Suburban Senshi IRC Chat #896: “Morning Mishmash”
#896: “Morning Mishmash”

[11:01] *** Fri Nov 04 2005 - LOGGING START ***
[11:01] *** Now talking in #suburbansenshi
[11:01] *** Topic is - Bored on the Internets -
[11:01] *** Set by @SpeedRcrX on Fri Nov 04 11:01 2005

[11:01] <.`~SugaBB_2999~`.> dyam
[11:02] <Crwn_FruT_Gamer> hello mah hom bodies
[11:02] <.`~SugaBB_2999~`.> da fak mokotki
[11:02] <@SpeedRcrX> hes been hanging out with Elios lately trying to grt "hard"
[11:03] <FireFly_9> The Irony of one pasty-faced wanna be hardcore gangsta learning from another does not escape me.
[11:03] <.`~SugaBB_2999~`.> /mi givz mokotki sum vyagra
[11:04] <Crwn_FruT_Gamer> : Sorry home slices, my honey left me
[11:04] <Crwn_FruT_Gamer> Reika's gone
[11:04] <@SpeedRcrX> What again
[11:05] <Crwn_FruT_Gamer> Whaddya mean again
[11:05] <@SpeedRcrX> Dude she left a long ass time ago
[11:05] <Crwn_FruT_Gamer> No...?
[11:06] <FireFly_9> Ahh, denial.
[11:06] <FireFly_9> The heart, sucha foolish thing.
[11:06] <// J_Daito //> YES MY DARK PADAWAN
[11:06] <H3LLi05> Yo dark padawan sounds like a kickass H-rag yo
[11:07] *** C'est_la_V [at work] [] has joined #suburbansenshi
[11:07] <@spiritflame> Irasshai C'est_la_V [at work]
[11:07] <C'est_la_V [at work]> Hotaru-chan, stop insulting love!!
[11:07] <FireFly_9> Sempai. You work?
[11:08] <// J_Daito //> Hah if you mean by "work" photocopying her face on the photocopy machine here at the law office
[11:08] <@SpeedRcrX> Jed are you still stuck in the back by the toilet
[11:08] <// J_Daito //> Yes, in the office with no walls
[11:08] <// J_Daito //> i.e. the end of the hallway
[11:09] <// J_Daito //> But my power grows
[11:09] <C'est_la_V [at work]> It only grows because you take all the credit while getting X-[BLEEP] to do all your work
[11:09] <.`~SugaBB_2999~`.> ror
[11:09] <C'est_la_V [at work]> X-[BLEEP]
[11:09] <@SpeedRcrX> AHAHAHAHAHA
[11:10] <C'est_la_V [at work]> X[BLEEP]m-chan
[11:12] <FireFly_9> Hooray for soviet-style revisionism!
[11:12] <C'est_la_V [at work]> Moh!
[11:13] <C'est_la_V [at work]> ...
[11:13] <C'est_la_V [at work]> X[BLEEP]m-sensei
[11:13] <@SpeedRcrX> Sensei?
[11:13] <@SpeedRcrX> Oh yeah lawyers get that
[11:14] <@SpeedRcrX> I would use -yaero but oh well
[11:14] <@SpeedRcrX> ^-yaro
[11:14] <// J_Daito //> Ten'ou-yaro
[11:14] <@SpeedRcrX> f[BLEEP]k you
[11:14] <// J_Daito //> ahaha
[11:14] <.`~SugaBB_2999~`.> ror u gat sarved
[11:15] * C'est_la_V [at work] is away: photocopying my hands
[11:19] <FireFly_9> Hah the idea of sempai being gainfully employed never ceases to amuse me.
[11:22] <// J_Daito //> Gainfully? Her sole purpose seems to be to look pretty and waste toner
[11:22] <// J_Daito //> But it keeps the prying eyes of the Powers that Be away from me so it is acceptable
[11:22] <@SpeedRcrX> Hey guys I got an announcement
[11:23] <FireFly_9> ?
[11:23] <@SpeedRcrX> hen X was in charge Neko got all the attention because of nepotism
[11:23] <FireFly_9> Yes, and annoying it was too
[11:24] <@SpeedRcrX> Well there's a new sheriff in town and that s[BLEEP]t is over
[11:24] <FireFly_9> Excellent!
[11:24] <Mdm_Maestro> OHOHOHOHOHOH
[11:24] <@SpeedRcrX> Everyone meet the new first lady of Sub Senshi!
