Suburban Senshi IRC Chat #926: “Flame On”
#926: “Flame On”

[07:40] *** Wed Dec 28 2005 - LOGGING START ***
[07:40] *** Now talking in #suburbansenshi

[07:40] <@SpeedRcrX> Aww man it's too damn early in the morning
[07:41] <flame_SNIPER> Haruka-san, good morning
[07:41] <@SpeedRcrX> O SHI it's Rei
[07:41] <flame_SNIPER> ...
[07:41] <flame_SNIPER> I've been here for a while, Haruka-san
[07:41] <@SpeedRcrX> Yeah but we rarely run into each other and s[BLEEP]t
[07:42] <flame_SNIPER> That's because I stay in my room on Minako-chan's side of the house
[07:42] <@SpeedRcrX> Why?
[07:42] <flame_SNIPER> It's not important...
[07:42] <@SpeedRcrX> LOL so all the H-Doujin are true huh
[07:42] <flame_SNIPER> NO YOU IDIOT
[07:43] <@SpeedRcrX> Damn I can't pull a 180 that fast even with the handbrake applied at full speed in GTA
[07:43] <flame_SNIPER> MORON
[07:44] <flame_SNIPER> I'm *sick* of those DAMN Rumors
[07:44] <@SpeedRcrX> What it's the dual twin hotness
[07:44] <@SpeedRcrX> Mars X Venus
[07:44] <@SpeedRcrX> Twin Senshi
[07:44] <flame_SNIPER> WHO'S A TWIN
[07:44] <@SpeedRcrX> Dude
[07:45] <@SpeedRcrX> Look at the coloring book pics of you and neko
[07:45] <@SpeedRcrX> Pull out her hairbow and except for the eyes you two look THE SAME
[07:45] <flame_SNIPER> That's because coloring book people are LAZY
[07:46] <flame_SNIPER> My bangs are TOTALLY different!
[07:46] <@SpeedRcrX> And some other things too from what I've seen
[07:46] <flame_SNIPER> Don't make me come over there, because I WILL PUNCH YOU IN THE FACE
[07:46] <@SpeedRcrX> HAWT
[07:46] <flame_SNIPER> .... Oh that's it.
[07:47] <@SpeedRcrX> Sorry Sorry s[BLEEP]t it's early I'm insane s[BLEEP]t sorry
[07:47] <// J_Daito //> AHAHAHAHA Ten'ou Apologizing
[07:47] <@SpeedRcrX> STFU Jed
[07:47] <flame_SNIPER> ....Jedite.
[07:47] <// J_Daito //> She who is my Passion.
[07:48] <flame_SNIPER> Not this again ><
[07:48] <flame_SNIPER> Wasn't burning you to a crisp and running you over with a PLANE enough
[07:48] <// J_Daito //> Courtship always has its painful moments :)
[07:48] <flame_SNIPER> ...
[07:49] <flame_SNIPER> Why don't you go mack on that ROBOT you built
[07:49] <@SpeedRcrX> Because that "robot" would f[BLEEP]king punt his ass into the sun
[07:49] <@spiritflame> i am *not* a robot
[07:49] <flame_SNIPER> Artificial living metal lifeform blah blah blah WHATEVER WHO CARES
[07:50] <@spiritflame> i care b[BLEEP]ch
[07:50] <@SpeedRcrX> God only Hino Rei can make the swear like a Sailor
[07:50] <// J_Daito //> Swear like a Sailor [Senshi] LOL
[07:50] <flame_SNIPER> I beat you in our last spar :P
[07:51] <@SpeedRcrX> Dude if you hadn't got lucky, she was gonna put a frieza beam through your FACE
[07:51] <@spiritflame> next time i will not drop my power to .0000000000000000000000000000000001% then ^_^
[07:52] <flame_SNIPER> You were at .0000000000000000000000000000000001% power.... ^_^;;
[07:53] <// J_Daito //> You ever notice the japanese word for zero sounds like "rei"
[07:53] <flame_SNIPER> SHUT UP
[07:53] <@spiritflame> silence jedite
[07:53] <@SpeedRcrX> Damn I just realized we technically have two Rei's here lol
[07:53] <@spiritflame> i am the better miko
[07:54] <flame_SNIPER> LIKE HELL YOU ARE
[07:54] <@spiritflame> i do not chase after boys; my life is the flame
[07:54] <flame_SNIPER> .... BECAUSE YOU'RE A ROBOT
[07:54] <@spiritflame> - not. a. robot. -
[07:54] <@SpeedRcrX> Rei dont' piss her off man
[07:54] <@SpeedRcrX> She's got your temper times like a billion
[07:55] <flame_SNIPER> I DON'T HAVE A TEMPER!
