijinden> Two off of the nature of geology being considered a hard science.
[23:31] <Yaijinden> Three off of geology being rocks. Rocks are often hard.
[23:32] <Yaijinden> Is it just me? Am I the still the one who talks mostly to hirself? :)
[23:32] * SHammond is away: So not happy with this ><
[23:33] * Yaijinden waves :<
[23:34] <Yaijinden> Apparently I forget that people aren't as liminal-transcendental as I occasionally am.
[23:35] <Furu> I am sooooooo lost.
[23:35] <Yaijinden> I can start from the beginning?
[23:35] *** LOVELYboy [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[23:35] <+Luna-P> y0 LOVELYboy
[23:36] * Yaijinden waves!
[23:36] <LOVELYboy> Hi Yai.
[23:36] <LOVELYboy> And Furu.
[23:36] *** Tina Kensei has joined #suburbansenshi2
[23:36] <+Luna-P> y0 Tina Kensei
[23:36] <Tina Kensei> um...hey guys
[23:36] <Tina Kensei> err..girls
[23:36] <LOVELYboy> Hi Tina.
[23:37] <Tina Kensei> um hi
[23:37] * Yaijinden waves again!
[23:38] <Yaijinden> Redefine your roles!
[23:38] <Yaijinden> Twist those nobs!
[23:38] <Yaijinden> PULL THOSE LEVERS!
[23:38] <LOVELYboy> How are you? Besides the obvious?
[23:38] <Placeholder Man> You can pull my knobs.
[23:39] * LOVELYboy looks at Placeholder Man.
[23:39] *** Placeholder Man is dapperly dressed in dashing duds! He wears a bright yellow pinstriped suit with matching fedora and gangster sunglasses. Unlike his last appearance, he looks pretty manly.
His image Song is: "Dude Looks Like a Lady" by Aerosmith.

[23:39] * Tina Kensei blushes a little.....hiding slightly
[23:39] <Placeholder Man> ;)
[23:40] <LOVELYboy> Um...are you okay?
[23:40] <Yaijinden> How _dashing_.
[23:40] <Yaijinden> So do you do boyfriend placeholding too?
[23:40] <Tina Kensei> I feel a bit........weird
[23:40] <Placeholder Man> Why thank you.
[23:40] <Placeholder Man> ...I suppose I should right now.
[23:40] <Placeholder Man> It makes sense.
[23:41] * Yaijinden clings to Placeholder Man
[23:41] * Placeholder Man swiftly strips off his suit to show a spangly speedo!
[23:41] <Yaijinden> sparkly ♡_♡
[23:42] <Placeholder Man> Do you require my services now, or...later?
[23:42] <LOVELYboy> Heh.
[23:42] * Tina Kensei blinks and turns super red in the face
[23:42] * Placeholder Man gestures suggestively
[23:43] <Yaijinden> Not right now. I have to get a little more reacquainted with an old friend of mine that I've been neglecting. ♡
[23:43] <LOVELYboy> This is kinda weird, but I'm also kinda getting used to it.
[23:44] <Placeholder Man> Want to make an appointment?
[23:44] <Yaijinden> I'll call you?
[23:44] <Tina Kensei> *gulp*
[23:44] * Placeholder Man slips her his card
[23:45] * Placeholder Man pulled it from his codpiece, it's warm ♡
[23:45] <LOVELYboy> You know, you're pretty as a girl.
[23:46] * Tina Kensei blushes deeply and smiles a little bit
[23:46] * Yaijinden licks it, tucks it inside her shirt
[23:46] <Placeholder Man> (;
[23:46] * Yaijinden finishes off her glass of tea and pours another
[23:48] <Tina Kensei> um..thank you
[23:49] <Placeholder Man> Flappy Lips.
[23:50] * Yaijinden is captivated
[23:51] <LOVELYboy> That is strange.
[23:52] * Tina Kensei comes out from hiding
[23:53] * Yaijinden blows a kiss
[23:53] <LOVELYboy> Are you sure you're okay?
[23:54] <Tina Kensei> I just feel...very self concious all of a sudden
[23:54] <Placeholder Man> Mwah.
[23:54] * Tina Kensei is wearing clothes that don't really fit her
[23:54] <Placeholder Man> You shouldn't. You're pretty enough!
[23:54] <Yaijinden> Too tight? Too loose?
[23:55] <LOVELYboy> Looks too big to me.
[23:55] <Tina Kensei> too loose...
[23:56] <Yaijinden> Honey we should get you sized up if you're going to be concerned where you ought be less so.
[23:57] <Tina Kensei> I just...this is new for me
[23:57] <LOVELYboy> It is for all of us. But you should have some clothes that fit.
[23:58] <Yaijinden> If you don't I might. Stand up straight and hold still.
[23:58] <LOVELYboy> I don't think all my clothes changed...
[23:59] * Tina Kensei does so
[00:00] * LOVELYboy dumps some stuff out of his bag and finds some simple things
[00:00] * Yaijinden indelicately kicks off her sandals and measures her five-foot-five self against Tina's height
[00:00] <LOVELYboy> You could see if these fit.
[00:01] <Tina Kensei> um ok
[00:02] <Yaijinden> And if they're not your style I have others. :)
[00:03] * Tina Kensei grabs some of the clothes from the bag and hurries out
[00:03] * Yaijinden finishes the glass and serves herself a third
[00:03] * Tina Kensei is away 
[00:04] <Yaijinden> Bye now see you back when you're decent!
[00:05] <Placeholder Man> Why do you keep talking like that?
[00:05] <Placeholder Man> All running together?
[00:06] <Yaijinden> Because I believe the separation of clauses is something best reserved for legal documentation. ;)
[00:07] <LOVELYboy> It seems to suit her.
[00:08] <Yaijinden> It suits him too in the more mercurial moods. :>
[00:11] <Yaijinden> But then again I don't tune myself in this way that often.
[00:12] * Tina Kensei is back
[00:12] <Yaijinden> Half of a mask ♫
[00:12] * Tina Kensei walks back in..wearing one of the outfits from the bag
[00:12] * Yaijinden waves!
[00:12] * Tina Kensei waves bck
[00:12] * Yaijinden rolls around on the floor
[00:12] <Tina Kensei> *back
[00:14] * Yaijinden looks at Tina Kensei.
[00:14] *** Tina Kensei is is a girl with curvy brown hair, bright eyes and a sunny smile
Her image Song is: .

[00:14] <Yaijinden> Happy hop.
[00:15] <LOVELYboy> Well...that looks nice.
[00:15] <Yaijinden> ...rolling is squishier now that I have squishy parts.
[00:15] <Tina Kensei> really???
[00:15] <LOVELYboy> I imagine so!
[00:15] <LOVELYboy> Yeah.
[00:16] * Tina Kensei blushes and smiles
[00:16] <Tina Kensei> thanks
[00:17] <Yaijinden> Welcome to embracing your anima.
[00:18] <Tina Kensei> (( ...scarily..I actually understand that, Yai ))
[00:19] <Yaijinden> (( :) ))
[00:19] <Placeholder Man> I'll guide you to a roll in the hay if you want. ;D
[00:19] <Placeholder Man> You may have squishy parts but I like mine hard.
[00:20] <Yaijinden> Delightful hard-soft dualisms. :)
[00:22] * LOVELYboy experimentally puts an arm around Tina.
[00:23] * Tina Kensei blushes a bit and wiggles a little
[00:24] <Yaijinden> I'd play some Barry White but it'd be a little wildly inappropriate even for me.
[00:25] <Yaijinden> At least yet.
[00:27] <Tina Kensei> um Barry White?
[00:28] <Placeholder Man> He put sex to music and made it awesome.
[00:29] <Tina Kensei> can do that?
[00:29] <Placeholder Man> F[BLEEP]k yeah.
[00:31] <LOVELYboy> Tina, I have to go. Will you be okay getting home?
[00:31] <Tina Kensei> um...I think so
[00:32] <LOVELYboy> Alright.
[00:32] <LOVELYboy> I'll see you later
[00:33] *** LOVELYboy [] has left #suburbansenshi2
[00:34] <Tina Kensei> seeya
[00:35] <Yaijinden> There zhe goes.
[00:36] <Placeholder Man> There she goes again. ♫
[00:37] <Tina Kensei> I think I'm going to go home.....
[00:37] <Placeholder Man> racin' through my brain ♫
[00:38] <Tina Kensei> um..night
[00:39] <Yaijinden> G'night!
[00:39] <Yaijinden> Here's hoping your family doesn't go crazy. :)
[00:40] *** Tina Kensei has left #suburbansenshi2 (*transforms*......I'M A GIRL IN THIS FORM TOO!?)
[00:41] <Placeholder Man> and I just can't contaaaiiaaain
[00:42] <Placeholder Man> this feeling that remaaaiiaaaiiins ♫ ♫
[00:45] <Placeholder Man> Call me.
[00:45] *** Placeholder Man [] has left #suburbansenshi2 (Standing in for justice since 2007!)
[00:49] * Yaijinden laughs lightly, sitting up
[00:49] <Yaijinden> It's good to see you again.
[00:49] <Yaijinden> It's good to see me too.
[00:49] * Yaijinden is away: let's dance ♫
[10:59] * Yaijinden rolls around on the floor
[11:11] <starcat> roll roll roll
[11:30] <Sailor Rainbow> Somehow, I knew that some people would have sexings
[11:34] <starcat> Keh.
[11:34] <Sailor Rainbow> Something wrong?
[11:39] <starcat> I can't desu properly.
[11:40] <Sailor Rainbow> Desu™
[11:40] <Sailor Rainbow> Looks like I can :D
[11:40] <Yaijinden> desu :3
[11:41] <Sailor Rainbow> Hopefully, you'll get it back in short order.
[11:43] * Sailor Rainbow sighs
[11:43] <starcat> Perhaps.
[11:46] <Sailor Rainbow> Be positive! I mean, this can't last much longer... can it?
[11:47] * Sailor Rainbow was talking to Mel last night.
[11:51] * starcat coughs
[11:51] <starcat> I couldn't be turned into a healed man, nooo. x_x the cough traveled with me.
[11:54] <Sailor Rainbow> Hmm... interesting
[12:14] <Sailor Rainbow> perhaps the Mercury Knight could look into this, if this lasts longer than expected.
[12:20] <Yaijinden> "All of this activity off the coast is precipitating a downswing in the gender front, expect emotional lows in the mid-thirties..."
[12:21] <Sailor Rainbow> Hmm? What are you looking at?
[12:21] <Yaijinden> I amn't. :3
[12:21] <Sailor Rainbow> Still not used to this, and neither is Mel.
[12:22] * Sailor Rainbow sighs dreamily
[12:22] * starcat chuckles
[12:22] <Sailor Rainbow> I do not see this as amusing
[12:23] <starcat> Why not?
[12:24] <Sailor Rainbow> I just... don't
[12:24] <Sailor Rainbow> (Gah, is this how Mel felt when he was a she?)
[12:25] <starcat> (Likely)
[12:25] <Yaijinden> It's always how everyone feels, forever.
[12:25] <Sailor Rainbow> Don't tell me that. I don't want to be like this... for the rest of my life.
[12:26] * Sailor Rainbow cries. She cries deeply
[12:27] <Yaijinden> I'd say "is it really that much a violation of self" but I suppose it might be.
[12:27] <Sailor Rainbow> I haven't violated myself yet, thank you very much.
[12:28] <Sailor Rainbow> At least,. I am not THAT desperate.
[12:28] *** Sailor Rainbow has left #suburbansenshi2 (Now I know how Mel feels... I think. I hope this is over soon...)
[12:29] <starcat> ...
[12:30] <starcat> Wooow, that was...that was uh...
[12:30] <starcat> ...that was different!
[12:31] <starcat> ::a
[12:31] <starcat> :::a
[12:31] <starcat> Boo.
[12:35] * starcat is away: I'm too girly for this.
[12:37] <Yaijinden> Wow.
[12:37] <Yaijinden> I think that's the right turn of phrase.
[12:58] * Yaijinden frowns and sits back, pulling her legs up under her
[14:22] <starcat> (( is it a bad thing if your computer restarts in the middle of normal work? ))
[14:25] <Yaijinden> (( Generally yes. ))
[14:26] <starcat> (( Crap. ))
[14:44] *** @Wolfwood [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[14:44] *** spiritflame sets mode +o @Wolfwood

[14:44] <+Luna-P> y0 @Wolfwood *** Happy Constitution Day [Golden Week]!!
[14:46] * Wolfwood looks at Wolfwood.
[14:46] *** Wolfwood is A tall american female with cobalt eyes and blonde hair with a pony tail off to the side. she wears a pair of faded levis, a Harley Davidson Tokyo shirt and Blue canvas sneakers
His image Song is: Amy Winehouse - Rehab.
Wolfwood is an IRC Operator - Channel Administrator

