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    I turned off comments. I don't want to hear it anymore. About how Endymion is such a pansy and how I wasted my life chasing him. I know this, OKAY. And I know Pluto isn't a planet anymore. AND NO. I will NEVER answer to 134340. I will hurt anyone who calls me that. I hate you.

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    Feel free to e-mail me at tohellwithyou@ungratefulb[BLEEP]

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    I hate astronomers. I wish I could go back in time and kill the first person who thought stars were more than pinholes in some celestial dish cover. I hate the other senshi, all fat with their powers and big space rocks with their names on them. I hate being a f[BLEEP]ing number. I hate my job. I hate my life. Oh god. I am just one of the normal people now. After 10,000 years this is what it's come down to. No boyfriend, no status, no place in the world.

    F[BLEEP]k. I've become emo. And I think... I think I like it.

June 4th, 2008

So it's not ENOUGH that I have to keep the archives for this place, a place that won't even let me use my [BLEEP]ing NAME anymore, but now they want to "Simplify" things by dumping a whole lot of OTHER information here too.


IRC chatlogs (August 2019 -) can be found here or on the main page.

Backrooms Era: (January 2024 - )

2372. We interrupt this dramu for a special announcement! BUDOKAI SEASON'S BACK, BABY!!05/29/24
2371. reports! The latest happenings in the Golden Crescent Saga!05/17/24
2370. Fighting the future! The Return of Yuki Sakuraba!! 05/04/24
2369. A grand conspiracy unfolds! The shocking start of the INFILTRATION // Past History Arc!!04/28/24
2368. Catching up is hard to do! The world moves fast when you've been stuck on an island!!04/25/24
2367. Paisley's Spring Adventure Travelogue! The Island Vacation Adventure Arc Ends!!!04/12/24
2366. PSA: Don't forget to change your c[l]ocks03/10/24
2365. RIP Akira Toriyama 03/07/24
2364. [Beach Arc 2024] Not just another day at the beach! Secrets of Ten'ou Haruka and the distant past, revealed! A new adventure begins!! 03/05/24
2363. [LORE] Can only women have Sailor Crystals? 02/20/24
2362. [Sailor V Selection Arc] A Kind Man! The Great Healer, Revealed!!01/18/24
2361. [Sailor V Selection Arc] Bad Day in Roppongi Hills!01/14/24
2360. [Sailor V Selection Arc] Yuki's attacker revealed! A blast from the past!! 01/12/24
2359. [ Sailor V Selection Arc ] Big Tragedy! Yuki Sakuraba attacked!! 01/08/24
2358. New Year, New Era! Welcome to Earth 1337-A! The Sailor V Selection Arc begins!!01/02/24

Mugen Messenger Era: (August 2019 - December 2023)

2357. Suburban Senshi's Seven Days of Christmas Day 7 [LAST DAY]!!12/24/23
2356. Suburban Senshi's Seven Days of Christmas Day 6!!12/23/23
2355. Suburban Senshi's Seven Days of Christmas Day 5!!12/22/23
2354. Suburban Senshi's Seven Days of Christmas Day 4 and BONUS 2024 Suburban Senshi Calendar!!12/21/23
2353. Suburban Senshi's Seven Days of Christmas Day 3!!12/20/23
2352. Suburban Senshi's Seven Days of Christmas Day 2!!12/19/23
2351.  Suburban Senshi's Seven Days of Christmas Day 1!!12/18/23
2350. It is Hard Goth time12/12/23
2349. Crass Craven Christmas Commercialism, and Calendars too!12/10/23
2348. [Lore] What happens if a pregnant senshi transforms? 11/06/23
2347. Frustration! Irritation! Scenes to burn into your brain without limitation!! 09/27/23
2346. From goths to planets! A smashing good time!! 09/21/23
2345. Modern Metaphysical musings! On Reincarnation and Undying love!!09/15/23
2344. Selling out! Various degrees of Selling out!! 09/14/23
2343. Embrace the Stupid! How to trap the Author - You'll Swear by it!! 09/13/23
2342. It's not easy to walk on water! P(r)ay to the Moon Goddess for Great Success!!09/07/23
2341. The best part of waking up! It's Caffeine in your cup [noodle]!!09/06/23
2340. Sasuke, the original Ninja Sex party! And Hotaru, is that how you relax?!08/31/23
2339. The many rabbits of the moon! Historical blackmail revealed!! 08/28/23
2338. The Pain of Pondering Plots! Suburban Senshi, a Tale of Three Cities ends now!! Happy 21st Anniversary!!!08/25/23
2337. Lingering on that Cliffhanger! The Pain of Hard Cheese!! 08/24/23
2336. Orichimaru: It's what's for Dinner! Also, Suburban Senshi: A Tale of Three Cities, Episode 12!!08/23/23
2335. Naruto and Rei-chan have something in common!? Believe it!! 08/22/23
2334. The future of Suburban Senshi's Blog Revealed?? Also, Part Eleven of "Suburban Senshi: A Tale of Three Cities!!" 08/21/23
2333. It's good caculation! Episode 10 of "Suburban Senshi: A Tale of Three Cities" is here!! 08/20/23
2332. Better than Pizza at the push of a button? It's Episode Nine of Suburban Senshi: A Tale of Three Cities!! 08/18/23
2331. Its bad information! Also, Episode Eight of "Suburban Senshi: A Tale of Three Cities" is here!! 08/16/23
2330. Stop mixing your fluids with things! Also, it's Episode 7 of Suburban Senshi: A Tale of Three Cities!! 08/13/23
2329. Why sleep? It's Episode Six of Suburban Senshi: A Tale of Three Cities!!08/11/23
2328. It's the morning! Time for Part FIVE of Suburban Senshi: A Tale of Three Cities!!08/08/23
2327. Worst piece of SubSen lore ever?? Also Part Four of "Suburban Senshi: A Tale of Three Cities" is here!!08/04/23
2326. Mister Stark she doesn't feel so good! It's Episode Three of Suburban Senshi: A Tale of Three Cities!!08/03/23
2325. It's a little big problem! Suburban Senshi: A Tale of Three Cities, Episode 2! 08/02/23
2324. Haruka is a child! Suburban Senshi: A Tale of Three Cities, Part I!!07/31/23
2323. The Future starts now! Suburban Senshi: A Tale of Three Cities - Prologue!! 07/28/23
2322. Explained! The NARUTO!!07/25/23
2321. Portents! Signs! Problems! The next arc is about to begin!! 07/23/23
2320. Portent for the future? A Procrastinator's Promise!! 06/20/23
2319. A Parent's Pride! It's Father's Day!! 06/18/23
2318. Someone get than man a mech! His Heroic Dreams!! 05/06/23
2317. It's pizza time! Fun for all good girls and boys!! 05/05/23
2316. Trek into Awesome! Make it so!! (Star Trek Picard Season 3 Spoilers)05/01/23
2315. It's Magic! Daddy's Elixir of Love!! 04/18/23
2314. Forbidden Lore dump! In which Haruka takes a dump on Lore!! 04/08/23
2313. It's Cheesy fun! A quick review of Mad Heidi!!04/08/23
2312. Ding Ding Ding! Vince is back in the ring!! 04/04/23
2311. Creepy Moustache Sky Bikes! It's WrestleMania Weekend!!04/02/23
2310. Dinosaurs, Spaghetti and Big Cats, oh my! 03/31/23
2309. O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!!03/30/23
2308. The computers are taking over! AI, AI, AI!!03/30/23
2307. It's Quality Lifestyle Choice! Bootleg Sailor Moon!!03/28/23
2306. From WWE Universe to the Metaverse! Random Ramblings Abound!!03/27/23
2305. [Politics] When wishes for "justice" turn reality into fantasy! Can we trust anything any more??03/23/23
2304. Is it 2003 again? A heartfelt wish for a better tomorrow!! 03/20/23
2303. The One is back?? Review: Matrix Resurrections!!03/19/23
2302. Power up! Review: Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero!!03/17/23
2301. The future is frightening! Predicting the AI Apocalypse!! 03/16/23
2300. Questionable life choices! Haruka's shocking Turn!!03/15/23
2299. Conspiracies! Fraud! Desperation! It's all about dat Moon!!03/14/23
2298. Let's try this again, again~! Blogging without limits!!03/13/23
2297. This fight gives you wood! Witness: HIDARI!! 03/12/23
2296. Lighting up the stage once again! Sailor Scene Stealers!!01/31/23
2295. AI AI AI friends don't let friends let AI write for them01/16/23
2294. Burdensome Destiny! A Mother's love!! 12/29/22
2293. What Price Lulz?12/12/22
2292. [Nobody November] Behold! Michiru's final Piece of Resistance!! 11/30/22
2291. [Nobody November] Behold! Pure Animal Desire!! 11/29/22
2290. [Nobody November] Behold! The Cat in a Hat!!11/28/22
2289. [Nobody November] Behold! Senshi? No! Superhero!!11/27/22
2288. [Nobody November] Behold! What do I see from the sea??11/26/22
2287. [Nobody November] Behold! The historic kiss of historical hysterics!!11/25/22
2286. [Nobody November] Behold! The true power couple!! 11/24/22
2285. [Nobody November] Behold! Hotaru's Bizarre Adventure!!11/23/22
2284. [Nobody November] Behold! the 99th bottle of beer! 11/22/22
2283. [Nobody November] Behold! She Who Screams at the World!!11/21/22
2282. [Nobody November] Behold! The new Hotness - It'll burn your brain!!11/20/22
2281. [Nobody November] Behold! The Gothic Princess of Saturn!! 11/19/22
2280. [Nobody November] Behold! Ass Musk!!11/18/22
2279. [Nobody November] Behold! Boob-arm!!11/17/22
2278. [Nobody November] Behold! The Hot cooking not-the-Mama!!11/16/22
2277. [Nobody November] Behold! The Cat's Meow!!11/15/22
2276. [Nobody November] Behold! That fire in your soul!!11/14/22
2275. [Nobody November] Behold! A Foxy time in the future of Mankind!11/13/22
2274. [Nobody November] Behold! A Cat in a Hat!!11/12/22
2273. [Nobody Novemeber] Behold! The Fitness of a Crimefighting Idol!11/11/22
2272. [Nobody November] Art is a contrast! The Quality of Life!!11/10/22
2271. [Nobody November] Behold! The Mad Mentality of Mercury!11/09/22
2270. [Nobody November] Behold! The Burning Secrets of Hino Rei's Culinary Kitchen!!11/08/22
2269. [Nobody November] Behold! A lovely pair of cantaloupes!!11/07/22
2268. [Nobody November] Behold! The Beholder Beholding things Best not Beholden!!11/06/22
2267. [Nobody November] Behold! Haruka and Alcohol, a love affair!11/05/22
2266. [Nobody November] Behold! Doctor Xadium!!11/04/22
2265. [Nobody November] Revealed! The Unseen Artemis!!11/03/22
2264. [Nobody November] Behold! The Everywoman!!11/02/22
2263. [Nobody November] Foxy Babes! Nature's Warriors of the Space!!11/01/22
2262. It's a revolution!! Scarier than Halloween, Kaioh Michiru presents 'Nobody November!'10/31/22
2261. Even a Hotaru can smile! The Pleasures of Destruction!! 10/06/22
2260. Third Time's the Charm?? Umino's next cashgrab! 09/21/22
2259. Minako's Miscalculation! Artemis' Life of Regrets!!09/20/22
2258. There are some fights you can't win! Hotaru's Marsellus Wallace moment!!09/19/22
2257. The Burning was Imperfect! Senshi's bad day!! 09/18/22
2256. 20 years later, a radical new approach appears! The Senshi in peril!! 09/08/22
2255. A broken man! Artemis is rescued... maybe??09/06/22
2254. His Desperation! Artemis sells his soul on eBay!!09/05/22
2253. In anime, the older you get the hotter you get! The golden rule shown once again!!09/04/22
2252. Enough is Enough! One man's Rebellion against The Disrespect!!09/03/22
2251. All hail the new Moon Queen! Danny DevitOH MY GOD!!09/02/22
2250. Now there are two of them?! A Dark Lord of the Sh!t appears??!09/01/22
2249. Time, the destroyer of all things! Artemis learns a shocking fact!! 08/31/22
2248. It's an Optimus Crime I tell you! Dead body of the fallen leader for Sale!!08/30/22
2247. Catboy Ramen Water high on Protein! Haruka high on Life!!08/28/22
2246. HISTORIC! It's Suburban Senshi's 20th Anniversary! Saban Moon MiST!!08/25/22
2245. Sailormoon S: The Nuts in the Shell07/09/22
2244. ...06/25/22
2243. Mina-P's Special Time DEBUT 04/26/22
2242. [Retraction!] Skip Wolf Warrior 204/10/22
2241. [ Movie Review ] Wolf Warrior 204/09/22
2240. A new era begins! Mina-P's Exciting time!! 02/14/22
2239. Haruka Ten'ou is Marked for Death! (No she just saw a crappy 90's movie)12/14/21
2238. Suburban Senshi Thanksgiving Special in December! MST of The Humanoid!!12/11/21
2237. [SPAM MiST] Haruka's desperation! Searching Emails for the secret to Better Loving!!11/08/21
2236. Oh no! Someone told Aino Minako about the Squid Games!!10/18/21
2235. Hit 'em with your best shot10/15/21
2234. A Star Treks into musings of mortality10/14/21
2233. [Motoki Rescue Arc - END] What did history record!? The low effort resolution!!10/03/21
2232. [Motoki Rescue Arc] Michiru makes her move! It's a Monstrous Magia Maiden!10/02/21
2231. [Motoki Rescue Arc] Holy id, Batman! The Darkest Timeline approaches!!09/29/21
2230. [Motoki Rescue Arc] A new Challenger Appears?! Wait, that's--!09/19/21
2229. [Motoki Rescue Arc] What evil lurks in the mind of Mo'09/08/21
2228. [Motoki Rescue Arc] Breaking Through! From one crazed mind to another!!08/24/21
2227. [Motoki Rescue Arc] Into the Mind of Motoki! The only taste is Salt!!08/02/21
2226. [MOTOKI RESCUE ARC] Stranded07/23/21
2225. [Motoki Rescue Arc] Enter - THE SNOTILUS06/23/21
2224. [ Motoki Rescue Arc ] Scanning the Brain! Motoki's damaged mentality revealed!! 06/16/21
2223. Nostalgic memories and a turtle's curse! A deadline to save Motoki's soul!!06/12/21
2222. What's YOUR Youtube ASMR?06/05/21
2221. A new era of communication begins! Introducing Mugen Messenger!!06/04/21
2220. The Name Blame Game05/11/21
2219. Botched Shane MacMahon Promo or Drunk Ten'ou Haruka? YOU DECIDE!!03/09/21
2218. Exploding with Pleasure! Exploding with Passion! Exploding with Fury! Haruka's reaction to the end of AEW Revolution 2021!! (Spoilers)03/08/21
2217. A fight for the ages! The true story of Haruka and Michiru vs Usagi at Mugen!!03/01/21
2216. Haruka's Birthday is truly is an unfortunate time01/28/21
2215. The Cream Rises to the Top12/07/20
2214. Panic at the Discord11/30/20
2213. Haruka's Black Friday Mistake11/27/20
2212. Happy Thanksgiving from Suburban Senshi! 11/26/20
2211. Sketch Sessions 002 - Ongoing Fashion Disaster11/06/20
2210. A Special Election indeed (Sketch Sessions 0111/05/20
2209. In the name of the moon and the International Standards of Weights and Measures, I will punish you! 10/19/20
2208. WHAAAT? It's been eighteen years? Catching up with the Suburban Senshi!!08/25/20
2207. We always did have a blind spot for Venus-sama~08/17/20
2206. Some things are better off DEAD! The Suburban Senshi react to the rest of the Death Note Anime [Episodes 11-37]!!08/09/20
2205. 14 years late! The Suburban Senshi react to the Death Note anime! Episodes 1-10!!08/09/20
2204. Back in Blargh~08/04/20
2203. In a Hot Spot06/25/20
2202. [GrimDark Arc] Fear her Pink Sugar Heart Attack~06/04/20
2201. Art is in the voice of the beholder06/01/20
2200. [ Grimdark Arc ] Floating on Clouds Nine and Ten05/30/20
2199. [ Grimdark Arc ] All Fired up~05/26/20
2198. Where does Haruka get those wonderful suits?05/25/20
2197. Smile! You're in the Picture at last!05/24/20
2196. Haruka takes the Sailor Moon Drawing Challenge!!05/21/20
2195. Great Moments in Suburban Senshi History: Sad Departure05/19/20
2194. Family Flashback Fun 90's style05/17/20
2193. DEEP LORE DROP! The Spiritual Space-Screams of the Silver Millennium through Space and Time!05/15/20
2192. Lockdown Diversionary Tactics 05/14/20
2191. BEHIND THE SCENES - Suburban Senshi Podcast with Retro Fanfic Retrospective!04/17/20
2190. Blame Big Papa04/06/20
2189. In poor taste03/12/20
2188. More fun that a Big Daddy Turtle! Hiatus 1 and "Whatever happened to the Suburban Senshi" now in the story collections!!01/14/20
2187. Alexa, we're in the sh*t now. 01/08/20
2186. MST: Mansplaining to Women for Fun and Profit01/07/20
2185. Superhero Superstars of the WWE - Plus Ultra [Lashley]?01/03/20
2184. The Perils of Commercialization12/20/19
2183. That's one Powerful P*ssy12/19/19
2182. Flushed with Anticipation11/21/19
2181. Announcing the Suburban Senshi collections - The S and SuperS comics!09/15/19
2180. Beryl got Back (and got back~)09/14/19
2179. Twitter Test09/13/19
2178. The Sub. Senshi go to the Minnesota State Fair (by UltraMatt)09/01/19
2177. Quality Parenting08/30/19
2176. Science08/29/19
2175. Medical Heroics Plus Ultra08/28/19
2174. Motoki Finds True Love?08/27/19
2173. Hotaru wut u doing08/26/19
2172. Suburban Senshi is NOT old enough to Vote today! <_<08/25/19
2171. Suburban Senshi is OLD ENOUGH TO VOTE today! (08/25/19
2170. You've got to FIGHT... for the RIGHT... to POTTY~!08/13/19
2169. Back to the IRC II (Test)08/11/19