[11:24] <FireFly_9> Oh my god.
[11:25] <H3LLi05> SO then "this is the new s[BLEEP]t"
[11:25] <// J_Daito //> with the emphasis on "s[BLEEP]t"
[11:26] * @SpeedRcrX has kicked // J_Daito // from #suburbansenshi (Don't mess with my woman)
[11:26] <FireFly_9> The more things change...
[11:27] <@SpeedRcrX> Anyway dudes never mind that I found a fun new way to play channel trivia
[11:27] <GERMATOID> OH?
[11:28] <@SpeedRcrX> instead of answering the questions correctly you try to make up the most hilarious answers treating them like a fill in the blank
[11:28] <@SpeedRcrX> check it
[11:28] <@spiritflame> @SpeedRcrX has enabled trivia mode
[11:28] <@spiritflame> first question: the jewely store osa-p is named after naoko takeuchi's ______
[11:28] <FireFly_9> editor
[11:28] <@spiritflame> ♦ FireFly_9 is on the board with 1 point! ♦
[11:28] <@spiritflame> next question: the first crush minako has in sailor v is on ________-sempai
[11:28] <@SpeedRcrX> NO DON'T ANSWER IT RIGHT
[11:30] <@SpeedRcrX> like for this one say "smooth operator"
[11:30] <.`~SugaBB_2999~`.> smoath-oparator-sampai
[11:30] <@SpeedRcrX> like me, the SMOOTHEST channel OP ever
[11:31] <@spiritflame> @SpeedRcrX has reset the current trivia question
[11:31] <@spiritflame> the new question is: true or false: minako uses a disguise pen just like usagi's in the sailor v manga
[11:31] <.`~SugaBB_2999~`.> false bcuz mikakno's hanshin pan was a daldo
[11:31] <@SpeedRcrX> Now you're getting it
[11:32] <@SpeedRcrX> wait you can use them that way
[11:32] <FireFly_9> Chiusa, why.
[11:32] <FireFly_9> ^Chibiusa
[11:32] <.`~SugaBB_2999~`.> moshshshsh horatru kant spal
[11:34] <Crwn_FruT_Gamer> Hotaru-chan?
[11:34] <FireFly_9> Yes?
[11:35] <Crwn_FruT_Gamer> You like to read, right?
[11:36] <FireFly_9> Indeed I do.
[11:36] <Crwn_FruT_Gamer> Reika-san left a lot of books at my house... I could lend them to you if you like. She read very advanced things.
[11:37] <@SpeedRcrX> Dude 'Taru isn't like Ami-chan, you can't get her all a-twitter with nerd s[BLEEP]t
[11:37] <FireFly_9> a-twitter?
[11:38] <FireFly_9> ...
[11:38] <FireFly_9> Seduce
[11:38] <FireFly_9> what
[11:38] <H3LLi05> you, hotlegs, mah homey mo got's you on the brain yo
[11:39] <FireFly_9> doesn't he still molest sempai over the phone
[11:39] <Crwn_FruT_Gamer> CMON YOU GUYS I just call her sometimes that's all
[11:40] <@SpeedRcrX> Whoa you really do that?
[11:40] <Crwn_FruT_Gamer> What's so wrong with calling a girl?
[11:41] <Mdm_Maestro> The heavy breathing, and the panting when you beg her to "curse me out like she did" are usually the problem areas there, dear.
[11:41] <Crwn_FruT_Gamer> :<
[11:41] <@SpeedRcrX> Mo... you got... issues and cocerns man
[11:42] <@SpeedRcrX> Issues and concerns.
[11:43] *** // J_Daito // [] has joined #suburbansenshi
[11:43] <@spiritflame> Irasshai // J_Daito //
[11:43] <// J_Daito //> Time moves so slowly when you are a salaryman
[11:44] <// J_Daito //> The art of slacking without slacking is a hard one
[11:44] <@SpeedRcrX> heh
[11:44] <@SpeedRcrX> play the game then
[11:44] <@spiritflame> @SpeedRcrX has reset the current trivia question