[14:46] * Yaijinden looks up from her book and waves
[14:47] <@Wolfwood> Hey.
[14:47] <@Wolfwood> Finally. My clothes fit well.
[14:48] <Yaijinden> Get new ones, or just rummage inside your closet?
[14:50] <@Wolfwood> Got new ones.
[14:51] <Yaijinden> Fun fun. :3
[14:52] <Yaijinden> Sleep well, I hope?
[14:53] <@Wolfwood> As well as I could in the back seat of my car, yes.
[14:54] <starcat> Do you need somewhere to stay?
[14:54] <@Wolfwood> <_< Kinda.
[14:55] <starcat> I've got an extra bedroom in my house.
[14:56] <starcat> You can borrow some clothes, too, if you think there's anything you might want to wear.
[14:56] * @Wolfwood blinks
[14:56] <@Wolfwood> Thank you.
[14:56] <@Wolfwood> Thought you kinda, you know, hated my guts.
[14:57] <starcat> yeah well...
[14:57] <starcat> It was Furu's room, but then we got married so he moved to mine and now I know he took me home last night but then I don't know where he went. She.
[14:57] <starcat> argh.
[14:58] <starcat> Anyways, girls shouldn't have to sleep in cars.
[14:58] <starcat> Not unless they want to.
[14:59] * @Wolfwood nods
[14:59] <@Wolfwood> Thank you.
[14:59] <@Wolfwood> I owe you.
[15:00] <starcat> Fine fine whatever.
[15:00] * starcat looks away and rubs the back of his head sheepishly
[15:01] <@Wolfwood> =<
[15:01] <@Wolfwood> I'm sure FuFu is fine,
[15:02] <starcat> Eh? Y-yeah, she probably is.
[15:02] <starcat> She's better than I am at taking care of herself.
[15:03] <@Wolfwood> You worry too much. Allways did.
[15:03] * @Wolfwood hands her a Sunny D
[15:04] * starcat blinks and looks down at the drink
[15:04] <starcat> Thank you.
[15:06] <@Wolfwood> No problem ^_^
[15:06] <starcat> (( wooo it's euribear ))
[15:06] * starcat opens the little bottle and gulps it down
[15:06] <starcat> ahhh. It's good.
[15:09] <@Wolfwood> Yes it is. Good and refreshing on a day like this.
[15:09] <starcat> A weird post-genderswapping day.
[15:09] <@Wolfwood> A smidge.
[15:10] * @Wolfwood twiddles her thumbs.
[15:11] <@Wolfwood> I'm bored =<
[15:14] <starcat> What do you want me to do about it?
[15:14] <@Wolfwood> ¯\(º_o)/¯
[15:15] <starcat> (( DW ep 5 is out :D ))
[15:15] <@Wolfwood> You were the girl, you tell me.
[15:15] <@Wolfwood> (( :D ))
[15:15] <starcat> You can do almost anything you did as a guy.
[15:15] <@Wolfwood> (( i'm getting a big chunk of the old stuff here eventually ))
[15:15] <@Wolfwood> I guess.
[15:15] <starcat> You can even pee standing up if you try hard enough.
[15:15] <@Wolfwood> I'd rather not thanks
[15:16] <@Wolfwood> It sucks. I still can't fit into half the clothes in this town.
[15:17] <starcat> Try looking for capris instead of full-length clothes.
[15:22] <@Wolfwood> Ok.
[15:25] <@Wolfwood> i'm gonna go take a nap, i'll see you later.
[15:27] * starcat is away 
[15:27] * @Wolfwood is away 
[15:28] <starcat> Oh.
[15:28] <starcat> The door's locked, I'll let you in.
[15:28] <@Wolfwood> Oh, ok
[15:28] <starcat> (( agh it dropped a message >< ))
[15:29] <starcat> (( apologies, lag due to torrents. ))
[15:29] <@Wolfwood> (( sok ))
[15:34] <starcat> (( the /away was supposed to go after. Also: holy creepy duck sauce ))
[15:48] <@Wolfwood> (( heh ))
[15:48] <@Wolfwood> (( now I must go ))
[15:49] *** @Wolfwood [] has left #suburbansenshi2 (mom is b[BLEEP]ching irl)
[16:31] <Yaijinden> ♫
[16:54] <Michelle D> (( holy crap, after seeing the awesome that was Iron Man, i got a wireless 360 headset on clearance from Toys R Us for 25 bucks....they're normally 59.99.....Praise the lord today was an AWESOME day ))
[16:54] *** Michelle D [] has left #suburbansenshi2 (be back tonight)
[16:56] <starcat> (( s[BLEEP]ttastic news: I can't go see Iron Man because I'm coughing too bad, too loudly, and too often. I don't want to risk interrupting the movie for me and the rest of the theater so I can't go yet. :/ ))
[17:15] *** Matsuto Kaze has joined #suburbansenshi2
[17:15] <+Luna-P> y0 Matsuto Kaze *** Happy Constitution Day [Golden Week]!!
[17:17] * Matsuto Kaze wanders in
[17:21] <Matsuto Kaze> mmm still feels weird
[17:35] * Matsuto Kaze grabs a ginger ale
[18:09] *** Matsuto Kaze has left #suburbansenshi2 (*going for a walk*)
[18:25] <Yaijinden> Fridge
[18:25] <Yaijinden> So high up
[18:26] *** Hibiko Kaze has joined #suburbansenshi2
[18:26] <+Luna-P> y0 Hibiko Kaze *** Happy Constitution Day [Golden Week]!!
[18:26] * Hibiko Kaze walks in, somewhat out of breath "hey..yai..."
[18:28] <Hibiko Kaze> have you seen my husband?
[18:32] * Hibiko Kaze tries to catch her breath "so this..."
[18:39] <Hibiko Kaze> man..where did he go?
[18:46] * Hibiko Kaze gets a ginger ale
[18:58] * Hibiko Kaze sips the ginger ale
[19:10] *** Michelle D [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:10] <+Luna-P> y0 Michelle D *** Happy Constitution Day [Golden Week]!!
[19:10] <Michelle D> Ugh, Is this weekend over yet....
[19:11] *** LOVELYboy [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:11] <+Luna-P> y0 LOVELYboy *** Happy Constitution Day [Golden Week]!!
[19:11] <LOVELYboy> Hi
[19:11] <Hibiko Kaze> oh hello there
[19:11] <Hibiko Kaze> ...who are you again
[19:12] <Michelle D> It's Mike.
[19:12] <Hibiko Kaze> ahhhh yeah
[19:13] <Hibiko Kaze> have you see Mats..Matsuto?
[19:13] <Hibiko Kaze> ...I'm having a hard time keeping up with him like this >>
[19:13] <Michelle D> Nope
[19:13] <LOVELYboy> I haven't either.
[19:13] * LOVELYboy puts his backpack down and sits on a couch
[19:14] <Hibiko Kaze> ok..thanks anyway
[19:14] <LOVELYboy> Matsuto is faster than Matsumi, apparently?
[19:15] <Hibiko Kaze> it looks like it....and I'm slower
[19:16] <LOVELYboy> I got slower, too. But I can lift more.
[19:17] *** Matsuto Kaze has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:17] <+Luna-P> y0 Matsuto Kaze *** Happy Constitution Day [Golden Week]!!
[19:17] <Matsuto Kaze> heya
[19:17] <Hibiko Kaze> there you are!!!
[19:19] <Matsuto Kaze> something wrong?
[19:19] * Hibiko Kaze frowns
[19:19] <LOVELYboy> She was looking for you.
[19:21] <Matsuto Kaze> oh...heh...sorry about that, Hibiko ^^
[19:21] <Hibiko Kaze> yeah...
[19:22] <Matsuto Kaze>'s not Miara is it
[19:23] <LOVELYboy> Marius
[19:24] <LOVELYboy> Not sure how much I like it, but it's close.
[19:24] <Matsuto Kaze> how's your....friend
[19:25] * Hibiko Kaze sips her drink, still looking over at her husband
[19:25] <LOVELYboy> She seems to be mostly ok.
[19:26] <LOVELYboy> Timid, though.
[19:27] * Michelle D spins a pokeball on her finger "atleast today wasn't a total waste"
[19:27] * Matsuto Kaze nods and walks over to his wife and puts an arm around her
[19:27] <Matsuto Kaze> oh, Michelle?
[19:27] <LOVELYboy> What did you do?
[19:27] * Hibiko Kaze blushes a little but goes back to sipping her drink, trying to ignore her husband
[19:27] <Michelle D> In a fit of rage, i kinda punched a tree in the park, hard....and a little something fell out of it that i ended up catching.
[19:28] * Michelle D enlages, and tosses the pokeball, releasing it's content
[19:28] <LOVELYboy> And that would be...?
[19:28] *** Cherr-chan [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:28] <+Luna-P> y0 Cherr-chan *** Happy Constitution Day [Golden Week]!!
[19:28] <Cherr-chan> Cherr??
[19:28] * LOVELYboy looks at Cherr-chan.
[19:28] *** Cherr-chan is a small pokemon with a big happy yellow face and feet. It's body and petals are a cute pastel pink color, She is really really happy!!!!! :D More information about her is Here.
Her image Song is: .

[19:31] <Hibiko Kaze> .....cute
[19:31] <LOVELYboy> Well, that is...uh...cute. Yeah.
[19:32] <Cherr-chan> Cherr!!! :D *waves it's petals around happily*
[19:33] <Michelle D> Like i couldn't not add it to my team. I've now got Fire, Water, and Grass covered.
[19:33] <Matsuto Kaze> you ok, Hibiko..never seen you blush
[19:33] <Hibiko Kaze> GAH stop it, Matsuto >_>
[19:33] <Matsuto Kaze> waaaaaaat
[19:37] * Hibiko Kaze just sits on the sofa
[19:37] * Cherr-chan uses it's petals to fly up, and lay down cutely on Michelle's head.
[19:37] <Michelle D> I'm just glad Elda-chan like cute animals.
[19:37] <Michelle D> Between Pip, Vul, and Cherr-chan, and The Kuriboh's, are house is a nest of cute little animals.
[19:37] <LOVELYboy> Did Elda turn into a man, too?
[19:38] <KoKabuterimon> Hey, I'm cute too
[19:38] * KoKabuterimon is speaking from the Digivice iC in Michelle's Purse/Messenger Bag of Holding
[19:40] <Michelle D> But you are not cuddle and furry
[19:40] <KoKabuterimon> That just means i don't shed all over the place.
[19:40] <Matsuto Kaze> he/she jealous?
[19:42] *** @Wolfwood [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:42] *** spiritflame sets mode +o @Wolfwood

[19:42] <+Luna-P> y0 @Wolfwood *** Happy Constitution Day [Golden Week]!!
[19:42] * @Wolfwood yawns
[19:43] <Hibiko Kaze> hi, wolf
[19:43] <Matsuto Kaze> yo, wolf
[19:43] * LOVELYboy waves to London
[19:44] * Michelle D waves, as does the Cherrim on her head
[19:45] <Cherr-chan> Cherr!!! :D *waves it's petals around happily*
[19:47] <@Wolfwood> Hey.
[19:47] * Wolfwood looks at Michelle D.
[19:47] *** Michelle D is a tall female with her brown hair tied up in the back, two long bangs frame her face. She is wearing a black suit with a gold button shirt....with a plunging neckline. She has a pair of sunglasses with silver frames on her face along with Purple lipstick. More information about her is Here.
Her image Song is: "Faces" by Scary Kids Scaring Kids.

[19:49] * Hibiko Kaze taps wolf on the shoulder
[19:49] <Cherr-chan> Oh like i asked for these! D:
[19:49] <Michelle D> and yay, my voice throwing classes worked!
[19:49] <Hibiko Kaze> mine are probably smaller
[19:49] <LOVELYboy> Why are you so concerned about it?
[19:50] <@Darkness Kusanagi> It's like men and d[BLEEP]k-waving competitions!
[19:51] <Michelle D> I DON'T HAVE A D[BLEEP]K TO WAVE NOW D:
[19:51] <@Darkness Kusanagi> as such you go to the thing you DO have
[19:51] <Michelle D> My theory Shal-kun, I have your tits, that must mean you have my c[BLEEP]k.
[19:51] <Matsuto Kaze> heh
[19:52] <@Darkness Kusanagi> then hot damn you beast.
[19:52] <starcat> can i give someone else mine
[19:52] * @Darkness Kusanagi gives a very bishonen grin.
[19:52] * Michelle D mumbles incoherently and blushes at that
[19:53] * @Wolfwood sighs and lights a smoke
[19:53] * Hibiko Kaze blushes seeing darkness and quickly turns her gaze away
[19:53] * LOVELYboy is away 
[19:53] <@Darkness Kusanagi> Oh god this better wear off soon.
[19:54] * starcat sighs and trudges home again
[19:54] <@Darkness Kusanagi> I HATE a male refractory period.
[19:54] * starcat is away 
[19:54] <@Darkness Kusanagi> Now I know how X-chan felt before. D:
[19:55] <@Wolfwood> Heh.
[19:55] * @Wolfwood looks Shaldra up and down
[19:55] <@Wolfwood> meh, i've seen better
[19:55] <Michelle D> You gotta be careful, and wear lose pants for that
[19:55] <@Darkness Kusanagi> you just have no taste.
[19:55] * Matsuto Kaze walks over to his wife
[19:57] <@Wolfwood> Maybe not.
[19:57] <@Wolfwood> Just not my type. If in fact, I had a type.
[19:57] <@Darkness Kusanagi> Stick to swinging for the women huh.
[19:58] <Michelle D> Raging Lesbian time nao?
[19:58] * Matsuto Kaze sits next to Hibiko and pulls her close ^_^
[19:59] <@Wolfwood> God I don't even know anymore. This is f[BLEEP]king with my mind
[19:59] * @Wolfwood rubs her temples
[19:59] *** Suu [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:59] <+Luna-P> y0 Suu *** Happy Constitution Day [Golden Week]!!
[19:59] * Suu is looking VERY distressed.
[20:00] <@Darkness Kusanagi> S'up, Suu?
[20:02] <@Wolfwood> Hmm?
[20:02] <Suu> - I DON'T LIKE MY BODY!!!!!! ;_; -
[20:03] * Wolfwood looks at Suu.
[20:03] *** Suu is a young teenage boy with short white hair, emerald green eyes and a set of wings in bronze, mythril and orichalchum attached to his back. More information about her is Here.
Her image Song is: "New Future" by myco.

[20:03] <Michelle D> What changed about it?*rimshoot*
[20:05] <@Wolfwood> badump-pish
[20:05] <Suu> - very funny *sniff8 -
[20:06] * @Darkness Kusanagi gets Suu a soda.
[20:06] <Suu> I...It's gross...
[20:06] * Hibiko Kaze blushes a little, leaning against her husband
[20:06] <Suu> I mean I know what a boy's body does and everything but I never thought I'd have a
[20:06] * Suu blushes
[20:06] <Suu> I don't wanna say it!
[20:06] <@Wolfwood> p[TAB A]s
[20:07] <@Darkness Kusanagi> c[BLEEP]k
[20:07] * Suu blushes
[20:08] <starcat> A wee-wee!
[20:08] <@Wolfwood> Well there was the one that...I meen...I GUESS was kind of cute.
[20:08] <starcat> What was kind of cute?
[20:08] <@Wolfwood> I think it was the b[BLEEP]chy one.
[20:08] <@Wolfwood> Whats her name.
[20:08] <@Wolfwood> His name.
[20:09] <@Wolfwood> You know the one I meen, she comes in here, real loud and pissed off about everything...
[20:10] <@Darkness Kusanagi> Anyone from Unmei or whateverthef[BLEEP]kthey'refrom?
[20:10] <@Wolfwood> Started with an R...what was it...
[20:10] <@Wolfwood> Rai...Rei...something.
[20:10] <starcat> Rei.
[20:10] <@Wolfwood> I'm terrible with names.
[20:11] <@Wolfwood> Yea.
[20:11] <@Darkness Kusanagi> (Technically Rai would work though)
[20:11] <Suu> Y-you mean Rei Saotome?
[20:11] <starcat> (no, Rai is more subtle about his annoyances)
[20:11] <@Darkness Kusanagi> Hino
[20:11] <@Wolfwood> THATS THE ONE
[20:12] <Suu> So...last night...I was dreaming, and I was a girl again and I was with Nokoru-kun on a date and he was a boy again
[20:12] <Suu> And I woke up and...and...
[20:12] <@Darkness Kusanagi> Oh OH I know what you're getting at Suu
[20:12] <Suu> I...had...wet...
[20:12] <@Darkness Kusanagi> ya that's really awkward isn't it :/
[20:12] <@Darkness Kusanagi> Oh that no oh god
[20:12] <Michelle D> AHAHAHAHAHAH
[20:12] <@Darkness Kusanagi> that's more awkward than my thoughts at all
[20:12] <Michelle D> WELCOME TO BEING A GUY
[20:13] <Michelle D> wait till you drop something in your lap
[20:13] <Suu> - And all these old ladies are LOOKING at me -
[20:13] <starcat> YOU'RE ONE TO TALK
[20:13] <starcat> YOU'RE A WOMAN
[20:13] <Suu> - IT'S SO CREEPY!!!!! -
[20:13] <Matsuto Kaze>'s weird...having a body like this back
[20:13] <@Darkness Kusanagi> Already been kicked there ><
[20:13] <starcat> you have an innie.
[20:13] <Hibiko Kaze> I WANT MY HEIGHT BACK O_O
[20:13] <starcat> Wear platform shoes!
[20:13] <Michelle D> My v[SLOT B]a is magical.
[20:14] <Michelle D> It makes men do whatever i want them to do.
[20:14] * Suu wonders if anyone's seen DUELM--er, DUELWOMAN
[20:14] <@Darkness Kusanagi> No man that's the breasts.
[20:14] <@Darkness Kusanagi> Get it right.
[20:14] <starcat> Boobs are what they see.
[20:14] <@Wolfwood> T_T
[20:14] <Michelle D> I wager he/she is locked in a room, constantly fondling themselves
[20:14] <Suu> Your breasts challenge people to duels.
[20:14] <starcat> duelwoman is probably distracted by the power of the vibrator.
[20:15] <Michelle D> atleast i don't have Kuriboh's in my cleavage
[20:16] <Cherr-chan> CERRIM! :D
[20:16] <Cherr-chan> CHERRRRRRRIM!!!! :D
[20:16] * Cherr-chan flails
[20:17] <@Wolfwood> You know what. We should all go something fun.
[20:17] * Cherr-chan slides down Michelle's head, and in between her breasts. X_x
[20:17] <Michelle D> ......i had to say something...didn't i
[20:17] <@Wolfwood> It's Saturday for gods sake.
[20:18] * Suu looks at Cherr-chan "Wow, you're so cute!" (voice cracking)
[20:18] <starcat> Where should we go?
[20:19] <@Wolfwood> I don't know...danceing? Something.
[20:19] <@Wolfwood> Anything is better then sitting around here.
[20:19] <starcat> I don't think I'd dance very well like this. I got three inches added on my height.
[20:20] <@Darkness Kusanagi> As much as I'd love to I'm being mistaken for a cat-eared Sephiroth.
[20:20] <@Darkness Kusanagi> Not exactly safe for me.
[20:20] <starcat> BISHIE
[20:20] * starcat glomps Shaldra
[20:20] <starcat> bishiebishiebishiemybishie
[20:20] <@Darkness Kusanagi> AUGH
[20:20] <starcat> [/fangirl]
[20:20] <Suu> Maybe you should buy some spray-on hair color.
[20:20] <@Darkness Kusanagi> Stop it man!
[20:20] <Matsuto Kaze> whoa...I see what you mean, Shal
[20:20] * starcat pats Shaldra's head and gives her an Oreo.
[20:21] <starcat> I was demonstrating.
[20:21] * @Darkness Kusanagi grumbles and pops the oreo in his mouth
[20:21] <starcat> *him >_>;
[20:21] <@Wolfwood> Well we should do SOMETHING
[20:21] <starcat> Go fishing?
[20:21] <starcat> Compare d[BLEEP]k and bra sizes?
[20:22] <@Darkness Kusanagi> Hot tubing would be too awkward.
[20:22] <starcat> Regular swimming?
[20:22] <Suu> Ewww!
[20:22] <Suu> I don't want people to see me like this >_<
[20:23] <@Wolfwood> Hot tubing would be fine. We're all semi-mature adults.
[20:23] * Suu looks uncomfortably down in his lap "It's...noticable sometimes"
[20:23] <@Wolfwood> Well ok that's an outright f[BLEEP]k lie, but i'm sure we'd be fine
[20:23] <starcat> we could drink ourselves silly.
[20:23] <Suu> Um...Let's go out to a restaurant.
[20:24] <@Darkness Kusanagi> I like the idea including the alcohol.
[20:24] <Suu> Yeah, let's go to a restaurant and eat and drink ourselves silly!
[20:24] <@Wolfwood> booze + hot tub = fun.
[20:25] <@Wolfwood> I'm telling you.
[20:25] <Suu> - I DON'T WANNA GO IN A HOT TUB!!! -
[20:25] <starcat> How about this.
[20:25] <starcat> I'll try to cook something.
[20:25] <@Wolfwood> Oh grow a pair.
[20:25] <starcat> The hot tub is optional.
[20:25] <@Wolfwood> .....
[20:25] <@Darkness Kusanagi> She has
[20:25] <@Darkness Kusanagi> that's why it's awkward.
[20:26] <Suu> (( Wolf: ROFL ))
[20:26] <starcat> Anyone can have booze.
[20:26] <@Wolfwood> WELL UNGROW A PAIR THEN
[20:26] <starcat> Are we happy?
[20:26] <@Wolfwood> (( I try ))
[20:26] <@Wolfwood> Kay.
[20:26] <Suu> (( ZOMFGG ))
[20:26] <starcat> Except for Suu, who's going through püberty and won't be happy until she's through college?
[20:26] <Suu> (( one of the horses that ran at the Kentucky Derby had to be freaking euthanized. ))
[20:27] <Suu> (( At the track. ))
[20:27] <@Darkness Kusanagi> >_>
[20:27] <@Darkness Kusanagi> <_<
[20:27] * @Darkness Kusanagi is away: have fun without me, X-chan is calling >_>
[20:27] <Suu> I wonder what Xadium-sensei looks like as a girl.
[20:27] <starcat> Bah!
[20:27] <Suu> Maybe like Noah from the FMA movie.
[20:28] * starcat is away: i'm going home to paint my bedroom black D:<
[20:28] * Darkness Kusanagi looks at Ms. Xadium.
[20:28] *** Ms. Xadium is A female version of Dr. Xadium with purple hair and golden eyes who looks very much like Bleach's Yoroichi in a business suit.
Her image Song is: "Is she is or is she ain't" by Louis Farrakhan.

