Suburban Senshi IRC Chat #946: “Nako Nako's Ebay <S>Saturday</S> Sunday”
#946: “Nako Nako's Ebay Saturday Sunday”

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<C'est_la_V> Hihi Nako-chan!
<NakoNako> Hi Minako-Momma ::heart!
<C'est_la_V> I haven't talked to you in a long time what mud puddles have you jumped into?
<NakoNako> .......
<NakoNako> None actually. Parallel Minako-Momma bought me a raincoat and rainboots so I can splash all I want so I don't get dirty.
<C'est_la_V> That's terrible!
<NakoNako> Why?
<C'est_la_V> Because I used to tell you to walk all over Haruka's room when you were muddy!
<@SpeedRcrX> heh
<@SpeedRcrX> For that, Nako gets Seafoam Text this ONE TIME ONLY.
<NakoNako> Heh, I feel so important now. Anyway I was a little busy but here's this week's large supplement of Nako's Ebay Saturdays!
<C'est_la_V> Did you buy anything for me?
<NakoNako> Yeah, I bought you This clock to keep you up all night

<NakoNako> There's a lot this week, sifting through 236 pages on Ebay is no joke. Usually there's around 74-75 pages.
<FireFly_9> How's parallel Sakura? Is she still afraid of the dust bunnies?
<NakoNako> Safely under the influence of tranquilizers, THANKFULLY. Yesterday at the park a guy spilled his milkshake and it oozed down the drain making wierd gurgling noises and Sakura thought there was a monster in the drain.
<@S.X. Aino Betcha miss being around here.
<C'est_la_V> Poor Nako-chan~
<NakoNako> Not really. I'm almost seafoam again, this means my subconscious is almost healed. The minute amounts of chaos that spawn from parallel Sakura and Juice-obsessed Haruka alterna are all I really need. I spend most days with Minako-momma at the park building things in the sandbox, or going shopping.
<NakoNako> Yes but that momma isn't all obsessed with clothes.
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<NakoNako> Awhh, KUSO.
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Wouldn't this make your friends at the lunch table scream?

Now all that's missing is your favorite Sailor Moon character under the covers

Who needs Nikes or Addidas anymore?


now these fanarts are DECENT!

Have your own Creepy Jesus!


Pluto , Neptune, Mars

is this a bandana?

Carry your water in Style!

S Style

or SS style?


Sailor Moon chopsticks that aren't pink!

because even senshi need to keep warm in winter

Sailor Moon Vegas Party all for a low low price!

go shopping in STYLE!

anyone for cross stitch?

These crayons come in an interesting package ....

and so do these.


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• 01/24/12 07:26pm

I'm just astonished by the sheer range of SM stuff that's still available out there.

Solarchos [e-mail] • 02/20/06 08:38am

Whoa, that one with the backpacks is selling 94' "figurines" - wonder what they consider full size figures? The price is right but I don't have a big enough house!

Bogey • 02/19/06 05:45pm

This is.. so ... sick?!

Denmaru • 02/19/06 04:18pm