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Tasty Noodles are Almost Ready!!

I know this is like becoming the "Mi Goreneg Corner" but I really love this food and want to be able to eat something like it always!!

Okay so now I know all the ingredients for the Mi Goreng flavor packs:

  • soup base: salt, sugar, garlic, onion
  • oil: palm oil, onion
  • sweet soy sauce
  • chilli sauce
  • fried onion

We were missing Garlic completely... (T_T)

So tonight X-chan uses 1.5 teaspoons of Chili sauce, 1.5 teaspoons of Soy Sauce, two pinches of fried onion, .5 teaspoon of oil, and a pinch of garlic, and this time mixed it on a plate instead of a bowl. He broke the noddles in half before boiling them, and this time the stuff tasted better!! I think that using plain Instant Ramen instead of Shrimp Flavor makes it work better...

I'm reading some more tips that might be useful... READ THIS X-CHAN!!!

  • While noodles are boiling, squeeze out the contents of the liquid flavour sachets (sweet soy, chili, oil) on the plate
  • At exactly 2 minutes and 45 seconds take your noodles off the heat.
  • Strain the noodles in a colander VERY VERY WELL. It should take you at least 20 seconds. The best way is to raise the colander high in the air and bring it suddenly down towards the sink x 10 or more. Water will dislodge from the noodles and spray out in the sink. Keep doing this even when it seems like the noodles are dry. Removing the water completely from the noodles improves the adhesion of the sachet sauces to the noodles and improve "mouth feel". It is a technique long used by the very best Japanese ramen chefs, and they have even invented special handled colanders for the task.
  • Pour out the noodles SLOWLY onto your plate. Separate the noodles with a fork as you pour. The noodles should still be steaming and this is another way to improve the dryness of the noodles. This is also why you use a plate, not a bowl (evaporation).
  • Sprinkle out the powder flavour, fried onions and chili powder slowly as you turn the noodles over and over.

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Mako-chan just showed me this site called Supercook that lets you put in what ingredients you have at home, and then tells you what you can make with them!!!

I wonder if when Michiru-san uses it she jusrt gets back "Poison" ahahahaha!!

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I'm going to have nightmares...

I'm very damaged right now...

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2008年05月22日 Son of Cooking Experiment

X-chan decided to try again at making Ramen taste more like Mi Goreng noodles... and he got closer!!

He used one teaspoon of Red Chili sauce, one teaspoon of soy sauce, half a teaspoon of corn oil and mixed it up with three pinches of onion flakes and half of the ramen flavor packet. Then he boiled and drained the noodles and mixed them in.

The taste was a lot closer to the Mi goreng, and nowhere NEAR as salty as the last time ^_^ v

But there were still a lot of problems:

  • We know we need a thicker, sweeter soy sauce.
  • We think we might be using the wrong kind of oil.
  • Ramen noodles aren't pre-fried so the texture will never be the same and there's way more noodles to flavoring than with Mi Goreng

So next time, X-chan will try doubling the amounts for the flavoring to see if it will coat all the noodles properly. I'm going to try to find the correct soy sauce and maybe some vegetable oil... then we might get it perfect!! (^_^)

And after eating this one, I can really say the chili has a lot to do with the distinctive taste...

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  LOL My cooking mama <3
S.X. Aino 01:08 PM 05/22/08

2008年05月17日 Food Experiment

X-chan tried to make off-brand Shrimp Ramen into Mi Goreng noodles by adding in Soy Sauce, Chili pepper. oil and onion flakes and draining the noodles, but OMG the thing was TOO salty!!!

For one thing I think he got the wrong Soy Sauce (we need a sweet, thick one) and for another-- kami-sama I never knew how much salt there was in Ramen... the back of my throat still burns, it was like accidentally drinking seawater.

I dunno, I used to love instant ramen but the Mi Goreng has spoiled me... and it's opened my eyes that maybe I'm taking in too much salt with regular ramen...

Soo we're going to try again with less oil and half the flavor packet. But I dunno, I'm worried about what we've been eating now. I'm not really a person who gets / stays stressed, but X-chan is and I don't want him getting Hyperextended...

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  I can give you some sweet, thick sauce right now, yo~ <3
Reverend_H 12:51 AM 05/17/08

  "Hypertension", Minako-chan. The effects of excess amounts of salt in the body depend on how much excess salt (or salty food) is eaten in a specific time versus how well the kidneys functioned. When the salt content of the blood elevates, water is attracted from around the cells (in muscles and organs) and into the blood, in order to dilute blood salinity. There is salt as sodium outside every cell in the body. When the salt content of the fluid around the cells goes up, it attracts water from the blood and swelling occurs. The kidneys are responsible for regulating salt and water levels in the body. When salt and water levels increase around cells, the excess is drawn into the blood, which is filtered by the kidneys. The kidneys remove excess salt and water from the blood, both of which are excreted as urine. When the kidneys do not work well, fluid builds up around cells and in the blood. The heart is the pump that pushes the blood around. If there is more fluid in the blood, the heart has to work harder and the blood pressure can go up because there is more pressure on the walls of the blood vessels. The heart can get weaker or worn out from the extra work.
Mizunomics01 12:52 AM 05/17/08

  wai 2 spum, miz daksunarii
.'~SugaBB_2999~'. 12:53 AM 05/17/08

2008年05月01日 Money :<

X-chan had to pay to upgrade the server because it was becoming too popular and using up too much EMU so now he's out 0 every year for it :<

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FireFly_9 09:16 AM 05/01/08

  Well I'm sure you can find ways to make it up to him amirite yo
Reverend_H 09:16 AM 05/01/08

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