#suburbansenshi IRC / Discord Chatlogs: (August 2008-August 2019 )

2168. The logical consequence we never even considered (WE SWEAR)06/24/19
2167. The Road to 2020 - Tomoe Hotaru06/01/19
2166. The Revenge! Hotaru's Punishment, Part One!!04/10/19
2165. Wrestlemania Aftermath! The Loser must pay!!04/08/19
2164. Haruka vs. Hotaru! Their WrestleMania 35 Predictions!!04/07/19
2163. SIGNAL BOOST: Let's Help LittleKuriboh!!04/03/19
2162. Sowing Seed in Mako-chan's Garden of Love! A Cold heart cries out in Heat!!03/26/19
2161. ...And so, they threaten to soil the Internets once more03/23/19
2160. if you keep it in the family too long your severed head will end up in a boat01/20/19
2159. Something Fishy This Way Comes01/17/19
2158. Paisley Reviews: GETEVEN12/07/18
2157. The Rabbit on the Moon wants you to pound her Mochi (Black Friday Special!)11/24/18
2156. Some people get action, others don't. 11/19/18
2155. The Random Tragedies of the Suburban Senshi and Friends09/20/18
2154. Pizza Time Terror with the Cannibal Twins08/29/18
2153. Suburban Senshi's Sweet Sixteen08/25/18
2152. [GrimDark Arc] Sayaka vs Ami07/07/18
2151. eBay Tuesdays - Face the Music07/03/18
2150. [Grimdark Arc] What are those Moustaches!? Pimp Master Kyu-bae's Scuzzy Senshi take Center Stage!!06/28/18
2149. What's on your phone? [NSFW]06/20/18
2148. eBay Tuesday - Not so Pretty Lady06/19/18
2147. For those about to rock, we salute you. 06/14/18
2145. GrimDark Eclipse... MoeMeguka Squad's First move!06/07/18
2144. Blood WikiMoon Rising06/05/18
2143. Rats06/03/18
2142. Popular Puffy Pop Idols Present themselves Perfectly06/01/18
2141. Do Fans ruin your passion?05/31/18
2140. Friends, Frenemies and Foes05/29/18
2139. Where's the anti-Grimdark Mahjou Shoujo of today? (blog update)2018年05月29日
2138. SO HOW BADLY WILL THIS BREAK THINGS (blog update)May 29, 2018
2137. Ebay Tuesdays - A hair less authentic05/29/18
2136. eBay Tuesdays - Cursed listing! Enter Hayano Reu, the Guardian of WTF05/22/18
2135. A glimpse of things to come (sort of!)05/18/18
2134. Pleasure and Pain, Eros and Thanatos, Sparkles and Grimdark05/17/18
2133. Way to put your finger on it05/14/18
2132. Movie REVIEW: Breaking News (2004)05/12/18
2131. WORD up05/11/18
2130. The Bright and Shining Future Science Fiction has Promised Us05/10/18
2129. (Guest Entry) TGTN is Back05/09/18
2128. Bane of her Existence05/09/18
2127 . Lookin' Good, Lookin' Great05/08/18
2126. WWE Backlash 2018 results - Nutshots for all05/06/18
2125. Samurai Backlash05/06/18
2124. Darling in the FranXXX05/05/18
2123. Why do cats wear fur coats?05/05/18
2122. We're back! (Maybe~?) A day with the Suburban Senshi 05/04/18
2121. Now you too can be a creepy peeping tom with Sakura Taisen: Song of Sakura05/04/18
2120. Red Dawn03/24/18
2119. So wait is no one going to talk about Schanera?02/25/18
2118. The Power of the Farce02/18/18
2117. There's always a critic...02/15/18
2116. Prelude to a Valentine's Day Massacre~02/14/18
2115. CH-CH-CH-CHANGES02/12/18
2114. MOON FIGHT 2017 - The Haruminakening09/18/17
2113. #ThrowbackThursday - Setsuna Sells her Soul, Sexily09/14/17
2112. #WTFWednesday - A chunk of the Action09/14/17
2111. You LOSE sir, good day! 09/12/17
2110. Gemichiro 2: The Revenge of Gemini Sunrise09/11/17
2109. #FashionFriday - The Hills Don't have Eyes for This!!09/08/17
2108. #ThrowBackThursday! "I did it for the Snooki"!!09/07/17
2107. Enter: Gemichiro?!09/06/17
2106. 15th anniversary special! MST3K: The Million-Dollar-Mail!!09/06/17
2105. Bareback in the Saddle07/31/17
2104. Face-Off07/14/17
2103. Tolerance Levels07/12/17
2102. Work in Progress~07/06/17
2101. Fireworks on the 4th07/04/17
2100. Authorial Aspirations Achieved07/03/17
2099. Thank you for 13 years of #suburbansenshi2 Chatbox!07/01/17
2098. Nostalgia Tour06/30/17
2097. Plus �a change, with the Rabbit of the Moon06/29/17
2096. Greed, Classic Edition06/29/17
2095. What a cunning linguist06/27/17
2094. A small disappointment06/04/17
2093. Reboot 12: Future Photos I02/08/17
2092. Reboot 11: Not the Mama02/04/17
2091. 2091 - Reboot 10: Past Comes Back to Haunt01/28/17
2090. Sticking it to Evil01/26/17
2089. Reboot 9: A request everyone will soon regret.01/25/17
2088. Reboot 8: Dressing up the Place01/25/17
2087. Reboot 7 [Meta]: The terrifying road to the future01/23/17
2086. Reboot 6: Family Dynamics01/23/17
2085. Reboot 5: Mind Tricks01/22/17
2084. Reboot 4 - Typo Demons... revealed!01/22/17
2083. Reboot 301/22/17
2082. Reboot 201/22/17
2081. Reboot 101/22/17
2080. Fresh Starts01/20/17
2079. In the name of the Moon you can use her to punish someone11/21/16
2078. Suburban Senshi Z #3: Went and Can't go back10/09/16
2077. Suburban Senshi Z Genvid Special #110/08/16
2076. Suburban Senshi Z #2: The Puppetmaster10/08/16
2075. Suburban Senshi Z #1: Wet Nightmares10/08/16
2074. Blarg09/24/16
2073. Reading Rainbow04/26/16
2072. All in the Royal Family04/20/16
2071. Some Schools have Athletic Festivals... others... 04/20/16
2070. Magic Mirror Show and Tell04/20/16
2069. Do Spores dream of Electric Meat cleavers?04/15/16
2068. Mugen Reunion party pics04/14/16
2067. Chibiusa Spills the Beans04/14/16
2066. Suburban Senshi Kai: Season 1 is now up!04/12/16
2065. Planet Envy04/08/16
2064. Wrestlemania Predictions Graded04/04/16
2063. Haruka predicts WrestleMania 3204/02/16
2062. Beryl: Big, Bad, and Bored03/31/16
2061. Fear the Miniskirt Squad03/31/16
2060. What What in the Butt03/29/16
2059. Is it rose envy? Is it the sauce?03/28/16
2058. Ths Curtain Opens on a new Act!03/26/16
2057. Bad Company03/24/16
2056. The Third Age of Senshikind begins. 03/15/16
2055. SubSenCon I goodies for the rest of you10/25/15
2054. Damn you, Spiritus Mundi! (Again!) or: Suburban Senshi - The Anime?!10/13/15
2053. Dropping Moon Drops09/18/15
2052. Suburban Senshi... the animation??09/05/15
2051. He's Big in Japan09/03/15
2050. Thank you for Thirteen Years08/25/15
2049. Operation: Saekano06/06/15
2048. Mr. Grey's indecent proposal06/03/15
2047. Indignities06/03/15
2046. What's in her... name, yes name06/03/15
2045. RIP Monty Oum - We'll make something great for you. 02/03/15
2044. Movin' on Up (Das Literalmente)01/15/15
2043. Pluto's nemesis revealed: Neil DeGrasse Tyson! 01/05/15
2042. Haruka's Production Diary SMC #1301/03/15
2041. This shot made for Tumblr01/03/15
2040. Not enjoying the ride01/03/15
2039. Whatever Happened to the Suburban Senshi - Part X (End)12/28/14
2038. Whatever Happened to the Suburban Senshi? Part IX (seriously)12/26/14
2037. Sportacus: Judgement Day12/11/14
2036. Fun with rocks 12/09/14
2035. Competition12/09/14
2034. Usagi likes to be warm12/09/14
2033. Meet the New Boss12/08/14
2032. I need a drink.12/08/14
2031. SST: Recap Madness Special 609/29/14
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2024. We like our sh*t old school09/06/14
2023. SST: Popularity Polls 9/5/1409/05/14
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2020. SST: A day in the life of Ten'ou Haruka09/04/14
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2017. SST: Let the voting begin, and BIG LIFE MISTAKES08/27/14
2016. Suburban Senshi T: Day 1 Wrap-up08/27/14
2015. Suburban Senshi T: Day 1, Part 2: Haruka's Day08/26/14
2014. Suburban Senshi T: Day 1, Part 108/26/14
2013. Suburban Senshi T[omodachi]: The Horror Begins08/26/14
2012. Budokai 2k14: FINAL - Sakura Xadium Aino vs Franziska von Karma08/08/14
2011. QUALITY08/07/14
2010. Reax: SMC Episodes 1 and 2 08/07/14
2009. Suburban Senshi react: Sailor Moon Crystal #1 (SPOILERS)07/05/14
2008. Budokai 2k14 Semi-Final 2: Franziska von Karma vs Ratchet Altair05/19/14
2007. Budokai 2k14: Semi-Final - The Actuary vs Sakura Xadium Aino04/30/14
2006. Budokai 2k14: Quarterfinal: Gemini Sunrise vs Ratchet Altair04/25/14
2005. Budokai 2k14 Quarterfinal: Sakura April vs Franziska von Karma04/05/14
2004. Budokai 2K14 - Quarterfinal: Chiba Mamoru v Sakura Xadium Aino 04/04/14
2003. Budokai 2k14: Semi-Final - The Actuary vs Chibiusa04/03/14
2002. A pretty fake pretty fake? 03/14/14
2001. Puppy love03/12/14
2000. 101,112 hours later...03/07/14
1999. Happy Birthday to THE MOST EXCELLENT KAIOH03/07/14
1998. Fighting is Magic for the whole family03/05/14
1997. The name of the game is "Sebastian Sorphens"03/04/14
1996. Closing the Barn Door after the Horses have Died02/17/14
1995. It Stands to Reason01/15/14
1994. Aino Minako's Christmas Fashion Show12/25/13
1993. Shot across the bow12/05/13
1992. Pluto Pumps Pimp for Power12/03/13
1991. Making the connection10/15/13
1990. Pondering the Pretty Purple Princess 10/15/13
1989. Getting to know you again, part 110/15/13
1988. Return of the Drunken Fist 10/15/13
1987. Hello, Baby08/02/13
1986. Budokai 2k13: FINAL: Franziska von Karma vs Son Goku07/18/13
1985. Budokai 2k13: Semi-final: Gemini Sunrise vs. Son Goku07/14/13
1984. Budokai 2k13: Semifinal: hino vs Franziska von Karma07/13/13
1983. Budokai 2k13: Goku vs. Sakura April07/13/13
1982. Budokai 2k13: Ten'ou Haruka vs. Gemini Sunrise07/13/13
1981. Budokai 2k13: Tomoe Hotaru vs Franziska von Karma07/07/13
1980. Budokai 2k13: vs Sakura X. Aino07/07/13
1979. Budokai 2k13: Professor Tomoe vs Sakura April Shinguuji07/04/13
1978. Budokai 2k13: Chibiusa vs Son Goku06/10/13
1977. Budokai 2013: Mr. Piccolo vs. Gemini Sunrise05/15/13
1976. Budokai 2013: Rev. H. Elios vs. Ten'ou Haruka05/13/13
1975. Quick Break: A04/25/13
1974. Budokai 2013: Franziska von Karma vs Meioh Setsuna04/15/13
1973. Budokai 2013: Tomoe Hotaru vs. Jedite04/14/13
1972. Budokai 2013: Round of 16: Sakura X. Aino vs Aino Minako04/13/13
1971. Budokai 2k13: Round of 16 - Kurosaki Ichigo vs rei.bot04/02/13
1970. Is EUROVISION! (NSFW)03/30/13
1969. Budokai 2k13: Preambulatory Smacktalk03/25/13
1968. Automated Message - Do not Reply03/21/13
1967. Violence and the coming of age of Ten'ou Haruka03/20/13
1965. Just look at that body (he works out)03/17/13
1964. Just take it easy~ 03/17/13
1963. Comments are back (X is a moron)03/16/13
1962. Schrodinger's Rapper03/16/13
1961. Yeah yeah, we know. 03/14/13
1960. Power up your fast food!03/13/13
1959. all Hail the new KING, Baby!03/11/13
1958. Enter: Uranus (wait, what?)03/10/13
1957. Enter the Soldier of Time and Ruin! Ultra Sailor Saturn! 03/03/13
1956. Love Strikes back! It's Ultra Sailor Venus! 03/03/13
1955. Appearing Beautifully, it is Ultra Sailor Neptune! 03/03/13
1954. A new decade, a new look03/03/13
1953. Six strikes and you're... okay?02/28/13
1952. ARISE ye Slackers, and Slack02/27/13
1951. Finally! The Awesome has come back to DBZ02/27/13
1950. A new dawn breaks... a table over your heads. 02/27/13
1949. Coup d'ecrap02/26/13
1948. What is this I don't even do not want01/02/13
1947. New Year, new Problems...01/01/13
1946. Context12/21/12
1945. They put their best men on the case when they named it10/25/12
1944. Do it Like Lo Pan10/23/12
1942. PETA says you Gotta Save 'Em all!10/09/12
1941. kicking ass for almost 10 years10/07/12
1940. Happy Early Halloween! 10/05/12
1939. Dead like Us10/03/12
1938. Oh no, he dint! (warning: politics)09/18/12
1936. The Greatest Excuses ever told08/21/12
1935. EPIC Teatime is EPIC08/20/12
1934. Windows Defender not defending your right to block08/19/12
1933. Gott Mitt Uns?!!08/19/12
1932. The new Face of Fashion08/19/12
1931. HOW DO HULK GOT ANGRY08/19/12
1930. Fallin for Fallon08/19/12
1929. IT'S GANGNAM STYLE08/19/12
1928. The Hotel from Hell08/19/12
1927. He's moved on up to the Deluxe Apartment in the sky07/25/12
1926. Matt Cheddar kicks dogs - EPIC PRANK CALL TEIM07/25/12
1925. A rare find for the classic movie Buff07/11/12
1924. The Dork Knight Rises07/10/12
1923. Sailor Moon returns in 2013. O_o07/06/12
1922. What grows in your secret garden? 06/18/12
1921. The Hoff, Hassled 06/17/12
1920. IT'S A SIRUS PROMETHEUS MYSTERY (Spoilers)06/17/12
1919. Ask The Suburban Senshi #1506/17/12
1918. Life is change is life is strange06/16/12
1917. Holy connections, Batman!06/07/12
1916. Bye Bye Xanga.... it's been a long road06/02/12
1915. Eurovision 2012 Preview Special! 05/21/12
1914. Budokai 2k12: Final Match - Franziska von Karma vs. Karasuma Akane05/21/12
1913. Budokai 2k12: Semifinal 2: Doctor Xadium vs Karasuma Akane05/21/12
1912. Budokai 2k12: Interlude - Putting the screws to Akane05/13/12
1911. (blog update)
1910. Budokai 2k12: Semifinal 1 - Kujou Subaru vs Franziska von Karma05/11/12
1909. Budokai 2k12: Quarterfinal 4 - Meioh Setsuna vs Karasuma Akane04/26/12
1908. Budokai 2k12: Quarterfinal 3 - Doctor Xadium vs. Arx Sylvanran04/24/12
1907. Budokai 2k12: Quarterfinal 2 - Franziska von Karma vs Souichi Tomoe04/24/12
1906. Budokai 2k12 - Quarterfinal 1 - hino vs Kujou Subaru04/23/12
1905. Budokai 2k12: Round 23 - Karasuma Akane vs. Aya Reiko04/22/12
1904. Budokai 2k12: Round 22 - Meioh Setsuna vs Ratchet Altair04/21/12
1903. Budokai 2k12: Round 21 - Jedite vs Arx Sylvanran04/20/12
1902. Budokai 2k12: Round 20 - Tsukino Chibiusa vs. Doctor Xadium04/19/12
1901. Budokai 2k12: Souichi Tomoe vs. Ten'ou Haruka04/18/12
1900. Budokai 2k12: Round 18 - Franziska von Karma vs. Luna-P04/17/12
1899. Budokai 2k12: Round 17 - Tomoe Hotaru vs. Kujou Subaru04/17/12
1898. Budokai 2k12 - Round 16 - Kino Makoto vs hino rei.bot04/15/12
1897. Budokai 2k12 - Round 15 - Kaioh Michiru vs Aya Reiko04/10/12
1896. Budokai 2k12: Round 14 - Karasuma Akane vs. Furuhata Motoki04/08/12
1895. Budokai 2k12: Round 14 - Sakura X. Aino vs Ratchet Altair04/07/12
1894. Budokai 2k12: Round 12- Meioh Setsuna vs. Rev. H. Elios04/07/12
1893. Budokai 2k12: Round 11- Sakura April vs. Arx Sylvanran04/05/12
1892. Budokai 2k12 Round 10: Jedite vs. Mimi Hanyu04/05/12
1891. Budokai 2k12: Round 9: Doctor Xadium vs. Mizuno Ami04/03/12
1890. Budokai 2k12: Hino Rei vs Chibiusa Tsukino04/02/12
1889. Budokai 2k12: Aino Minako vs. Ten'ou Haruka04/01/12
1888. Budokai 2k12: Round 6 - Souichi Tomoe vs. Chiba Mamoru03/31/12
1887. Budokai 2k12: Round 5: Luna-P vs. Captain Jack Harkness03/30/12
1886. Budokai 2k12: Round 4: Piccolo vs Franziska von Karma03/30/12
1885. Budokai 2k12: Round 3: Kujou Subaru vs. Artemis D. Cat03/29/12
1884. Budokai 2k12: Round 2: Tomoe Hotaru vs Gemini Sunrise03/29/12
1883. Budokai 2k12: Round 1: Paisley Pythia Peinforte vs. hino rei.bot03/28/12
1882. Budokai 2012: Smack Talk before the Smackdown03/27/12
1881. Not a dog, not a bean, what you will see can never be unseen03/26/12
1880. Random Derp03/26/12
1879. Words to live by03/13/12
1878. Bunny and the Beast03/11/12
1877. Someone just beat Sony like a red-headed stepchild03/06/12
1876. The Saga continues unto accidental awesome03/03/12
1875. DO THE MATH. OR DIE. 03/03/12
1874. Meditations on Forgiveness and the Difficulties thereof03/02/12
1873. Don't hate, it's Windows 8!03/02/12
1872. Screw the past; the past screwed you. 03/01/12
1871. Give Star Wars a Hatchet Job and see it again for the first time02/28/12
1870. Drunken late night Spammercise02/26/12
1869. Drunken Cosplay Fight 201202/26/12
1868. (SakuPro update)
1867. But it's just a simple Children's Flash game02/24/12
1866. BBC News no longer makes you Snooze02/23/12
1865. Botch Apocalyptica02/22/12
1864. Blowing Minds in the Midmorning02/21/12
1863. And I--I--I--- will always shortchange Youuu-ouu-ou-ou-ou02/13/12
1862. Iris, your digital demagogue who's not so fun to be with02/08/12
1861. Shocking Revelation! X updates the gallery and oh, Minako's engaged02/05/12
1860. BY MOTHER MUSTANG!02/04/12
1859. Childhood memories, Childhood Obscenities02/03/12
1858. From Busty Blondes to Batmen to Blackberry Blunders to Badass in 10 minutes flat 02/01/12
1857. The Avengers shouldn't text01/31/12
1856. Hairless kitty attacks spaceship. News at 1101/31/12
1855. Fucking Game Developers (blog update)Mon, 30 January 2012
1854. Superhero Sunday01/29/12
1853. I see Mr. Scorsese has mastered the 3D technique. 01/27/12
1852. Fashionable Fatherhood01/26/12
1851. Obama's gonna HULK IT UP in 201201/26/12
1850. FIGHT for your RIGHT to COPY01/26/12
1849. When Geeks Collide01/24/12
1848. Homepagey Stuffs (blog update)January 23rd, 2012
1847. Dumbass Diva Daughter of the Day01/21/12
1846. Star Wars: Bigger, longer and Recut01/21/12
1845. Think you need to diet? THINK AGAIN!01/21/12
1844. Tastycakes (NSFW)01/21/12
1843. Making the Phantom Menace Awesome01/20/12
1842. FDR: American Badass (NSFW Audio)01/19/12
1841. Sabrina, the Thirtysomething B.....01/19/12
1840. STATE OF THE ART for 199001/19/12
1839. Wikipedia must have a hard time bathing.01/18/12
1838. MiST: Samurai Cop 01/17/12
1837. Hitler finds out Suburban Senshi is over. 01/15/12
1836. Suburban Senshi Movie 3: HER FINAL LEGACY01/13/12
1835. Sidestory: Turnabout Resurrection12/31/11
1834. Pokemon: Real Life Battlez12/19/11
1833. So Long, Kim Jong12/19/11
1832. Endgame part 612/05/11
1831. Endgame: part 511/28/11
1830. Thanks... really. 11/24/11
1829. Endgame: Part 411/21/11
1828. Endgame Part 311/14/11
1827. Suburban Senshi: Endgame - Part 211/07/11
1825. Never thought about it...11/04/11
1824. Not the cat's moew10/31/11
1823. Texas Power!10/30/11
1822. Suburban Senshi: Endgame Part 1 - Hall-o-WTF10/30/11
1821. Rebellion in the Ranks10/28/11
1820. Endgame: Liner Notes10/28/11
1819. Suburban Senshi Decision Point #310/26/11
1818. Suburban Senshi CCG: Kaioh Michiru10/14/11
1817. Suburban Senshi CCG: Ten'ou Haruka10/13/11
1816. Suburban Senshi CCG: Minako10/12/11
1815. Suburban Senshi CCG: Luna-P10/12/11
1814. Just Per-due it10/02/11
1813. Decision Point #210/01/11
1812. Chinese Dubbers know how to stroke me the right way~ 09/22/11
1811. NOPE! 09/18/11
1810. No we aren't dead. (SakuPro update)
1809. Happy Birthdays all around!08/25/11
1808. Their forbidden international love08/25/11
1807. Decision Point #108/24/11
1806. Widening the social circle a bit08/12/11
1805. Rebuilding lives, one messed up strategem at a time08/08/11
1804. My milkshake brings all the boys to Betty Ford's Yard08/08/11
1803. Country China Music Fusion Time is now08/07/11
1802. It's never too young to rassle08/03/11
1801. Upset stomachs08/03/11
1800. Passion Play08/01/11
1799. EPIC MEALTIME with the MAN08/01/11
1798. Hijinks @ the 7-1107/25/11
1797. Park n' Ride07/24/11
1796. A quadrangle of Catty Catfight Cats and Kyubeys (NFSW link)07/21/11
1795. The Devil's Deal07/20/11
1794. My Little Pony: Friendship is Science07/16/11
1793. A rich cultural legacy (NSFW)07/05/11
1792. Big Changes, Little Changes07/04/11
1791. Live the Game07/03/11
1790. They make them big in Texas07/02/11
1789. Strange Facts: Usagi's sacrifice07/01/11
1788. Ending it with a Bang07/01/11
1787. Dark side of the BOOM07/01/11
1786. Her Growing Ambition06/30/11
1785. Sting like a Butterfly, run like a coward06/29/11
1784. Dolldubs: The Meme that keeps on stinking06/26/11
1783. Bilderberger elves from the LHC Run everything06/26/11
1782. Enter the Marvel Brothel if you DARE (NSFW)06/26/11
1781. Superplots with Jerry Seinfeld06/26/11
1780. When good kids go badong06/25/11
1779. Karma is a bitch in serafuku06/24/11
