Suburban Senshi IRC Chat #707: “In Darkest Night”
#707: “In Darkest Night”

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Topic is -= Exposition! Explication! Irritation! =-

[17:27] <@spiritflame> The Dinner Table
[17:27] * FireFly_9 has Chibiusa by the throat, her face obscured by shadow.
[17:28] * FireFly_9 is now known as Miss Dream
[17:29] * Miss Dream lifts Chibiusa's squirming body into the air with one hand
[17:30] * Sailor Venus flicks her wrist forward, and her love-me chain, which has been subtly snaking its way through the air above the table, LASHES out at Hotaru!
[17:30] <Miss Dream> No.
[17:31] * Miss Dream twists her head to the left, and the chain SMASHES into the table, SHATTERING it in two!
[17:31] <Sailor Venus> (gets up, shocked) How?!
[17:32] * .`~SugaBB_2999~`. continues to struggle for breath, her tiny hands pressing against Hotaru's fingers
[17:33] * --=[ SpeedRcrX ]=-- and Michiru look at each other and nod, jumping up and transforming
[17:34] * --=[ SpeedRcrX ]=-- is now known as Sailor Uranus
[17:34] * Mdm_Maestro is now known as Sailor Neptune
[17:35] <Sailor Neptune> DEEP
[17:35] <Sailor Uranus> WORLD
[17:35] <Sailor Neptune> SUBMERGE
[17:35] <Sailor Uranus> SHAKING!
[17:36] * Sailor Uranus and Neptune's attacks combine and launch towards Hotaru
[17:36] <Sailor Venus> You fools, you'll hit chibi--
[17:36] * Sailor Venus is SLAMMED in the back by a dead scream and goes flying!
[17:37] * chronos.typhoon.2k4 nods at Uranus and Neptune
[17:37] * chronos.typhoon.2k4 is now known as Sailor Pluto
[17:38] <Miss Dream> HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA! (tilts her head the other way, and sends the attacks flying off into the ceiling)
[17:38] <Sailor Uranus> The f[BLEEP]k?!
[17:38] * Sailor Venus lands on the ground behind Uranus, leaps up and GRABS her by the throat!
[17:39] <Sailor Venus> Explain yourself!
[17:39] * Sailor Neptune gets ready to attack Venus
[17:39] <Sailor Pluto> Don't oppose us, Venus.
[17:39] <Sailor Uranus> You're (wheeze) too sentimental. You're worried about Chibiusa
[17:40] <Sailor Venus> Aren't you?!
[17:40] * Miss Dream continues to squeeze, laughing as Chibiusa's face becomes blue
[17:41] <Sailor Venus> KYAAAAAAAAAAAAA! (screams as Pluto and Neptune hit her with attacks, falls to the ground)
[17:42] <Sailor Uranus> Sorry kid, we have bigger fish to fry. We don't need amateurs getting in the way.
[17:42] * Sailor Neptune flying tackles Hotaru, as Uranus and Neptune fire attacks at her head
[17:43] * Sailor Venus gets up, a golden aura surrounding her.
[17:43] <Sailor Venus> I... am... Sailor Venus... the leader of the Yon Shugo Jin no Senshi... I AM NO AMATEUR!
[17:44] * Sailor Venus casts her arms forward and launches lances of golden energy at the other attacks, deflecting them
[17:44] <Sailor Uranus> f[BLEEP]king leveled, huh?
[17:45] * Sailor Venus looks at them darkly. "How much of the past do you REALLY remember, Uranus? I know it ALL."
[17:45] <Sailor Neptune> Uranus! Keep her busy!
[17:45] * Sailor Uranus leaps at Venus
[17:46] <Miss Dream> Yes, that's it, Sailor Senshi! Fight! Let your anger control you! Your bitterness, your envy, your condescension, your ire, UNLEASH IT! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA
[17:47] * Miss Dream drops Chibiusa and spins around, her hair growing and lashing out, catching Pluto and Neptune by the neck
[17:47] <Sailor Neptune> GAH (starts to choke)
[17:47] * Sailor Uranus and Venus are trading blows
[17:47] * Sailor Pluto tries to pull the hair off her throat
[17:48] <Sailor Uranus> You... (punch) STUPID (kick) LITTLE (punch) GIRLS! (punch) ALWAYS THINKING YOU f[BLEEP]kING KNOW BETTER
[17:48] * Sailor Venus coldly blocks
[17:49] <Sailor Venus> You (punch) AROGANT (punch) SELF CENTERED (punch punch), SELF-IMPORTANT (KICK) BLOWHARD! (puts Uranus through a wall) It's time you LEARNED OUR VALUE!
[17:49] * Sailor Uranus leaps forwards and cracks her neck
[17:50] <Sailor Uranus> You inners are full of s[BLEEP]t!
[17:50] <Sailor Venus> Same goes for you outers!
[17:50] * The Catman leaps onto the table!
