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#723: “Sailor Q and Gersende's 15 Minutes of fame”

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• 05/19/11 07:19pm

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• 04/27/11 11:08pm

The hate is due to my birthday being taken over by Haruka's and Michiru's "hlaf-birthday." Stupid famous couples...

starcat [e-mail] • 12/05/04 03:31pm

I'm definately feeling hatred towards my inability to use photoshop or anything......

Kakyuu [e-mail] • 12/04/04 10:04pm

Setsuna is Q, Chibiusa is the henchman, Artemis is just a cat, and is the minister of defense....

Sailor Quinox [e-mail] • 12/02/04 08:52pm

Why the hate? Don't hate the Playa... hate *The Game*. And I mean that. HHH sucks

Haruka • 12/02/04 04:08pm

Beautiful Haruka/Michiru picture, although I'm currently feeling hatred towards that certain pairing. >< Still, I shouldn't let it get in the way of good artwork. ^_^

Creative picture, Q! I like it!

starcat [e-mail] • 12/02/04 04:06pm

I don't think Setsuna's Moneypenny; Minako has a clipboard, which I've always associated with that particular Bond character. Or maybe I'm just delusional. *shrugs*

SaiyaJedi [e-mail] • 12/02/04 10:29am

Thanks a lot for all of your comments ^^

Gersende [e-mail] • 12/02/04 07:59am

Setsuna is Moneypenny, I think.
And wow, Gersende. Such loveliness ^_^

dooky • 12/02/04 06:35am

Heh, you might be onto something Jack. PersonallyI think Gersende's pic deserves another mention for being so damn good. The 007 pic is cool idea though.

Haak [e-mail] • 12/02/04 04:28am

Artemis is probably the white cat that Blofeld is always petting. No idea for Setsuna. And it's not related to anything in the Bond movies, but the spore looks like one of the Combine troops from Half-Life 2.

Jack Flagg • 12/02/04 12:25am

Okay... so in the "007" pic:
- Haruka is Bond
- Xadium is M (or Q?)
- Minako is Moneypenny
- is Q (or M?)
- Michiru is the "bond girl"
- Hotaru is the "femme fatale," and
- Jedite is Dr. No.

But... who are Chibiusa, Setsuna, and Artemis supposed to be?

SaiyaJedi [e-mail] • 12/01/04 11:07pm

Holy Hell I absolutely love that Michiru and Haruka pic. So kawaii and SHINY!

Euri [e-mail] • 12/01/04 09:52pm