1778. The fine state of Computer Journalism06/21/11
1777. Impossible task get06/20/11
1776. Fussin' about Fridays06/17/11
1775. iNVASiON of the VoCaLoiDS06/12/11
1774. Turn off the Dork06/08/11
1773. Tell us what you really think06/06/11
1772. Apparently we've been doing it wrong all this time06/06/11
1771. Stay away. Seriously. We're A chamber of Horrors :D06/06/11
1770. Doctor Who Anime: From Fandom to Reality06/05/11
1769. Cultural Insensitivity 10106/04/11
1768. X's Sakura Taisen V: Episode 0 Story Fansub now Available06/04/11
1767. She rang his bell, all right06/04/11
1766. Artemis is so silly! (blog update)2011年06月01日
1764. A technical hitch05/31/11
1763. Bye bye Mach :<05/21/11
1762. You forgot them... but they never forgot you :( 05/18/11
1761. They call me... The Sh*tuation 05/16/11
1760. It's the little things05/05/11
1759. Gemini learns Japanese: Hiragana Vowels n' Such05/02/11
1758. Tom Baker in The Impossible Makeover04/30/11
1757. #wtf Senator Chuck Grassley04/28/11
1756. Yugioh Zexal: Them's some Strong ass Drugs04/25/11
1755. Kodansha meets 4kids, epic fail get 04/01/11
1754. He's more than just a Lephrechaun guzzling beer, people! 03/19/11
1753. Help Japan by watching this video03/18/11
1752. Sailor Moon AND V Manga to come to the US LEGALLY03/18/11
1751. The Sinister Aquatic Truth Revealed03/15/11
1750. An Apple never tasted so sweet03/11/11
1749. It's da Bombad03/07/11
1748. Recommended Anime: Puella Magi Madoka★Magica03/04/11
1747. Today's Forecast: Death from above, and a nice summer!02/27/11
1746. Tingleing, Tingleing, I just wanna touch your Tingleing02/27/11
1745. A Song for Yoko02/24/11
1744. Two great tastes that taste great together and aren't Lupus02/23/11
1743. Beck Mongolian Dumbass Squad02/23/11
1742. RIP Nicholas Courtney, aka The Brigadier02/23/11
1741. We can't spell his name because he probably can't either02/23/11
1740. Dateline Libya in realtime02/22/11
1739. Customer Service Valentine for Canada02/14/11
1738. Hatas don't know Ichigo02/11/11
1737. Turn me on, Dead Man (Warning: This _will_ kill and hour)02/06/11
1736. You won't have to "Force" yourself to watch this! 02/06/11
1735. In my day they just used straps02/04/11
1734. Stop Believing. 02/02/11
1733. Sailor Q's Ultra World #6: The Secret of Miroganda01/31/11
1732. Not looking so good after 20 years, V-chan01/29/11
1731. BREAKOUT: Sakura April vs The Wicker Man01/28/11
1730. Oh snap we actually remembered a birthday this year01/27/11
1729. Negligent Inflection of Cinematic Distress01/27/11
1728. So they tell me to read a book. I do. I get this. 01/26/11
1727. Eat this, Robocop01/26/11
1726. I'd rather have Cloying Lolicon Moeblobs than this everywhere01/26/11
1725. Warp Speed to Planet RAVE!01/26/11
1724. Throw the Book at 'em!01/26/11
1723. Stupid laws are why we can't have nice things01/26/11
1722. Musical Pleasurement01/25/11
1721. Diss the Prequels all you want, Annie was HARDCORE01/24/11
1720. The Peddler of Tender Flesh, Exposed01/23/11
1719. Cannot be Unseen01/23/11
1718. So nice to see the Bigwigs putting in some elbow grease (Guest Starring: YOU GUYS)01/23/11
1717. I want some of the water they're drinking01/23/11
1716. If you thought Moe was the end...01/22/11
1715. For god's sake, Internet (blog update)Jan 22 2011
1714. Silly women are silly. 01/14/11
1713. After Dark: WHITE01/08/11
1712. Sailor Moon: La Luna Merde (now you're playing with power...ful crap)01/06/11
1711. Sick Daze01/05/11
1710. Spin me a Hatin' Game12/29/10
1709. Sailor Q's Ultra World: Five Seconds before the Explosion!12/27/10
1708. MiST: Job Opportunity from Terry Smith12/21/10
1707. MiST: Moon Sister II: TOEI must Die12/20/10
1706. Christmastime with the Great Satan Internets12/19/10
1705. Ryan's Awesome Blog DEBUT plus: Hot Dalek Loving [NSFW]12/14/10
1704. After Dark: Ultra Mashup Edition12/12/10
1703. There's a new Mouse in the Haus12/12/10
1702. Suburban Senshi RAW: Arty needs glasses12/07/10
1701. Spoony's review of Highlander: The Source12/05/10
1700. GIVE ME THE FOOD12/04/10
1699. After Dark: Sweaty Swearpants edition12/04/10
1698. Sailor Q's Ultra World: Charge Forth, Science Patrol!12/04/10
1697. Make Space for Japanese in your brain12/02/10
1696. THE TWEET HEARD ROUND THE WORLD (blog update)November 30, 2010
1695. WARP SPEED NOW! Turkish Star Trek Subbed!11/28/10
1694. The feeble ones are dying. The galaxy era is my immortality era.11/28/10
1693. Turn off the DORK with Spider-Man11/28/10
1692. FUN WITH STEEL WOOL (blog update)November 28, 2010
1691. Sailor Q's Ultra World: SHOOT THE INVADER!11/28/10
1690. Conan O'Brian gets Animated11/28/10
1689. After Dark: Sick Grindhouse Trailer by Eli Roth (NSFW)11/28/10
1688. Black Friday is too black for even this goth to handle11/27/10
1687. Suburban Senshi RAW: Rosemary's Baby11/27/10
1686. Happy Thanksgiving!11/26/10
1685. I JUST LOVE IT WHEN YOU LEAVE THE LITTERBOX FULL FOR A WEEK (blog update)November 25, 2010
1684. Tubin' through Cat Shit one vid at a time (NSFW Audio)11/25/10
1683. Poker night with Strong Bad, The Heavy, Tycho, and Max (blog update)Thu, 25 November 2010
1682. Get your Drink on (if you can stomach it)11/25/10
1681. WE MUST STOP THE SUN.... FOR WORLD PEACE (blog update)November 25, 2010
1680. The (really) Long Goodbye 11/24/10
1679. Enter The Royal House (blog update)11.24.2010
1678. Nicholas Cage flips his shit (NSFW)11/23/10
1677. sak todie (blog update)November 23, 2010
1676. Sailor Q's Ultra World: Ultraman! Ultra Operation No.1!!11/21/10
1675. Feeding the Troll11/20/10
1674. After Dark: The Hideous Future of Pretty Boys everywhere11/20/10
1673. Revival, Revival! Sakura Taisen and Dragonball to Return! Sort of! 11/18/10
1672. Space Rock Opera11/14/10
1671. Debut: Sailor Q's Ultra World!11/14/10
1670. Debut: Suburban Semshi After Dark - It's Dolemite, Charlie Brown (NSFW!!!)11/12/10
1669. MiST: Robo Vampire (Video!)11/11/10
1668. Reload 03 - We are the Champions11/10/10
1667. Reload 02: To live and die in infamy 11/10/10
1666. Reload 01: Find me a New Way Forward11/10/10
1665. Random: Tux can't make his monster grow11/09/10
1664. YouTuesday Ryanator Halloween Edition!10/26/10
1663. YouTuesday Cavalcade of Creepiness10/19/10
1662. High to Low in under 5 minutes10/11/10
1661. The Revenge of the Halloween Costume Hall of Horrors10/07/10
1660. Son of the Halloween Costume Hall of Horrors10/06/10
1659. YouTuesday: From the Simple to the Complex to the Batshit Insane10/05/10
1658. Halloween Costume Hall of Horrors10/04/10
1657. So you think you can Dance, Sirrah? 09/29/10
1656. YouTuesday: It's the other Red Meat09/21/10
1655. SakuTai VI? It rhymes! More Info, plox!09/14/10
1654. Eight years on and WTF is wrong with you (blog update)8th Sep 10
1653. YouTuesday is Definitely NSFW09/07/10
1652. Eight years on and I think I finally understand the sad otaku hikkimori boy (blog update)09/01/10
1651. Youtuesday: GIVE ME BACK MY SON08/31/10
1650. BLAM! Eight years on and Disney Still manages to Suck (blog update)Sun, 29 August 2010
1649. Eight years on... wow (blog update)August 27, 2010
1648. eight years on - thank you (blog update)(8.26.10)
1647. YouTuesday: Full of SeaMan. For Love. 08/24/10
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1645. Gemini's Diary: The Future is Pain08/21/10
1644. As hard as it is right now, Keep Looking Up08/21/10
1643. Strange Facts: Caught with her Pants Down08/19/10
1642. A Picture is worth 1000 ListSERVs08/18/10
1641. YouTuesday: Movies with Punch! 08/17/10
1640. For big booty call 1-800-chibi08/17/10
1639. Glyphs! How the f**k do THEY work?! 08/17/10
1638. Bad F'n [day for] Gamers08/16/10
1637. Sights to terrify your very soul08/12/10
1636. The worm will turn your stomach08/12/10
1635. Strange Facts: Horseplay08/12/10
1634. No one ever expects the Spanish Invasion! 08/10/10
1633. Strange facts about Sailormoon that may or may not be true 08/10/10
1632. YouTuesday: OMG WE GONNA FIND YOU A DOUBLE RAINBOW edition08/10/10
1631. Ginga News Update: the 2011 Anime Season08/09/10
1630. Bender's last act08/02/10
1629. Violent Times call for Violent Violence07/19/10
1628. Want it, need it, gotta have it07/10/10
1627. Making the Change07/10/10
1626. WoW that was dumb07/07/10
1625. Cuz the party don't start till he beams in06/23/10
1624. Father's Day Fantastico! 06/20/10
1623. Art attack06/13/10
1622. Miracles all around us (how do they work!?)06/09/10
1621. Because, after it all, you have to laugh, right?05/31/10
1620. Scenes to Amaze and Terrify 05/29/10
1619. They saw it coming, Willis 05/29/10
1618. RIP Gary Coleman05/28/10
1617. Make it mean a thing-- give it some swing! 05/22/10
1616. The Secret Life of Geordi LaForge05/21/10
1615. Healing the Heart05/20/10
1614. eXXXtreme remakeover (slightly NSFW)05/05/10
1613. Perfect 20? I think not. 05/03/10
1612. Goldeneye: The Video Game: The Movie05/03/10
1611. What evil lurks in the basement? 05/03/10
1610. Life's Woes, solved TODAY only $1000 a month05/03/10
1609. Even "good" games can be as Bad as WoW. Are you being lost to them?? (blog update)2010年05月01日
1608. No just no05/01/10
1607. Like a bad rash he keeps coming back05/01/10
1606. She can be my Iron man anyday05/01/10
1605. Your life is good (Believe it!)04/17/10
1604. Sailormoon Remastered could be coming to the US?04/14/10
1603. Desperately Seeking susan.tiff04/10/10
1602. Reign of 8-bit terror04/09/10
1601. Win free stuff from Genvid / Sailor Moon Forums!04/08/10
1600. If you weren't blind before...04/05/10
1599. Who da fool04/01/10
1598. New Winamp skin of me!! (blog update)2010年03月30日
1597. Sh*t Haruka found on the Internets, Part I03/29/10
1596. This will haunt you forever03/27/10
1595. Sewing up a plot thread03/25/10
1594. My Cursed Destiny (blog update)Mar 25 2010
1593. Delicious Diction03/25/10
1592. It's every fangirl's particle physics wet dream03/19/10
1591. Sometimes ya gotta let it all out03/19/10
1590. Hiatus02/23/10
1589. A touching sentiment02/03/10
1588. A Sailor Senshi, a glass of Rum and a Random Camerashot02/01/10
1587. Tom Selleck, a Waterfall and a Sandwich01/30/10
1586. I have a new job! (ed: [nsfw] by (blog update)01/10/10
1585. Terrors both subtle and gross01/09/10
1584. Return of the Monday Night Wars?01/05/10
1583. Ominous Realization01/04/10
1582. Whatever Happened to the Suburban Senshi, Part VIII01/04/10
1581. Whatever Happened to the Suburban Senshi, Part VII01/03/10
1580. ... No way in hell (blog update)1st Jan 10
1579. Whatever happened to the Suburban Senshi, Part VI12/25/09
1578. Whatever Happened to the Suburban Senshi? Part V12/13/09
1577. W t v r H p p n d S bu rB Enhi Pa t V12/06/09
1576. Whatever Happened to the Suburban Senshi? Part IV11/29/09
1575. Whatever Happened to the Suburban Senshi? Part 311/27/09
1574. Whatever Happened to the Suburban Senshi? Part II11/22/09
1573. Whatever happened to the Suburban Senshi? Part I11/19/09
1572. Changing the Game11/13/09
1571. An idle phone is the Devil's work [NSFW]11/12/09
1570. The Futility of it all11/08/09
1569. New Website: MISS DREAM! 11/01/09
1568. Q'apla!11/01/09
1567. It Suits you.10/31/09
1566. More Happy is coming?10/22/09
1565. The fate of the Immortals10/13/09
1564. Her continuing Legacy10/13/09
1563. Rinse your mind out with soap young man10/07/09
1562. Careful what you ask for10/07/09
1561. Talk to the Hand10/06/09
1560. The cup is a lie.10/05/09
1559. A Drastic Draught10/02/09
1558. Omedet-- oh gawd09/30/09
1557. Let me be the first to welcome our slowly transforming overlords09/29/09
1556. The Saga of Artemis' Lover [NSFW Audio]09/27/09
1555. This guy put the "Pain" in T-Pain09/22/09
1554. Can you feel the love?09/22/09
1553. The earplugs... zey do nothing!09/21/09
1552. Hotaru Plays Persona 4 days 3, 4, 509/20/09
1551. Hotaru Plays Persona 4! Day 1 and 209/19/09
1550. It's like Beating off the Dead Horse 09/16/09
1549. Attention Whore 2k909/15/09
1548. Instant Linux help for n00bs09/14/09
1547. Crushing Dreams like Turtle Shells09/14/09
1546. I know what you did last Honeymoon (NSFW)09/07/09
1545. One woman's comedy is another man's tragedy09/06/09
1544. The Rough Beast 09/03/09
1543. A taste of things to come... all puns intended?09/03/09
1542. Mad Science 101 with your special guest lecturer...08/29/09
1541. 7 year itch08/27/09
1540. And we'll just put a happy little bush right here...08/26/09
1539. And the middle finger was extended thusly08/22/09
1538. Five minutes of fame08/20/09
1537. Inglourious after-hours disturbia in Suburbia08/16/09
1536. Seal of Disapproval08/14/09
1535. William Shatner what are you doing with that Mountain08/11/09
1534. Go ahead, give her a ring...08/10/09
1533. Fixin' it with Mr. T... Mr *Ice-T*08/09/09
1532. I thought you hire Jackie Chan to avoid using CG...07/29/09
1531. Shatner makes Rocketman Palin in comparison...07/29/09
1530. What the hell07/28/09
1529. An utter lack of social development07/22/09
1528. So this is why we baby our cats07/18/09
1527. A carefully weighed personal decision07/09/09
1526. Make Sexytime, Make Babytime! 07/07/09
1525. All it takes is a little prick...07/03/09
1524. Consequences and Reprecussions06/30/09
1523. Another way to die06/28/09
1522. One died, one lied. 06/28/09
1521. Finally, he can be left alone. 06/26/09
1520. You know it to be true.06/21/09
1519. In the eyes of a Stapler...06/19/09
1518. Bye Bye, Miss Ami Pie06/19/09
1517. A question for YOU. Yes, you. 06/17/09
1516. Memento Mori06/17/09
1515. Move up to a better class of font hinting06/13/09
1514. O SNAPPU Gojira stepped on das intertubes06/08/09
1513. Remoon Cometh. NAO06/02/09
1512. Wherein Plucky, Buster and Hampton get smashed.05/27/09
1511. Haruka's Anime North Cosplay Diary I05/26/09
1510. An Evian expectation05/25/09
1509. Vote for Sailormoon by Funimation!05/21/09
1508. Eurovision 2009 Special!05/17/09
1507. Talking Turkey about Venus05/14/09
1506. Minako's really let herself go05/13/09
1505. Family Album 6 - Wild Child05/11/09
1504. Breakout #3: Lead Crow's tale05/10/09
1503. Back in Black (Japan)05/08/09
1502. Family Album 5: Schanera steal's Shingo's Love05/05/09
1501. Memories of Rei04/29/09
1500. It's a Yuri con04/28/09
1499. Family Album 4: Walk Softly and wave your big stick. 04/27/09
1498. Goodbye, Hot Legs04/23/09
1497. Family album 3 - Aino family horror... Revealed!04/20/09
1496. Introducing Moonsticks! Have some Fanta.04/19/09
1495. Cat's Eye04/18/09
1494. Some profane shit, yo04/16/09
1493. Family Album #2: Who are the monsters here? 04/13/09
1492. Suburban Senshi Family Album #104/06/09
1491. Going where we've never gone before03/30/09
1490. Minako's Ultimatum to Lazy Chatters03/27/09
1489. Quick Review: Dragonball Evolution03/17/09
1488. NPC> Times are Tough... 03/15/09
1487. WARP SPEED to the crapper03/09/09
1486. They sure know how to name 'em03/06/09
1485. The weight of careless words and deeds on lonely souls.02/28/09
1484. Makoto's Aizen Swordfish Moment. 02/22/09
1483. 2 Girls, 1 Movie: Intermission - Mulan02/17/09
1482. Debating Degrees of Wrongness (serious)02/16/09
1481. Is sith reality02/09/09
1480. For the love of god stay out of his sight!02/04/09
1479. Haruka and Michiru: Just another t.A.t.U02/02/09
1478. All's right with the world02/01/09
1477. The Next Generation... of AWESOME01/31/09
1476. Busting out, Busting up01/27/09
1475. 2 girls, 1 movie: Spice World01/24/09
1474. Real. Ultimate. Fail. 01/20/09
1473. Bad Commercial Timing (MAJOR Galactica Season Premiere SPOILER)01/19/09
1472. She is the Internet... made flesh. (CSI Season 9 Episode 10 SPOILERS)01/18/09
1471. Pictures of Heaven and Hell01/16/09
1470. In which it is enquired if Oogami-san has an appreciation for Musical Theatre01/11/09
1469. WARNING: Only attempt this under strict, untrained, scantily-clad medical supervision01/10/09
1468. Memories of Fail01/07/09
1467. Nostalgia is a disease all right01/02/09
1466. Going out with a Bang (Suburban Senshi S finale)01/01/09
1465. Boulder Dash Fakeout Kawaii Catboxes12/27/08
1464. 2 girls one movie: Xmas Special: The Santa Clause 312/25/08
1463. Clarissa Explains Twilight's new Director12/22/08
1462. Sakura's concise compendium of cooltastic clickables 12/19/08
1461. 2 girls, 1 movie: Ella Enchanted12/16/08
1460. You can't spell "slaughter" without "laughter"12/15/08
1459. Your yard, my yard? I don't care! 12/10/08
1458. Rei's Heart of Flame12/08/08
1457. Mr. Bentley has moved on up... 12/06/08
1456. Happy People12/05/08
1455. Training with Master Bruce12/02/08
1454. 2 girls 1 movie: Twilight11/30/08
1453. Jedite and Minako's plan to save the World 11/27/08
1452. Help feed someone today. []11/25/08
1451. Human After All11/24/08
1450. The last refuge of lonely geeks11/23/08
1449. Time Flies and your life is done11/19/08
1448. Cat on a hot tin Keyboard eating Popcorn11/18/08
1447. From the desk of Jack Thompson11/15/08
1446. in AD 2006 Spiderman is beginning11/13/08
1445. Guys need attention too?11/12/08
1444. Discomfort with the late-night Cognitive Process11/12/08
1443. Minako's MSN Madness11/11/08
1442. Romance denied and the perils of Self Insertion11/09/08
1441. Caption Contest: Fill in the Blanks11/06/08
1440. Today, Jed is king of the World11/05/08
1439. Media Erection 2008 now Roading11/04/08
1438. Freddie Freddie Freddie11/02/08
1437. Haruka has many skills11/01/08
1436. The Deep Feelings of Kaioh Michiru10/29/08
1435. A day for every season10/27/08
1434. It's the new new style10/26/08
1433. Would you like Fries with that Warranty?10/23/08
1432. Omedet--oh my GAWD10/22/08
1431. Waiting fer Who? Rocketman DOLEMITE, MOTHER[BLEEP]ER!10/21/08
1430. Reminder of Ruminations Past (Guest stars: You guys!)10/20/08
1429. Tasty Lasagne Vistas10/19/08
1428. I'd like Cheese with my Whine10/17/08
1427. Jedite's Evil Plan to Rule the World10/13/08
1426. Why SS will never die10/11/08
1425. Here's to history NOT repeating for once10/10/08
1424. Gozortenblatt10/09/08
1423. noblets10/08/08
1422. Gossipy Guys n Gals10/08/08
1421. we r smrt10/07/08
1420. going down the rabbit hole10/04/08
1419. Many Happy Returns (to the store)09/30/08
1418. l8-mr09/29/08
1417. :/09/27/08
1416. Riddem n' Beets09/20/08
1415. Ironic, Ne.09/16/08
1414. Breaking The Elios Code09/13/08
1413. Happy Daze are Here Again09/11/08
1412. Boldly going where you want to09/09/08
1411. Rough Days for all09/07/08
1410. A Seminal Incident09/05/08
1409. Graceland's so Empty without me09/04/08
1408. i dnt knw, my lamo idea09/03/08
1407. The Sound and the Furry (NFSW)09/02/08
1406. Hilarious lack of foresight09/01/08
1405. Infernal Septembre08/28/08
1404. It's work08/27/08
1403. Summa Subsenshi08/24/08
1402. Conjunction of Venus08/23/08
1401. Oxymoronicity08/23/08
1400. The Pain of the Everyman08/17/08
1399. Suburbanus Interruptus08/16/08
1398. Crappebayo08/13/08
1397. [BLEEP]ing thing SUCKS! DO IT LIVE, Lucas!08/12/08
1396. Obviously Hank Hill made an error08/11/08
1395. Roll with the Facetime08/10/08
1394. Wide-Eyed Expose08/10/08
1393. Who hit the history Eraser Button?!08/10/08

