Suburban Senshi IRC Chat #883: “Enter Yog-Slothothoth”
#883: “Enter Yog-Slothothoth”


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• 11/18/12 09:51am

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• 11/15/12 05:42pm

Ano, this is late but Happy Birthday Dr. Xadium!

I haven't been for a few days, so I never noticed the delay anyway ^_^;

Sailor Mewtwo [e-mail] • 10/03/05 09:12am

Happy birthday. :)

starcat [e-mail] • 09/30/05 05:24pm

Some of us are definitely far worse than the Doc, heh.
And hey, it's his birthday so I suppose we can let him away it. XD

Haak [e-mail] • 09/30/05 03:13pm

yo you know wat dey sey about chicks in their school uniforms yo


Elios • 09/30/05 11:40am

Minako still wears her school uniform? :P

sera|girl • 09/30/05 10:18am

Heh! The Wrath of Yog-Slothothoth! Sounds like the title of a cheesey B-movie. XD

Solarchos [e-mail] • 09/30/05 09:13am

Meh, my years of webcomic reading have instilled a tolerance of delay.
Lapses in creativity happen, real life happens, nature happens.
The hilarity will resume when it resumes.

Keep up the good work. ^_^b

Lister of Smeg [e-mail] • 09/30/05 07:47am


That's not true, Minako-chan.
X-dono isn't a bastard.


Adam Kanal [e-mail] • 09/30/05 04:25am