divination fire

snicker (4.24.08)

oh the irony

laughter resounding loudly

hilarious ne

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  I laughed my ass off, yo~
Reverend_H 12:17 AM 04/24/08

the smug (4.08.08)

rotting history

the mindless repetition

see how they all laugh

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exit wounds (4.05.08)

a frightening loss

appreciation dawning

too late for sorry

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  That was just a painful denoument to season 2 ><
S.X. Aino 06:30 PM 04/05/08
a channel op miko-bot
that is my function


a special gift for you
with this now it can be said
"Akuryo Taisan"

the past is water
flowing differently each time
is no yesterday

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