The iChat Logs: (2007-August 2008)

1392. Made you look08/07/08
1391. Escala-tion (LOLz)08/04/08
1390. teh r00t of all ph33r (NSFW)08/03/08
1389. Mikotastic Updaten08/02/08
1388. Preview: Dragonball LIVE 200908/01/08
1387. Sakura's Steampunk Sillies #1: Care Bear07/27/08
1386. 1000 Horsepower of Odor Protection07/25/08
1385. Time Traveling Franky07/24/08
1384. 1000 wailing Disco Germans... In Space07/19/08
1383. It's in the Mail07/17/08
1382. Progress is Painful07/17/08
1381. Grrgle07/14/08
1380. Sumos in Thongs make 'Ruka Crazy07/11/08
1379. Grudges hurt the one you least expect07/04/08
1378. Boing Boing fights for freedom to Censor07/03/08
1377. Ruka's Happy Canada Day07/01/08
1376. Haruka's Outlook on s[BLEEP]t06/29/08
1375. IDK my BFF Jed06/28/08
1374. Suburban Senshi Reverse FAQ06/26/08
1373. Suburban Senshi Reverse FAQ06/26/08
1372. Blondes have more fun06/24/08
1371. Q&A: Pluto's Planetary Predicament06/23/08
1370. blame takeuchi06/22/08
1369. Once and Forever a Dangerous Duo06/20/08
1368. UPDATED: Firefox Download Day is June 17th NOW! Help Set a Record! 06/16/08
1367. The Art of the Steal06/13/08
1366. McToki's Hasshin06/13/08
1365. Headache Central06/11/08
1364. Budokai 2k8 - Motoki vs Jedite06/11/08
1363. Feeling alive again06/06/08
1362. Stepping Out06/04/08
1361. Sea Change06/03/08
1360. Strange Gaze05/30/08
1359. Taking the hard Road05/30/08
1358. This is what they think of you05/28/08
1357. Main Screen Turn On (NFSW Audio)05/23/08
1356. We got it all on UHF ♫05/22/08
1355. Demotivation05/22/08
1354. Let this be our last bitchfest05/21/08
1353. Child Support05/16/08
1352. Is your life half-full or half empty?05/15/08
1351. Someone New...05/14/08
1350. Yay for internets05/13/08
1349. The cat's Me-OUCH05/11/08
1348. You're the goddamn Caligula, that's who!05/07/08
1347. Love is a Very Twisted Thing05/04/08
1346. New Server! Same Insane!05/01/08
1345. advant monster lion s body human face04/26/08
1344. kis mi u fol04/25/08
1343. It's not a Compund, it's our Freedom~04/24/08
1342. Quick Cloverfield Review04/22/08
1341. Sing a song for me Misty No Don't nevermind04/18/08
1340. too bad there's no mind condom.04/16/08
1339. Budokai 2k8 - Makoto vs Professor Tomoe04/11/08
1338. Personality defects04/10/08
1337. ENTER: CHIBI-AMI - Zoneway Toshiko04/08/08
1336. Always the Man04/03/08
1335. The April Fool04/01/08
1334. Furry Fryday today: "Spotted Di*k"03/31/08
1333. REM C:\SET BLASTER=A220 I5 D1 H1 T403/30/08
1332. A Plethora of Pictures for YOU!03/29/08
1331. Our childhood wasn't what we thought it was03/27/08
1330. Ami's Little Secret / MiST Ayaka Komatsu's "Figure A"03/25/08
1329. Attack of the Homepage03/25/08
1328. Domo Arigatou, Mr. Roboto~ ♡03/21/08
1327. A song for Wacko Jacko (and other rhyming words)03/20/08
1326. All-Sing All-Dancing All star Heroes03/20/08
1325. [Politics] The Game is still the Game, yo03/19/08
1324. the perfect drug03/17/08
1323. your meditation for today03/14/08
1322. Well when you say it like that...03/13/08
1321. CAPTION Contest (ends 3/16)03/11/08
1320. Down to the Wire03/10/08
1319. The bastard sibling of Suburban Senshi: Enter... Desu-Matic!03/10/08
1318. Velvet Bubba's Sexy Shower Scene with Nami03/09/08
1317. mofo jedi breakbox03/05/08
1316. Comic: Just putting it out there03/03/08
1315. Under the LARP with "Hino Rei"03/01/08
1314. Winrars do the funky Optimus02/28/08
1313. The Sharper PR of Penn Jillette02/28/08
1312. Mako-chan's MEGAPOST of Awesome (and some depressing stuff from Hotaru, too)02/27/08
1311. Why bad RPers Suck02/22/08
1310. It wants you to Touch02/20/08
1309. Looks like anyone can get a job these days02/13/08
1308. Hotaru is Sudafed up02/11/08
1307. Deep Thoughts with Ten'ou Haruka02/07/08
1306. Budokai 2k7 - Budokai 2k7: FINAL: Setsuna vs. Rei 02/02/08
1305. Budokai 2k7 - Intermission: Bumfight! 02/01/08
1304. Budokai 2k7 - Hino Rei vs Aino Minako01/31/08
1303. Budokai 2k7 - Luna-P vs Meioh Setsuna01/30/08
1302. Budokai 2k7 - Jedite vs Minako01/29/08
1301. Budokai 2k7 - Karasuma Akane vs Hino Rei01/28/08
1300. Budokai 2k7 - Artemis vs Luna-P01/25/08
1299. Budokai 2k7 - Kaioh Michiru vs Meioh Setsuna01/25/08
1298. Budokai 2k7 - Prof. Tomoe vs Aino Minako01/23/08
1297. Budokai 2k7 - Elios vs Jedite01/22/08
1296. Budokai 2k7 - Ami vs Rei01/22/08
1295. Budokai 2k7 - Chiba Mamoru vs Luna-P01/21/08
1294. Budokai 2k7 - Serena vs Karasuma01/19/08
1293. Budokai 2k7 - Artemis vs Chibiusa01/18/08
1292. Budokai's Back, Baby!01/17/08
1291. Last Supper of Boxing Day, Pokerfaced01/09/08
1290. Noodled01/07/08
1289. BestBuy Birthday Bummer01/06/08
1288. Daimon vs. Youma for the World01/05/08
1287. get down with the sickness01/03/08
1286. Turkish Star Wars: If you can't MiST it, Join it!01/03/08
1285. We has pics01/02/08
1284. Everyone should eat Shit..tenou Ramen12/30/07
1283. Review: RAMEN SHITENNOU12/26/07
1282. Festivus Present12/24/07
1281. Lead Crow reviews: The Blue Wolf and Kung Fu fighter12/22/07
1280. Night at the movies(?)12/19/07
1279. Not dead (yet)12/18/07
1278. The Erotic Filament of Pleasure12/12/07
1277. Cracked corners of the Web Firmament12/08/07
1276. Hard Sale12/06/07
1275. Around the World, Stupid is as Stupid does12/04/07
1274. Staring into her Facebook12/03/07
1273. Moving On12/03/07
1272. Reading the Cards11/30/07
1271. The little boy dreams us all11/29/07
1270. Pump it up11/26/07
1269. Never Cry Beowulf11/25/07
1268. Thanksgiving Slang Slugfest11/23/07
1267. Cat vs. Fish11/22/07
1266. SSJ9 Nutritional Values11/15/07
1265. the Impure Thoughts of a Gothic Scrivener11/11/07
1264. Latenight Acne11/09/07
1263. STRIKE!11/05/07
1262. Short Memories and Short Skirts10/31/07
1261. WWE Cyber Sunday: PPV of Pocketbook Pain10/28/07
1260. Rei's Review: Superman: Doomsday DVD (Spoilers)10/27/07
1259. Devastated!10/25/07
1258. Saving the World for 16 years10/22/07
1257. Long in the Tooth10/15/07
1256. The most important video you may ever see.10/13/07
1255. Life is Changes10/12/07
1254. MST3K Reborn: Rifftrax10/11/07
1253. The Dork Knight Returns10/05/07
1252. "School Days" Marathon Review (including uncut episode 12)10/03/07
1251. Bittersweet Memories10/02/07
1250. Ballistic Birthday Bash09/30/07
1249. Ch-ch-ch changes09/28/07
1248. Rock the Dragon, Rock the World09/27/07
1247. The Condemned DBZ OVA that never was09/26/07
1246. Lucky✩Star: San Andreas09/25/07
1245. The Mandom of Lucky Star Fandom is Crowned Once More09/24/07
1244. Grogzilla-chan-tachi-dono-sama-pyo09/21/07
1243. LARPing for Dummies09/20/07
1242. Fix funds fast with Figure Four Financing!!09/19/07
1241. The Root of all Skanky Monstrosities09/18/07
1240. New Video: DBZ - Five Minutes09/17/07
1239. Random Piledriver Infodump of Values, WWE Edition09/14/07
1238. yes this really exists O_o09/14/07
1237. Vacuformed under a Lucky Star09/13/07
1236. Illiterate Mumbling09/12/07
1235. Iron Man, Iron Grudge09/11/07
1234. The Dannon Conspiracy with Bruce Lee09/09/07
1233. The Real Geek Squad to the rescue09/09/07
1232. From Comedy to Tragedy in 5 easy minutes.09/05/07
1231. pink sugar bot attack09/04/07
1230. Diversions and Distractions09/03/07
1229. Schroedinger's Litterbox08/31/07
1228. LolCatablanca Memories08/31/07
1227. Sleepless in Subsenshia08/31/07
1226. The Poetics of T. Haruka Hardrock08/30/07
1225. Livejournal can bite my butt08/30/07
1224. We are08/29/07
1223. Burning Our Manz perfectly08/28/07
1222. Happy Wrestle Villain Song time Rainbow Chatz0r08/28/07
1221. Standing Out08/27/07
1220. Is that a log in your inventory or are you just glad to see me?08/27/07
1219. Brollybrawlz08/25/07
1218. This is a Bug Hunt, man!08/25/07
1217. Second Life08/24/07

The old #suburbansenshi IRC Chatlogs: (2002-2007)