[20:28] * @Darkness Kusanagi is away: like that!
[20:29] * @Wolfwood is away: getting ready
[20:29] <Suu> .........That's different.
[20:30] *** Potamos [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[20:30] <+Luna-P> y0 Potamos *** Happy Constitution Day [Golden Week]!!
[20:30] <Potamos> Hello...*slicks hair back* mitai na.
[20:30] <Matsuto Kaze> heya
[20:31] <Potamos> Suu-kun, are you okay?
[20:31] <Suu> Um....uh....
[20:32] <Potamos> Still embarrassed from this morning?
[20:32] * Suu nods
[20:32] <Potamos> Well, you kind of know what boys go through now...mitai na
[20:34] <Suu> It was...standing straight up...
[20:37] <Potamos> ...Like I said, you kind of know what boys go through now.
[20:50] <Matsuto Kaze> nice night....reletivly speaking
[20:50] <Suu> I just want it to be over ;_;
[20:52] <Hibiko Kaze> it's really hard getting use to all this
[20:53] <Suu> It's freaky learning about being a boy like this.
[20:54] <Hibiko Kaze> freaky wearing a damn dress...
[20:55] <Matsuto Kaze> look that's all I could find alright???
[20:55] * starcat returns
[20:56] * starcat tosses hibiko some girly jeans
[20:56] * starcat is away: i don't need these anymore, you keep them
[20:56] <Hibiko Kaze> um..thank you
[20:58] * Hibiko Kaze quickly walks off with them
[20:58] * Hibiko Kaze is away 
[20:58] <Matsuto Kaze>'s really weird...Hide..I mean Hibiko is usually really stotic
[21:04] <Potamos> Well, I guess we've all changed...mitai a.
[21:09] <Matsuto Kaze> yeah.....though for me it's more deja vu then anything
[21:10] <starcat> Furu's, uh...
[21:10] <starcat> Furu's back in my house now.
[21:10] <starcat> ...
[21:11] <starcat> She's making dinner.
[21:11] <starcat> what if now that furu is a woman she wants to assassinate me and elope with euri-san D:
[21:12] <Michelle D> Hey everyone!
[21:12] <Matsuto Kaze> hiya
[21:13] <Michelle D> I was trolling through the WTF section in DVD-o-Rama today, and i got a present for a certine soldier
[21:13] * Hibiko Kaze is back
[21:13] * Michelle D leaves this on the table with a note "For Solar"
[21:13] <starcat> michelle!
[21:14] <starcat> Will you come home with me and eat what Furu's cooking
[21:14] <Hibiko Kaze> this feels much better
[21:15] <Michelle D> I shall, because i haven't had anything to eat since breakfast!
[21:15] <starcat> good!
[21:15] * starcat is away: so I think it might be poison, wanna know why?
[21:16] <Michelle D> I'll....catch up
[21:18] <Suu> I'm going to order a pizza...
[21:21] <Cherr-chan> cherr!!
[21:23] <Suu> (( Did animals etc. change too I wonder ))
[21:24] <Hibiko Kaze> (( good question ))
[21:27] <Suu> (( because Alphonse would become Alice and Mickey would become Minnie ))
[21:28] <Hibiko Kaze> (( Freya would become Frey ))
[21:35] * Matsuto Kaze hugs his wife ^^
[21:35] * Hibiko Kaze blushes a little
[21:56] *** Suu [] has quit IRC (I wanna be a cute girl again...)
[22:00] * Matsuto Kaze stands and offers his hand to his wife
[22:00] <Matsuto Kaze> I have an idea heh
[22:00] <Hibiko Kaze> um..ok *takes her husband's hand*
[22:00] *** Hibiko Kaze has left #suburbansenshi2 (???)
[22:00] *** Matsuto Kaze has left #suburbansenshi2 (let's go)
[22:04] *** Michelle D [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[22:04] <+Luna-P> y0 Michelle D *** Happy Constitution Day [Golden Week]!!
[22:04] <Michelle D> Neee, finally got into the game.
[22:04] * Michelle D is looking at this card
[22:05] <@Darkness Kusanagi> ne?
[22:05] <@Darkness Kusanagi> ho damn!
[22:05] <@Darkness Kusanagi> I has a card!
[22:06] * Michelle D hands it to Kusa-kun
[22:06] <Michelle D> thought you might want this~
[22:06] <@Darkness Kusanagi> do~mo~
[22:07] <@Darkness Kusanagi> I'd kiss you but that might be awkward
[22:07] <Michelle D> Awkwardly sexy?
[22:07] <@Darkness Kusanagi> Maybe~
[22:07] * @Darkness Kusanagi grins *toothglint*
[22:08] * Michelle D tuns her head away, so blushing
[22:09] <@Darkness Kusanagi> something wrong, m'dear~?
[22:09] * @Darkness Kusanagi runs a finger down Mike-chan's arm
[22:11] <Michelle D> n.n.n.n..n.nothing, nothing at all.*reD*
[22:11] <@Darkness Kusanagi> you're stuttering~
[22:12] <Michelle D> a.a.a.a.a.aam not
[22:13] <@Darkness Kusanagi> so are~
[22:13] * @Darkness Kusanagi takes a step closer
[22:13] <Michelle D> w.w.w.w..wwhat if i am, then w.w.w.w.what/
[22:14] <@Darkness Kusanagi> anything I can do to help stop the stuttering~?
[22:15] * Michelle D turns redder, Cherrim pops out of her cleavage from earlier X_X
[22:15] * @Darkness Kusanagi c[BLEEP]ks an eyebrow.
[22:16] <@Darkness Kusanagi> Wow you do it better than I did.
[22:16] * Michelle D flails, flustered and all red from all this, and trips, failling into Kusa-kun's chest
[22:16] * @Darkness Kusanagi blinks and wraps his arms around Mike-chan
[22:16] * @Darkness Kusanagi holds her up.
[22:16] <@Darkness Kusanagi> You okay?
[22:17] <Michelle D>, I'm f.f.f.f.f.f.f..f.f.f..f.f.f.f.f.f..fffine
[22:17] * @Darkness Kusanagi keeps his arms around her.
[22:18] <@Darkness Kusanagi> You sure?
[22:19] * @Darkness Kusanagi fiddles with Mike-chan's hair idly
[22:19] * Cherr-chan is holding two card for Kusa-kun in it's mouth, Yasa Magatama, and Yatta Mirror
[22:19] <@Darkness Kusanagi> hmm?
[22:19] * @Darkness Kusanagi takes them and chuckles.
[22:19] * Michelle D shivers, and turns EVEN BRIGHTER RRED
[22:21] <@Darkness Kusanagi> Yasakani no magatama and Yata no kagami~
[22:22] * @Darkness Kusanagi slips the cards into his sleeve.
[22:22] * @Darkness Kusanagi glances at Mike-chan
[22:22] <@Darkness Kusanagi> seriously, you sure you're okay?
[22:22] * @Darkness Kusanagi squeezes Mike-chan a bit
[22:24] * Michelle D turns SO RED, and burries her head in kusa's chest from embarrassment by it
[22:24] <Michelle D> yeah yeah, I'm fine
[22:24] * @Darkness Kusanagi blinks.
[22:25] * @Darkness Kusanagi sort of runs his fingers through Mike-chan's hair a bit
[22:26] <@Darkness Kusanagi> Mike-chan's so cute~ ♫
[22:27] <Michelle D> I'll take that as a compliment right now
[22:30] * @Darkness Kusanagi grins and drags a finger down Mike-chan's spine
[22:30] * Michelle D shivers in a goooood way from that
[22:31] <@Darkness Kusanagi> You know~
[22:31] <@Darkness Kusanagi> I know how to take care of a woman~
[22:31] * @Darkness Kusanagi grins proudly.
[22:33] * @Wolfwood is back
[22:33] <@Wolfwood> ....................
[22:33] <@Darkness Kusanagi> Okay listen if YOU want some you'll have to wait in line.
[22:34] <Michelle D> i bet you do, and i guess i know what a man likes....
[22:34] <@Wolfwood> You wish.
[22:35] <@Darkness Kusanagi> I could get better tail than you as a woman :P
[22:35] <@Darkness Kusanagi> .... why am I suddenly proud of that.
[22:36] <@Darkness Kusanagi> Dammit I hate being male.
[22:36] <@Wolfwood> Psh.
[22:36] <@Wolfwood> Got the ego to go with the p[TAB A]s I see.
[22:36] <@Darkness Kusanagi> And you kept yours.
[22:37] <@Darkness Kusanagi> But as you can see I'm the one hugging the one with the cleavage right now.
[22:38] * @Darkness Kusanagi cups Mike-chan's chin and lifts her face to his, only to grin~
[22:38] <Michelle D> squeeeee
[22:38] * The phone rings
[22:38] * @Darkness Kusanagi blinks.
[22:38] <@Darkness Kusanagi> One second, Mike-chan~
[22:39] * @Darkness Kusanagi grabs the phone.
[22:39] <@Darkness Kusanagi> Oi oi?
[22:39] <@Wolfwood> Having fun I see.
[22:39] <@spiritflame> ATTENTION: Alissa Kanal [EN] is already registered. Check your password or enter a new name.
[22:39] * @Wolfwood lights a smoke
[22:39] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> You're still a dude, too?
[22:39] <@Darkness Kusanagi> Unfortunately.
[22:39] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> (( Damn it, I hate sharing a computer XD ))
[22:39] <@Darkness Kusanagi> I hear you are still female.
[22:39] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> (( Furu's password was still in there ))
[22:39] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> Sadly.
[22:40] <@Darkness Kusanagi> Mike's still a chick too, London's a dude-- wait no he's just flat chested.
[22:40] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> I swear, these things are gonna break my chest.
[22:40] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> AHAHAHA That'll never get old to me.
[22:40] <@Darkness Kusanagi> Ya I guess none of you guys know how to deal with them huh.
[22:41] <starcat> (( do you guys have XP or something where you could set up separate accounts? ))
[22:41] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> Shal, I swear I'll never give you flack, ever again.
[22:41] <@Darkness Kusanagi> (( ya but never needed too ))
[22:41] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> (( I have ME. ))
[22:41] <@Wolfwood> OI
[22:41] <@Darkness Kusanagi> Likewise on the thing in the pants man.
[22:41] <@Darkness Kusanagi> I will never kick another man there. Ever.
[22:41] <@Darkness Kusanagi> My god that hurts.
[22:41] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> (( Setting up accounts is... dificult. ))
[22:41] <starcat> (( ¯\(º_o)/¯ ))
[22:42] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> Yes it does.
[22:42] <@Wolfwood> I have to agree with Adam.
[22:42] <@Darkness Kusanagi> I'd say maybe this was good for seeing eye to eye but frankly it's just been weird.
[22:43] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> Whoever did this too us is gonna regret it.
[22:43] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> Once I get my p[TAB A]s back, I'm gonna f[BLEEP]k them up.
[22:43] <@Darkness Kusanagi> Careful, they might like it.
[22:43] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> (The boobs are too heavy, I can't run with them)
[22:43] <@Wolfwood> Any word on that front?
[22:43] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> It shouldn't hurt to run, but it DOES
[22:43] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> Dead or Alive LIES
[22:43] <@Darkness Kusanagi> Oh you're telling ME man
[22:44] <Michelle D> I keep finding weird things in my cleavage........
[22:44] <@Darkness Kusanagi> I can deal with cleavage ANY day.
[22:44] <@Darkness Kusanagi> OI! CYRIL, GET YOUR ASS OUT HERE.
[22:44] <Ninth Sage> What.
[22:44] <@Darkness Kusanagi> When is this gonna be fixed?
[22:45] <Ninth Sage> Sometime between tomorrow night and monday morning.
[22:45] * @Wolfwood 's Blackberry goes off
[22:45] <Ninth Sage> Probably depending on the person.
[22:45] <@Wolfwood> Oh dear. Not good.
[22:46] <@Wolfwood> I need someone to cover for me.
[22:46] <@Darkness Kusanagi> Ne?
[22:46] <@Darkness Kusanagi> If you mean someone with a p[TAB A]s I'm the only one here.
[22:46] <@Wolfwood> UNIT wants me to report in, I cannot go in looking like this.
[22:46] <@Wolfwood> I'll become a science project.
[22:46] <@Darkness Kusanagi> ...
[22:46] * @Darkness Kusanagi rummages through her haori
[22:46] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> I'm sure it's all happend to UNIT too
[22:46] * @Darkness Kusanagi pulls out a paper doll.
[22:47] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> If it's happened to me and the others.
[22:47] <@Darkness Kusanagi> London.
[22:47] * Michelle D ponders....if everyone had sex with their own right gender self, if it be masterbation, and if having kids would be cloning
[22:47] <@Darkness Kusanagi> Write your name on this.
[22:47] <@Wolfwood> Eh?
[22:47] * @Wolfwood writes his name down
[22:47] <@Darkness Kusanagi> DON'T GIVE SOLARCHOS IDEAS
[22:47] <@Wolfwood> *her
[22:48] <Michelle D> D: I'm the idea person, not the p[BLEEP]y police
[22:48] * @Darkness Kusanagi picks up the paper doll and concentrates
[22:48] <@Darkness Kusanagi> Van Oon Tarak Kileek Aku Van Oon Tarak Kileek Aku Van Oon Tarak Kileek Aku
[22:49] * @Darkness Kusanagi opens his eyes and hands the paper doll to London.
[22:49] * @Wolfwood takes said doll
[22:49] <@Darkness Kusanagi> just say "Kya-Ya" and you'll have yourself a temporary double.
[22:49] <@Darkness Kusanagi> it'll be male.
[22:49] <@Darkness Kusanagi> It lasts for around 5 hours, tops.
[22:50] <@Wolfwood> Would it think like I would or do I have to teach it? I've seen both kinds.
[22:50] <@Darkness Kusanagi> It should think like you do
[22:50] <@Darkness Kusanagi> the ones you have to teach are annoying things.
[22:51] <@Wolfwood> Yes....yes they are. Make good decoys tho.
[22:51] <@Darkness Kusanagi> Hmm.
[22:51] <@Wolfwood> Kya-Ya
[22:51] *** @Wolfwood [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[22:51] *** spiritflame sets mode +o @Wolfwood

