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Name: "Sisyphus"
Model: Sony VAIO Notebook
Processor: Intel Core Duo 2.1 GHz
HD: 120 GB
Operating System: Windows XP Pro
Web Browser: Internet Explorer 7
Feb 22, 2004

In what is perhaps the most insane spectacle I have ever witnessed, Haruka-poppa has bested Minako-san in a virtual reality MUD contest (by throwing *Artemis* at her) and now supposedly has the right to annex her house (and me!). While I am touched by Haruka-poppa's love and concern for me, there is no way I will allow her to do this thing.

Feb 06, 2004
Leaving the Nest

I have had it with Haruka-poppa's antics and crude behaviour. While it would be inappropriate for me to detail publically her many transgressions of the norms of civilised action, I must say that I have been thoroughly scandalized for the last time. Minako-san, who lives next door, has offered to let me move in with her, and I have accepted.
While I am exciting by the prospect of "leaving home" (even if it is only next door), the idea does frankly have me a bit afraid.