1215. CSI Tokyo: What Really Happened, Part II08/23/07
1214. CSI Tokyo: What Really Happened, Part I08/22/07
1213. CSI Tokyo: Mother's Day08/17/07
1212. CSI Tokyo: Too many Sekretz08/16/07
1211. CSI Tokyo: Voodoo Child II08/15/07
1210. CSI Tokyo: Voodoo Child I08/14/07
1209. CSI Tokyo: Horseplay08/12/07
1208. CSI Tokyo: Pink Sugar Heart Attack08/10/07
1207. CSI Tokyo: Nerd vs Geek I08/09/07
1206. CSI Tokyo: Clued In08/06/07
1205. CSI Tokyo: Cold Cut08/05/07
1204. CSI Tokyo: Prolouge08/02/07
1203. Read a [BLEEP]ing Book (NFSW Audio / Video)07/31/07
1202. Sweep it under the Rug Why don'tcha07/30/07
1201. To the final frontier07/27/07
1200. Miracle Worker, Indeed.07/25/07
1199. The Ending, Revealed07/23/07
1198. Hi, CSI Guy :)07/23/07
1197. Kiss Me, you Potter Mouth07/22/07
1196. O Brother, Where Art Thou07/19/07
1195. So, tell us how you REALLY Feel (NSFW Audio)07/13/07
1194. The Chairman of WCW Suburban Senshi07/11/07
1193. Budokai 2k7: Setsuna v. Momoko07/09/07
1192. Budokai 2k7: Kaioh Michiru v. Aya Reiko07/08/07
1191. MiST - Transmorphers07/07/07
1190. you just have to laugh07/03/07
1189. Stalin, meet Vince. Vince, Stalin.07/03/07
1188. Pondering the Path of Pugilism06/30/07
1187. Rage of the Light and Serious Kind06/29/07
1186. Tabroid Rage06/27/07
1185. That which was inspirational now looks sinister. And I know now what to believe anymore.06/25/07
1184. Budokai 2k7: vs. Chibiusa06/18/07
1183. Budokai 2k7: Sakura v. Artemis06/17/07
1182. Copper Tubing06/12/07
1181. They keep pulling me back in (Sopranos Finale SPOILERS)06/11/07
1180. Hip-Hop Masters of the Martial Arts05/21/07
1179. Mary Jane's TnA: Opposing Viewpoints05/13/07
1178. She likes Berries and Cream05/11/07
1177. Next on FOX: When AMAZONS Attack!05/11/07
1176. Here come the Bride!05/09/07
1175. To a certain ass on the internet.05/09/07
1174. Dolla Dolla05/08/07
1173. Dude! You're getting a Dell of a Deal!05/08/07
1172. Fun with Google + Fight the Power05/02/07
1171. The Tube is sometimes not about You.04/30/07
1170. Pencil Pusher04/27/07
1169. Easy Come Easy go04/27/07
1168. In Soviet Russia the ballgame takes YOU out04/26/07
1167. the deceleration04/25/07
1166. Never Cry Wolf04/19/07
1165. Bring the Noise04/19/07
1164. Budokai 2k7: Luna-P vs Hotaru04/18/07
1163. Poop Scoop04/18/07
1162. Budokai 2k7: Lyrica Hubert v Chibiusa04/17/07
1161. Budokai 2k7: Momoko v Motoki04/09/07
1160. New DBZ footage of a kind04/09/07
1159. O_O04/09/07
1158. Budokai 2k7: Pluto v. Xadium04/03/07
1157. Budokai 2k7: Uranus v. Siren04/02/07
1156. Budokai 2k7: Jupiter v. Neptune04/01/07
1155. The Cycle of Violence03/30/07
1154. Good eats... VERY GOOD03/29/07
1153. If only I had a Blog...03/21/07
1152. Woke up this Morning, became a Mogul03/19/07
1151. Cable TV makes X a Lazy Guy03/14/07
1150. Feed your Thirst03/09/07
1149. RIP John Inman03/09/07
1148. The Gang's all here!03/09/07
1147. Brains vs Brawn03/07/07
1146. Ow! My Dragonballs!03/06/07
1145. Occam's RAZR fails me.03/05/07
1144. Skinny Kawatte Oshiokiyo!03/03/07
1143. New Vistas Appear02/27/07
1142. Wam Blam thank you Ma'am02/26/07
1141. Highlander 5: The Sickening02/23/07
1140. Sakura's Svelte System of Gnarly Grammatically Good Gaming02/20/07
1139. Four Weddings, Three Funerals, and a Monkey (guest stars: YOU GUYS!)02/17/07
1138. Wedding Trailer 202/16/07
1137. Wedding Teaser Trailer02/14/07
1136. We'll figure it out by the time we reach the frontier...02/12/07
1135. Mighty Miko with Sliding Chamber Action02/12/07
1134. Ph33r Big Green02/10/07
1133. Funimation having fun all the way to the bank02/09/07
1132. Oh Grandpa, you cheeky, saucy man...02/09/07
1131. Super Mario rocks. You know this.02/08/07
1130. Digression02/08/07
1129. Dominoes02/07/07
1128. The Long March begins02/04/07
1127. Opposing Viewpoint01/31/07
1126. Some Like it Hot01/29/07
1125. Being sick sucks01/21/07
1124. Juuban Map01/20/07
1123. Afro Samurai: American English (Nihongrish?) (guest stars: YOU GUYS!)01/14/07
1122. phat cat01/12/07
1121. Sweet as Suga01/10/07
1120. Fragile Dreams of Youth01/09/07
1119. Birthday Blues01/08/07
1118. Mortal Thoughts01/05/07
1117. Time Passes01/03/07
1116. Haruka Ten'ou, RIP12/31/06
1115. Life's Eternal Mystery12/29/06
1114. Loli / Not Loli, a contrast12/29/06
1113. It just works... I guess12/28/06
1112. Christmas Bonus12/26/06
1111. Festivus Regurgitus12/23/06
1110. Canonica Obscurata12/21/06
1109. It's a Living12/20/06
1108. Suburban Senshi: Kaioh Nights12/18/06
1107. Sexy July12/18/06
1106. A new front in the war on Ten'ou12/17/06
1105. Backstab12/15/06
1104. Omakase12/14/06
1103. The Passion of the Makoto12/13/06
1102. 12 days of Christmas HASSHIN!12/12/06
1101. Workday Play (guest stars: YOU GUYS!)12/07/06
1100. Channelwar 3: Fanning the Flames12/05/06
1099. Channelwar 2: It's all right to touch it12/03/06
1098. Channelwar 1: Haruka's Shame11/29/06
1097. King of the Castle11/29/06
1096. What is Oronde? (guest stars: YOU GUYS!)11/27/06
1095. It will be a day long remeembered...11/26/06
1094. We named her after a Hotel. Hey YOU do better.11/25/06
1093. I think I'm a Clone now...11/23/06
1092. Torchwood Calendrical Ramblings on the Juice11/22/06
1091. Review: Casino Royale (No Spoilers)11/18/06
1090. Wink Wink, Nudge Nudge11/17/06
1089. What would you do if I sang out of Zune? ♫11/16/06
1088. Only from the mind of Haruka11/14/06
1087. Selling out in Widescreen11/13/06
1086. Mamoru Strikes Back11/12/06
1085. Things that just make you say BLEEP11/09/06
1084. Toei doesn't want ANYONE'S Money11/09/06
1083. Lead Crow needs Red Bull11/08/06
1082. VOTE! (If your machine lets you)11/07/06
1081. Hello again my old friend... (!) (guest stars: YOU GUYS!)11/06/06
1080. Where have all the Shittenou Gone?11/06/06
1079. even after all these years11/02/06
1078. She's on a Mission...11/01/06
1077. Halloween Terror10/31/06
1076. A website by any other name wouldn't be a ripoff, just lame10/29/06
1075. Food for Thought10/28/06
1074. Jack Thompson LIVE and DIRECT10/26/06
1073. Guest Entry: Subsonic IRC10/26/06
1072. Girl Talk10/25/06
1071. Fairly unbalanced10/24/06
1070. nothing is sacred10/24/06
1069. Pink Meme10/21/06
1068. Get your Halloween On10/20/06
1067. [ReMoon] Love you Premiere. So much.10/20/06
1066. Help confuse the s[BLEEP]t out of alien Lifeforms!10/19/06
1065. Weep for the Children10/18/06
1064. A Turkish Badass is coming for your brain10/17/06
1063. na-na-na-na-na SHUF SHUF SHUF10/14/06
1062. From the Mind of Mizuno10/13/06
1061. The Daily Grind10/12/06
1060. Darker Revelation10/10/06
1059. A word from the Author10/10/06
1058. Getting to know you once again10/10/06
1057. Beating It dead10/05/06
1056. Foley Loaded10/04/06
1054. Think up your own Doctor Who Spinoff09/24/06
1053. Ikari Shinji RAW [NSFW++] (guest stars: YOU GUYS!)09/21/06
1052. Till we meet again, mate...09/20/06
1051. Say no to Amazon's Unbox09/14/06
1050. Sayanara Setsuna-san09/13/06
1049. Suburban Senshi: The Secret Origin Files #1: Haruka09/09/06
1048. D:09/08/06
1047. Stuff from the Downtime09/07/06
1046. Thoughts about Steve09/05/06
1045. .09/05/06
1044. There are snakes. In the mother[BLEEP]ing Federation.09/02/06
1043. Real. Ultimate. Powah. 09/01/06
1042. Holy crapomatic I did NOT just hear that08/31/06
1041. plop a drop08/30/06
1040. Power Level08/29/06
1039. Movin' on Up08/28/06
1038. Playa Hata08/27/06
1037. Sub.Sen Quickie: Bollywood's Fight Club08/27/06
1036. Return to Society Drunk as Punch08/26/06
1035. Babble-On08/25/06
1034. Infinite Crisis: Conclusion08/24/06
1033. Infinite Crisis Part 2 (prose)08/23/06
1032. Infinite Crisis Part 1 (prose)08/22/06
1031. Infinite Crisis: Prelude (prose)08/21/06
1030. That's Progress for You08/20/06
1029. Crisis: Boiling Point (guest stars: YOU GUYS!)08/19/06
1028. Crisis comes to Senshitown08/18/06
1027. Night Terror08/15/06
1026. Newsday Tuesday08/15/06
1025. MiST: Moon Sister's Wall of Shame08/14/06
1024. Deconstructing 'Taru08/14/06
1023. Late Night Webmaster Crank08/13/06
1022. Wolfwood's Otakon 4chan panel report NSFW language08/12/06
1021. Furry Cosplay Fryday08/11/06
1020. Snakes on a Plane ::rollseyes::08/10/06
1019. Trivia Fight Night (guest stars: YOU GUYS!)08/09/06
1018. Newsday Tuesday08/08/06
1017. Mango-chan's Otakon 2006 Report - Sailor Luna: GUILTY08/07/06
1016. Flashback Fever08/06/06
1015. Crisis Prelude BEGIN (prose)08/04/06
1014. Countdown to Infinite Crisis Begins (prose)08/03/06
1013. It's a nice thought, but no.08/02/06
1012. Quickshots08/02/06
1011. Newsday Tuesday08/01/06
1010. Fun for the whole family07/29/06
1009. Furry Fryday07/28/06
1008. Newsday Tuesday07/25/06
1007. Not safe for Brain07/24/06
1006. Fuming Fairytale. 07/23/06
1005. The boys have moved on. The party's over. 07/23/06
1004. Tokyo Hilton 199207/22/06
1003. Furry Fryday 1007/21/06
1002. Britney's Deepest Thought07/20/06
1001. Newsday Tuesday07/18/06
1000. Furry Fryday: The Terror Within07/14/06
999. Newsday Tuesday07/11/06
998. Sporenography Denied07/10/06
997. Furry Fryday07/07/06
996. GTV News Update07/04/06
995. Is Paris Burning?07/01/06
994. The Perfect Present06/30/06
993. Wild on the Prairie (updated)06/28/06
992. Unappreciated06/28/06
991. MiST: [NSFW]06/26/06
990. More Updates soon. Really.06/24/06
989. My little Teddy Bear06/17/06
988. Subsenshi Dungeon Crawl #106/16/06
987. In the name of WikiMoon I will punish you!!06/15/06
986. Suburban Senshi 2k6: Tastes Great, Less Filling06/13/06
985. Vacation Tidbits06/12/06
984. It's just like the end of WCW06/11/06
983. Veni Vedi Vici05/18/06
982. Budokai 2k6 - Sakura vs. Hotaru05/10/06
981. Budokai 2k6 - Sakura vs. Chibimoon05/10/06
980. Budokai 2k6 - Saturn vs Xadium05/10/06
979. Remake of the Sequel to the Aftermath of the Followup05/09/06
978. Budokai 2k6 - Tripleheader05/04/06
977. Budokai 2k6 - Tomoe vs. Tomoe05/04/06
976. Budokai 2k6 - Hino Rei vs. Jedite05/01/06
975. Budokai 2k6 - Uranus vs. Chibimoon04/27/06
974. Get your Budokai on04/26/06
973. Budokai 2k6 - Special Attraction: Darkness v. Haruka04/22/06
972. So it WAS More than Meets the Eye04/22/06
971. Navel Gazing04/19/06
970. Ferret Factor04/18/06
969. Enter: Anger Ragefury04/17/06
968. Budokai 2k6 - Minako vs. Sakura04/10/06
967. It was the terror that flapped in the night04/07/06
966. Budokai 2k6 - Motoki vs. Michiru04/05/06
965. Most Useless Blog Entry Ever.04/05/06
964. Budokai 2k6 - Xadium vs. rei.bot03/30/06
963. Budokai 2k6 - Luna-P vs. Hotaru03/30/06
962. Budokai 2k6 - Elios vs. Tomoe03/27/06
961. Dr. X is a bastard03/25/06
960. Fight Club03/22/06
959. ...03/19/06
958. Snakes on The Plane...03/17/06
957. Statuesque Ambitions03/16/06
956. All Fails / All Friends / Offense?03/15/06
955. The Great Pretender03/07/06
954. Nako's eBay Saturday03/04/06
953. Designs on a Dream Job03/02/06
952. Nako's eBay Saturday Monday02/27/06
951. ⒩ Slow Ride... Take it easy... ⒩ (Embedded Video)02/25/06
950. REBOOT!02/24/06
949. Warp Speed, Mr. Sulu02/23/06
948. Andreas Katsulas, RIP02/22/06
947. Guest Log - I love you Baby, Baby (end)02/21/06
946. Nako Nako's Ebay Saturday Sunday02/19/06
945. Guest Log - I love you Baby, Baby, Part 202/17/06
944. Guest Log - I love you Baby, Baby02/12/06
943. Go Go Emoranger!02/09/06
942. Guest Log - The best plans of Senshi and men02/08/06
941. What's so damn Super about it?01/29/06
940. Nako-chan's eBay Saturday!01/28/06
939. Haruka gets it01/27/06
938. Many Happy Reburns01/27/06
937. Braindead X + you = ratings?01/23/06
936. Senshi are from Mars, Innuendo is from Venus01/19/06
935. Whatta Doll01/18/06
934. Desperate Measures01/17/06
933. Dark Revelation01/13/06
932. Diamonds are Forever01/10/06
931. Some kind of Blunderful01/08/06
930. Hotaru is now an institution01/06/06
929. It's a new day01/03/06
927. The Hotness of the Early Morn12/29/05
926. Flame On12/28/05
925. Best Holiday Wishes!12/25/05
924. Happy Holidaze...12/24/05
923. Revolutions: Sakura is insane (guest stars: YOU GUYS!)12/18/05
922. Revolutions: Ruminations, Revelations and Reprecussions (guest stars: YOU GUYS!)12/16/05
921. Revolutions: Battle Royale12/15/05
920. Revolutions: Pondering12/14/05
919. Revolutions 2: Elios v Jedite v Tomoe12/13/05
918. Revolutions 1a12/12/05
917. Inner Space12/09/05
916. Sir Spamalot12/08/05
915. Inner Tube12/05/05
914. Inners vs Outers, Take 212/02/05
913. The Principle of the Thing12/01/05
912. Hot Dalek Loving (NSFW)11/29/05
911. Late Night Pointless11/28/05
910. It's a bird, It's a Plane, it's OMGWTF11/28/05
909. For the broken-hearted! The Debut of Sa*Rei*Mi!!11/26/05
908. Moriarty, Holmes - FIGHT!11/23/05
907. Face of the Enemy11/22/05
906. Scraping away at the Darkness11/21/05
905. Mina-P's Revenge11/20/05
904. When the Mice are away the Cats will Play (guest stars: YOU GUYS!)11/19/05
903. Plan M from IRC Space11/18/05
902. gr8 litritur d00d11/17/05
901. Latino Heat Forever11/16/05
900. Heart (attack, break, felt)11/15/05
899. My @ is bigger than yours11/13/05
898. Do not ask for whom the wedding bells toll...11/10/05
897. Heart of Dorkness11/08/05
896. Morning Mishmash11/04/05
895. Housecleaning11/02/05
894. Heartbreak IRC10/24/05
893. Float like a butterly, sting like a mofo10/21/05
892. A wicked wind this way blows10/19/05
891. Master C in the House10/18/05
890. Dirty Dancing10/15/05
889. One Last Smurfing Time10/14/05
888. Life is Good...10/13/05
887. Now That's Just Smurfy10/10/05
886. Pimp My Doll10/09/05
885. Chutes and Ladders10/04/05
884. Birthday Blogfest10/01/05
883. Enter Yog-Slothothoth09/30/05
882. Undercurrents of Sadness09/28/05
881. Not getting the Point09/26/05