[22:51] <+Luna-P> y0 @Wolfwood *** Happy Constitution Day [Golden Week]!!
[22:51] <starcat> ATTENTION NSFW WRITERS
[22:51] * @Darkness Kusanagi takes out a paintbrush and writes her name on another paper doll.
[22:51] <@Darkness Kusanagi> eh?
[22:52] * @Wolfwood hands her double the needed items
[22:52] <starcat> A cookie will be given to anyone who writes a P[BLEEP]y Police vs Sex Brigade NSFW story and posts it on the LJ!
[22:52] * @Wolfwood nods to his female self and then departs
[22:52] <starcat> REAL COOKIES, not internet ones!
[22:52] * @Wolfwood is away 
[22:52] <@Wolfwood> Thanks Shal.
[22:52] * @Darkness Kusanagi blots out "Darkness" and just keeps "Kusanagi"
[22:52] <@Darkness Kusanagi> No problem.
[22:52] * starcat is away: that's all :3
[22:52] <@Darkness Kusanagi> Van Oon Tarak Kileek Aku Van Oon Tarak Kileek Aku Van Oon Tarak Kileek Aku
[22:53] <@Darkness Kusanagi> Kya-ya.
[22:53] *** Kusanagi [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[22:53] <+Luna-P> y0 Kusanagi *** Happy Constitution Day [Golden Week]!!
[22:53] <Kusanagi> Hi~! ♫
[22:53] <@Darkness Kusanagi> HAH it worked.
[22:54] * Kusanagi blinks; looks around.
[22:54] <Kusanagi> What the hell happened to you all~?
[22:54] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> ... did you just summon Kusanagi?!
[22:54] <@Darkness Kusanagi> I did!
[22:54] <@Darkness Kusanagi> She's just a paper double but it's fun.
[22:55] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> Heh.
[22:55] <@Wolfwood> Love this magic stuff, it never gets old.
[22:55] <@Darkness Kusanagi> damn I did have a rack on me.
[22:56] <Kusanagi> Tee-hee~ ♫
[22:56] <@Wolfwood> Which reminds me, did I ever show you my new little toy Shal?
[22:56] <@Darkness Kusanagi> No?
[22:56] * @Wolfwood fishes around in her duffelbag
[22:56] <Michelle D> Paper Sex time nao?
[22:57] * @Wolfwood hands Dee a Spellblade
[22:57] * @Darkness Kusanagi blinks and looks over it.
[22:57] <@Darkness Kusanagi> Snappy~
[22:57] * Alissa Kanal [EN] takes out his Paper Mario and Paper Peach paper dolls and makes them "have sex".
[22:57] <@Wolfwood> I can cast some low-level elemental spells with it. I'm learning more.
[22:58] * Kusanagi sliiiiiiiiiiiiides over to Mike-chan
[22:58] <Kusanagi> my my~ ♫
[22:58] <Michelle D> !!!
[22:58] <@Wolfwood> (( 1-up 1-up 1-up? ))
[22:58] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> "Oh, Mario, you're such a stud!" "Mamma Mia, Peachy! You're-a so--"
[22:58] <Kusanagi> What is it~?
[22:58] * Alissa Kanal [EN] stops when she sees everyone in the base is staring at her.
[22:59] * Kusanagi leans in close to Mike-chan
[22:59] <@Darkness Kusanagi> Adam?
[22:59] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> Yes?
[22:59] <@Darkness Kusanagi> something up? you just sort of stopped talking
[23:00] * @Wolfwood is listening to: Destinys Child ft. Lil Wayne & T.I - Soldier.mp3 [128 kbps]
[23:00] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> I'm getting funny looks from my co-workers
[23:00] <@Darkness Kusanagi> Ahhh.
[23:00] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> Well, funnier.
[23:00] <@Darkness Kusanagi> Boing
[23:01] * Kusanagi spins around and boings?
[23:01] <@Darkness Kusanagi> Not you!
[23:01] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> Man, this is all like the plot of a bad h-game
[23:01] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> ... in fact, I think I've played it.
[23:01] <@Wolfwood> Heh.
[23:01] <@Darkness Kusanagi> Until I see some sort of "we lose females get raped" bit I don't think we're that far yet.
[23:02] <@Darkness Kusanagi> one time I am glad I'm male.
[23:02] <@Darkness Kusanagi> One time.
[23:02] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> ... D: OH GAWD not rape D: D: D:
[23:02] <@Darkness Kusanagi> Seriously how do you guys get by with only two rounds max?!
[23:02] <@Darkness Kusanagi> Really now!
[23:02] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> No, in the one I played, it was um.
[23:02] <@Darkness Kusanagi> X-chan was asking for more and I just... just couldn't!
[23:02] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> Lots of masturbation.
[23:03] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> I, uh, I dunno.
[23:03] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> I'm still a virgin.
[23:04] *** Michelle D [] has left #suburbansenshi2 (makes her escape, beat red like the morning sun)
[23:04] * @Wolfwood coughs and just...says nothing.
[23:04] <Kusanagi> Moh!
[23:04] <starcat> Wow.
[23:05] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> ._.
[23:05] <@Darkness Kusanagi> Hey starcat.
[23:05] <starcat> Hey.
[23:06] * starcat takes off his glasses and hangs them on the front of his shirt
[23:06] <@Wolfwood> <_<
[23:07] * starcat has recolored his hair, too. Grey and hot pink.
[23:07] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> Star, are you a scenester now?
[23:08] <starcat> How would you know, Miss I'm-In-England?
[23:08] <starcat> well.
[23:08] <starcat> at least.
[23:08] * starcat coughs
[23:08] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> I can hear the Anonymous Purple Text.
[23:08] * starcat says nothing about portals <_<
[23:08] <starcat> Reeeeally.
[23:09] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> Makes things easier for role-playing purposes. Because I am meta as hell.
[23:09] <starcat> ¯\(º_o)/¯
[23:10] <starcat> so other than scaring of Michelle, what's going on tonight?
[23:10] <@Wolfwood> Not much. Bored.
[23:10] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> Apparently me letting everyone know I'm still a virgin. Oh, and paper clones
[23:10] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> Magical paper clones.
[23:11] <@Wolfwood> I don't want to go out. People stare too much.
[23:11] <starcat> Because you're a skinny Amazon?
[23:11] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> Hey. Amazons have nice racks. He doesn't.
[23:12] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> She.
[23:12] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> THIS IS ALL SO CONFUSING
[23:12] <@Wolfwood> More or less.
[23:12] <starcat> Not all of them do.
[23:12] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> Xanthippe did.
[23:12] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> ... oh no Xanthippe as a dude
[23:12] <starcat> Xanthippe was a fine figure of an Amazon.
[23:12] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> She must think she died and went to Hell.
[23:13] <starcat> Also, I look Fabulous~!
[23:13] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> ... yeah you're gay.
[23:13] * @Wolfwood snickers
[23:13] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> I'm tempted to say you're gayer than I was.
[23:13] <starcat> If I have to be a gay man I'm going to enjoy it.
[23:13] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> Not that there's anything wrong with being gay.
[23:14] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> I'll love you no matter what.
[23:14] <starcat> I'm too feminine to pass for a straight guy anyways.
[23:14] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> Mom and Dad I gonna FREAK though
[23:14] * @Wolfwood ,literally, gnaws on a snickers
[23:14] <starcat> share the snickers :<
[23:14] * @Wolfwood shares the wealth of mini-snickers with all
[23:14] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> Oooooh can I tell Shelly? She'll totally pretend to be your girlfriend.
[23:15] <starcat> :3
[23:15] <starcat> Who's Shelly?
[23:15] <starcat> and I don't need a fake girlfriend.
[23:15] <starcat> I can have a Furu for that.
[23:15] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> Girl in S.P.D London.
[23:15] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> Well, uh.
[23:15] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> She should be a guy. Lawls, genderswap.
[23:16] <starcat> So you want me to have a fake boyfriend?
[23:16] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> Nah
[23:16] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> I'm just playing with ya.
[23:16] <@Wolfwood> (( Hey Adam, you're up and up on some of this stuff. Did they ever make an actuall Japanese Sukeban Deka yo-yo? ))
[23:16] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> Apparently, the younger sisters of gay men act much like I just did.
[23:17] <starcat> I'm confused now.
[23:17] * starcat just eats her candy.
[23:17] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> (( If they did, it was a collector's item. ))
[23:17] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> (( Thus rare. ))
[23:18] <@Wolfwood> (( I've heard rumors of them. I own the movies and i'm trying to get anything else I can from the series ))
[23:18] <starcat> Also: I find this comic appropriate. I mourn my lost boobs.
[23:20] <@Wolfwood> Heh.
[23:21] <@Wolfwood> I wanna jump in the hot tub.
[23:22] <starcat> Feel free.
[23:22] <@Wolfwood> Care to join?
[23:22] <@Wolfwood> Anyone?
[23:23] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> Kinda impossible for me.
[23:23] <@Wolfwood> Well you, yes.
[23:23] <starcat> Uh...
[23:23] *** has joined #suburbansenshi2
[23:23] <+Luna-P> y0 *** Happy Constitution Day [Golden Week]!!
[23:23] *** Candy [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[23:23] <+Luna-P> y0 Candy *** Happy Constitution Day [Golden Week]!!
[23:23] <starcat> I don't...know what to wear, and I just don't really like the idea, but have a fun anyways!
[23:24] <@spiritflame> ATTENTION: Candy is already registered. Check your password or enter a new name.
[23:24] <Candy> I LIKE MY BOOBIES @_@
[23:24] <@Wolfwood> wait.....s[BLEEP]t I dont have a bathing suit.
[23:24] <Candy> ;________________;
[23:25] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> ...
[23:25] <@Wolfwood> D:
[23:25] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> Wait
[23:25] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> Candy...
[23:25] * starcat sighs
[23:25] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> Is Candy still a chick?
[23:25] <starcat> Wear a big t-shirt.
[23:25] <@Wolfwood> No that's ok....I'll pass.
[23:25] <Candy> NO!
[23:25] <@Wolfwood> Oh well.
[23:26] <Candy> what the heck happened?!
[23:26] <starcat> i don't think any of my swimsuits would fit you right, but you could try.
[23:26] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> We don't know.
[23:27] *** @Wolfwood [] has left #suburbansenshi2 (going to get some Bento)
[23:27] <Candy> If I wanted to be a man I would have been born a man!
[23:28] *** Matsuto Kaze has joined #suburbansenshi2
[23:28] <+Luna-P> y0 Matsuto Kaze *** Happy Constitution Day [Golden Week]!!
[23:28] <Matsuto Kaze> forgot something ^^
[23:28] <Matsuto Kaze> oh hey, Candy
[23:28] <Candy> :________:
[23:29] <Candy> I like being a girl!
[23:29] <Matsuto Kaze> hey don't worry
[23:29] * Alissa Kanal [EN] checks the calendar
[23:29] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> ...
[23:29] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> Scarlet's wedding...
[23:29] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> IT'S ON MY BIRTHDAY!!
[23:30] <Candy> and I'm planning a wedding myself!
[23:30] <Candy> how am I suppose to go try on wedding dresses this way
[23:30] <Matsuto Kaze>'s Vashette
[23:30] <Candy> playing with his new found toys >_>
[23:30] <starcat> D:
[23:31] *** Vash [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[23:31] <+Luna-P> y0 Vash *** Happy Constitution Day [Golden Week]!!
[23:31] <starcat> nooo Adam
[23:31] <Vash> ^_____^ this is a nice development, I must say
[23:31] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> T__T
[23:31] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> Everyone's gonna got to the wedding
[23:31] <starcat> I'll stay with you, Adam! :<
[23:32] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> Aww
[23:32] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> Thank you, star. ^_^
[23:32] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> You and Furu... my only friends. T_T
[23:32] <Vash> Hey guy!
[23:32] <Matsuto Kaze> hey...not looking bad there
[23:32] <starcat> We love you.
[23:32] <Candy> I'll be your friend!
[23:33] <Vash> I know...I could hit on myself XD
[23:33] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> Candy no offence but you kinda scare
[23:34] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> me
[23:34] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> Kinda scare me
[23:34] <Candy> aww why?
[23:34] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> I dunno
[23:34] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> You just do.
[23:34] * Candy giggles.
[23:34] <Candy> it's because I'm normally scarey :3 :3 >:3
[23:34] <Candy> but right now...*sigh*...damn it...
[23:34] <starcat> You can hang up, Adam, if you want.
[23:35] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> I think I will.
[23:35] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> I'll send you an email, star.
[23:36] <Alissa Kanal [EN]> Bye.
[23:36] *** Alissa Kanal [EN] has left #suburbansenshi2
[23:36] <Matsuto Kaze> take care, Alissa
[23:36] <Candy> bye Alissa!
[23:36] <starcat> Bye!
[23:36] <Candy> so now what?
[23:36] <Candy> I guess I could go have fun with this new problem...
[23:37] <starcat> Now we dance.
[23:37] <Candy> like scaring random guys at bars!
[23:37] <Candy> XD XD
[23:37] <starcat> nnn...yeah I'm gonna go too.
[23:37] *** starcat [] has left #suburbansenshi2 (Bye)
[23:37] * Matsuto Kaze scraches her goetee
[23:38] <Matsuto Kaze> *his
[23:38] <Candy> Come Matsuto! We shall go scare people!
[23:38] * Candy grabs Matsuto's arm and drags him out the door.
[23:38] *** LOVELYboy [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[23:38] <+Luna-P> y0 LOVELYboy *** Happy Constitution Day [Golden Week]!!
[23:38] <Candy> well I guess since I am a guy now I should pick a better name...
[23:38] * Candy thinks
[23:39] * Vash is now known as Vashette
[23:39] <Matsuto Kaze> um ok
[23:40] *** Tina Kensei has joined #suburbansenshi2
[23:40] <+Luna-P> y0 Tina Kensei *** Happy Constitution Day [Golden Week]!!
[23:40] * is now known as Canard
[23:41] <LOVELYboy> Hi Tina.
[23:41] <Canard> well I am Canard now!
[23:41] <Tina Kensei> hi
[23:41] <Matsuto Kaze> intersting name
[23:41] <Vashette> maybe I should try something a bit less odd
[23:42] <LOVELYboy> Vashti?
[23:42] <LOVELYboy> I think I've heard that name somewhere before.
[23:42] <LOVELYboy> How are you, Tina? Have a good day?
[23:43] <Tina Kensei> better then last night
[23:43] * Canard tries speaking in a more manly voice. "How about you and me go out on a date?"
[23:44] * Canard is speaking toward Matsuto
[23:44] <LOVELYboy> You didn't exactly seem very comfortable last night.
[23:44] <Matsuto Kaze> uh.....well we could go on a walk I suppose.....not a date >>
[23:44] <Matsuto Kaze> <<
[23:44] <Tina Kensei> I got mugged
[23:44] <Tina Kensei> almost
[23:44] <LOVELYboy> What!?
[23:45] <Vashette> (( what vash will look like ))
[23:45] <Vashette> (( ))
[23:45] <LOVELYboy> Are you aright? What happened?
[23:46] <Tina Kensei> well I was walking back to my apartment and three guys came out and demanded money
[23:46] <Matsuto Kaze> let's take a walk then
[23:47] <Canard> Ok
[23:47] * Canard snickers grabbing Matsuto's hand and pulling him out!
[23:47] *** Matsuto Kaze has left #suburbansenshi2 (such a weird time, isn't it?)
[23:47] *** Canard has left #suburbansenshi2 (heheheh people won't know what to do with us >:3)
[23:47] <Tina Kensei> for some reason I froze..I don't know why
[23:48] <LOVELYboy> But you know how to fight...what happened?
[23:48] <Tina Kensei> I...really don't know
[23:48] <Tina Kensei> all of a sudden I wanted you there <<
[23:48] <Tina Kensei> but then I snapped out of it and beat them back
[23:48] * Vashette sits in the room.
[23:49] <LOVELYboy> I'm sorry :<
[23:50] *** Hibiko Kaze has joined #suburbansenshi2
[23:50] <+Luna-P> y0 Hibiko Kaze *** Happy Constitution Day [Golden Week]!!
[23:50] <Hibiko Kaze> hey, Vash..ette
[23:50] <Tina Kensei> yeah...then I kind of hurried home
[23:50] <LOVELYboy> Are you sure you're okay?
[23:51] <Tina Kensei> yeah...but a little shaken for some reason
[23:51] <LOVELYboy> All this happening at once, it's a bit much.
[23:52] * LOVELYboy has an arm around Tina comfortingly.
[23:52] <LOVELYboy> Let me walk you home, okay?
[23:52] <Tina Kensei> ok...I would like that...
[23:53] <Vashette> Yo Hibiko!
[23:53] <Vashette> nice figure you got there
[23:53] * Hibiko Kaze waves " feels...a bit self-concious though..."
[23:53] <LOVELYboy> And I can show you how to call me if you ever need me, too.
[23:54] <Tina Kensei> ...ok..
[23:54] * LOVELYboy gently guides Tina out the door.
[23:54] *** LOVELYboy [] has left #suburbansenshi2
[23:54] <Vashette> This makes me want to go buy a new red coat, or alter mine.
[23:54] *** Tina Kensei has left #suburbansenshi2
[23:55] <Vashette> shorter so it looks nicer on my figure
[23:55] <Hibiko Kaze> ..I've had to wear some wife-err-husband's
[23:55] <Hibiko Kaze> and they're still a little large on me
[23:56] <Vashette> Well Candys sorta fits me, I'm still to tall for her pants
[23:56] <Vashette> so I'm wearing one of her skirts
[23:57] <Hibiko Kaze> ...this is so bizaree >_<
[23:57] <Vashette> I don't mind it so much. Candy is still having a fit
[23:59] * Vashette isn't sitting very lady like with a skirt on
[00:01] <Hibiko Kaze> least this is temporary
[00:06] <Vashette> yeah
[00:06] <Hibiko Kaze> ....well this is akward
[00:07] * Vashette kicks her feet up on the coffee table
[00:07] <Vashette> I don't mind it so much
[00:09] <Hibiko Kaze> really?
[00:09] <Vashette> nah...
[00:12] <Vashette> it's a pain though, I have pains on my lower back
[00:12] <Hibiko Kaze> I can't seem to run as fast as I used to for some reason
[00:14] <Vashette> yeah, I'm not nearly as quick
[00:16] * Hibiko Kaze picks up two ginger ales and hands one to Vashette
[00:16] <Vashette> thank you. You know you are kind of cute...I guess I may be a woman but I still find women attractive
[00:18] <Hibiko Kaze> O_O *turns really red in the face*
[00:18] <Vashette> what?
[00:20] <Hibiko Kaze>'t expect that
[00:20] <Vashette> what? Didn't you get hit on on the way here?
[00:21] <Hibiko Kaze> ...not really
[00:22] <Vashette> really? I thought you would
[00:23] <Hibiko Kaze> why >________>
[00:24] <Vashette> because guys seem to go for shy cute girls
[00:24] <Vashette> at least that's what candy says
[00:24] <Hibiko Kaze> <__________<
[00:24] * Hibiko Kaze turns really red again
[00:26] <Vashette> and I was sorta hit on but most of the people on there way here just whispered about me being a model or something...
[00:28] * Hibiko Kaze sips her drink >_>
[00:28] * Vashette sips her drink
[00:30] <Hibiko Kaze> ...have to admit it was weird waking up like this
[00:33] <Hibiko Kaze> I'm just glad I work at home
[00:35] <Vashette> yeah I had to talk to Candy's cat Amber about erasing and modifing memories
[00:35] <Vashette> so I could go to work
[00:35] <Hibiko Kaze> was amber affected?
[00:36] <Vashette> I don't know, she did seem pissed off
[00:37] <Hibiko Kaze> weird
[00:39] * Vashette nods
[00:39] <Hibiko Kaze> I haven't seen Freya since yesterday morning
[00:41] <Vashette> well I think they would hide
[00:45] <Hibiko Kaze> ....I hate being short
[00:45] <Hibiko Kaze> I so hate being short
[00:53] * Hibiko Kaze sighs
[00:53] <Vashette> well I'm lucky that I didn't loose my tallness
[00:54] <Hibiko Kaze> were luckly *gives Vashette an angry look*
[00:57] <Vashette> heeeey I can't help it
[00:59] * Hibiko Kaze frowns and finishes off her ginger ale
[01:02] <Vashette> I'm sorry
[01:03] <Hibiko Kaze> no no no it's ok
[01:05] <Vashette> ok if you say so
[01:07] * Hibiko Kaze stands and throws the can away
[01:09] * Vashette drinks her can
[01:13] <Hibiko Kaze> least I'm not wearing heels
[01:16] <Hibiko Kaze> no offense to those who are >>
[01:17] * Hibiko Kaze sighs and messes up her hair a bit
[01:21] <Vashette> heey are you saying I do?
[01:21] <Vashette> I wear boots :P
[01:22] <Hibiko Kaze> nooo I didn't say that
[01:26] <Hibiko Kaze> I..I'm going to go out I think
[01:29] <Hibiko Kaze> I'll see you..later, Vashette
[01:32] *** Hibiko Kaze has left #suburbansenshi2 (off to home)
[01:40] *** Vashette has left #suburbansenshi2 (back home)
[03:19] * Yaijinden pricks her thumb with runed, serrated knife
[03:20] * Yaijinden begins quietly drawing a small design on the floor with her blood
[03:37] * Yaijinden murmurs something dischordant
[03:40] * Yaijinden steps back, inspecting her work
[03:43] <Yaijinden> Beautiful.
[03:43] * Yaijinden lifts her eyes, regards the living room as a whole
[03:43] <Yaijinden> All of it.
[03:43] * Yaijinden is away:
[07:20] * Sailor Molybdenum Fledermaus peers in.
[07:20] <Sailor Molybdenum Fledermaus> Gender-swap, eh?
[07:20] <Sailor Molybdenum Fledermaus> Lucky that my Kinmoku physiology makes me immune! Tee hee!
[07:21] * Sailor Molybdenum Fledermaus suddenly feels funny.
[07:21] * Sailor Molybdenum Fledermaus is now known as Sailor Bubba
[07:21] <Sailor Bubba> O.O
[07:21] <Sailor Bubba> NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooo...
[07:22] *** Sailor Bubba has quit IRC (Waaaaaah! My woman-boobs have been transformed into identical man-boobs!)
[10:15] <Suu> ...I'm just as flat as a boy as I was as a girl.
[10:16] * Suu looks down at her lap
[10:16] <Suu> - I can't stop looking at it ;_l -
[10:17] <Suu> (( They just announced on CBS Sunday Morning that today is the 30th anniversary of spam...the email kind. It all started when a Digital employee sent an ad for a new computer to everyone on a precursor to the Internet. ))
[10:21] *** Suu [] has quit IRC (at least my pants weren't all wet this morning...)
[11:40] <Furu> ....
[11:40] <Furu> Suu-kun really needs help :/
[11:40] * Furu relaxes on a sofa
[11:43] <Furu> The magic of femaleness has worn off :<
[11:54] *** Scott [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[11:54] <+Luna-P> y0 Scott *** Happy Greenery Day [Golden Week]!!
[11:54] <Scott> ...The only reason I like being a guy is being able to pee standing up.
[11:54] <Furu> Hello Scott!
[11:54] * Furu breaks out laughing again
[11:54] <Scott> What's so funny, FURUKO?
[11:56] <Furu> ....
[11:56] <Furu> D:<
[11:56] * Furu throws a pillow at Scott
[11:57] <Scott> Ugh. I mean, I've been with Dyne for a while, so I know what guys do and all...
[11:57] <Scott> But Suu's going to be freaking traumatized.
[11:58] <Scott> That reminds me, speaking of boyfriends, I wonder what happened to Klavier?
[11:58] * Klarissa Gavin has become a punk rock chick with a Hello Kitty guitar
[11:59] * Furu falls over laughing again
[12:01] <Klarissa> Heh, I look a little like that cute Lana Skye chick that's Ema's older sister...
[12:01] <Klarissa> I mean, Larry Skye that's Eric's older brother.
[12:01] <Furu> Yeah, gets confusing doesn't it.
[12:01] <Klarissa> ...I wonder what happened to that dumkopf Kristoph?
[12:02] * Kristal Gavin has become the hottest chick in solitary confinement
[12:03] <Scott> Yeah, so...Suu is at home. His voice was cracking all over the place earlier.
[12:04] <Furu> Ah, the horros of püberty.
[12:04] <Furu> horros^
[12:04] <Furu> ...HORRORS. Excuse me. >_>
[12:05] <Scott> He's not happy.
[12:05] <Scott> In fact, he's quite freaked out.
[12:07] <Furu> We'll be back to normal soon, and then she can go through the horrors of female püberty!
[12:09] <Yaijinden> "they're all laughing at me"
[12:09] <Yaijinden> "i look like a freak and a failure"
[12:09] <Yaijinden> "why do i have to be careful in a different way when i sit down now this is unfair"
[12:10] <Scott> Yai?
[12:10] <Scott> Have *you* changed any?
[12:11] <Yaijinden> Physically?
[12:11] <Yaijinden> Mentally?
[12:11] <Yaijinden> Spiritually?
[12:12] * Yaijinden gropes herself, as if to check
[12:12] <Scott> I mean, did you get boobs?
[12:12] <Yaijinden> Yes Scotty, I am physically female. :)
[12:12] <Scott> I still wonder about DUELWOMAN though.
[12:13] <Sailor Rainbow> I hope she's in a closet
[12:13] <Furu> I rather NOT wonder about Duelwoman.
[12:13] <Furu> ...What am I going to do with all the clothes I bought when I'm not a girl anymore.
[12:13] <Sailor Rainbow> At least we haven't seen her trying to take our men
[12:13] <Yaijinden> Donate them to goodwill, neh?
[12:13] <Sailor Rainbow> Furu - Hopefully, they'll change back when you do
[12:13] <Yaijinden> Our men probably aren't big enough for her needs.
[12:13] <Scott> Oh man. I have a feeling that Chibiusa and DUELMANs roles have suddenly reverssed
[12:14] <Sailor Rainbow> Bad mental image
[12:14] <Scott> Sorry.
[12:15] <Sailor Rainbow> Need Brain Bleach... nao
[12:15] <Yaijinden> Oh it's nothing you can't see on the internet.
[12:15] <Yaijinden> A little pink-haired shotacon. ♫
[12:15] <Sailor Rainbow> The one that Alice Gore invented?
[12:16] * Yaijinden half-rimshots?
[12:16] * Furu shudders
[12:16] * Sailor Rainbow shudders more
[12:17] <Furu> Am I nerdy enough to download this font?
[12:18] <Scott> I think what Suu's most freaked out about are all the people checking her out now
[12:18] <Scott> Old ladies...
[12:18] <Scott> Semes...
[12:19] <Scott> Schoolgirls...
[12:20] <Furu> He's popular!
[12:20] <Scott> He's not used to it.
[12:20] * There is a small explosion from the basement.
[12:21] <Scott> What was that?
[12:21] <Furu> Some of us adjust quicker than others.
[12:21] <Furu> ....
[12:21] * Furu thinks of starcat
[12:22] <Furu> Or not at all ._.
[12:22] * Ninth Sage coughs her way up the stairs.
[12:22] <Scott> Man, poor starcat.
[12:22] <Furu> It's the basement. Something's always blowing up.
[12:22] <Ninth Sage> God dammit I thought I had it.
[12:22] <Yaijinden> You want me to creep her out?
[12:22] <Scott> Oh, hey. Need any help?
[12:22] <Yaijinden> She thinks she wasn't being checked out BEFORE?
[12:22] * Furu goes off on a grumbling rant about how he thought women were supposed to have less of a sex drive than men.
[12:23] <Ninth Sage> .... AHAHAHA
[12:23] <Ninth Sage> Furu you have a lot to learn.
[12:23] <Ninth Sage> They just repress it better.
[12:23] <Yaijinden> You have been enculturated to think so. :)
[12:23] * Scott glares at Yai "She's used to it because of the wings, but for some reason her changing into a boy has made it worse."
[12:24] * Scott hands Ninth Sage a ginger ale
[12:24] <Scott> So what's the prognosis?
[12:24] * Ninth Sage chugs the soda back for the sake of clearing soot out of her throat.
[12:24] <Furu> ;_;
[12:24] <Ninth Sage> later tonight I would assume.
[12:24] <Ninth Sage> given things don't blow up anymore.
[12:26] *** Suu [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[12:26] <+Luna-P> y0 Suu *** Happy Greenery Day [Golden Week]!!
[12:26] * Suu is shaking
[12:26] <Suu> - a little old lady wanted to give me a kiss and pinch my cheeks -
[12:27] <Furu> Aaaaaaaw.
[12:27] <Suu> - I'm more freaked out about the fact that WHAT IF SHE WAS ORIGINALLY A GUY -
[12:28] * Suu shudders
[12:28] <Furu> ...Oh, good point.
[12:28] <Suu> I've...I've turned...into an UKE!!!!
[12:29] * Suu starts crying
[12:29] * Furu hugs Suu :<
[12:29] * Ninth Sage checks her pocket watch and grumbles.
[12:30] <Ninth Sage> Give me... another 10 hours maybe.
[12:30] * Ninth Sage ruffles Suu's hair
[12:30] <Ninth Sage> I'll get this fixed up.
[12:30] <Ninth Sage> If I can destroy the universe I can fix a simple genderswap!
[12:30] * Suu feels Furu's breasts against him and his pants suddenly feel tights
[12:30] <Suu> Ewwww
[12:30] <Ninth Sage> ...
[12:30] * Ninth Sage snickers.
[12:30] * Suu pushes Furu away from him
[12:31] <Suu> Nooooooooo...
[12:31] <Furu> Fufufu~
[12:31] <Ninth Sage> ya, I'll get this fixed up.
[12:31] <Suu> - I don't like this!!!! -
[12:31] <Ninth Sage> It's amusing as hell but I'll get it fixed up.
[12:31] <Suu> - IT'S NOT FUNNY!!!!! -
[12:32] <Ninth Sage> Sorry Sorry
[12:32] * Furu backs off.
[12:32] <Furu> I dunno, I think teasing is kinda fun.
[12:33] <Furu> Might as well make the best of a bad situation, y'know?
[12:33] <Ninth Sage> (that's another very female trait)
[12:33] * Ninth Sage has notes on this experience.
[12:33] <Furu> I have not taken advantage of my femaleness nearly enough!
[12:34] <Sailor Rainbow> Neither have I
[12:34] *** Sailor Rainbow has left #suburbansenshi2 (I wonder what Mel is doing... ;))
[12:35] <Ninth Sage> Too much information.
[12:35] <Ninth Sage> (I miss my bishonen wind. I need to fix this.)
[12:36] * Ninth Sage crosses her arms and looks charming; a wind blows from out of nowhere and only seems to effect her!
[12:36] <Ninth Sage> It doesn't work as well like this.
[12:37] <Furu> 9_9
[12:38] <Ninth Sage> Oh you wish you could do that.
[12:38] <Furu> (( haha someone did the final boss battle music in persona mario paint ))
[12:38] <Furu> (( The actual track for comparison ))
[12:41] <Furu> (( [url=]though technically this is the actual last boss theme[/url\ ))
[12:42] <Furu> [URL]
[12:42] <Furu> (( BLAR ))
[12:42] * Furu ponders what to do on her last day of girlhood
[12:45] * Ninth Sage slides her glasses back on and wanders back into the basement for more testing.
[12:45] * Ninth Sage is away 
[12:47] <Furu> ...Glasses >_>
[12:50] * starcat pops up behind Furu and gives her a hug
[12:50] <Suu> Hello starcat-san...
[12:50] <Suu> Have...Have you been bothered by anyone since you became a boy?
[12:50] <Furu> Whoa.
[12:50] <Furu> Hey, honey.
[12:51] <starcat> um.
[12:51] <starcat> What do you mean, Suu?
[12:52] * starcat rests his chin on Furu's head
[12:52] <Suu> Like...
[12:52] <Suu> Girls are running after you...
[12:52] <Suu> Little old ladies want to pinch your cheeks...
[12:52] <Suu> You're being offered candy by...
[12:53] * Suu starts crying "I HATE BEING AN UKE!!!!!"
[12:53] <Furu> Don't take candy! D:
[12:53] <starcat> No. I haven't really left the house except to check up on the Steinbeck.
[12:53] <Suu> I don't take the candy!!!
[12:54] <starcat> which is doing great business; apparently people want to try sex as the opposite gender without having commitments!
[12:54] <Furu> ._.
[12:54] * Furu suddenly has a wave of guilt
[12:55] * starcat gives Furu an Oreo
[12:55] <starcat> It's okay.
[12:55] * Furu chomps sadly
[12:55] * Suu wonders if Scott and Dynette are having fun togehter
[12:56] *** Suu [] has quit IRC (BBL, party IRL.)
[12:56] <starcat> if everyone swapped genders...
[12:57] <starcat> what happened to Bridget?
[12:58] <Furu> Some questions are better left unasked.
[13:00] <Furu> Anyway.
[13:00] * Furu turns and hugs her husband!
[13:00] * starcat hugs Furu back!
[13:03] <Furu> Not awkward anymore?
[13:04] <starcat> no still awkward. :D;;
[13:04] <starcat> but if I hug you as a friend then it's not so weird.
[13:11] <Furu> We are so totally having sex when we get back to normal.
[13:12] <starcat> o-okay.
[13:14] * Furu smiles!
[13:16] * starcat tugs his hair
[13:17] <Furu> So! What will we do for now?
[13:18] <starcat> I don't know. I was just going to sit here and see what happened.
[13:20] * Furu pokes at starcat's cheeks :D
[13:20] <starcat> D:
[13:20] <starcat> What are you doing?
[13:21] <Furu> Hee~.
[13:21] <Furu> Examining you, that's all.
[13:22] <starcat> Oh. Uh. Okay?
[13:23] * Furu pokes at his sides too.
[13:24] * starcat flails DX
[13:24] <starcat> That tickles!
[13:25] <Furu> Fufufufu~
[13:25] <Furu> <_< >_>
[13:26] * Furu drags starcat behind the sofa for further examination
[13:27] <starcat> D:
[13:28] <starcat> wh-what are you doing, Furu-chan?
[13:30] <Furu> I just have to check something~. I'm curious.
[13:32] <Furu> You'll just have to hold still for a bit~.
[13:32] <starcat> O...kay...
[13:35] <Furu> Now, let's get these pants off!
[13:36] <starcat> D:!
[13:36] <starcat> W-wait, what?!
[13:37] <Furu> I just gotta cheeeck~
[13:38] <starcat> DX what are you DOING?!
[13:39] <Furu> Hmmmm. Okay then.
[13:39] * Furu hops back over the sofa.
[13:39] <Furu> I got the information I needed.
[13:41] * starcat puts his pants back on
[13:41] <starcat> what was THAT all about?
[13:43] * Furu whispers to him.
[13:43] *** has joined #suburbansenshi2
[13:43] <+Luna-P> y0 *** Happy Greenery Day [Golden Week]!!
[13:43] *** Ken Hakinochi [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[13:43] <+Luna-P> y0 Ken Hakinochi *** Happy Greenery Day [Golden Week]!!
[13:44] <starcat> ...oh.
[13:44] <starcat> uh.
[13:44] <starcat> hm.
[13:44] *** Hibiko Kaze has joined #suburbansenshi2
[13:44] <+Luna-P> y0 Hibiko Kaze *** Happy Greenery Day [Golden Week]!!
[13:44] <starcat> s-so what's the answer then?
[13:44] <Ken Hakinochi> Hm hm~
[13:44] <Hibiko Kaze> hey
[13:44] <Furu> It's a no :3
[13:45] * Ken Hakinochi looks at Hibiko Kaze.
[13:45] *** Hibiko Kaze is is Matsuto's wife. Is rather short (5'3) with long black hair that hangs over one side of her face
Her image Song is: .

