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BLAM! Eight years on and Disney Still manages to Suck
Sun, 29 August 2010 - 11:04:54 PM
Yeah I know as part of the anniversary project with everybody else I was supposed to wax poetic here about how this homepage of MINE that *I* started has been going for eight years now and how f[BLEEP]king awesome that is (which it is, don't get me wrong, I'm grateful to everybody who's come along for the ride), but damn if I'm not ENRAGED about s[BLEEP]t right now.

Now If you were to ask me who has the better cartoons these days-- Warner Bros. or Disney, I'd say Warners hands down-- they're edgier, smarter and funnier, and Disney died a slow horrific death after the Disney Afternoon tried their tame-ass ripoff of Ren & Stimpy, "Schnookums & Meat". Anyone remember that, kids?

So, presumably in an effort to jazz up their stale reputations, Disney has taken it upon themselves to calmly walk over, squat down, and s[BLEEP]t on the legit classics they _did_ make back in the day.

I give you: Disney "BLAM!"

I dunno WTF, if they are trying to promote ADHD in kids, if they thought an American's Funniest Home Videos approach was the way to go with old-school footage, or if they just like raping everyone's collective childhoods again and again.

My reply to all this can only be summed up in this one Youtube comment:

To the entire shower of c[BLEEP]ts that are even tangentially involved in the production of this: I pray with every fibre of my being that Zombie Walt Disney rises from his grave, tracks each one of you motherf[BLEEP]kers down; and using his zombie strength to overpower and pin you all to the floor, squats over your faces and plants a huge festering 44-year-old f[BLEEP]king zombie s[BLEEP]t into each of your cretinous, cancerous mouths.

Reminds me of "Akela", the very first anime fanfic I read about eight years ago prior to opening this site. (can't find the link, sorry) There. Collective Mandate achieved.

INFORMATION:This blog is MINE. Got it? MINE. Not yours Jed, not yours, Neko-chan #2, not YOURS 'Taru. You may have hijacked it a coupla years back, but this time it's MY TIME. MY time, got it? This is MY HOUSE so don't go messing it up.
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