Suburban Senshi IRC Chat #821: “Backfire”
#821: “Backfire”


I have new dragonball. Dragonball gt has another part to it created by Akira Toriyama that is more than 500 episodes long. Also, there is a 4th dragonball series called "Dragonball Z Ultimate". it is still being made and is at the ssj9 goku saga. ssj9 will be the last form and is fighting this guy named juu who has 7 forms, and cell who absorded people in hell and is as strong as a ssj8 now. goku, vegita, gohan, and trunks make it to ssj8, leaving goten, goku jr. and vegita jr on ssj4. All the Dragonball rights were bought back by Akira Toriyama in 1997 after the first 64 dbgt episodes were done by Toei, then continued at Bird Studios til this day. The second part of dbgt ended in 2000, and z ultimate was made in 2000, and still being made.

vincent gomez [e-mail] • 12/30/05 01:55am

I actually feel a little sorry for Michael Jackson...since he's about to say hello to Hotaru's little friend : the Silence Glaive!! XD

Solarchos [e-mail] • 06/04/05 05:45pm

"You're such a cute little boy..."


Sailor Mewtwo [e-mail] • 06/04/05 12:33pm

Whoa... 'Taru-babe's really in trouble now. Arty to the rescue!

Lister of Smeg [e-mail] • 06/04/05 12:27pm

Eeeeeeeeep! Poor Hot-chan!

Mango-chan [e-mail] • 06/04/05 11:37am

...Another reason we'll probably see Wolfy go into his cydincal madman killing spree. Yay.

YingGirl [e-mail] • 06/04/05 11:26am

That's just creepy...

Adam Kanal [e-mail] • 06/04/05 09:17am