[13:45] <Furu> Not too far off though.
[13:45] <Furu> Oh, hello K-kun.
[13:45] <Ken Hakinochi> Heeya Furu-chan.
[13:46] <Hibiko Kaze> ..he sleeps like a log >>
[13:47] * Furu clings to starcat.
[13:47] <starcat> I see.
[13:47] <starcat> ....
[13:48] * starcat pats Furu's shoulder a bit helplessly
[13:48] * Hibiko Kaze sighs and messes up her hair
[13:48] * Ken Hakinochi grins wickedly at Furu and then turns to look at Hibiko.
[13:49] <Hibiko Kaze> hmmm?
[13:49] <Ken Hakinochi> Hey how's it going?
[13:50] <Hibiko Kaze> it's ok I suppose....
[13:50] <Hibiko Kaze> reletivly speaking
[13:50] <Ken Hakinochi> Hm hm, well of course.
[13:50] <starcat> Hi, Euri-san.
[13:51] <Ken Hakinochi> Heeeeeeeeeeeeya Starneko-kun.
[13:51] <Ken Hakinochi> How's it hanging?
[13:51] <starcat> Apparently well.
[13:53] <Ken Hakinochi> That's cool.
[13:53] * Ken Hakinochi nods.
[13:53] * Furu giggles.
[13:53] <Ken Hakinochi> Akindra's doing a lot better.
[13:53] <Ken Hakinochi> She's taking a liking to little Hachi, so she's been smiling a lot more.
[13:53] <starcat> Aw, cool.
[13:53] <Ken Hakinochi> Though I'm sure she just wants this all to be over with as soon as possible.
[13:54] <Furu> It might be over tonight.
[13:54] <Ken Hakinochi> How say you?
[13:54] <starcat> Hooray.
[13:55] <Hibiko Kaze> wonderful!!
[13:55] <Ken Hakinochi> How do you know this?
[13:57] <Furu> The girl responsible for it popped in earlier >:/
[13:59] <starcat> Fu-chan knows what she's saying.
[14:00] <Furu> :3 I dooooo
[14:00] * Furu hugs starcat to her chest again!
[14:01] <Ken Hakinochi> Wait, there's someone RESPONSIBLE for this?
[14:01] <Ken Hakinochi> I thought it was just a random act of the gods.
[14:01] <starcat> erk!
[14:01] <@Diamond Dice Darkness> maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyybeeeeeeeeee
[14:01] * @Diamond Dice Darkness is away: >_>
[14:02] * starcat turns pink like his hair
[14:02] * Ken Hakinochi scowls.
[14:02] <Ken Hakinochi> Tch.
[14:02] <Ken Hakinochi> I wish there was a way I keep this...
[14:02] *** Matsuto Kaze has joined #suburbansenshi2
[14:02] <+Luna-P> y0 Matsuto Kaze *** Happy Greenery Day [Golden Week]!!
[14:02] * Ken Hakinochi does some thinking.
[14:02] <Furu> You like beinga guy way too much!
[14:02] <Ken Hakinochi> I'll be back, need to do some tinkering.
[14:02] <Matsuto Kaze> *yawn* hi, peoples
[14:03] <starcat> y-you're enjoying being a girl too!
[14:03] * Ken Hakinochi is now known as The Pumpkin
[14:03] * starcat escapes from Furu's chest and hugs his wife from behind instead
[14:04] * The Pumpkin sits where Ken just was.
[14:04] <starcat> Pumpkin!
[14:04] * starcat lets go of Furu and picks up the pumpkin
[14:04] * The Pumpkin wobbles a bit as there's a Large commotion going on inside The Mind.
[14:05] <starcat> :<
[14:05] <Furu> Aaaaaw.
[14:05] <starcat> poor pumpkin.
[14:08] * Furu pats it
[14:09] * The Pumpkin is patted!
[14:10] * Furu goes to juggle it
[14:10] <starcat> D:
[14:10] <starcat> No!
[14:10] * starcat takes the pumpkin back
[14:10] * starcat safely sets the pumpkin on the sofa :3
[14:10] * The Pumpkin is safe!
[14:12] <Furu> :<
[14:13] <Matsuto Kaze> so what's going on?
[14:13] <Furu> I have no idea.
[14:13] <starcat> Euri-san has sent out the pumpkin which means Trouble.
[14:14] * The Pumpkin rotates three hundred and sixty degrees!
[14:15] <Hibiko Kaze> whoa
[14:15] * starcat picks up and hugs the Pumpkin :<
[14:16] <starcat> Have I mentioned yet how annoying it is to hug people without extra chest cushioning?
[14:16] <Furu> Possessed pumpkin!
[14:17] * The Pumpkin glows slightly
[14:17] * The Pumpkin is now known as Lord Alan
[14:17] <starcat> ...
[14:17] * starcat lets go
[14:17] * Lord Alan gets off the man's lap and dusts off his pants as he stands.
[14:17] * starcat looks at Lord Alan.
[14:17] *** Lord Alan is the male version of LadyAlice, the woman from a dark Wonderland. Alan has dark, straight brown hair that ends just beneath his shoulders and dark green eyes that seem to pierce your soul. Ususally wearing black baggy jeans and a dark blue t-shirt.
His image Song is: "Thundering Destruction" by Shiro Hamaguchi.