[07:55] <FireFly_9> Ohayo, Rei-san.
[07:55] <flame_SNIPER> Good morning, Hotaru-chan!
[07:55] <@SpeedRcrX> God DAMN I swear she's bipolar
[07:56] <flame_SNIPER> I'm NICE to people who are NICE to ME IDIOT
[07:56] <// J_Daito //> I'll be "nice" to you.
[07:57] *** SYSTEM ANNOUNCE - Thank you VKLL? ***
[07:57] <@SpeedRcrX> Who the f[BLEEP]k *IS* System Announce, anyway?
[07:57] <@spiritflame> no idea
[07:58] [ginga TV internet newsflash] * * * Michael Vale, the actor best known for his portrayal of a sleepy-eyed Dunkin' Donuts baker who said "Time to make the doughnuts," has died. He was 83. * * *
[07:58] <@SpeedRcrX> ...
[07:58] <@SpeedRcrX> s[BLEEP]t NO
[07:59] <// J_Daito //> Fred the Baker is DEAD?
[08:01] <@SpeedRcrX> Everybody from my youth is Dyin' man
[08:01] <@SpeedRcrX> f[BLEEP]k.
[08:02] <FireFly_9> There, there, Haruka-poppa.
[08:03] <@SpeedRcrX> Dude, just the other day Vincent Sciavelli died
[08:03] <flame_SNIPER> Who?
[08:03] <@SpeedRcrX> One of those dudes whose names mean nothing but as soon as you see his face you know who he is
[08:04] <@SpeedRcrX> -->
[08:04] <// J_Daito //> ...The Used Weapons salesman from TNG
[08:05] <flame_SNIPER> That Teacher from Ridgemont High...
[08:05] <FireFly_9> The Villain in Buckaroo Banzai...
[08:06] <@SpeedRcrX> Man, when I die what will I be remembered for
[08:06] <// J_Daito //> Beer Flatulence and Homicide
[08:06] <@SpeedRcrX> Not a bad legacy
[08:06] <FireFly_9> Ugh.
[08:06] <flame_SNIPER> Hotaru-chan? How do you stand it here?
[08:07] <FireFly_9> A well supplied medicine cabinet filled with painkillers and Aspirin.
[08:07] * flame_SNIPER nods slowly
[08:08] <flame_SNIPER> Oh Kami-sama.
[08:08] <@spiritflame> where is your kami now
[08:09] <flame_SNIPER> o_O
[08:09] *** flame_SNIPER [ofuda@hikawajinja-motoazabu.or.ct] has quit IRC (I am the flame in your heart that burns eternal)
[08:09] <// J_Daito //> She'll fit right in
[08:10] <FireFly_9> Unless she burns the house down in a fit of rage.... ^_^;;
[08:10] <@SpeedRcrX> Not like that s[BLEEP]t doesn't happen every other weekend
[08:10] <@SpeedRcrX> Who the hell insures us anyway
[08:10] <FireFly_9> I've never considered that.
[08:11] *** Disconnected
[08:11] *** Wed Dec 28 2005 - LOGGING END ***