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• 01/25/13 08:37pm

Heh. Haruka's WTF expression is so cute. ^_^

Solarchos [e-mail] • 03/22/06 12:29pm

Whoever this JD is, he is Awesome for knowing such knowledge.

Shinji Ikari • 03/21/06 09:20pm

Hmm...somewhat takes the shine off of the 'Hollywood glamour', doesn't it.

Archangel • 03/21/06 11:54am

For those who do not remember this part of Superman history: The movie Kryptonians (Superman's people) had a weird crystal based technology. One of the results of this is Superman coming to Earth in a chandelier that Jor-el (Superman's dad) made by crazygluing a bunch of crystal spikes together. Oh yeah, the Fortress of Solitude was created by Superman throwing a single glowing crystal spike into the North Pole and the thing suddenly grew into a giant mineral/crystal formation that looked a bit like the white cliffs of Dover or something. It was a bit strange in being completely non-handicapped friendly with odd up and down steps all over the place with plenty of drop-offs into "bottomless pits" for dramatics sake than any logic (remember on Krypton they did not have super powers). The main control room that is scene in the photo had a suspended screen above it in the air and the control panel (which Superman is facing) had a bunch colored crystals on it that acted as levers and buttons but the special stuff was triggered by removing a crystal and putting it in a slot or removing it from a slot that was then pulled further in or pushed out so that it can be removed. The shadow is from the "push/pull mechanisms" that can be seen through partially opaque materials of the "control panel".

JD • 03/21/06 12:15am

heh...kinda puts a new meaning to the phrase;


SaturnGrl [e-mail] • 03/20/06 06:56pm

There's a shadow in the ice... of a figure crouching...

Haruka • 03/20/06 06:51pm

... I don't get it.

kevryn • 03/20/06 05:33pm

Haru-kun, you've got such a dirty mind.

Go-Go Yubari • 03/19/06 10:50pm


Shinji Ikari • 03/19/06 10:50pm

isn't kryptonite supposed to be green? or did he encounter the Ginzuishou?

NakoNako • 03/19/06 10:49pm