[14:17] <starcat> Oh, it's YOU.
[14:18] <Lord Alan> Yeah, it's me.
[14:18] <Lord Alan> Felt like visiting to see how the others are holding up.
[14:18] <Lord Alan> It's a mess in there, really.
[14:18] * Lord Alan spies the girl Furu and freezes for a moment.
[14:18] <starcat> ...
[14:19] * starcat hugs Furu's shoulders.
[14:19] <Furu> ...
[14:19] <Lord Alan> Anyway
[14:20] <Lord Alan> Mrs. Burns is being quite b[BLEEP]chy lately and the rest of them can't stand that she's actually outside of her room the past day or so.
[14:20] <Lord Alan> They complained to me as soon as I walked in but I didn't really give all of two s[BLEEP]ts about their problems.
[14:21] <Lord Alan> So Ken told me as he was passing by to his room that it's fixed.
[14:22] <Lord Alan> Naturally curious, I followed him as he tried, to the best of his knowledge, to explain what's going on with him and his powers.
[14:23] * Lord Alan moves some of his hair behind his ear.
[14:23] <starcat> It's fixed?
[14:23] <Lord Alan> We all have doors that lead to our own rooms and domains and private imagination-created worlds in Ken's mind, right.
[14:23] <starcat> what?
[14:23] <Lord Alan> Yeah.
[14:24] <Lord Alan> You saw how he transformed the other day, right?
[14:24] <starcat> Right.
[14:24] <Matsuto Kaze> what do you mean?
[14:24] <starcat> Yes.
[14:24] <Lord Alan> Normally, Euri hasn't been able to transform into Sailor Europa since the last Budokai.
[14:24] <Furu> I remember that.
[14:25] <Lord Alan> Yet, somehow, this whole ordeal happened and the door got fixed.
[14:25] <Lord Alan> So Ken's thinking a couple of things.
[14:25] *** Envy [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[14:25] <+Luna-P> y0 Envy *** Happy Greenery Day [Golden Week]!!
[14:25] <Envy> Gender swap weekend, eh?
[14:25] <Lord Alan> Either that once he turns back to normal, the door will be broken again
[14:25] <Furu> HEY NO FAIR
[14:26] <Lord Alan> Or that there's this other body of his, the girl body, and if he can keep both bodies, the power will remain.
[14:26] <Lord Alan> And that's what Ken's searching for now.
[14:26] <Envy> :3
[14:26] <Lord Alan> If you ask me, being able to switch bodies like that sounds kinda cool.
[14:26] <starcat> Oohhhh, right.
[14:26] * Lord Alan shrgs.
[14:26] <starcat> hm.
[14:27] * Furu shakes her fist at Envy
[14:28] * Envy looks at Envy.
[14:28] *** Envy is homunculus with green hair and violet eyes. (S)He can turn into different forms, though he usually takes one standard form. More information about Hir is Here.
hir image Song is: "Sweet Transvestite" from Rocky Horror.

[14:29] <Lord Alan> Well I'm going to head on out while Ken's still looking for that mirage.
[14:29] <Lord Alan> See you guys laters.
[14:30] *** Lord Alan [wonderlandsavior@themind.euri] has left #suburbansenshi2
[14:30] * Envy sits on the couch.
[14:30] * Furu sits and thinks
[14:31] <starcat> Bye.
[14:31] <Envy> I think I'll watch this for a while.
[14:31] <Envy> (( does anyone know how to find info on the xml file? ))
[14:32] <starcat> (( ctrl+F? ))
[14:32] <Envy> (( I shall try that ))
[14:33] <Furu> >:/
[14:34] <Furu> Hmph.
[14:35] * Matsuto Kaze walks over and puts an arm around his wife
[14:35] <starcat> Why hmph?
[14:35] <Hibiko Kaze> <<
[14:35] * Envy looks at Envy.
[14:35] *** Envy is homunculus with green hair and violet eyes. (S)He can turn into different forms, though (s)he usually takes one standard form. More information about Hir is Here.
hir image Song is: "Sweet Transvestite" from Rocky Horror.

[14:36] * Envy looks at Furu.
[14:36] *** Furu is a tall young woman with long green hair, bangs covering one of her red eyes. She's wearing a clingy purple tank top and denim shorts. More information about him is Here.
His image Song is: "Wana" by The Back Horn.

[14:37] <Furu> >_> what
[14:38] <starcat> You're pretty, Fu-chan.
[14:39] * Envy looks at starcat.
[14:39] *** starcat is a 21-year-old man who looks rather stunned. He's wearing girljeans and a mesh t-shirt and looks a bit emo. He's tall and skinny, though, and somehow, it works! More information about is Here.
image Song is: "Extraordinary" by Liz Phair.

[14:40] * Envy sits crosslegged and gets a book from THELOINCLOTH™
[14:40] <Furu> I am?
[14:40] * Furu fishes for compliments :3
[14:41] * Envy commences reading
[14:41] * Envy says blandly, "Yes you would make a miraculous girl I'm sure."
[14:42] <Furu> ¬_¬
[14:42] * starcat rolls his eyes
[14:42] * Furu throws something heavy!
[14:43] <starcat> Yes, Furu. Now go make some cookies or something and prove how great of a girl you are.
[14:45] * Furu is away: Cookies ♡
[14:45] * Envy transforms into a bird and flies up to a wall to dodge that. (lol 3 minutes after the fact)
[14:46] * Envy reforms and lands on the floor with grace.
[14:52] <Envy> (( zaira, if you see this, ty for uploading some of my wiki pages. I appreciate it! :D ))
[14:54] * Furu returns with cookies!
[14:54] <Furu> Tada~
[14:55] <Matsuto Kaze> oh wow
[14:55] <starcat> oooh.
[14:56] <Furu> Cookies desu~
[14:56] <Furu> Who wants some? :3
[14:56] <starcat> I do!
[14:56] * Envy snags one without asking
[14:57] * Envy proceeds to return to reading a book.
[14:57] <Furu> D:< B[BLEEP]ch!
[14:57] * Furu gives starcat a plate of cookies.
[14:57] <starcat> Thanks.
[14:58] * starcat eats a few
[14:58] <Furu> Hmm.
[14:58] * Furu sits next to starca
[14:58] <Matsuto Kaze> can I try one
[14:58] * Furu takes a cookie
[14:58] <Furu> Open wide~
[14:58] <Furu> (Sure)
[14:59] * Envy nomnomnoms on a cookie
[14:59] <starcat> Eh?
[14:59] * starcat opens her mouth, confused
[15:00] * Matsuto Kaze takes one ^^
[15:00] * Furu puts the cookie in his mouth!
[15:01] * Hibiko Kaze elbows Matsuto in the side
[15:01] * starcat eats the tasty cookie
[15:01] <starcat> Thanks.
[15:01] <Matsuto Kaze> urk O_O what was that for???
[15:01] <Hibiko Kaze> nothing
[15:01] * starcat smiles at Fu-chan
[15:02] * Furu smiles back
[15:03] <Matsuto Kaze> ...jealous?
[15:03] <Hibiko Kaze> no <__<
[15:05] <Matsuto Kaze> heh
[15:05] * Matsuto Kaze finishes eating the cookie
[15:07] <Furu> Fufufufu.
[15:07] <Furu> You should enjoy the different-ness while it lasts
[15:08] <starcat> "enjoy"
[15:08] <Matsuto Kaze> really are jealous..aren't you
[15:08] <Hibiko Kaze> <__<
[15:09] <starcat> What advantage is there to being a guy over being a girl?
[15:10] * Furu eyebrow waggles
[15:11] <starcat> That's not an answer.
[15:13] <Furu> Oh.
[15:13] <Furu> ...Pee standing up?
[15:13] <starcat> Is it that hard to sit or squat?
[15:14] * Matsuto Kaze hugs Hibiko, laughing a bit
[15:15] * Hibiko Kaze just blushes and frowns
[15:15] <starcat> That's not so much an "advantage" as an "alternative."
[15:16] <Furu> True.
[15:16] <Furu> :/ Hmmm...
[15:16] <Furu> I dunno. I'm sorry.
[15:16] <starcat> Don't be!
[15:16] * starcat hugs Furu and steals another cookie
[15:18] * Furu hugs back :3
[15:19] <starcat> These are really good cookies.
[15:20] <Matsuto Kaze> you did a good job, furu
[15:20] <Furu> Thank you!
[15:20] * Hibiko Kaze frowns stll
[15:20] <Furu> I'm not that great at most things but cookies are easy enough
[15:20] <starcat> You're great at plenty.
[15:21] <Furu> Am nooot.
[15:21] * Furu blushes a little.
[15:22] <starcat> Sure you are! Do I have to start naming things?
[15:22] <Furu> Noooo.
[15:23] <starcat> Good.
[15:25] <Furu> Too much flattery isn't good.
[15:25] <starcat> It's not flattery!
[15:30] <Furu> Sure it is! I make a crappy girl.
[15:30] <starcat> Well, you make good cookies.
[15:31] * Matsuto Kaze keeps hugging his wife ^_^
[15:33] <Furu> Then I'll bake more for you if you want
[15:33] <starcat> Not right now, but thanks.
[15:33] * starcat looks down at his pajamas
[15:33] * Hibiko Kaze finally relaxes a bit
[15:33] <starcat> ...I'm going to go get dressed.
[15:33] * starcat is away: (ignore the /look XD)
[15:33] <Furu> Smart.
[15:33] * Furu is away: I'll come with you!
[15:35] <Matsuto Kaze> don't get was just a cookie
[15:35] <Hibiko Kaze> I don't know what the heck is going on with me ><
[15:44] <Matsuto Kaze> well..let's head home...
[15:45] <Matsuto Kaze> maybe see if we can relax..heh
[15:45] *** Matsuto Kaze has left #suburbansenshi2 (you're too stressed out)
[15:45] *** Hibiko Kaze has left #suburbansenshi2 (um...ok)
[15:46] *** LOVELYboy [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[15:46] <+Luna-P> y0 LOVELYboy *** Happy Greenery Day [Golden Week]!!
[15:47] <LOVELYboy> Hello?
[15:48] <LOVELYboy> Guess everyone left.
[15:48] * LOVELYboy sits on a couch
[15:56] *** Tina Kensei has joined #suburbansenshi2
[15:56] <+Luna-P> y0 Tina Kensei *** Happy Greenery Day [Golden Week]!!
[15:56] * Tina Kensei walks in
[15:57] <LOVELYboy> Hi Tina, how are you today?
[15:58] <Tina Kensei> much better
[15:58] <Tina Kensei> been seeing if my powers are still the same
[15:58] <LOVELYboy> And?
[16:00] <Tina Kensei> ..they pretty much are the same
[16:00] <LOVELYboy> That's good, isn't it?
[16:02] <LOVELYboy> Mine are mostly the same.
[16:03] <Tina Kensei> though my form is hard to get used to
[16:03] <LOVELYboy> New balance and stuff?
[16:04] <Tina Kensei> I'm a little smaller
[16:04] * LOVELYboy nods
[16:04] * LOVELYboy is away: brb
[16:09] * LOVELYboy is back
[16:10] *** Canard has joined #suburbansenshi2
[16:10] <+Luna-P> y0 Canard *** Happy Greenery Day [Golden Week]!!
[16:10] * Tina Kensei sits down on a sofa
[16:11] <LOVELYboy> Hi
[16:12] <Tina Kensei> hey..
[16:13] <LOVELYboy> I was in Lubeck again earlier, I don't think anyone recognized me. It was strange.
[16:14] * Canard points to self 'Candy'
[16:14] <Tina Kensei> oh...hello..there
[16:15] * Canard laughs.
[16:15] <Canard> A guy named Candy didn't seem right
[16:15] <Canard> Hey again
[16:15] <Tina Kensei> yeah...I'm guessing as much
[16:16] *** Popo Pangniqtuuq [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[16:16] <+Luna-P> y0 Popo Pangniqtuuq *** Happy Greenery Day [Golden Week]!!
[16:16] *** Nana Nunavut [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[16:16] <+Luna-P> y0 Nana Nunavut *** Happy Greenery Day [Golden Week]!!
[16:16] <Nana Nunavut> Huh.
[16:17] * Tina Kensei moves a little closer to Marius
[16:17] <Popo Pangniqtuuq> So... do our genders change automatically, or is it more of a gradual process?
[16:17] * Placeholder Man looks at the kids.
[16:17] <Popo Pangniqtuuq> I'm not sure I want to feel either.
[16:17] <Canard> I hope it's automatic.
[16:17] * Placeholder Man looks at Popo Pangniqtuuq.
[16:17] *** Popo Pangniqtuuq is a cute Inuit boy! His parka is blue... or is it purple? Wars have been fought over less. His interests include vegetables, mountaineering and hitting rare fauna with mallets.
His image Song is: "Summer Snow" by Super Furry Animals.

