Suburban Senshi IRC Chat #85: “For those curious as to how my mind works... ”
#85: “For those curious as to how my mind works... ”

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<FireFly_9> I saw this description online, and it pretty much sums up my approach to the world around me:

"When I was in high school, I had a rather unusual history teacher. He was a retired army intelligence officer. He taught our high school history class probably in much the same way he taught history to intell officers in the military, and we certainly were exposed to a much deeper insight into politics than most students at that age. It is probable that his training in thinking about history through the eyes of "intell" has influenced me all my life. I have never looked at "world events" as just "what happens" and "what you see is what you get" which is the view of most people.

The average person thinks history is boring or a tedious memorization of dates and events. Nothing could be further from the truth. History is the MONDO Whodunnit of all time. For fans of Sherlock Holmes or Agatha Christie, or other great mystery writers, history is a Maximum Impact, virtual reality game of Clue without rival. And politics is History in the making. In other words, "Current Events," as they called it when I was in school, is the ongoing drama between professor Moriarty and Holmes, as they play cat and mouse of crime and detection through space and time."

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