Suburban Senshi IRC Chat #711: “Urban Renewal”
#711: “Urban Renewal”

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As promised, the Suburban Senshi movie, "Urban Renewal" is here!

Enjoy! And as the blackboard on the Simpsons said at the conclusion of the "Who Shot Mr. Burns" special said, remember this mantra: " I WILL NOT COMPLAIN ABOUT THE SOLUTION WHEN I HEAR IT"

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Suburban Senshi: Breaking the monopoly of "Ami's Husband" in 2k4
Seriously though, thank for all your wonderful comments, guys!

Dr. X • 11/21/04 05:54pm

Yeah, what Mango said. Sorry I ever doubted the method to your marriage madness. So many external references (Was the ketchup thing inspired by 8-Bit Theatre?) -- tempted to read it again.

Bogey • 11/21/04 04:31pm

Gotta say that was pretty sweet. Enjoyable from start to finish (though the Miss Dream scenes were pretty humorous, I must say)
Well written! *claps*

Mango-chan [e-mail] • 11/20/04 03:28pm

That. Kicked. Ass. I am surprised everyone ended up surviving, not that I'm complaining...well, okay, if you'd killed the spore I wouldn't have minded so much. But hey, it's all good.

Jack Flagg • 11/19/04 12:23am

Wow and wow again, that waas everything I wanted and so much more. I love the Jed and Hotaru implications going on*cheers* it's a Sub Senshi dream come true. Haruka's hell had me rolling and poor day ChibiUsa really needs to be perma fixed, for his sake...he is just too sweet. On another note, a sane Tomoe is just not our Tomoe! Cheers Xadium, that will definetly be a file I save.

Koneko Twilight [e-mail] • 11/18/04 06:36pm

Wow, very nice way to finish this all up, Doc. ^_^

Shaldra Darkness [e-mail] • 11/18/04 05:29pm

I just finished making a copy of it and downloading it. Can't wait to read it!

Solarchos [e-mail] • 11/18/04 03:30pm

Excellent. That was one great read, from start to finish, Doc!

Haak [e-mail] • 11/18/04 12:08pm

Damn, man, now that was cool. That was fun from start to finish. Welcome back to all the Sub Sen! Let the adventures continue! ^_^

Between_the_Lines • 11/18/04 10:31am

Nice fic, in script format. Course Wolfy is currently doing/writting the non-suburban senshi character version fighting off Ms. Dream/Queen Nephilina....

I still don't want to partake. Told ya the rabbit was the one who fucked up Elios in the first place.

YingGirl [e-mail] • 11/18/04 04:03am

*comes back with 7 golden orbs in tow*

Aww... y'mean I didn't even need these, after all? F[BLEEP]K.

O_O guess the filter's back on too, now. Heh.

SaiyaJedi [e-mail] • 11/18/04 03:39am

That was good... Terra has also returned, and that was so good. Well done...

TuxRainbow [e-mail] • 11/18/04 03:38am

Xadium, my friend, I think we both know what's my reaction to this so I'll just keep it short and simple. This was brilliant. Absolutely perfect. Keep up the good work.

Also, give me your socks.

Ikari Shinji • 11/18/04 01:52am

good work x!

NakoNako [e-mail] • 11/18/04 01:18am

.....a wonderful ending....really...

Sailor Quinox [e-mail] • 11/18/04 01:14am