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  I know  that Artemis is supposed to have space on this page too, but he’s always giving me trouble so I’m not going to let him say anything heheheehehheー^^


2004年03月25日 Moonlight Lovely
This is a neat panoramic picture from a date I was on a while ago. Aertems was there too, but he had vertigo... ehehehehe
It's looking down over a city in Western Japan.
If you click on it you can see the full picture.

2004年03月14日 SUGOI! SUGOI!
Xadium-chan made this cool picture of me for my White Day present! But the chocolate was brown…  But that’s okay I guess! (^_^);>

If you click on it you can see the full wallpaper!

2004年03月12日 Michiru-san no BAKA
I used to think Michiru-san was the coolest person on the whole planet, but now that I live right next door to her I know that there's a lot you don't get to see normally. If her nose got any higher in the air I think she  would break her neck or something. I feel so sorry for poor Haruka-san… but then again Haruka-san is still trying to take over my HOUSE so I don’t know what is going on with either of them

2004年03月11日 Artemis did it AGAIN!
Sixth ribbon in two days; I’m not letting him post on the webpage now as a  punishment.  He says it was an accident, but I don’t think that even as klutzy as he is it’s possible to accidentally stuff a ribbon down a Garbage disposal and light it on fire.

2004年03月10日 Jedite and rei.bot
I was “larking” on #suburbansenshi the other day when Jedite got into a BIG fight with rei.bot… it was SOOO funny to watch because the madder he got the more he would type and the more typos he would make but rei.bot kept replying with simple haiku, and that made him even ANGRIER! (^o^) I wish I had saved a log of that one…

That's all for now! Good Bye!! Thank you for visiting!

I’m glad you came! (^O^)ノ

Thanks X-chan! ♡

My good friend iinazuke husband Horriby Brutally Retconned Husband now good friend alternate universe husbando Xadium-chan helped me set things up with this webpage and helped me learn Photoshop!! But after I made Nako-Nako-chan I think he regretted that... (^_^;;)

  I have to thank Bogey, a visitor to #suburbansenshi  (my favorite irc channel) who gave Artemis his neat handle “catablanca” (Artemis was too confused to pick one out himself)


I spend a lot of time in the pursuit of idols, getting autographs and having fun at karaoke bars as well as the IRC!!


My Computer

This is Higashi-kun. (Named after my very first love)

 It’s a Pansonic Toughbook  29

With a Pentium M Processor in it.  It’s the only one I can’t really break..  (^_^)’’>

It has 512 Megs of RAM and uses WinXp Home for it’s
Operating System.  


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