Suburban Senshi IRC Chat #802: “Budokai Fight 12: Haruka vs”
#802: “Budokai Fight 12: Haruka vs”

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Topic is -= This... is EXTREME! =-

[09:23] <// J_Daito //> The first we heard was a big purple limosine about 2 blocks long pumping out hyperbass
[09:23] <.`~SugaBB_2999~`.> hshs
[09:24] <FireFly_9> Yes, then they EJECTED from it, blew a hole in the roof and landed in the livingroom James Bond style.
[09:24] <.`~SugaBB_2999~`.> /mi nadnads
[09:26] <--=[ SpeedRcrX ]=--> Hey that was maximum style
[09:26] <FireFly_9> You blew a hole in the roof ><
[09:27] <Mdm_Maestro> What better way to celebrate our glorious return than to light up your droll, dreary lives with our presence in that matter?
[09:28] <@S.X. Aino> w00t! Trailer for the new Firefly movie! -->
[09:28] <--=[ SpeedRcrX ]=--> Yo, Neko-child. Geez, it only took them years
[09:29] * FireFly_9 has to admit a bias towards liking the name of that series.
[09:29] <@spiritflame> it is time haruka
[09:29] <--=[ SpeedRcrX ]=--> Oh damn, our Budokai fight
[09:30] <// J_Daito //> Yes, which of you will have the honor of being beaten by me
[09:30] * --=[ SpeedRcrX ]=-- is now known as Sailor Uranus
[09:30] /// Battle Mode: Sailor Uranus doesn't wait, sneak ambushes rei with a space sword blaster (YOU LAID THE SMACKDOWN!!)
[09:31] * @spiritflame is caught by surprise and skids back
[09:31] * @S.X. Aino changes topic to `r-chan v. Harry-P ends 10:00`
[09:31] * @spiritflame had dialed her power down before walking in
[09:31] <Sailor Uranus> Yeah whatever makes you feel better, rei-rei
[09:32] /// Battle Mode: @spiritflame blasts forward gundam style and upper-cuts haruka (DENIED!)
[09:32] * Sailor Uranus uses her lightning speed and dodges to the side
[09:32] <@S.X. Aino> 1-0 Harry-P
[09:33] /// Battle Mode: Sailor Uranus knows directly attacking herself is useless, so World Shakings the ground under her to knock her down (BOTCHED! [-ATTACKER STUNNED: LOSE A TURN-])
[09:34] * @spiritflame smirks and uses bukujitsu (not even her mechanical levitation ability) to just walk over the hole
[09:34] <Sailor Uranus> GOD DAMMIT
[09:34] <// J_Daito //> What Uranus, still can't fly? Didn't Kaioh take you high enough on the engagement trip?
[09:34] <Mdm_Maestro> Silence you crude dog!
[09:35] /// Battle Mode: @spiritflame levitates right in front of Uranus and rapidly rabbit punches her in the nose (CRITICAL HIT [-DOUBLE DAMAGE!-])
[09:35] <Sailor Uranus> s[BLEEP]t YOU BROKE MY NOSE
[09:35] <@S.X. Aino> 2-1 r-chan
[09:35] /// Battle Mode: @spiritflame headbutts Uranus (CRITICAL HIT [-DOUBLE DAMAGE!-])
[09:36] <@S.X. Aino> 4-1 r-chan
[09:36] * Sailor Uranus is seeing stars and busted open, her face a crimson mask
[09:36] <@S.X. Aino> ECW! ECW! ECW!
[09:36] <Sailor Uranus> Yeah, that's the ticket....
[09:37] /// Battle Mode: Sailor Uranus grabs a folding steel chair from by the dining table and CLOCKS rei in the side of the head (A HIT!!)
[09:37] * @spiritflame staggers to the side shaking her head
[09:37] <@S.X. Aino> 4-2, r-chan
[09:38] /// Battle Mode: @spiritflame punches through the steel chair and hits uranus in the face again (DENIED!)
[09:38] * Sailor Uranus swung low and blocked with a LADDER at the last second
[09:38] <@spiritflame> ....
[09:39] /// Battle Mode: Sailor Uranus rams rei in the gut with the ladder (A HIT!!)
[09:39] <@S.X. Aino> 4-3 r-chan
[09:39] * @spiritflame doubles over slightly and slides back
[09:40] /// Battle Mode: @spiritflame reaches under Das Ubercouch and pulls out a stop sign, and brains haruka with it (KNOCKDOWN! Opponent down for a 1 count!)
[09:40] <Sailor Uranus> @_@
[09:40] * Sailor Uranus drops
[09:40] <@S.X. Aino> 5-3 r-chan!
[09:40] <@S.X. Aino> 1
[09:40] * Sailor Uranus nips back up
[09:41] <@S.X. Aino> 20 minutes left, guys!
[09:41] <Sailor Uranus> So you wanna get hardcore eh?
[09:41] /// Battle Mode: Sailor Uranus wraps a baseball bat in barbed wire and SLAMS it into the side of rei's head (KNOCKDOWN! Opponent down for a 9 count!)
[09:42] * @spiritflame feels the bat tear into her skull and allows the damage, dropping
[09:42] <@S.X. Aino> OUCH! 5-4 now!
[09:42] <@S.X. Aino> 1
[09:42] <@S.X. Aino> 2
[09:43] * Sailor Uranus flexes
[09:43] <@S.X. Aino> 3
[09:43] <@S.X. Aino> 4
[09:43] <@S.X. Aino> 5
[09:43] <@S.X. Aino> 6
[09:43] <@S.X. Aino> 7
[09:43] <@S.X. Aino> 8
[09:43] <@S.X. Aino> 9
[09:44] * @spiritflame reforms the side of her head and rises slowly, menacingly, creating some simulated blood to match the damage
[09:44] /// Battle Mode: @spiritflame forms her right arm into a "kendo stick" and swings it around, smashing uranus in the side (A HIT!!)