[16:18] * Nana Nunavut fold her arms and looks around.
[16:18] <Nana Nunavut> I dunno...
[16:19] * Popo Pangniqtuuq suddenly feels strange...
[16:19] * Nana Nunavut feels strange too...
[16:20] * LOVELYboy is away: brb
[16:20] * Nana Nunavut is now known as Popo Pangniqtuuq
[16:20] * Popo Pangniqtuuq is now known as Nana Nunavut
[16:20] <Popo Pangniqtuuq> Wha?
[16:20] <Nana Nunavut> Wha?
[16:20] <Placeholder Man> o_o
[16:20] <Placeholder Man> They...they switched!
[16:21] <Popo Pangniqtuuq> The male equivalent of me is you?
[16:21] <Nana Nunavut> The female equivalent of me is you?
[16:21] <Popo Pangniqtuuq> I find that insulting!
[16:21] <Nana Nunavut> I find that insulting!
[16:22] * LOVELYboy is back
[16:23] <Popo Pangniqtuuq> So... to the outside observer, nothing has changed.
[16:23] * Tina Kensei moves closer to Marius again
[16:23] <Popo Pangniqtuuq> Although I now have a p[TAB A]s, which is odd.
[16:23] * LOVELYboy puts an arm around Tina, smiling
[16:23] <Canard> Tell me about it. I like my boobs better.
[16:23] <Popo Pangniqtuuq> Oh wait, let me remove the comma from that sentence. I now have a p[TAB A]s which is odd.
[16:23] * LOVELYboy looks at Popo Pangiqtuuq.
[16:23] *** Popo Pangiqtuuq is no one

[16:24] <Popo Pangniqtuuq> Heh.
[16:24] <Nana Nunavut> Stop dissing my p[TAB A]s!
[16:24] * LOVELYboy looks at Popo Pangniqtuuq.
[16:24] *** Popo Pangniqtuuq is a cute Inuit boy! His parka is blue... or is it purple? Wars have been fought over less. His interests include vegetables, mountaineering and hitting rare fauna with mallets.
His image Song is: "Summer Snow" by Super Furry Animals.

[16:24] * Tina Kensei blushes very deeply
[16:24] <Nana Nunavut> Anyway, I now have brea.... Oh no, wait, I don't!
[16:24] <Placeholder Man> Hahaha.
[16:25] <Placeholder Man> But now you are a loli!
[16:25] <Placeholder Man> And thus you are the object of desire of lolicons everywhere!
[16:25] <Popo Pangniqtuuq> Hahaha.
[16:26] * LOVELYboy looks at Nana Nunavut.
[16:26] *** Nana Nunavut is a small Inuit girl, always dressed in a pink parka. And those boots are made of real seal-cub, you know. She carries a large wooden mallet, and has been known to use it.
Her image Song is: "Ice Hockey Hair" by Super Furry Animals.

[16:26] <Nana Nunavut> Are they better or worse than the shotacons I was already dodging?
[16:27] <Placeholder Man> ¯\(º_o)/¯
[16:27] <Popo Pangniqtuuq> I'd have to say worse. At least SOME shotacons are female.
[16:28] <Nana Nunavut> There might be female lolicons!
[16:28] <LOVELYboy> Possibly ¯\(º_o)/¯
[16:29] <LOVELYboy> So...have you seen Ken, TIna?
[16:29] <LOVELYboy> Or whoever he may be now?
[16:29] <Tina Kensei> ...briefly.....
[16:29] <Tina Kensei> ..she didn't look happy
[16:29] * Nana Nunavut composes a personal ad.
[16:29] <LOVELYboy> HAHAHA
[16:30] <LOVELYboy> I'm sure she's not.
[16:30] * LOVELYboy is away: brb
[16:31] <Nana Nunavut> "Loli Inuit seeks lolicons. Females only plz. Applications to: One or other of the Ice Climbers (can't remember which).
[16:31] <Popo Pangniqtuuq> Hey! Stop doing irresponsible stuff when you're me!
[16:33] <Placeholder Man> Sneaky!
[16:33] <Placeholder Man> Also, aren't one of you supposed to be freezing?
[16:34] * LOVELYboy is back
[16:34] <Nana Nunavut> Oh, that would be me!
[16:35] <Nana Nunavut> Or her! Him!
[16:35] <Tina Kensei> .....she just growled at me >>
[16:35] <Nana Nunavut> I'm so confused...
[16:35] <LOVELYboy> ??
[16:35] <LOVELYboy> Who growled at who now?
[16:37] <LOVELYboy> Oh, you mean Ken?
[16:37] <Nana Nunavut> I don't know who I am anymore! Also, I don't know who anyone else is!
[16:38] <Tina Kensei> yeah <<
[16:38] <Popo Pangniqtuuq> Confusion is your natural state of mind. Or is it mine?
[16:38] <LOVELYboy> Does he have a new name yet?
[16:38] <Tina Kensei> Kim
[16:39] <LOVELYboy> Alright.
[16:39] <Popo Pangniqtuuq> This is exactly like that time we both changed into identical white parkas to fool our enemies. You forgot who you were that time, too.
[16:40] <Popo Pangniqtuuq> Perhaps you have a uniquely fragile sense of self. Alternatively, perhaps you're very stupid.
[16:42] <Nana Nunavut> Yeah, well...
[16:42] <Nana Nunavut> Perhaps you don't have any boobs! Haha... yeah, I went there, again.
[16:42] <Tina Kensei> still....thanks for walking me home last night...
[16:43] <Popo Pangniqtuuq> You'd be well advised to shut up, now that I know the exact size of your...
[16:43] <LOVELYboy> Any time.
[16:43] <Nana Nunavut> Sh... shut up! It's cold today!
[16:43] <Placeholder Man> You always think it's cold.
[16:43] * LOVELYboy chuckles, listening to the other two
[16:43] <Placeholder Man> ...
[16:43] <Popo Pangniqtuuq> Cold? It's the warmest we've been in years!
[16:43] <Placeholder Man> THAT why?
[16:44] <Placeholder Man> Do you use your pants as a thermometer?!
[16:44] <Popo Pangniqtuuq> Hahaha, yeah.
[16:44] <Popo Pangniqtuuq> What he or she said!
[16:44] <Nana Nunavut> T_T
[16:45] * Nana Nunavut goes back to check if the personal ad got any interest.
[16:45] <Nana Nunavut> Ooh! Twenty thousand replies!
[16:46] <Nana Nunavut> See? There ARE female lolicons!
[16:46] <Popo Pangniqtuuq> You only have their word for it that they're female.
[16:47] <LOVELYboy> And they may be girls who were boys until the other day!
[16:47] <Nana Nunavut> Please. If they weren't female, that would mean they were lying. And I think the chances of someone lying on the internet is very slim indeed.
[16:48] * Tina Kensei stays near Marius
[16:48] <Popo Pangniqtuuq> That lovely bo (who I presume is actually a girl, so maybe not that lovely, at lease not in a sexy way) has a point. You can't be sure of anyone's gender now!
[16:49] <Nana Nunavut> Yeah, well... YOU can't type!
[16:49] <Popo Pangniqtuuq> It's hard to type with these gloves on, okay?
[16:49] <Popo Pangniqtuuq> Besides, I think your body still has some residual stupid in it.
[16:50] <Placeholder Man> I am a man.
[16:50] <Placeholder Man> Do you want me to prove it? ¬_¬
[16:50] <LOVELYboy> Well I was a boy, but am presently a boy.
[16:50] <LOVELYboy> *was a girl. ((that was so wrong, sorry))
[16:51] <Nana Nunavut> You're confusing me more!
[16:51] <Popo Pangniqtuuq> PHM, are you coming on to me?
[16:51] <Popo Pangniqtuuq> Because if so, continue!
[16:52] <Placeholder Man> I'm not a shotacon!
[16:52] <Popo Pangniqtuuq> That's okay, I'm not really shota! I'm loli!
[16:53] <Placeholder Man> I'm not a lolicon either!!
[16:53] <Nana Nunavut> We're actually not as young as we look. Our growth has been stunted by constant cold and those secret Canadian nuclear bomb tests.
[16:54] <Popo Pangniqtuuq> Damn it, there's no pleasing you men!
[16:55] <Placeholder Man> That's because I used to be a woman!
[16:55] <Popo Pangniqtuuq> "Waaah, I find the idea of sex with a minor repugnant!" Grow some balls! Like I did, half an hour ago!
[16:56] <Popo Pangniqtuuq> Wait a second, you mean you're not REALLY a man?
[16:56] <Placeholder Man> No, I'm really a man. Right now.
[16:56] <Popo Pangniqtuuq> Damn it, I've been wasting my energy!
[16:56] <Nana Nunavut> Maybe I should come on to him in preparation for him becoming a her again...
[16:56] <Placeholder Man> kekekekeke.
[16:57] <LOVELYboy> It's not really that complicated.
[16:58] <Nana Nunavut> It IS that complicated! Also, it;s even more complicated than that!
[16:58] <Placeholder Man> Look, I still won't have sex with little kids.
[16:58] <LOVELYboy> No. It's very simple.
[16:58] <Tina Kensei> <_<
[16:59] <Nana Nunavut> Who said anything about sex? Other than Nana, or Popo?
[16:59] <LOVELYboy> People who used to be girls are now boys. People who used to be boy are now girls. And eeww.
[16:59] <Nana Nunavut> We just need to share body heat!
[16:59] <Popo Pangniqtuuq> We'd do it with each other, but unfortunately we hate each other.
[17:00] <Nana Nunavut> I... still like you.
[17:00] <Popo Pangniqtuuq> I SAID we hate each other.
[17:00] <LOVELYboy> If you were freezing to death, that wouldn't matter.
[17:00] <Placeholder Man> that's not what she said! :D
[17:00] * Tina Kensei starts blushing for some reason
[17:01] <Popo Pangniqtuuq> Yes it would. I wouldn't want my frozen corpse to be found wrapped around his frozen corpse!
[17:01] <Placeholder Man> you ARE "him."
[17:02] <Popo Pangniqtuuq> Okay, assuming I'm not going to frozen TONIGHT.
[17:02] <Michelle D> (( hey, Dooky, you wanna get our budokai match out of the way? ))
[17:02] * Placeholder Man waggles his eyebrows
[17:03] <Placeholder Man> Maybe it's permanent.
[17:03] <Popo Pangniqtuuq> If I do freeze tonight, I'm gonna do it with my hand in my pants, so when they find me they'll think it's Popo and they'll be all "That Popo was a dude who liked to stick his hand down his pants."
[17:03] <LOVELYboy> I hope not ><
[17:04] <Popo Pangniqtuuq> (( I'm kind of beat at the moment >.> But I'm free tomorrow if that's convenient. ))
[17:05] <Michelle D> (( fine with me, just thought i'd check while i saw you, and i need to deal with some stuff still ))
[17:05] *** Michelle D [] has left #suburbansenshi2 (ooc: mikey hate cleaning)
[17:06] <Popo Pangniqtuuq> (( Woo. ))
[17:06] *** Popo Pangniqtuuq [] has left #suburbansenshi2 (Eat, eat whalemeat when you need a treat!)
[17:07] *** Nana Nunavut [] has left #suburbansenshi2 (And when the puck hits the back of the cage, she feels the tingle of a quiet rage.)
[17:09] <LOVELYboy> Those two are...interesting.
[17:23] <Tina Kensei> yeah..
[17:25] <LOVELYboy> They seem to be from a rather unusual place, as well.
[17:26] <LOVELYboy> I suppose you haven't been in contact with anyone you had to explain all this too?
[17:26] <Tina Kensei> never seen humans like them
[17:26] <Tina Kensei> no...I managed to get the days off
[17:28] <LOVELYboy> Would KAT turn you into an experiment?
[17:28] <LOVELYboy> I had to explain it to HK though, it was...awkward.
[17:29] <Tina Kensei> probably think some alien did it
[17:31] <LOVELYboy> Do you mind, being a girl?
[17:32] <Tina Kensei> feels weird.......though..I've heard of some ultras disgusing as the oppisite gender
[17:33] <LOVELYboy> It was really weird being a boy a first, but I think I'm kinda getting used to it.
[17:35] * Tina Kensei nods...and is slightly red in the face
[17:37] <LOVELYboy> Something wrong?
[17:38] <Tina Kensei> just...suddenly feel....really weird *blushes*
[17:38] <LOVELYboy> Oh. Did I say something wrong?
[17:40] <Tina Kensei> nonononononono
[17:40] <LOVELYboy> Eh?
[17:40] <Tina Kensei> you could never say anything wrong
[17:40] * LOVELYboy is a little confused
[17:41] <LOVELYboy> Sure I could. My mother used to be particularly fond of telling me so.
[17:41] <Tina Kensei> ....I don't think you could
[17:42] <LOVELYboy> ..Really?
[17:43] <Tina Kensei> ..y-y-yeah
[17:45] <LOVELYboy> You're very sweet.
[17:47] <Tina Kensei>
[17:48] <LOVELYboy> If you think that about me, then you must be.
[17:49] * Tina Kensei is crimison in the face "um..I...I..I.."
[17:52] * Tina Kensei weaves a bit in her seat @_@
[17:52] <LOVELYboy> Breathe, okay?
[17:54] * LOVELYboy uses his astral to radiate calm into Tina's mind
[17:54] * Tina Kensei breaths "..thank you.....Marius.."
[17:55] * Tina Kensei leans against Marius
[17:56] * LOVELYboy puts and arm around Tina
[17:57] * Tina Kensei smiles "I don't know why...but this feels nice"
[17:59] <LOVELYboy> Different than before?
[18:00] <Tina Kensei> a little yes
[18:02] * Tina Kensei blushes
[18:03] <LOVELYboy> I don't think that's bad.
[18:04] <Tina Kensei> you don't?
[18:05] <LOVELYboy> Why should it be?
[18:05] <LOVELYboy> We're slightly different people now, so things aren't going to be exactly the same. But that doesn't mean it's bad.
[18:07] * Tina Kensei nods
[18:08] <LOVELYboy> Plus, we're both learning stuff.
[18:09] <Tina Kensei> yeah....we are....
[18:12] * Tina Kensei smiles dumbly
[18:12] * LOVELYboy smiles back
[18:14] <LOVELYboy> Are you hungry?
[18:15] <Tina Kensei> um..yeah
[18:15] <LOVELYboy> Where do you want to go?
[18:16] <Tina Kensei> about that Italian resteraunt
[18:16] <LOVELYboy> Ok.
[18:17] *** Tina Kensei has left #suburbansenshi2 (I feel so happy right now)
[18:17] *** LOVELYboy [] has left #suburbansenshi2
[18:25] *** Suu [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[18:25] <+Luna-P> y0 Suu *** Happy Greenery Day [Golden Week]!!
[18:28] * Suu decides to take a nap until the genderswap is resolved...zzzz
[19:39] * Suu wakes up and pats her lap... ;_;
[19:41] <Suu> I wonder what's going on down in the basement?
[19:45] <Suu> ...I don't hear anything anymore.
[19:45] <Suu> Maybe that means he/she solved it.
[19:45] <Suu>, if he/she solved then then I still wouldn't be a boy.
[19:45] <Suu> - Why can't I just cut this damn thing off -
[19:48] *** @Wolfwood [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:48] *** spiritflame sets mode +o @Wolfwood