[11:44] <@spiritflame> the new question is: suburban senshi's michiru can't ____
[11:44] <Mdm_Maestro> be defeated! O HO HO HO HO
[11:45] <H3LLi05> shut up to save her damn life
[11:45] <Mdm_Maestro> :O
[11:45] <.`~SugaBB_2999~`.> spal 4 sit
[11:46] <chronos.typhoon.2k4> compare to me
[11:46] <Mdm_Maestro> Setuna!
[11:46] <@SpeedRcrX> ...
[11:46] <@spiritflame> @SpeedRcrX has reset the current trivia question
[11:46] <@spiritflame> the new question is: in the anime, sailor v spends time in this country
[11:47] <Crwn_FruT_Gamer> H-candy land
[11:47] <@SpeedRcrX> Dude that was a doujin
[11:47] <FireFly_9> How typically male and disgusting.
[11:47] <@SpeedRcrX> whoa
[11:47] <@SpeedRcrX> 'Taru are you changing your preference?
[11:48] <FireFly_9> No, I still think men, and women, are simply crude manipulators out for pleasure wwhereever they can find it.
[11:48] <@SpeedRcrX> 'Taru what happened to you
[11:48] <@SpeedRcrX> Why so bitter
[11:49] <.`~SugaBB_2999~`.> mabye becuz shiz a robutt
[11:49] <FireFly_9> I AM NOT A ROBOT
[11:49] <FireFly_9> My cybernentic body was long since destroyed
[11:49] <FireFly_9> ^Cybernetic
[11:50] <FireFly_9> I am not bitter.
[11:52] <FireFly_9> Not bitter at all that men prefer stylized depictions of unrealistically proportioned females, or overly made-up, underdressed bimbos who have half their body mass in silicone and plastic over true, genuine authentic females
[11:52] <H3LLi05> with the armit hair, mustaches and PMS s[BLEEP]t
[11:52] <@SpeedRcrX> OH YOU DID NOT GO THERE
[11:52] <.`~SugaBB_2999~`.> da fick manz alweys pik on PMs
[11:53] <@SpeedRcrX> Armpit hair can't be helped!
[11:54] <@SpeedRcrX> It's a part of life!
[11:55] <Mdm_Maestro> Men fear that which thery cannot predict :P
[11:56] <=^catablanca^=> Yeah yeah, you women never have to watch every word that comes out of your mouth and live in TOTAL FEAR for weeks at a time
[11:56] <H3LLi05> PREACH IT CATMAN
[11:56] <Mdm_Maestro> Weak as water, you men are! Weak as water!
[11:56] <// J_Daito //> PMS doesn't scare me
[11:57] <@SpeedRcrX> Liar
[11:57] <Mdm_Maestro> He has no girlfriend, so no need to fear. O HOHOHOHOHO
[11:57] <// J_Daito //> Hilarious, Kaioh. Really.
[11:58] <// J_Daito //> When I am president I'll have to get a taller desk to accomodate all the females.
[11:58] <FireFly_9> Huh.
[11:59] <@SpeedRcrX> That took me a f[BLEEP]king second ><
[11:59] <FireFly_9> Disgusting.
[11:59] <FireFly_9> AND IT SICKENS me that exposure to all of you has allowed me to UNDERSTAND that joke
[12:00] <// J_Daito //> Joke? What joke.
[12:04] <FireFly_9> ><
[12:05] <// J_Daito //> What? The strong take what they want in this world. Such is the order of things.
[12:05] <FireFly_9> Hmph.
[12:07] * C'est_la_V [at work] is back
[12:07] * C'est_la_V [at work] is eating lunch
[12:07] <FireFly_9> Sempai, how can you stand for love-love when you see how men objectify women?
[12:08] <C'est_la_V [at work]> but women objectify men too
[12:08] <FireFly_9> Not nearly as much
[12:09] <C'est_la_V [at work]> Of course we do, we're just quieter about it :P
[12:09] <=^catablanca^=> You women just treat us like hunks of meat T_T
[12:09] <FireFly_9> I don't objectify men!
