Suburban Senshi IRC Chat #94: “Oh, GIVE ME A BREAK!”
#94: “Oh, GIVE ME A BREAK!”

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<GERMATOID> So I'm SURFING the WEB, looking for CODE to help make this site more INTERACTIVE, and I hit what do I SEE?

We have detected that you are using a Popup blocker, Please disable the same to visit our site. Dont worry we wont bombard you with Popups!

Please disable you Popup blocking software and click here to revisit our site!

<GERMATOID> Hmph. I'm not disabling my PROTECTION from the GLUT of ONLINE CRAP that is the POPUP industry today. PHPbuddy isn't gonna be MY buddy anymore! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! It seems their ABILITY to detect my INTOLERANCE for CRAP comes from THESE people... BOY, wouldn't I like to SLASHDOT them!
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