880. The Play's the Thing09/24/05
879. Screaming in Analog09/22/05
878. More than Meets the Eye-Eye-Eye...09/21/05
877. Kids in the Chat09/20/05
876. Animal, Vegetable or Mineral09/16/05
875. Funk Soul Society09/15/05
874. I was onccce a maan...09/13/05
873. Back at you (guest stars: YOU GUYS!)09/12/05
872. Saku... zukata... nhuk huk hukl!! (guest stars: YOU GUYS!)09/12/05
871. Hello foot, it's Mouth calling09/09/05
870. Long Day09/07/05
869. Thanks you guys!09/06/05
868. It's always the quiet ones...09/05/05
867. Otaku Heat08/31/05
866. Welcome to the Club08/30/05
865. Beware Otaku Bearing Gifts08/28/05
864. To Touch the Face of God08/25/05
863. Happy F[BLEEP]ing 3rd Anniversay Suburban Senshi08/24/05
862. Is your Despot Hot or Not08/24/05
861. Much Ado about Something08/23/05
860. crest is not just for teeth08/17/05
859. The Wedding Planner08/15/05
858. On the Ball08/12/05
857. Japanese Love Notes08/11/05
856. ph33r the Sphere08/09/05
855. Freaky Friday08/05/05
854. Playing Hooky08/05/05
853. Countdown to Anniversary 308/04/05
852. Planetary Alignment07/29/05
851. The Cat's Nyao!07/28/05
850. Yawn07/27/05
849. Ahh Sue Me07/26/05
848. Quite the Mess-iah07/26/05
847. Why Not?07/25/05
846. World War II IRC Style07/23/05
845. Your Pixels are Illegal07/23/05
844. Squared Circle Realpolitik07/22/05
843. Horsing Around07/21/05
842. Proof of Liff07/20/05
841. Who are you? WHO CARES?!07/19/05
840. Gripe07/19/05
839. Sweatshop of Horrors07/15/05
838. Yeeeesh07/11/05
837. Ruminations and Reflections07/09/05
836. Luna vs. Artemis IV07/07/05
835. Whee07/05/05
834. The Man07/02/05
833. I Spy with my Giant Eye07/01/05
832. Geography 2k5 style06/29/05
831. Vive la Senshi06/26/05
830. Luna vs. Artemis II06/22/05
829. Thank you VKLL06/20/05
828. Beditime for Jedite06/18/05
827. Luna vs. Artemis I06/14/05
826. Anniversary II06/13/05
825. The Game of Life06/10/05
824. Burnt Toast06/09/05
823. Static06/05/05
822. Oh Just Rub it in...06/02/05
821. Backfire06/01/05
820. For a Princely Sum05/31/05
819. Editorial: Raison D'etre05/30/05
818. This Mortal Life05/29/05
817. Selling Out05/25/05
816. Indifference05/23/05
815. Sprite Theatre #105/22/05
814. Revenge of the Sloth05/18/05
813. Morning Malaise05/16/05
812. GACKT! This Movie SUCKS!05/15/05
811. Housekeeping05/11/05
810. De-Animator (Flash)05/09/05
809. Freaky Monday05/08/05
808. Sub.Sen Saves ur Screen05/05/05
807. Pretty Woman05/04/05
806. Priorities05/03/05
805. Budokai Final Fight: vs Jedite (guest stars: YOU GUYS!)05/02/05
804. Downtime05/01/05
803. Trying to get back into the swing04/27/05
802. Budokai 2005 Fight 12: Haruka vs rei.bot04/26/05
801. A Change of Pace04/25/05
800. Budokai 2005 Fight 11: Jedite vs. Chibiusa04/24/05
799. Fan-aticism04/19/05
798. Budokai 2005 Budokai Fight 10: Haruka vs. Sakura04/19/05
797. Budokai 2005 Fight 9: Minako vs. rei.bot04/18/05
796. Budokai 2005 fight 8: Motoki vs. Jedite04/17/05
795. Budokai 2005 Fight 7: Elios v. Chibiusa04/13/05
794. Sakura's Greatest Mistake04/12/05
793. Taking it Personally04/11/05
792. Budokai 2005 fight 5: Minako vs Michiru04/10/05
791. Budokai 2005 fight 5: vs Hotaru04/04/05
790. Smack Talking04/03/05
789. We Get Forum.03/31/05
788. Enter: Future Girl #203/30/05
787. The Accidental Hentai03/20/05
786. Love's Manual Lost03/16/05
785. White Day Wipeout03/14/05
784. Announcements and Sundry03/09/05
783. Training Day (guest stars: YOU GUYS!)03/08/05
782. Elliptical Assault03/07/05
781. Happy Birthday Michiru03/06/05
780. Misc. Babble03/06/05
779. On Historical Cosplay03/06/05
778. Budokai 2k5: Round 302/24/05
777. Budokai 2k5: Round 202/23/05
776. Budokai 2k5: Round 102/22/05
775. Sawaii Miyuu's KISS [MiST]02/21/05
774. Filler Entry (Possibly NSFW)02/20/05
773. Killing Time with Pluto (guest stars: YOU GUYS!)02/17/05
772. Change of Management02/16/05
771. 10 years later, a revelation02/15/05
770. Happy Valentine's Day!02/14/05
769. Laundry List (guest stars: YOU GUYS!)02/12/05
768. Designs on a Plan02/10/05
767. Editorial - Quick Rant02/07/05
766. Desire02/02/05
765. Fatal Distraction02/01/05
764. Faith of the Heart01/31/05
763. Birthday present long delayed01/30/05
762. Beautiful Beast01/29/05
761. The End of Inuyasha is here01/28/05
760. Roll Outl01/26/05
759. Tokyo Legal01/25/05
758. too cold to IRC01/23/05
757. Hangover01/18/05
756. Devious Honey Suburban Senshi Jazz01/17/05
755. Suburban Sims Episode 1 (possibly NSFW)01/16/05
754. MOH!01/13/05
753. ROFLcopter01/12/05
752. Miscellaneous updata01/11/05
751. Beerhall Putz...01/10/05
750. To be a Barfly on that wall...01/09/05
749. Body Movin'01/07/05
748. Birthday Bash01/06/05
747. Shirtless Keiko01/04/05
746. Family Tree01/03/05
745. The Cat's Meowch01/02/05
744. Eve of the New12/31/04
743. Nature's Fury Caught12/27/04
742. Indecent Proposal12/26/04
741. Vegas Wedding12/25/04
740. A Festivus for the Rest of Us!12/23/04
739. Girl Power12/22/04
738. Hotaru's T'was the Fright before X-mas12/21/04
737. Just Say No... to Sexy Santa12/15/04
736. Well hello Ms. Fancypansu12/14/04
735. Till Death do us part-- NOT.12/13/04
734. rationale12/12/04
733. Anniversary Antics12/11/04
732. Furry Fryday Feast: Scraps of Molatar's Castle12/09/04
731. Wordsworth12/08/04
730. Matrimonial Musings12/07/04
729. 15 Minutes of Fame: Saiyajedi take 2 and Miki!12/06/04
728. Suburban Senshi: From Appleseed to Artemis12/05/04
727. Senshi Guardian's 15 Minutes and the return of Gersende!12/04/04
726. Yaijinden and Nako's 15 minutes of Fame!12/03/04
725. Sailor Io and Adam's 15 minutes of fame!!12/02/04
724. His and Her 15 Minutes of Fame: Euri and Saiyajedi!12/01/04
723. Sailor Q and Gersende's 15 Minutes of fame11/30/04
722. 15 Minutes of Fame: Haak11/29/04
721. Sweet Sentiment11/28/04
720. Egg Nog and Pumpkin Pie11/26/04
719. I'm Popeye the Sailor... Scout?11/25/04
718. Division of Labour11/24/04
717. Morning Mishmash11/23/04
716. Blargathon11/22/04
715. Kana Kombat11/21/04
714. Furry Fryday: From the Frying pan into the Fryer11/15/04
713. Morning Miscellany11/14/04
712. Urban Renewal11/13/04
711. Through the Mirror of Shattered Dreams, Part 211/12/04
710. Through the Mirror of Shattered Dreams, Part 111/11/04
709. Nightmare of the Heart11/10/04
708. Flipside11/09/04
707. In Darkest Night 11/08/04
706. The Last Supper (prose)11/07/04
705. Still Waters run deep11/06/04
704. A Study of Venus (prose)11/05/04
703. Pains of the Heart11/04/04
702. Election 2k4 211/03/04
701. Election 2k4 111/03/04
700. Interlude Calm11/02/04
699. Anata no Yume wo Mita wa11/01/04
698. DST Flirtation and Abomination10/31/04
697. Furry Fryday MiST: DarkFurr Who's Who10/28/04
696. Revisionist History10/27/04
695. Random Morning10/26/04
694. Love under the Orange Moon10/26/04
693. And so it begins again10/25/04
692. Minako-tachi's Fun Birthday Weekend Part 1!!10/24/04
691. Animal Passion! It's Furry Fryday, delayed edition!!10/23/04
690. Minako turns 26! Happy Birthday to the Goddess of Love!! (guest stars: YOU GUYS!)10/22/04
689. Regeneration and Revelation! Xadium and Hotaru's transformations!!10/21/04
688. Reaction shot! Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence!!10/20/04
687. Early Morning Talk! Haruka's Announcement!!10/19/04
686. End of Parody Blog week! Suburban SiMS on the Horizon!!10/18/04
685. Parody Blog week is almost over! Nako's turn!!10/17/04
684. For Great Justice! The next Parody Blog!!10/16/04
683. Furry Fryday Four! Lover's Lament!!10/15/04
682. Parody Blog week keeps on trucking! Kakyuu's turn!!10/14/04
681. Parody Blog week steams on!! Yu-Gi-Oh Style!!10/13/04
680. Parody Blog week marches on! Haak's Turn!!10/12/04
679. Parody week continues! Mango-chan's Entry!! 10/11/04
678. Parody Blog week begins! Dekaranger style!!10/10/04
677. Furry Fryday continues! Wrath of the Geekling!!10/06/04
676. Suburban SiMS comes closer! Seamy Undersides Revealed!! 10/05/04
675. Parody Blog week is coming! Start your Typewriters!! 10/04/04
674. The next cast member! Big fight, good night!!10/03/04
673. The Terror continues! Michiru's turn!!09/29/04
672. It's Bad Violation! Furry Fryday AND Live action Suburban Senshi!!09/28/04
671. Into the Night! Artemis' Insanity!!09/27/04
670. A Devil's Deal! Jedite's New Plot!! 09/26/04
669. Frances Jeanne 09/22/04
668. It's Something Wrong! Furry Fryday!!09/21/04
667. Anne Rice implosion! MiST of the Damned!09/20/04
666. Haruka's anger! The End of InuYasha!! (Spoilers)09/19/04
665. The End of the Story! A new beginning!! 09/16/04
664. Who's da man? Serenity's Decision!!09/15/04
663. Tales from the Future! To the year 3004!! 09/14/04
662. Future Shock! Destroy the Miracle Romance!!09/13/04
661. Finally the blessed day! Wedding Bells Ring!! (guest stars: YOU GUYS!)09/12/04
660. Shocking Revelation! Enter the Catman!! (PGSM 47 SPOILERS!!) (guest stars: YOU GUYS!)09/07/04
659. The Wrath of Frances! Back from the edge of Death!!09/05/04
658. Auld Mortality (Ignore this)09/01/04
657. Super Angst Attack! The Fourteenth Angel: Selfpitiel!!08/25/04
656. Angst is a five letter word! The Anniversary Battle Begins!!08/24/04
655. Lurking thoughts! The Suburban Senshi Diaries!!08/23/04
654. Neon Genesis Repeatalion! The Recap before the storm!!08/22/04
653. Full Circle! The law of Unintended Consequences!!08/17/04
652. To Beat the Man, you have to Be the Man! Hotaru's Rebellion!! (guest stars: YOU GUYS!)08/15/04
651. Spoils of War! The Tomoe Hotaru raising project!!08/10/04
650. Return of MiST! Senshi Americana Arrive!!08/09/04
649. Shocking Twists of Plot!! I, Hotaru!! (Plus Ask the Suburban Senshi 14!)08/08/04
648. Terrifying passions! The Libido of a Spore and the Love of Venus!! (guest stars: YOU GUYS!) 08/07/04
647. Unbreakable! Jedite's Shocking new Strength!! (guest stars: YOU GUYS!) 08/02/04
646. The Unholy Terror! Chibiusa Saves the Day?! (guest stars: YOU GUYS!) 08/01/04
645. Party at the Beach! Sand, Surf and Love!! (guest stars: YOU GUYS!) 07/30/04
644. Shocking Allegiance! Haruka's Hellish night!! (guest stars: YOU GUYS!) 07/30/04
643. A shocking declaration of love! The War of the Ring!! (guest stars: YOU GUYS!) 07/29/04
642. 'Oh, my Eyes!' Haruka's Drunken Torment!! (guest stars: YOU GUYS!) 07/28/04
641. Secrets Revealed! Minako's Sleeptalking Gossip!! (guest stars: YOU GUYS!)07/27/04
640. Drunken Revelations!! Neon Genesis Haruka?! (guest stars: YOU GUYS!)07/26/04
639. Happy Sea Cruise! The stowaways from HELL!!07/25/04
638. Jennifer Lopez Sucks! A Tribute for Ying-chan!!07/24/04
637. Party Night (guest stars: YOU GUYS!)07/17/04
636. Deadly Alliance (guest stars: YOU GUYS!)07/15/04
635. Confusion (guest stars: YOU GUYS!)07/14/04
634. Strictly Plutonic (guest stars: YOU GUYS!)07/13/04
633. Hard Knocks (guest stars: YOU GUYS!)07/12/04
632. Serenity's Revenge (guest stars: YOU GUYS!)07/11/04
631. The Usual Suspects07/08/04
630. The Mind of Minako07/07/04
629. The Sinister Menace (guest stars: YOU GUYS!)07/06/04
628. Turf Wars07/05/04
627. Gatorade Confessional07/04/04
626. The Cat's meow (guest stars: YOU GUYS!)07/02/04
625. War of the Rings07/01/04
624. She's Got the Drive06/30/04
623. Baby Shower06/29/04
622. Late Nite Fites (guest stars: YOU GUYS!)06/28/04
621. Senshi Nights (guest stars: YOU GUYS!)06/27/04
620. Caring is Sharing your white goopy love06/27/04
619. Beam me out of here06/25/04
618. Philosophical Differences06/24/04
617. Avian Auto06/22/04
616. Rise of the Equus06/21/04
615. Nocturnal Submission06/20/04
614. Domo Arigato, Ms. reiboto06/20/04
613. Ask the Suburban Senshi #1306/19/04
612. Stuffings06/19/04
611. Anaphylactic Shock06/19/04
610. Brain Freeze06/19/04
609. Evening the Odds06/18/04
608. Setting the Stage06/18/04
607. It's all about the Game and how you Play it06/18/04
606. Retribution06/17/04
605. For Mr. Wolfwood06/17/04
604. Pitch Black (Spoilers Abound)06/16/04
603. Preventative Measures06/16/04
602. So True06/15/04
601. Chill before the Storm - A Chat in 3 Acts06/15/04
600. Can't Lose for Winning!!06/15/04
599. The sad tale of Aino Minako06/14/04
598. The good ol' days06/13/04
597. Stichomancy06/12/04
596. Homework06/12/04
595. Randomosity II06/11/04
594. G-Mail == Evil?06/11/04
593. Ask the Suburban Senshi #1206/11/04
592. Ruminatory06/10/04
591. Hot Like a Jalapeño (Flash)06/10/04
590. Blast from the Past06/10/04
589. The Razor's Edge06/09/04
588. Depth Perception06/09/04
587. Venus Transiting06/09/04
586. Killer MiST06/08/04
585. Flashbacks can be a PITA06/08/04
584. Do Androids Dream of Electric Creeps?06/18/04
583. What is this, High School?06/07/04
582. Hour of Power06/07/04
581. Two Roads diverged in a wood06/07/04
580. Divided Loyalties06/06/04
579. Huh whut06/05/04
578. Log Dump 6-05-0406/05/04
577. you got schooled06/03/04
576. About Face06/02/04
575. The Life of Aino06/01/04
574. Log Dump 5 - 30 - 0405/31/04
573. Reflections05/23/04
572. Playing with Fire05/14/04
571. Log Dump 2004 05 11 1205/13/04
570. Love Connection 200405/10/04
569. It's a Site about nothing05/10/04
568. Afternoons SUCK05/10/04
567. Mornings SUCK05/09/04
566. Hectic05/08/04
565. EDITORIAL: on Death and Rebirth05/08/04
564. Fun with OLD fanfic (Not Sailor Moon)05/06/04
563. Log Dump 5-03 and 5-0405/05/04
562. Gettin' funky with Mr. McBaldy [FLASH]05/03/04
561. MiST: Dragonball - The LIVE Movie [ Part 2 ]05/03/04
560. MiST: Dragonball - The LIVE Movie [ Part 1 ]05/03/04
559. Lord of the Things05/03/04
558. Late night Gabgab05/02/04
557. Revenge is a Dish best served Cold05/02/04
556. Introspective05/02/04
555. Orkut05/02/04
554. Round the Mountain05/01/04
