Suburban Senshi IRC Chat #96: “All hail the power of the Almighty Dollar”
#96: “All hail the power of the Almighty Dollar”

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<FireFly_9> Heheheh... is apparently offering a $10,000 reward to the first person who can identify which member(s) of Congress inserted the provision in the Homeland Security Bill that made Eli Lilly & Company protected from lawsuits related to their vaccines causing autism in children. (Tell me again-- how does shielding a corporation from the consequences of its potential malfeasance enhance the security of the "Homeland"'s citizens anyhow?)
<FireFly_9> The provision, discussed earlier on, is apparently so good and well-supported that not a single member of Congress wants to take credit for it. I'd very much like to know who was responsible for this, especially since it is more than likely that these vaccines are going to be pushed recommended to the public with increasing frequency and "urgency" in the coming months.
<GERMATOID> There should be a LAW against putting UNRELATED laws inside OTHER legislative packages! Lets see WHICH LAW we can PIGGYBACK it in on!!

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