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@[ DR. XADiUM ]
This is going to be a semi-live section of the site updated with newsflashes or other random things that don't warrant a full page entry
14 December 2023 3:19PM
[gTV]Karasuma Akane
Yay we've reinvented Twitter, except without the racist techbro bulls[BLEEP]t
14 December 2023 3:20PM
Det. Ema Skye
I guess I'll try it out. Something cool happened today (relatively speaking I guess). AliExpress refunded me automagically when the seller used a sketch tracking number for the Luminol I ordered.
14 December 2023 5:10PM
Franziska von Karma
...why are you buying Luminol on AliExpress, Detective Ema Skye?
14 December 2023 5:26PM
Det. Ema Skye
Have you seen how much the department pays
14 December 2023 5:26PM
Miles Edgeworth
I set those rates.
14 December 2023 6:09PM
Det. Ema Skye
Well maybe Mr. Drives-a-Sportscar needs to get out more and touch some grass to find out how the other half lives.
14 December 2023 6:10PM
Miles Edgeworth
Just cut down on the number of Snackoos you buy, Ema. Then you'll be able to afford the neccessities of life.
14 December 2023 6:11PM
Vermellia X. Rosso
14 December 2023 6:11PM
Det. Ema Skye
Mr. Edgeworth, please remember I'm a forensic detective which means I know how to perfectly hide all the evidence of a murder.
14 December 2023 6:12PM
Miles Edgeworth
...your paycheck will be adjusted with the next cycle, Ema.
14 December 2023 6:13PM
@Ten'ou Haruka
oh god check out this review of... not Jaws... but ANGRY JAWS.

15 December 2023 12:50AM
@Paisley Pythia Peinforte
I'm old enough to remember the blogosphere. Is Sub. Senshi one of the last remnants from that time, having been in continuous operation since 2002?
15 December 2023 11:00AM
DJ "The Reverend" H. Elios
yo yo gimme some CHOCOLATE yo

15 December 2023 3:02PM
@[ DR. XADiUM ]
Rule 1 of #OnePiece fandom on Reddit: No one can spell Ponegliff (Pornoglyph, Poneglif, Poneygliff) and no one can spell Bonney (Bony, Boney, Bonny)
15 December 2023 6:18PM
[gTV]Aino Minako
The next Suburban Senshi arc looks wild!!
15 December 2023 10:50PM
@Sakura X. Aino
Less than 10 days to Christmas! I can't wait :D
16 December 2023 11:27PM
@Ten'ou Haruka
I cannot wait for festivus; man do I have some grievances to air
17 December 2023 2:34AM
[gTV]Aya Reiko
Someone's put up a 1080p remaster of the Pee-Wee's playhouse Christmas special!!

17 December 2023 12:26PM
@Paisley Pythia Peinforte
Tokyo Otaku Mode is perfect for telling me what items I need to order from BigBadToyStore.

I hate their bulls[BLEEP]t pricing and desire to lock you into a membership scheme so much.
18 December 2023 7:41AM
@Paisley Pythia Peinforte
Seriously - it's a $17.00 price difference shipped for NOTHING. TOM is a ripoff at this point, and I'm bitter at being lured in by their otaku-friendly marketing when they launched.
18 December 2023 8:20AM
@[ DR. XADiUM ]
After seeing this video I'm interested in learning more about F1 Racing:

21 December 2023 3:17PM
Vermellia X. Rosso
25 December 2023 12:28AM
@[ DR. XADiUM ]
The Pee-Wee Herman Christmas Special is so unrealistic... imagine someone turning up their nose at fruitcake.
25 December 2023 11:38PM
@Ten'ou Haruka
Another nail in the coffin for the discussion side of USENET, which is where Suburban Senshi started over 20 years ago. Sucks.
29 December 2023 11:00AM
@Paisley Pythia Peinforte
Nobody does New Years' better than London.
01 January 2024 1:12AM
@Sakura X. Aino
https://bootlegsafari.com Video #21, 24 minutes in. You will not be disappointed~
02 January 2024 9:03PM
@Ten'ou Haruka
...they put moogs from Clockwork Orange in the background of Space Jam 2 - A movie for kids. WTF.
07 January 2024 12:45AM
@[ DR. XADiUM ]
Google is ruining the internet and website design and this article from The Verge lays it all out. I'll never design to their spec, even if it costs me traffic.
08 January 2024 11:52AM
Ratchet Altair
The US Army Corps of Engineers 2024 Calendar of cats cuddling up to infrastructure projects is here.
08 January 2024 12:21PM
@Sakura X. Aino
Czech out this amazing Toku Series, GARO: Heir to Steel Armor (subs in Closed Captions). It's CRAZY GOOD
20 January 2024 12:47AM
@[ DR. XADiUM ]
Someone's AI upscaled the first season of Transformers G1
23 January 2024 7:28PM
Det. Ema Skye
To anyone who says Chemistry is boring I say check out this video where NileRed turns Styrofoam Cups into Cinnamon Candy. Ahh, the power of science!
16 March 2024 10:05PM
Meioh Setsuna
22 March 2024 10:31PM
Australian scientists have developed a method of brewing coffee by blasting ground beans with sound waves – and it produces a powerful cup . "The ultrasonic method sends lots of tiny bubbles into the water and coffee. When they implode, they make mini shockwaves that can pierce the inside of the coffee grinds in a phenomenon called acoustic cavitation. According to Trujillo’s 2020 research, this method extracts more flavour and caffeine from the coffee."
31 May 2024 12:21AM

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