Suburban Senshi IRC Chat #755: “Suburban Sims Episode 1 (possibly NSFW)”
#755 “Suburban Sims Episode 1 (possibly NSFW)”


Make her feel old, of course XD

Sailor Mewtwo [e-mail] • 01/21/05 08:45pm

Naked Haruka..... mmmm

Oh, btw, what are we gonna do for Haruka-sama's birthday? The Big 3-0

Moonstar • 01/20/05 07:23pm

Yes, I'm done this one, too, Ying-Girl.

Dark Knight • 01/20/05 03:14am

Point taken. I think we're done with this now ^_^

Sailor Mewtwo [e-mail] • 01/19/05 03:26pm

Mewtwo, you didn't see what this Dork did in my guestbook which lead him to being banned from that in the first place and restorted to post idiotic comments here.

YingGirl [e-mail] • 01/19/05 12:43pm

It seems to me Dark Knight was voicing his opinion. If anyone's "bitching" its you, Ying Girl. I actually did care about his opinion, I found it interesting. You just take things way too personally. Relax.

Sailor Mewtwo [e-mail] • 01/19/05 11:59am

(wonders if she missed the updates where the Sims actors for Chibiusa, Hotaru, and Jedite were introduced...)

Little Girl • 01/19/05 11:30am

....Dark Knight, FUCK OFF. Please. Nobody fucken cares about your constant bitching and what you expect? TGTN is a random comic!

YingGirl [e-mail] • 01/19/05 06:27am

Solarchos, so you're saying those diamond acts like mood detectors. Are the daimonds called Mood Diamonds. It's a good thing, the Diamond Mood detectors don't exist on people's head in reality.

Dark Knight • 01/19/05 02:08am

I think you did lose touch of your Comics, Ying-Girl, I meant from Season 1 to 5 (Till Comic #281), each Comics has connections or in other words the new comics had connections with the previous comics, but from Comic #282 the connections seems to break and broke off, since then it got confusing to understand what's going on in Season 6. I noticed in Season 6 you're running from 1 plot to another. It seems your taking a long break from your adventures for quite a long while.
So, Ying-Girl, when you and you're friends returns to be in an adventurous mood, are you going to make Lord of thr Ring (Part 2), (Part 1) was good and funny.

Dark Knight • 01/19/05 02:03am

Dark Knight - Just so you know, the characters in Sub-Sen Sims are about as close to the anime characters that Xadium can get. The program itself has certain parameters when it comes to character generation. Give Xadium some credit, will ya? The "diamonds" represent the character's current mood. Green's good; red's bad. And yes, there can be enemies but like any real relationship it takes a little time to establish those.

Solarchos [e-mail] • 01/18/05 06:47pm

*twitches* I never lose my touch in making my damn comics. And the crystal thingie on their head shows how each character is doing healthwise, so the one who is playing the game can check up on them. I dunno why they decided to do that. Blame the creators of the game.

YingGirl [e-mail] • 01/18/05 06:04pm

But, Ying Girl, Why do they need crystals in their heads? There's aren't any enemies in Sims?
And Ying-Girl you actually don't suck, your just losing your touch of adventure in your comics that you had since Season 1 to 5 (till Comic #281).

Dark Knight • 01/18/05 04:45pm

Flamewar? You wish. All that Dark Knight can do is constantly haress the comment box cause he's too much of a pussy to send me a email or even appear in the chatbox to tell in my face that I suck. Not to mention I kicked him out/banned him from my guestbooks.

...Anyways, the reason they have crystals on their heads is basically how their health is show in the Sims games. Tsh.

YingGirl [e-mail] • 01/18/05 03:16pm

The comment box is NOT for flamewars people. Chill.

@Haak [e-mail] • 01/18/05 08:22am

Screw you, Ying-Doggie Girl.

Dark Knight • 01/18/05 12:27am

The rabbit's been corrupted in her own. Plus, you really never played Sims...nee Dorky Knight?

YingGirl [e-mail] • 01/17/05 03:35pm

Notice in Pic #2, Jedite was first one to get the feeling/experience of being an ice cube man and burning man. Pic #3: There a Diamond on Haruka's head.

Dark Knight • 01/17/05 02:24pm

Sailor Mewtwo, Chibi-Usa's not a Freak, she's just a normal girl. She possiblely or intentionally got spoit by the idiot fool, sex whore, Elios who has used his evil golden crystal. I hate that idiot and hope he's never become a king of the 40th Century. I'm sure she's mature up like Usagi did and become a well good ruler in the future. I wish the same things that Hotaru wishes for him to he tortured.

Dark Knight • 01/17/05 01:58pm

I noticed that Minako and Haruka (Sim character) looks like one of the girls from "That's 70's Show" and Jedite (sim character) looks like one of the men from "Star Trek" Next generation" or "Friends" and Hotaru (Sim Character) looks looks like an Egyptian girl.
I didn't like the looks of Chibi-Usa (Sim character). It doesn't look like her anyway and not well created.

Dark Knight • 01/17/05 01:51pm

Nice stuff. Haruka, naked? Par for the course! :)

Between_the_Lines • 01/17/05 01:49pm

Dark Knight: Chibi-Usa's still, like, 8 (the freak) and I'm sure Xadium got the best Michiru hair he could

That was class! I hope it's not cancelled!

Sailor Mewtwo [e-mail] • 01/17/05 01:49pm

Momoko was Chibi-Usa's best friend when she came to the past... I think...
And that was just so funny. It'll probably blow my Starlight one out of the water.

Sheikm [e-mail] • 01/17/05 01:11pm

who the heck is momoko?

GuyWhoPlaysNakoNako • 01/17/05 10:09am

Heh heh, nice. Very cool. Let's hope for more soon!

Haak [e-mail] • 01/17/05 08:41am

That's an excellent sims comic (Episode #1) of Suburban characters. And don't worry, Solar Chos, there's only one kid there is see a toliet room in the Living room.
I noticed that all the the sims characters in this comic are from the 1960's , 70's or 80's
It's the 2nd time I get to Prof. Tomoe face again.
Xadium, isn't Chibi Usa's pony tails should be a bit longer at the age of 10 or 12. And isn't Michiru's hair and bit more fluffy kind.

Dark Knight • 01/17/05 06:23am

It's Haruka. Walking around naked is what she does. *shrug*

kevryn [e-mail] • 01/16/05 10:52pm

Dude! When's the next episode? XD

starcat [e-mail] • 01/16/05 10:48pm

That cheers up the soul after a typical brain fry.

Sailor Io [e-mail] • 01/16/05 08:42pm

The humanity!
Clearly, this will exceed the horror of 'Meet the Feebles'

Bear • 01/16/05 08:12pm

Why do they have a toilet in the living room...and why was Haruka struttin' around in the buff!! KIDS MIGHT SEE THAT!! XP

Solarchos [e-mail] • 01/16/05 07:58pm

Glad to see the show is on... and that the skins are quite good. Jedite, you have a hit...

TuxRainbow [e-mail] • 01/16/05 07:57pm

That kicked so much ass!! XD

Shaldra Darkness [e-mail] • 01/16/05 07:57pm