553. Like, Whatever05/01/04
552. We are so going to hell for this one05/01/04
551. Blither Blather04/30/04
550. Lunch Brunch04/30/04
549. Dude there's my car04/30/04
548. Ask the Suburban Senshi #1104/29/04
547. Kill the Messenger04/28/04
546. Vindication!04/27/04
545. Back in Action04/26/04
544. Technical Difficulties04/25/04
543. Stars = Pain (Spoilers for End of Stars Anime / Manga)04/24/04
542. Finally! Die NARAKU04/23/04
541. Windows MEh04/22/04
540. It didn't have to be this way (Link has Spoilers for KB2)04/22/04
539. Letdown04/21/04
538. This is what you get for [BLEEP]ing around with the Yakuzas04/21/04
537. Do you find us... sadistic?04/21/04
536. Minako's Dirty Little Secret [NSFW, 14+]04/20/04
535. Sonambulic Solipsisms04/19/04
534. Pushing It04/19/04
533. A View to a Room04/18/04
532. Purrfectly Delinquent04/18/04
531. Whatta Trip04/17/04
530. The Cat with Fast Hands04/17/04
529. Do the funky Chicken [FLASH]04/16/04
528. MiST: Yu-Gi-Oh = Evil04/16/04
527. Cat's Revenge04/15/04
526. Hijinks04/15/04
524. Portrait of a Lady04/14/04
523. To the Moon, Carmella04/13/04
522. Shameless Self-Promotion04/13/04
521. Increased Chatter04/12/04
520. Chew yung fat04/11/04
519. Just Talkin'04/11/04
518. Easter Day Massacre04/11/04
517. Conspiracy Theory (PSGM Episode 26 Spoilers)04/10/04
516. Pontification of a Spore04/09/04
515. Honestly!!04/08/04
514. Stupidity04/07/04
513. Late night Loony Linkdump04/06/04
512. Putting the Paso back in Pasocom04/06/04
511. Day of Reckoning04/06/04
510. 'The Dialog' in the Early Morning04/05/04
509. Acrimony04/05/04
508. Yes I'm ill in more ways than one04/05/04
507. Michiru04/04/04
506. Cutey Sundae FLASH04/04/04
505. Creepy Little B[Bleep]d04/04/04
504. A Winner is You, Pepper Carnage!04/02/04
503. Secrets Revealed03/31/04
502. Sweet Vengeance03/30/04
501. Penultimate03/30/04
500. The Runaround03/30/04
499. A Note-worthy strategem03/29/04
498. Jet Lag03/29/04
497. Bookin' it03/28/04
496. Manhunt 200403/28/04
495. I don't think that does what you think it does03/27/04
494. In Defense of Michiru03/27/04
493. All Mixxed Up03/27/04
492. Moonlit Mina-chan03/26/04
491. Randomosity03/25/04
490. The Light of a Shooting Star03/24/04
489. Lookie Lookie03/23/04
488. Reboot03/22/04
487. Super Breakout03/21/04
486. Knockdown03/20/04
485. Smackdown03/20/04
484. Gambit03/19/04
483. Breakdown03/19/04
482. back to what we do best03/18/04
481. hacker legedermain03/17/04
480. Just say No03/16/04
479. Is your name Thatdog?03/15/04
478. Happy White Day!03/14/04
477. You will submit to us (ECCHI WARNING 17+)03/13/04
476. Crayola Legal03/13/04
475. Penultimate Nako03/13/04
474. Hi I'm an ass[BLEEP]e03/12/04
473. Kill Nako-Nako: The Movie03/12/04
472. Nako-Nako : Behind the Ku-pi03/11/04
471. Rise of the Nako-Nako03/10/04
470. Together We Will Conquer03/09/04
469. Deep Fried Nako03/08/04
468. The Beast that cried 'Nako' at the End of the World03/07/04
467. Kill Nako-Nako: The Hunger03/06/04
466. Ire03/06/04
465. The Nako-Nako Horror03/06/04
464. Nako-Nako takes Manhattan03/05/04
463. Shameless Plug03/04/04
462. New Girl in Town03/03/04
461. Kill Nako-Nako: Another Story03/02/04
460. Bride of Nako-Nako03/01/04
459. Nako Wars 2: Attack of the Clones02/29/04
458. Rant02/29/04
457. Nako-Nako Resurrection02/28/04
456. Return to Nako Island02/27/04
455. Son of the Death of Nako-Nako02/26/04
454. Nako-Nako vs. Gamera02/25/04
453. Something Stupid02/24/04
452. Kill Nako: The Saga Continues02/23/04
451. 30 days of Dead Nako start now02/22/04
450. Suburban Senshi-War in the Hallway02/21/04
449. moving on up02/20/04
448. Feeping Creaturism02/19/04
447. Tired02/18/04
446. Ethics 10102/17/04
445. Venting02/16/04
444. For Love and Money02/14/04
443. Messing About02/13/04
442. GRAH02/13/04
441. Girl in the Gold Boots02/13/04
440. not quite, dear02/12/04
439. Ask and ye shall Recieve! Ask the Suburban Senshi #10!02/12/04
438. Bleh02/11/04
437. MiST - DiC Moon02/10/04
436. All for Jedite!02/09/04
435. SSJ 2.502/08/04
434. Behind the Music: Kaioh Michiru02/07/04
433. Prize Patrol02/06/04
432. Oh Deah02/05/04
431. We are teh back - Ask the Suburban Senshi #9!02/02/04
430. Making things Right02/01/04
429. Need a Girlfriend? Click here02/01/04
428. Chibusa: behid da masic01/31/04
426. 3D Experiment01/30/04
425. A Kiss is just a Kiss01/29/04
424. eBay Redux01/28/04
423. Many Happy Returns01/27/04
422. Souichi Tomoe: Under the Lab Coat01/26/04
421. Haruka: Behind the Fuku01/26/04
420. Venus is an eBay01/25/04
419. Star Trek Nemesis boiled down01/25/04
418. talking s[BLEEP]t01/25/04
417. Soon the Humilation01/24/04
416. Descend with me into the Dark Dungeon!01/24/04
415. MiST - This show will punish me (R, Language)01/23/04
414. Enter the Ratcatcher XVI- Fist of the Feline01/23/04
413. Winners and Losers01/22/04
412. A Dangerous Proposition (possibly NSFW)01/21/04
411. Place yer bets!01/20/04
410. More Information01/19/04
409. Late Night Nothing01/18/04
408. A blog about nothing01/17/04
407. A piece of the Action01/16/04
406. Chisaki lets go01/15/04
405. Sailor Moon - Another Story Adventure Log 601/14/04
404. Sailor Moon - Another Story Adventure Log 501/13/04
403. Sailor Moon - Another Story Adventure Log 401/12/04
402. Sailor Moon - Another Story Adventure Log 301/11/04
401. Sailor Moon - Another Story Adventure Log 201/10/04
400. Sailor Moon - Another Story Adventure Log 101/09/04
399. Pixel Madness (Flash)01/08/04
398. About the Pixel Manga01/07/04
397. Happy... Birthday...01/06/04
396. New Year Present - The End of Motoki01/01/04
395. Kill Bill an Ill Thrill 12/27/03
394. Xmas fun - Bad around the world12/26/03
393. Battle Royale 2 (Spoilers)12/26/03
392. Xmas time fun12/26/03
391. Chibiusa's quick insane X-over fic12/17/03
390. Confessions of the Suburban Senshi (and friends)12/15/03
389. Not Part 2012/11/03
388. Links? What is this, a BLOG?12/10/03
387. 8 rules for dating my teenage Weblog12/09/03
386. She even eats my Quarters too!12/08/03
385. Uh-huh.12/07/03
384. The towaz are da Playaz yo12/06/03
383. End of PGSM12/05/03
382. Apple 0wnz Japan12/04/03
381. Because Suburban Senshi can't type12/03/03
380. Yet another (almost) hour with the Senshi12/02/03
379. Do Dark Generals Dream of Ecletic Creeps?12/01/03
378. Like a rabid pokemon I evolve11/30/03
377. I WILL BEAT YOU! RAAHHH!11/30/03
376. Fun with Google.11/30/03
375. Versus BEATEN!!!!! OMG WTF!111/29/03
374. Jedite gets Stoned (PGSM Episode 9 Spoilers)11/28/03
373. A picture is worth a thousand...11/27/03
372. It's the new style11/26/03
371. Ask the Suburban Senshi Revividus11/25/03
370. Giving Thanks11/24/03
369. Eat at Hama's11/23/03
368. Inferno11/22/03
367. The Shores of Hell11/22/03
366. Knee Deep in the Dead11/21/03
365. After*Math11/20/03
364. Face the Pain11/19/03
363. T-Minus Kissty...errr, 6011/19/03
362. And the Winner is...11/19/03
361. So THAT's the deal with the Turtle11/18/03
360. Deep Thoughts on Youma 'Slinkyhands'11/17/03
359. Fate hangs in the Balance11/16/03
358. Dark General Dead Pool (Spoiler for this week's PSGM)11/14/03
357. Ask the Suburban Senshi #811/13/03
356. Laying the Odds11/12/03
355. Suburban Senshi Survivor Series Smackdown11/11/03
354. Hotaru vs. Raw V11/10/03
353. Oh, Foo da!11/09/03
352. Hey jerks it's called alt FAN Sailor Moon11/08/03
351. Debate - The Matrix Revolutions (SPOILERS)11/07/03
350. Ask the Suburban Senshi #711/06/03
349. Hotaru vs. Raw IV11/03/03
348. MiST - His Path, Chapter 111/02/03
347. Suupa 1000 powaa!!11/01/03
346. We love our google, yes we do10/31/03
345. Power Play10/31/03
344. All Hail the Mizzouse!10/30/03
343. Who da Man10/29/03
342. A funny thing happened on the way to the location shoot this morning...10/29/03
341. Ask the Suburban Senshi #610/28/03
340. Post-RAW Philosophical note10/28/03
339. Hotaru vs. Raw III10/27/03
338. The Life of a Dark General10/27/03
337. Hot DAMN I want a PS2 now10/26/03
336. Going down to the chapel and i'm gonna get married...10/26/03
335. Spamalamadingdong10/25/03
334. Live Action Jibba Jabba (Semi Spoilers for Act 4)10/25/03
333. Ask the Suburban Senshi #510/25/03
332. A Drunk Tired Hour with the Suburban Senshi10/24/03
331. Ask the Suburban Senshi #410/24/03
330. Enter: The Pegasus10/24/03
329. Ask the Suburban Senshi #310/23/03
328. Calm before the Storm10/23/03
327. Hell hath Ph0zen over10/23/03
326. Now I know what overanalysed authors feel like10/22/03
325. There's something about Rei-chan10/21/03
324. Ask the Suburban Senshi #210/21/03
323. Love is in the Air10/20/03
322. Ask the Suburban Senshi #110/20/03
321. Announcing 'Ask the Senshi!'!10/19/03
320. The immovable object d'art meets the irresistible farce10/19/03
319. RIP Stu Hart10/18/03
318. The Hottest in VIDEO GAME Action!10/16/03
317. MiST - PGSM Episode 210/15/03
316. Suburban Senshi on the PGSM Parody Sub Take 210/14/03
315. MiST- (site rated R, NSFW) (Entry PG 13+)10/13/03
314. Now they all know my pain10/12/03
313. Let's get Feudal on their [BLEEP]10/12/03
312. So that's where InuYasha went...10/12/03
311. What the Hell...10/11/03
310. A.I-I-I...10/11/03
309. Man...10/10/03
308. Day of the Tentacle?10/10/03
307. Governator Cometh10/10/03
306. Haruka != Genius10/09/03
305. InuYasha REVELATIONS (no Spoilers for eps past 100)10/09/03
304. Suburban Senshi Revividus10/09/03
303. A new Farce for Evil10/08/03
302. Haruka's Insane Decision10/07/03
301. brain buzz10/06/03
300. Saw this on the Seramyu List10/05/03
299. Late night brain-addled fun [PG-13]10/04/03
298. A little Help10/03/03
297. Who waits for subs? Not US!10/02/03
296. PGSHmm10/01/03
295. Break me Legs and call me Sparky09/30/03
294. Friends dont' let Friends twist in the wind09/30/03
293. Thoughts on the new R DVDs09/29/03
292. Seen on
291. Who loves ya, babe?09/28/03
290. My EYES they bLEED09/28/03
289. Cloning gone Wrong09/28/03
287. Funny scenario09/27/03
286. Truly a war of Terror09/27/03
285. Mocking the Alien09/27/03
284. WTF.COM!09/26/03
283. The Horror of it09/26/03
282. Inuyasha Episode 124 (Spoilers)09/26/03
281. An hour with the Senshi09/25/03
280. Jealousy09/25/03
279. Veni, Vedi, Vici!!!09/22/03
278. The Big Surprise09/21/03
277. Haruka's Bitter PSGM Preview09/20/03
276. Bottom Dollar09/19/03
275. There be Dragons here...09/18/03
274. As the Worm Turns09/17/03
273. Ennui and a prolouge09/16/03
272. Talk like an Egyptian09/16/03
271. Stuffed to the Gills09/15/03
270. Hloy Siht!!09/14/03
269. All Hail Angle Grinder Man!09/14/03
268. Review of Turist Omer Uzay Yolunda (Turkish Star Trek) in realtime09/07/03
267. The Son of In defense of Dragonball Z09/06/03
266. Sometimes Progress is bad09/05/03
265. Next on WWE RAW09/04/03
264. Haruka's Happy Herald09/03/03
263. Ominous Portension09/02/03
262. Mock me not lest I smite Thee!09/01/03
261. Splat08/31/03
260. I'm not here to tell you how all this will end08/29/03
259. MiST - It's worse than Badong (Strong Language)08/28/03
258. The humilation begins08/27/03
257. Bloggers mocking Bloggers08/26/03
256. reloaded08/25/03
255. Mexican Standoff08/24/03
254. Spyware Nuker is Spyware Itself08/23/03
253. Your Public Service Announcement for Today08/22/03
252. Haiku! Gesundheit!08/22/03
251. Az Da Spore trns08/21/03
250. Callin in Da higher Power!08/21/03
248. It's not fake, it's fixed08/20/03
247. It's on now!08/20/03
246. Throwdown at the Showdown Lowdown08/19/03
245. ANAGRAMS ARE EVIL08/18/03
244. Stupid Criminals like Spam08/17/03
243. A Journey into Sound08/16/03
242. We're feeling Combatative today08/15/03
241. Now I don't have to worry about picking the right radio station anymore08/13/03
240. Knowing is half the Baffle.08/12/03
239. There is no Spoon.08/11/03
238. Shoot, I coulda built THIS...08/10/03
237. All Hail Neko no Kami!!08/09/03
236. Ticket to Ride08/09/03
235. I always knew this was the case.08/09/03
233. ROFL: SCO's Nigerian IP scam08/07/03
232. What do they _really_ look like in the morning?08/06/03
231. Get Stuffed!08/05/03
230. The Suburban Senshi Reloaded (no real spoilers)08/04/03
229. It really _is_ for dummies08/03/03
228. Throw Me a Bone here08/02/03
227. The Thoughts of a Spore08/01/03
226. I've fallen through the Looking Glass and I can't get up!07/31/03
225. Season 4!!07/30/03
224. Yoo Haf Ben Terminaded! (T3 Spoilers, beware)07/29/03
223. Scrooge McDuck would be SO Pissed07/28/03
222. My Horoscope for Today07/27/03
221. Random Fun07/26/03
220. Blah Blah Blog07/25/03
219. Random Insanity07/16/03
218. The Essence of Japanese Humour07/15/03
217. Random Posturing07/06/03
216. Poster for Live Action Sailormoon!06/20/03
215. "Hell" No. 06/16/03
214. Gonna give it a shot anyway06/15/03
213. We're so mean06/13/03
212. Ouch06/12/03
211. ph33r the Lunazord!06/11/03
210. OMFG! DBZ Budokai 2!06/10/03
209. Damn Spammers!06/09/03
208. Is there NOTHING Sacred?!06/08/03
207. Die, Bill! Die!06/07/03
206. And So it Begins... [PGSM]06/07/03
205. Because we just can't shut up about it06/06/03
204. Live Action Azumanga Daioh = Dead-oh06/06/03
203. WTF part II! Live Action EVERYTHING?!06/05/03
202. Hell hath frozen over... and we're goin ICE Fishing!06/05/03
201. The Root of All Evil06/02/03
200. What's Wrong with Star Trek today04/23/03
199. More than Meets the Eye04/21/03
198. Parlez Vous Evangelion?04/19/03
197. Suburban Senshi: The Next Degeneration04/15/03
196. Mr. Sparkle is Disrespectful to Dirt!04/15/03
195. Hab SoSlI' Quch!04/08/03
194. Pretty as a Picture04/04/03
193. Ph33r SuperGranny!!!04/03/03
192. Red Shoe Ranma04/02/03
191. Worst. Wallscroll. Ever. 04/01/03

