Suburban Senshi IRC Chat #725: “Sailor Io and Adam's 15 minutes of fame!!”</DIV>
#725: “Sailor Io and Adam's 15 minutes of fame!!”

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Oh,God, didn't just say "grate" when you meant "great," did you? There's a biiiig difference. ><

starcat [e-mail] • 12/05/04 03:32pm

the pic of 'Taru is GRATE!

Kakyuu [e-mail] • 12/04/04 10:07pm

Pretty pics. ^_^

However, shouldn't the title say "Sailor Io's and Adam's 15 Minutes of Fame?"

starcat [e-mail] • 12/04/04 02:00am

Awwww~! They're both so shiny and pretty! I love 'em both!

Euri [e-mail] • 12/03/04 03:36pm

he Saturn pic is really cool, but the Haruka/Michiru pic is the s[BLEEP]t

Sailor Mewtwo [e-mail] • 12/03/04 09:19am