[19:48] <+Luna-P> y0 @Wolfwood *** Happy Greenery Day [Golden Week]!!
[19:55] * Suu looks up at Wolfwood "London-san..."
[19:55] <@Wolfwood> Hey.
[19:56] <Suu> It's not fixed yet.
[19:56] * Suu giggles a bit
[19:56] <@Wolfwood> No it's not. Could be worse.
[19:56] <Suu> Well, you look pretty good...
[19:56] <@Wolfwood> (( doc you prolly allready know this but Desumatic is borked. ))
[19:57] <Suu> (( mmm-BORK BORK BORK'ed? ))
[19:57] <@Wolfwood> (( heh ))
[19:57] <@Wolfwood>
[19:58] <Suu> ...I've gotten a lot of attention but I'm worried that the people giving me attention...
[19:58] <Suu> It's creepy.
[19:58] * Wolfwood looks at Suu.
[19:58] *** Suu is a young teenage boy with short white hair, emerald green eyes and a set of wings in bronze, mythril and orichalchum attached to his back. More information about her is Here.
Her image Song is: "New Future" by myco.

[19:59] <@Wolfwood> Ummmmmmmmmmmm
[19:59] <@Wolfwood> Well that will happen whern we're like this.
[19:59] <@Wolfwood> I'm a six foot eight blonde american woman now.
[20:00] <Suu> Yeah but for me it's little old ladies and I'm worried about what if THEY changed too
[20:01] <Michelle D> Then there are gonna be some interesting nursing homes around here.
[20:01] *** Michelle D [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[20:01] <+Luna-P> y0 Michelle D *** Happy Greenery Day [Golden Week]!!
[20:01] * Michelle D adjusts her sunglasses
[20:01] <@Wolfwood> Indeed.
[20:01] * Suu waves at Michelle
[20:01] <Suu> My boy parts bother me.
[20:01] <Suu> It's creepy.
[20:02] <@Wolfwood> Hey Michelle.
[20:03] <@Wolfwood> Mine are'nt any fun ither kid.
[20:03] <Michelle D> I'm ironically getting used to having huge tits.
[20:03] <Michelle D> and that scares mee.
[20:04] <Suu> What's your size?
[20:04] * @Wolfwood fishes out a soda
[20:04] <Suu> Both of you...
[20:04] <@Wolfwood> ...........................
[20:04] <@Wolfwood> T_T
[20:04] <Suu> Cuz...if they're really big they can be uncomfortable.
[20:05] <Suu> they're bigger than mine were and you are guys
[20:05] <@Wolfwood> - friggin A-cup. -
[20:06] <Michelle D> Full D i think...i still don't know how to measure these things right.
[20:08] <@Wolfwood> Hate you...
[20:08] <Michelle D> Again, Like i ASKED For these things.
[20:08] * Cherr-chan comically pop out of Michelle's cleavage
[20:08] <Cherr-chan> CHEEEEEEERRRRRRRR!!!! :D
[20:09] <Suu> (( Wolfwood an A-cup is small ))
[20:09] <Suu> (( but you probably knew that ))
[20:09] <Michelle D> - ........ how did you get in their again. -
[20:09] <@Wolfwood> (( Yep. ))
[20:09] <Suu> (( nm then. ))
[20:10] *** Cherr-chan [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[20:10] <+Luna-P> y0 Cherr-chan *** Happy Greenery Day [Golden Week]!!
[20:10] * Cherr-chan flutters around the room using her petals like little wings
[20:10] <Suu> Um, you measure around the fullest part of the bust, and then you measure underneath them for the chest measurement, and you subtract the chest measurement from the fullest part measurement and what that number translates to is your cup size.
[20:10] <Suu> Wow~ so cute!
[20:10] * Winged Kuriboh chases after her, all ♡_♡
[20:11] <@Wolfwood> (( ¯\(º_o)/¯ ))
[20:11] <Michelle D> - ok, so my duel monster spirit has a crush on my new pokemon......this is going to be....interesting. -
[20:11] <Suu> (( Yeah, I had to learn how to do that when I made the shirt for my costume ))
[20:11] * Michelle D looks at Winged Kuriboh.
[20:11] *** Winged Kuriboh is small brown furred, big eyed, ball like monster with green limbs and a pair of white angel wings. He is oh so fuzzy and cuuuuuuute~ More information about him is Here.
His image Song is: "Wild Drive" Yu-Gi-Oh: Duel Monsters OP 4.

[20:12] <Michelle D> if they breed,'ll make fuzzy flying plants.
[20:13] * Suu catches Cherr-chan
[20:14] <Suu> You're sooooooo cute
[20:14] <Cherr-chan> Cherrim!!!!! :D
[20:14] * Suu looks really really shota right now
[20:14] * @Wolfwood rolls her eyes
[20:16] <Suu> I wonder how Solarchos-san is taking it...
[20:16] <Suu> Although I dont think his kids are having any trouble.
[20:16] <Suu> They're young enough not to care.
[20:17] * Cherr-chan cutely wiggles rhythmically to invisible music while Suu holds her
[20:17] <Suu> Even Alphonse changed.
[20:17] <Suu> And Hiromi--I mean, Hiroshi-niichan's dog is now Minnie.
[20:20] <Michelle D> Whats weird, is the only ones who changed it seems, are related to hear.
[20:21] <Michelle D> here
[20:21] <Suu> R-really!?
[20:22] <Suu> So...all the little old ladies that have been calling me cute...are little old ladies?!
[20:22] <Michelle D> Yes, I called an old friend in america yesterday, and they were the right gender. I had to play it off that i was a wrong number,.
[20:22] * Suu suddenly feels MUCH, MUCH BETTER
[20:22] <@Wolfwood> (( My screens are jumping around ))
[20:23] <Suu> (( Stop breakdancing then. ))
[20:23] <@Wolfwood> (( test ))
[20:23] <@Wolfwood> (( weird. my tabs were shifting around for a minute or two ))
[20:23] <Suu> (( I had that happen to me a bit last night in #ss3 ))
[20:24] <Suu> (( lines disappearing for a second then reappearing ))
[20:24] <@Wolfwood> (( I need to get this thing fixed ))
[20:24] <Suu> Who was that old friend? Kujaku-san?
[20:24] * Suu knows that Yuuki-sempai is now the woman he always wanted to be
[20:25] <Placeholder Man> (( tip: open rantbox in a new WINDOW ))
[20:25] * Michelle D coughs nervously "maybe"
[20:25] <Suu> Everyone in the PRA changed...and Nokoru is now Nozomi...Suoh became Suko...and Akira became a girl
[20:25] <Michelle D> i was curious to see if she got c[BLEEP]kified
[20:26] <@Wolfwood> (( Sorry. Geez. ))
[20:26] <Suu> ...I just hope she doesn't want to visit and make fun of your breasts
[20:26] <Suu> Or challenge them to a duel.
[20:27] <Placeholder Man> (( because of the horizontal nature of the chatboxes one may stack windows for double viewing, if your monitor is big enough ))
[20:27] <Placeholder Man> (( man it's okay XD ))
[20:27] <Placeholder Man> (( I'm just trying to give suggestions to avoid the problem in the future ))
[20:28] * Suu wonders if Seto Kaiba changed into a girl
[20:28] <Suu> Cuz he's come here...
[20:29] <Michelle D> Well, Mai has too, but i think the people needed alot of contact with up recently.
[20:30] <Suu> So that means that probably Judai-san became a girl.
[20:30] <Michelle D> could be the reason i can't get ahold of the kids this weekend.
[20:30] <Michelle D> I wager female judai is getting the banging from male asuka at this point.
[20:31] * Suu blushes and his pants feel tight
[20:33] <Suu> I think maybe Scarlet-neechan and Hiromi-neechan are trying out their bodies...
[20:33] <Suu> I saw Klavier-niisan recently...He became a girl too, and he looks like a Harajuku punk rock chick.
[20:34] * @Wolfwood is away: errand
[20:35] * Suu 's pants feel tighter...
[20:45] <Suu> I feel funny...
[20:46] <Suu> Ooooooh, when is he/she going to be done?!
[20:52] <Michelle D> you, have a hardn
[20:52] <Michelle D> hardon
[20:52] <Suu> I know.
[20:52] <Suu> I...seem to get them often.
[20:53] <Suu> Don't they say the average man thinks about sex every 10 seconds or something?
[20:53] <Michelle D> Your young boy parts ache for poontang, We all go through it.
[20:53] <Suu> - I'm too young for that!!! -
[20:54] <Suu> - Either way! -
[20:58] * Suu 's voice is cracking!!!
[21:00] <Suu> Ugh...And I can't talk without my voice getting all weird.
[21:04] <Suu> (( to Shaldra if she's here: Iron Chef America: Bobby Flay vs. Jose Andres, secret ingredient: GOAT!!!!!! ))
[21:04] <Michelle D> over the next 90 minutes, I'd like to show you all my problems can be solved by my p[TAB A]s
[21:04] <Suu> But you don't have one anymore
[21:04] <Michelle D> * all your problems can be solved
[21:04] * Michelle D is quoting new family guy
[21:05] <Suu> They can't solve problems, they just CAUSE them...
[21:15] * Suu sighs.
[21:16] <Suu> I don't wanna go to school tomorrow if I'm still a boy...
[21:20] * There is an explosion from the basement.
[21:21] <Suu> Woah! Another one!
[21:21] * Suu runs over to the door
[21:21] <Suu> Are you all right?!
[21:24] <Ninth Sage> I think s--YES
[21:24] <Ninth Sage> YES YES YES
[21:24] <Ninth Sage> I HAVE MY p[TAB A]s BACK
[21:24] * Suu looks down at her pants
[21:24] <Michelle D> !!!
[21:24] * Suu looks down her shirt
[21:25] <Suu> - My chest is still the same -
[21:25] * Ninth Sage flies up the stairs.
[21:25] * Ninth Sage SLAMS down in front of the mirror.
[21:25] * Ninth Sage looks at Ninth Sage.
[21:25] *** Ninth Sage is a tall, imposing man with shaggy silver hair and elf like ears, dressed in flowing black and gold robes. Tendril-like wings extend from his back, and a large halberd rests in his hands. He is constantly tossing a ball up and down in his free hand, and his hair is blown in the wind (yet nothing else!).
His image Song is: .

[21:25] <Suu> I'm a girl again?!
[21:25] <Ninth Sage> YESSSSSS
[21:25] <Ninth Sage> AH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
[21:26] * Suu goes into the bathroom to check and then comes back out
[21:26] <Suu> I'm a girl again!!!
[21:26] * Michelle D removes her sunglasses, polishing them with her shirt collar....
[21:26] * Michelle D is now known as Michael D
[21:26] <Ninth Sage> It should take effect for the rest of you at some point!
[21:26] * @Michael D slides them back on
[21:26] <@Michael D> Check, mate.
[21:27] <Ninth Sage> I've NEVER been so happy to be male!!
[21:27] * Suu looks at Suu.
[21:27] *** Suu is a young teenage girl with short white hair, emerald green eyes and a set of wings in bronze, mythril and orichalchum attached to her back. More information about her is Here.
Her image Song is: "New Future" by myco.

[21:27] *** Scarlet [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[21:27] <+Luna-P> y0 Scarlet *** Happy Greenery Day [Golden Week]!!
[21:28] * Michael D looks at Michael D.
[21:28] *** Michael D is a human male sporting a downward spiked brown haircut. He is wearing a black suit, purple tie, and a Gold button down shirt. He has a black messenger type bag with him. He peers at you from behind his Black Lensed Silver Framed sunglasses, and smiles~ More information about him is Here.
His image Song is: "Faces" by Scary Kids Scaring Kids.
Michael D is an IRC Operator - Channel Administrator

[21:28] <Scarlet> My hair's long again...
[21:28] <Scarlet> And I have a chest!
[21:29] <Scarlet> And Dyne's normal too...although it was fun to see him as Dynette
[21:29] * Cherr-chan flops down on Mike's head "Cherrrrrrrrrim!!!!! :D"
[21:29] *** Potamos [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[21:29] <+Luna-P> y0 Potamos *** Happy Greenery Day [Golden Week]!!
[21:29] * Potamos shakes her head of curls
[21:29] <@Michael D> And i see She still recognizes me.
[21:30] <Potamos> I'm back to normal, mitai na...But at least I learned a little bit more about how to please a lover.
[21:30] * Potamos chuckles
[21:30] <Scarlet> Uh, Hiromi, what were you...doing with Klavier?
[21:30] <Potamos> Well, we did a bit of [BLEEP] and then we [BLEEP]ed a bit
[21:31] * Suu blushes and is happy that her pants no longer feel tight
[21:31] <Scarlet> Suu, you're back to normal too...
[21:31] <Suu> Yeah...I'm so happy!
[21:33] <@Darkness Kusanagi> I HAVE BREASTS AGAIN
[21:33] <@Michael D> MARVELOUS ONES TOO
[21:33] * @Darkness Kusanagi HUGS MIKE
[21:33] <@Michael D> (b'_')b
[21:34] * @Michael D hugs back!!!
[21:34] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[21:34] <+Luna-P> y0 Matsumi Kaze *** Happy Greenery Day [Golden Week]!!
[21:34] <Matsumi Kaze> did it just get fixed??
[21:34] <Potamos> "My breasts challenge you to a duel!"
[21:34] * Suu hugs Matsumi "YES!"
[21:35] * @Darkness Kusanagi bounces up and down happily ♡
[21:35] <Matsumi Kaze> heh good! *hugs suu back!*
[21:35] <Potamos> I can call Shaa-chan Shaa-chan again, mitai na!
[21:35] <Matsumi Kaze> though I have to was an interesting exprenence
[21:36] <Potamos> It was.
[21:36] <@Darkness Kusanagi> I've never felt so happy to be top heavy!
[21:36] <Suu> - It was traumatic. -
[21:37] <Matsumi Kaze> awww..well you don't have to worry anymore, Suu
[21:37] <Scarlet> Don't worry, Suu, I'll do the laundry this week.
[21:37] <@Michael D> I've never been so happy to have a p[TAB A]s
[21:37] <Placeholder Girl> The spring breeze feels great on my skin. ♡
[21:38] <Scarlet> And if it doesn't come out, we'll get you new panties.