[12:10] <C'est_la_V [at work]> You don't want to have anything to do with them, so of course you don't
[12:10] <C'est_la_V [at work]> But once you start having preferences, you'll start looking for those preferences, making them into object-things that either have them or they don't
[12:11] <// J_Daito //> Aino making sense WTF
[12:11] * C'est_la_V [at work] IS the goddess of Love you know
[12:11] <C'est_la_V [at work]> This is my beefcake and butter
[12:11] <=^catablanca^=> "bread"
[12:11] <C'est_la_V [at work]> That too
[12:12] <FireFly_9> Sempai, love is a cruel joke of hormones that only serves to addle the mind
[12:12] <C'est_la_V [at work]> That's not true!
[12:12] <FireFly_9> You only say that because you have X[BLEEP]m-san
[12:12] <FireFly_9> You don't knwo the pain, the frustration...
[12:12] <@SpeedRcrX> 'Taru is frustrated?
[12:13] <FireFly_9> Of course! Perpetually being ignored because I'm either too smart, too shy, too flat or too outspoken, or simply "strange". I DO NOTICE you know.
[12:14] <C'est_la_V [at work]> HEY
[12:14] <C'est_la_V [at work]> Just because I have someone who loves me NOW, doesn't mean I haven't had the GREATEST HELL of love ever!
[12:14] <C'est_la_V [at work]> Artemis tell her!
[12:14] <=^catablanca^=> It's true, shockingly enough.
[12:16] <C'est_la_V [at work]> Most of my loves I've either killed, been dumped by, set up with OTHER people, been two-timed by and then dumped, been two-timed by, dumped and then almost KILLED by, or even left by russian brides!
[12:16] * C'est_la_V [at work] spent her ENTIRE ADOLESCENCE WITHOUT LOVE
[12:18] <@SpeedRcrX> So did I no wait I found michi and then we humped like rabbits
[12:18] <Mdm_Maestro> HARUKA!
[12:18] <@SpeedRcrX> Oh crap you were still here
[12:18] <Mdm_Maestro> *I* found YOU!
[12:19] <@SpeedRcrX> ^_^;;
[12:20] <.`~SugaBB_2999~`.> i hed 2 weit will i wuz lik 902 or sum sit 2 gat elioz
[12:20] * C'est_la_V [at work] would have the most reason to hate love but never gave up
[12:20] <FireFly_9> That, sempai, is because you are a flake.
[12:20] <C'est_la_V [at work]> :O
[12:21] <FireFly_9> Too simple to see what was happening
[12:21] <FireFly_9> Like a moth to a flame you persisted and somehow got lucky.
[12:21] <// J_Daito //> All puns intended, I'm sure. :)
[12:21] <C'est_la_V [at work]> :P you're just jealous
[12:22] <FireFly_9> What if I went back into your history and pulled up all your exploits and showed X[BLEEP]m? would he still love you then, knowing just how fickle you were in your youth?
[12:22] <C'est_la_V [at work]> He knows about that :P
[12:23] <@SpeedRcrX> Everybody knows about that, 'Taru, damn, that's like trying to blackmail Michael Jackson by showing off pictures of him with kids enjoying his lollipop.
[12:24] <FireFly_9> Ugh
[12:24] <C'est_la_V [at work]> Love means letting certain things go.
[12:24] <FireFly_9> Like your common sense.
[12:25] <FireFly_9> Very well, Sempai. I shall expose you to the world.
[12:25] <@SpeedRcrX> Dude ever seen the Temple of Venus site here, X beat you to it
[12:25] * FireFly_9 facepalms
[12:26] <C'est_la_V [at work]> So I didn't have one?! So what?! That makes me JUST LIKE YOU except I didn't WHINE ABOUT IT ALL THE TIME I DID SOMETHING