Pre-IRC Blog posts

(the following came first as prose by eeach senshi and were adapted poorly to IRC later on, feel free to ignore)
190. BEHOLD-- The LiveJournal of Kim Jong Il!03/31/03
189. As if Dune wasn't trippy enough...03/30/03
188. The WORST (and FUNNIEST) Cowboy Bebop Fanfic EV4R!03/30/03
187. OH BY METALLIA!!03/30/03
186. Star Wars ORIGAMI!03/29/03
185. Puroresu FAQ03/29/03
184. All Hail LORD GORF!03/28/03
183. Do you LOSE your CAT often?03/28/03
181. Heard a new term today. 03/26/03
180. What's happening to me?03/24/03
179. Shock and awe = one shotglass.03/23/03
178. For a moment I thought I was reading the Onion...03/23/03
177. Can one support soldiers and yet protest the war?03/22/03
176. Revisionist history in under four hours.. I'm impressed. 03/21/03
175. I was just leafing through Mother Shipton's Prophecies... 03/21/03
174. So he shan't even observe that which he hath wrought.03/21/03
173. Baghdad is rubble.03/20/03
172. Not winning any popularity contests today, am I?03/19/03
171. A voice from within the warzone.03/18/03
170. ...Old Civilisations put to the sword...03/17/03
169. Pardon me, thou bleeding piece of Earth03/16/03
168. "He is a dreamer, let us leave him."03/15/03
167. Our best wishes to Kurt Angle03/10/03
166. Aww man, now we're making Toei censor anime...03/09/03
165. Computer Nerd Slowly Becomes Anime Nerd - Friends Angered, Scared.03/08/03
164. So now the media is legally allowed to lie.03/08/03
163. Vegita! Your mind is damagedly corrupted!03/08/03
162. A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing-- but who's the wolf?03/07/03
161. Ice-T + Kazaa = COOL03/07/03
160. So there is this box...03/07/03
159. I will not deal with cat, dog is where it's at.03/06/03
158. So you want to work in Japan, do you?03/06/03
157. Exclusive Shots of Japan's Trendy Street Fashion - 150% Cool!03/06/03
156. Anime Review: Hellsing03/06/03
155. Every time I listen to this, I hear Hotaru's brain exploding.03/05/03
154. Virtual Folders, Eh?03/05/03
153. Sending video over light waves03/05/03
152. The Onsen Discrimination Case03/04/03
151. Get into Puroresu03/04/03
150. Wrestlers need to stop killing themselves for the fans.03/04/03
149. And so it begins...03/03/03
148. I like soft fluffy things.03/03/03
147. Toei Yakuza Movie Posters!03/02/03
146. Is there a secret city underneath Tokyo?03/02/03
145. Man... This is 2 mch 4 me.03/02/03
144. The funniest Damn Wrestling Column Ever03/02/03
143. Holy...03/01/03
142. How to do Business in Japan03/01/03
141. Request.02/28/03
140. Mister Rogers dead at 74.02/27/03
139. Look out Cheech and Chong!02/15/03
138. Where THE heck are THESE hits COMING from?02/02/03
137. "Shocking" Revelation01/29/03
136. Oni wa Soto! Fuku wa Uchi!01/28/03
135. keywords: revelation, manga, apocalypse, anime, 666 (Strong language)01/27/03
134. Because you can do anything at (Flash)01/26/03
133. Further observations on Columbia:01/25/03
132. My condolences..01/24/03
131. Good LORD!01/23/03
130. I just can't help it. Heh.01/22/03
129. Fascinating.01/21/03
128. Time for PRESENTS!01/20/03
127. OMG... someone scarier than Mutanex...01/19/03
126. Now I understand it ALL! (realplayer)01/19/03
125. OMFG! They got a JUDGE to rule that the X-Men are NOT human!01/18/03
124. This is perhaps the saddest thing I have ever seen. (ADULT LANGUAGE)01/17/03
123. Oh, very cute. (Last Political Post for a while)01/16/03
122. Scotty, beam me the [BLEEP] back down!01/15/03
121. As Haruka-Poppa would say...GOTCHA!01/14/03
120. Uhh... Damn.01/13/03
119. She too, will fall before my power.01/12/03
118. Klingons find a new battlefield... the courtroom.01/11/03
117. Something nice for Haruka.01/10/03
116. What won't Calvin Pee on?01/10/03
115. Repeat after me: 'Saturn is NOT Goth'01/09/03
114. This is... surreal.01/09/03
113. Important Privacy Notice for Yahoo! Users01/08/03
112. Unbeliveable.01/08/03
111. Don't think. Just watch.01/07/03
110. The flame which burns eternal...01/07/03
109. I LOVE my KEYBOARD!01/06/03
108. I hate you all.01/06/03
107. Exiting the Comfort Zone.01/05/03
106. Allow me to Wax Poetic for a Moment.01/04/03
105. Your Tax Dollars at Work.01/04/03
104. Ph33r the Mouse01/03/03
103. Hah.01/02/03
102. If a Power Ranger had a dog...12/29/02
101. Ever wanted to run your own nation?12/27/02
100. How to be a better Philosopher12/26/02
99. Happy Holi-daze!12/22/02
98. Hotaru vs. RAW, Round 2.12/18/02
97. He's Mean, he's Green, Gollum Beatbox like you've never seen! 12/14/02
96. All hail the power of the Almighty Dollar12/12/02
95. Haruka's Great RAW Experiment (updated as the show airs)12/11/02
94. Oh, GIVE ME A BREAK!12/10/02
93. Movie Review: Star Trek: Nemesis (no Spoilers)12/09/02
92. Something for you armchair historians out there... 12/08/02
91. Hey, have you bought CDs between January 1, 1995 and December 22, 2000? 12/07/02
90. Unbelievable. Turkish Star Trek... 12/05/02
89. I'm sorry... I just have to....12/03/02
88. Wow... He must have been Really Hungry... 12/02/02
87. What are you gonna do tonite, Michi? "The same thing I do every night...11/28/02
86. We are the champions! Sort of!!11/27/02
85. For those curious as to how my mind works...11/26/02
84. Star CONTROL ][ LIVES!11/24/02
83. Okay when I read it, this just stopped my brain.11/24/02
82. Thanksgiving Funny Joke #411/23/02
81. Thanksgiving Funny Joke #311/23/02
80. Thanksgiving Funny Joke #211/23/02
79. Thanksgiving Funny Joke #111/23/02
77. W...T...F...11/16/02
76. Today's History Lesson11/07/02
75. Hehehe... more Nigerian Scam fun...11/05/02
74. I crawled out of the woodwork for THIS... 11/04/02
73. Damn...11/03/02
72. A touching tribute to the career of Hulk Hogan11/03/02
71. Do you think it would be fun to play 'Trading Spaces'?11/03/02
70. Winona Ryder GUILTY of Vandalism and Grand Theft11/02/02
69. No WONDER crime pays!11/02/02
68. Just a friendly reminder... today's election day in most of the U.S.11/02/02
67. Ever wonder what it would be like to be a COBRA Soldier?10/25/02
66. In Defense of Dragonball Z [MiST of online Review]10/21/02
65. A RADICAL new compression system ARRIVES!10/19/02
64. The Key to Real Ultimate Power is Here.10/18/02
63. For the sake of the future... I will have a small sprite [Flash] [Language]10/18/02
62. I've always wanted...10/17/02
61. This is MY Kind of Computer!10/17/02
60. Ugh.10/16/02
59. WHAT THE [BLEEP] was that?!10/15/02
58. Where I buy ALL my stuff.10/14/02
57. Blair Witch meets Hello Kitty... [Flash]10/13/02
56. Oh [BLEEP] my world is blown. Voltron, I hardy knew ye.10/11/02
55. History Lesson for the Day.10/10/02
54. "Like the computer ate my paper... and it was GOOD paper..."10/09/02
53. Finally, someone on the Internet I can empathize with.10/09/02
52. Heh. (Flash)10/08/02
51. Movie Review: Mamoru Oshii's "Avalon"10/07/02
50. I was gonna take a break today, but I had to say this...10/01/02
49. Sorry to keep you Waiting!10/01/02
48. James Allen Stanfield, 1986-200209/29/02
47. The RIAA faces a new crisis of epic proportion!09/28/02
46. In 2101 A.D. War was beginning...09/28/02
45. [BLEEP]! Microshaft just shut down Lik Sang!09/27/02
44. Potentially useful data on the 9/11 Attack could be destroyed.09/27/02
43. I just don't know what to say about this...09/26/02
42. Dragonball Returns?!09/26/02
41. As poppa would say... "Show me the trans-uranics."09/26/02
40. Something is amiss with our environment.09/25/02
39. Now you can be like me.09/25/02
38. Harvey the Mouse must DIE! (not for the Squeamish)09/24/02
37. As Seen on TV.09/24/02
36. Warriors. Vikings. KITTENS. (Flash)09/23/02
35. Oh Brother...09/22/02
34. Let's get... EXTREME!09/21/02
33. Atencion: Seis Siete Tres Siete Cero09/21/02
32. My, what Progress we have made...09/20/02
31. Oh, they have gone and done it now.09/20/02
30. Everything you know is Wrong.09/20/02
29. Funny Quote I came Across.09/19/02
28. RC5-64 BROKEN!09/18/02
27. You'll pay for EVERY Bite!09/18/02
26. President Bush Speech Generator (Flash)09/18/02
25. Santa Claus is the Richest Man in the World09/17/02
24. "Am I [BLEEP]ing being Baptized by Voltron?!" (STRONG LANGUAGE)09/17/02
23. Air Powered Car.09/17/02
22. Now I've seen it all.09/16/02
21. Snow White and the Seven Shao lin?! HOLY [BLEEP]!09/16/02
20. It's what I've been saying all along.09/15/02
19. Iraq agrees to accept Weapons inspectors unconditionally.09/14/02
18. We'll have a BLAST!09/05/02
17. Son Goku beats Superman!09/04/02
16. Stanley Kubrick's 2001: The Cliffs Notes Version09/03/02
15. War on of Terror09/02/02
14. Suburban Senshi declare war on Elder God Cthulhu09/02/02
13. You have GOT to see this.09/01/02
12. Movie Review: Story of Ricky08/31/02
11. 88 = Hate08/30/02
10. Movie Review: Ballistic Kiss08/29/02
9. All your Data are Belong to Us.08/28/02
8. I will never end up this way.08/28/02
7. ATTACK of the IP Lawyers08/28/02
6. The Triumph of the Righteous (Flash)08/28/02
5. Destroy All Spammers!08/27/02
4. TV Review: Transformers Armada Pilot Movie (Slight Spoilers)08/27/02
3. For Whom Dost Crime Pay?08/27/02
2. Movie Review: Versus08/26/02
1. On Line and Ready for Prime Time08/25/02

Forget THIS!
February 23rd, 2007

Screw it. Yes I said "Screw". What, a senshi can't say that? WELL I'M NOT A SENSHI ANYMORE AM I?! !?! !

So I've deleted all my old entries. Nobody talks to me anyway. Who wants to hear about the life of a no-name ex-senshi. Haruka and Michiru are married now and when they come back there's going to be all kinds of things happening and I just don't want to be around those smiling, happy B[BLEEP]ches who manage to get everything they want out of life while I get ROBBED by some Astronomical Committee T_T

I'm just going to re-read the logs of my time in this house and go into a stupor. It's all I'm good for now, keeping control of the logs that show the course of this house's history-- and how much fun EVERYONE ELSE is having instead of me.

Of course there are the bits where people like Artemis have it worse. That makes me smile. Hahahaha... you poor, unfortunate loser.

You remind me that maybe, just maybe I'm not the lowest slime in the universe after all.