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Name: "Sisyphus"
Model: Sony VAIO Notebook
Processor: Intel Core Duo 2.1 GHz
HD: 120 GB
Operating System: Windows XP Pro
Web Browser: Internet Explorer 7
Sep 30, 2006
ReMoon Rough Teaser Trailer

This is what Xadium-san spent his birthday on. The wider project is far more impressive, however, given the fate of most Internet collaborative projects, I remain skeptical that it can ever be finished unless he's willing to do all the vocals himself (which would be unintentionally hilarious).

Sep 02, 2006
Venus Beatdown Parody

Hah! Having lived with Minako-sempai I remember this incident well, and relish it. The irony of Xadium-san-- who is enamored with her to the point of stupidity-- bringing this to the internet also makes me chuckle.