[12:26] <// J_Daito //> Burn!
[12:27] <@SpeedRcrX> Dude she's your padawan
[12:27] <// J_Daito //> Learning is pain
[12:27] <// J_Daito //> Pain makes me smile
[12:27] <FireFly_9> I am not whining.
[12:28] <FireFly_9> I just think all this shojo-manga-esque obsession with love and loving sends dangerous messages to the world
[12:29] <@SpeedRcrX> Dude. There are what, 11 regulars and 5 or 6 part-time visitors to the channel here? You're trying to send a message to like... the people in shouting distance.
[12:29] <Crwn_FruT_Gamer> NO WAIT.
[12:30] <Crwn_FruT_Gamer> Hotaru-chan I said it before and I'll say it again I think you're right, my broken heart is the proof
[12:30] <=^catablanca^=> Same here
[12:30] <=^catablanca^=> Luna's betrayals has turned me into a shell of a man
[12:31] <C'est_la_V [at work]> "neko"
[12:31] <=^catablanca^=> that too.
[12:32] <C'est_la_V [at work]> Artemis, you'll find someone
[12:33] <=^catablanca^=> Mina, I'm sorry, but I'm with Hotaru. I think love sucks.
[12:33] * C'est_la_V [at work] does that arm in front of her warding gesture thing you'd have to see to understand
[12:34] * C'est_la_V [at work] is away: oops I smacked X-[BLEEP] in the face
[12:36] <@SpeedRcrX> Man love ONLY sucks until you get it for yourself.
[12:36] <@SpeedRcrX> This is like "haves vs. have-nots" bulls[BLEEP]t and it's silly
[12:38] <FireFly_9> Oh really?
[12:38] <@SpeedRcrX> Hotaru no one cares
[12:38] <@SpeedRcrX> Only those without lives care
[12:38] <@SpeedRcrX> The power of the apathy of the paired elite is stronger than you are
[12:39] <@SpeedRcrX> my apathy is like +100 against your whining man
[12:39] <FireFly_9> ....
[12:40] <@SpeedRcrX> The geek shall never inherit the Earth, jocks will rule forever AHAHAHAH
[12:40] * @SpeedRcrX only has to point to the fact that she has OPs and you just have hot air to prove her point
[12:40] * @SpeedRcrX is the Alpha female
[12:41] <@spiritflame> .
[12:41] <.`~SugaBB_2999~`.> o rly
[12:41] <@SpeedRcrX> the Beta female ><
[12:41] <@spiritflame> heh
[12:42] <FireFly_9> Feh.
[12:43] <@SpeedRcrX> It's your fate to scream "OMG the world is ending" while standing in a dingy alleyway with a cardboard sign around your neck saying "the end is nigh" while asking for quarters to fund your world revolutionTM
[12:44] <@SpeedRcrX> While the rest of us with s[BLEEP]t to do just walk on by and get on with the business of living
[12:44] *** FireFly_9 [] has quit IRC (we shall see)
[12:44] <// J_Daito //> Hmm.
[12:44] *** // J_Daito // [] has quit IRC (Will instruct the Padawan)
[12:48] <@spiritflame> @SpeedRcrX has reset the current trivia question
[12:48] <@spiritflame> the new question is: what's minako's special volleyball move (3 words)
[12:48] <.`~SugaBB_2999~`.> wack sum ballz
[12:49] <H3LLi05> lol
[12:50] <@spiritflame> @SpeedRcrX has reset the current trivia question
[12:50] <@spiritflame> the new question is: who crashes her bicycle comically in the s season
[12:51] <@SpeedRcrX> Doorknobder ROLF what a dumbass Daimon
[12:52] <@SpeedRcrX> Man the scary s[BLEEP]t is I got educated by you
[12:53] *** Disconnected
[12:53] *** Fri Nov 04 2005 - LOGGING END ***


