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Mar 27 2008
Spy shots from the newest Star Trek Film
I've come across a small amount of spy shots from the new Star Trek Film.

Is it sad that I note "protocols" is misspelled on
this sign?

  Yes, that is incredibly sad, goth no senshi.
// J_Daito // 03:27 PM 03/27/08

Mar 24 2008
The Return of Doctor Who to BBC One is nigh
April 5th is the airdate for season 4, and it looks to be quite interesting...

  w00t Dr_Xadium 01:25 AM 03/24/08

Mar 24 2008
Well this is my first post in a while, using the new Content Management System my father has developed. Apparently Motoki-san's homepage has been wrecked by it... which I cannot honestly say is a bad thing altogether... <_<

  Gee thanks for caring, Hotaru-kun >< 01:12 AM 03/24/08

  Welcome back to the internet, Hotaru-chan!! :D C'est_la_V 01:12 AM 03/24/08

  I't snot like I was gone <_< FireFly_9 01:12 AM 03/24/08

  LOL it snot // J_Daito // 01:13 AM 03/24/08