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Jan 22 2011
For god's sake, Internet
No, your bloody astrological signs aren't changing. No, There's no new 13th sign. Just because some damn Astronomer did a little historical research and decided to troll the internet with his "findings" doesn't mean that your entire lives have suddenly, irrevocably changed.

When a parent dies, when a loved one walks out on you, when you move thousands of miles, that's when you've experienced a life-changing event. One man publishing a paper on "OMG LOOK THERE WAS OPHIUCHUS" does not to the universe of your life a change of any significance make.

Astronomers have known about this since 130 B.C. and No one cared.

You're being trolled, and now your collective paroxysm of breathless "OH F[BLEEP]K WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH MYSELF" is trolling me, and giving me a massive headache.

Just stop it, for heaven's sake. Damn. THERE. IS. NO. NEW. ZODIAC.

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  You're just pissed you're not a Capricorn anymore LOL
SpeedRcrX 09:32 AM 01/22/11