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• 08/01/12 03:16am

Many thanks to Ying for that most amusing diversion. However, I have to protest in the strongest possible terms to the suggestion that Hotaru should in any way murder my adoptive parents.
Although... if she were to punish the SOURCE of the collection... well, that's another matter. Ahem.

dooky • 11/06/05 08:13pm

I agree with ying on both accounts!

Duo • 11/06/05 02:29pm

Ying, that is the funniest goddamned thing I've ever seen.
Jiggle jiggle!

kevryn • 11/05/05 08:42pm

Word of Advice Hotaru; If Aya and Akane fall upon Antie's collection of yourself posing in a bikini and decide to promote that in the Suburban Senshi IRC so they can promote more horny Otaku fan galore....

Take that big ass glaive and turn the crow into a stuffed turkey & the siren as a intriging fishy side dish just in time for the holidays.

YingGirl [e-mail] • 11/05/05 06:36pm

Men have the same problem in society you know. I agree that objectification of women is a serious problem, but the converse is also true. Men are objectified by women almost as badly. I live in a house of ~50 guys right now, right next door to a house of ~50 girls. Not a single one of them would give me the time of day just because I'm not hot like most of my housemates. Goddamn hormones. >_<

KrytenOOC [e-mail] • 11/05/05 02:41pm

In Reponse to Dooky's comment:

Anyways, it's sad really that this world only cares about big brested blonde bimbos, but then there is the media/corperation that gratefully consumes female buyers to spend all their money on products that produce this "idealistic view of beauty" and promote it in their magazines, so women will end up consuming items they don't really need.

Or a.k.a. "shopping spree". What pisses me off is the fact that Special K decided to show a commercial whereas they reveal purses, make-up, and shoes as all females guilty pleasures, just to show that even their stupid granola bars can be a guilty pleasure too. Look, obesity affects both sexes and not all woman have like hoards of designing shoes jammed in the closet. Also, make-up tends to peel away litle pieces of your skin, so you gradually have to keep on reapplying it on your skin so your skin won't crack.

And don't me started when PSM magazine did a swimsuit issue of female video game characters, which also game with a free CD of more bikini cladded video vixens.

YingGirl [e-mail] • 11/05/05 02:23pm

Personally, I like big butts and I cannot lie. These two things are unrelated, but any woman asking "does my bum look big in this?" can expect an honest reply.

dooky • 11/05/05 11:29am

Chronyism? Maybe...
The end is nigh...

TuxRainbow • 11/05/05 08:38am

I hear what Hotaru is saying, it does seem that real female bodies are ignored -and not just by men, but the world in general. How sad is it when a medium shirt for an adult female fits a a seven year old perfectly (true story)? It's just wrong. Thankfully I was surrounded by males who prefer real women. I grew up stuffing my Barbie doll's clothes to give her hips and a butt. I guess I got lucky when I found a man who prefers my natural look- which is good because I put the hurt on one of my ex's who said that if I was his wife, he was gonna pay for me to get some implants. Screw that! My momma taught me that if people don't like you for who you are, they ain't worth your time.

Sailor Butterfly • 11/05/05 08:25am

[Activate irreverance mode]

Ah, but you forget about the men who have a taste for hot chunks of man meat rather than tender bites of girl flesh!

[End irreverance mode]

Kryten [e-mail] • 11/05/05 03:22am

You know, not all men prefer that...just 99.999999999999999999999% of us.

Jack Flagg • 11/05/05 12:07am

I, for one, welcome our new aquamarine overlord ^v^

Bogey • 11/04/05 08:12pm

Michiru as "first-lady of Sub-Sen"?! Dammit! Did I *NOT* predict something like that would happen?! ~_~;;

Solarchos [e-mail] • 11/04/05 06:19pm

[11:52] Not bitter at all that men prefer stylized depictions of unrealistically proportioned females, or overly made-up, underdressed bimbos who have half their body mass in silicone and plastic over true, genuine authentic females

...This has now cemented Hotaru as my favorite of the Senshi. ^_^

starcat [e-mail] • 11/04/05 04:05pm