[09:45] <@S.X. Aino> 6-4
[09:45] * Sailor Uranus wheezes as she feels a rib crack, and momentarily drops to one knee
[09:46] /// Battle Mode: Sailor Uranus from her lwer position, sends a World Shaking across and up to strike rei in the face (DENIED!)
[09:46] * @spiritflame irately bats the glob of energy aside with her forearm, where it blows a hole in the side of the house
[09:47] <@S.X. Aino> Uh-oh, she looks annoyed
[09:47] /// Battle Mode: @spiritflame forms her other arm into a Steel chair and then SLAMS Uranus over the head with it (YOU LAID THE SMACKDOWN!!)
[09:47] <@S.X. Aino> 7-4 r-chan
[09:48] * Sailor Uranus crumples, her head bloody and sticky now
[09:49] /// Battle Mode: Sailor Uranus pulls a cookie tray or whatever the f[BLEEP]k they're called from under Venus Sofa and, grabbing the edges, swings it around by the edge, SLICING into rei's gut (YOU LAID THE SMACKDOWN!!)
[09:49] <@S.X. Aino> 7-5
[09:50] * @spiritflame coughs up simulated blood which returns to her discretely, and clutches at her gut, which has begun to "bleed" through her now "torn" hakama
[09:50] <Sailor Uranus> Do you gotta make it so obvious you're just humoring me _
[09:51] /// Battle Mode: @spiritflame changes her kendo-stick arm to a barbed-wire bat arm and staggers over to Uranus, raking it over the side of Uranus face (YOU LAID THE SMACKDOWN!!)
[09:51] <@S.X. Aino> 8-5 with nine minutes to go
[09:52] * Sailor Uranus yells out in agony as flesh is ripped from the side of her face
[09:52] /// Battle Mode: Sailor Uranus knees rei in the gut and stone-cold stunners her into the ladder (DENIED!)
[09:53] * @spiritflame reverses the stunner and holds Uranus over the ladder
[09:53] /// Battle Mode: @spiritflame DROPS, Sending Uranus SMASHING into the ladder face-first (BLOCKED!!)
[09:54] * Sailor Uranus had enough time to flip over and out of the hold
[09:54] /// Battle Mode: Sailor Uranus leaps up onto the table and grabs the stop sign, doing a flying divebomb into rei's face (KNOCKDOWN! Opponent down for a 5 count!)
[09:55] * @spiritflame drops and SLAMS into the ground, which explodes into shards of hardwood
[09:55] <@S.X. Aino> 8-6 with 5 minutes left
[09:55] <@S.X. Aino> 1
[09:55] <@S.X. Aino> 2
[09:55] <@S.X. Aino> 3
[09:56] <@S.X. Aino> 4
[09:56] <@S.X. Aino> 5
[09:56] * @spiritflame sits up like kane, using her fire-control to simulate the pyyrotechnic explosions too
[09:57] /// Battle Mode: @spiritflame cracks her neck and grabs a circular saw blade from the work closet, spinning it and hurling it into uranus' side (A HIT!!)
[09:57] <@S.X. Aino> 9-6
[09:58] * Sailor Uranus lets out an involuntary scream as her side tears open and blood begins to gush
[09:58] <// J_Daito //> Now THAT'S HARDCORE!
[09:58] * Sailor Uranus clutches her side and stands
[09:59] /// Battle Mode: Sailor Uranus hurls her space sword at rei with her one free arm, hoping it can aim itself (A MISS!)
[09:59] * @spiritflame watches the talisman embed itself in the wall by her side
[09:59] /// Battle Mode: @spiritflame grabs the talisman and hurls it back at Uranus, aiming for the shoulder (KNOCKDOWN! Opponent down for a 5 count!)
[10:00] * Sailor Uranus screams in pain and goes down, her shoulder torn to shreds
[10:00] <@S.X. Aino> And that's time! 10-6, r-chan!
[10:00] * @spiritflame restores her limbs, appearance and outfit to normal
[10:01] * @spiritflame tosses Uranus a senzu bean
[10:01] * Sailor Uranus chews and watches her wounds heal
[10:01] * Sailor Uranus is now known as --=[ SpeedRcrX ]=--
[10:01] <--=[ SpeedRcrX ]=--> Damn, rei, I never thought you'd be able to fight hardcore style
[10:02] <@spiritflame> i adapt quickly
[10:02] <// J_Daito //> So, EIHGF, it's you and me in the final
[10:02] <@spiritflame> heh
[10:03] * @spiritflame advises you the tactics you used on chibiusagi will not work on her
[10:03] <// J_Daito //> hah, that time is long over between us
[10:04] * // J_Daito // enfolds himself in his cape and vanishes in a haze of cool CGI
[10:04] *** // J_Daito // [] has quit IRC
[10:04] <FireFly_9> I'll reserve the large deserted canyon that's impossibly huge but right over there.
[10:04] <@S.X. Aino> Good move.
[10:05] <FireFly_9> Ahh, and I'd like to announce something as well.
[10:06] <FireFly_9> SaturnGrl made these wonderful Suburban Senshi Tarot cards. -->
[10:06] <@S.X. Aino> I've been thinking of opening up a general fanart section, actually, since we do have submissions lying around.
[10:07] <FireFly_9> Thank you, SaturnGrl!
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