[17:50] * The Catman hurls some catarangs at the hair, and cuts it!
[17:51] * Sailor Pluto and Neptune stagger forward
[17:52] <Miss Dream> What the---
[17:53] * The Catman launches himself at Hotaru and claws at her face!
[17:53] * Miss Dream staggers back
[17:53] <Sailor Venus> ...!
[17:53] * Sailor Venus kicks Uranus aside and launches an attack
[17:53] * Miss Dream stops it by outstretching her hand, sending the attack back to Venus, who goes smashing into a wall
[17:54] <Sailor Pluto> Maybe only physical force works!
[17:54] * Sailor Neptune tackles Hotaru!
[17:56] * Miss Dream is unmoved, and looks down at Michiru with a sick grin. "Like the view?"
[17:56] * Miss Dream strikes forward with her hands and GOUGES OUT Neptune's eyes!
[17:57] <Sailor Neptune> GGYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH (staggers around, blood coming from her eyes)
[17:57] * Sailor Venus regards the situation coldly, and begins to mass a Venus Planet Attack
[17:58] * The Catman slips under Hotaru's legs, leaps up behind her and wraps his paws over her eyes
[17:58] <Miss Dream> Can't... see!! GET OFF ME, ANIMAL!
[17:59] <Sailor Uranus> Michiru, Michiru, Michiru!
[17:59] * Sailor Uranus is frantically trying to help her
[17:59] <Sailor Neptune> It's no good... Haruka... I'm blind...
[18:00] * Sailor Uranus turns to face Hotaru, hatred covering her face like a dark mask
[18:00] <Sailor Uranus> You... b[BLEEP]ch!
[18:01] * Sailor Venus unleashes her planet attack, golden energy roiling through the air, boiling it, as it lashes out towards Miss Dream
[18:02] * Miss Dream senses the attack, turns and manages to get The Catman in front of her "Will you hurt this animal?"
[18:02] <Sailor Venus> I'm sorry... (continues her attack)
[18:03] * Miss Dream laughs "Excellent! I feel the guilt in your soul eating at you! For that it will be worth this pain!"
[18:04] * Miss Dream screams in agony as both she and the Catman are enveloped by the harsh golden light, the heat scarring and scorching her
[18:04] <Sailor Venus> I'm... so sorry... both of you... (tears drop from her eyes)
[18:04] * Sailor Venus drops to the ground, feeling weak and defeated
[18:05] * Miss Dream drops to the ground, a puddle of melted flesh.
[18:05] * Sailor Uranus doesn't even notice, preoccupied with Michiru
[18:05] <Sailor Pluto> What...
[18:05] * The Catman sits on the ground, unharmed.
[18:06] <The Catman> I didn't see that coming..
[18:06] <Sailor Venus> Wha...
[18:06] <Sailor Pluto> She's still alive! (points to Hotaru)
[18:07] * Miss Dream rises up slowly, resuming her former shape, totally unharmed.
[18:07] <Miss Dream> You lived. Animal.
[18:07] <The Catman> As did you, Evildoer.
[18:09] <Sailor Venus> A... Artemis? (looks up hopefully)
[18:09] <Miss Dream> Artemis. Of course.
[18:09] * The Catman is now known as =^catablanca^=
[18:10] <=^catablanca^=> My... costume!
[18:10] <Sailor Pluto> It vanished?
[18:10] <Miss Dream> Hah!
[18:11] * =^catablanca^= leaps at Dream, and tries to claw her face again, with no effect.
[18:11] * Miss Dream bats him aside easily
[18:12] * =^catablanca^= SMASHES into the wall, with the sound of bones breaking being heard
[18:12] <Sailor Venus> ARTEMIS! (leaps up)
[18:12] <Sailor Pluto> Small... lady... Where is small lady!?!
[18:13] * Sailor Pluto looks around for her frantically
[18:13] <Sailor Venus> Gone...
[18:13] <Miss Dream> s[BLEEP]t!
[18:13] <Sailor Venus> ...
[18:14] <Sailor Venus> Pluto! With me!
[18:14] * Sailor Pluto leaps over to Venus
[18:14] <Sailor Uranus> Don't f[BLEEP]king listen to her, Pluto!
[18:15] <Sailor Uranus> Michi... I feel so helpless... DAMMIT! THIS IS YOUR FAULT, VENUS!
[18:16] * Sailor Uranus sinks down and cradles Michiru in her arms, as she tries to seek out Uranus' face.
[18:16] <Sailor Pluto> Do you know something, Venus?
[18:16] <Sailor Venus> I suspect--
[18:17] * Miss Dream turns her head towards Venus, and all of a sudden strips of flesh grow over Venus' mouth, shutting it
[18:17] * Sailor Venus grunts and muffles, then squeezes her eyes shut
[18:17] <Sailor Pluto> What manner of magic...
[18:18] * @spiritflame spins her staff around "What are you, sorcerer!?"
[18:19] <Sailor Venus> There's no magic here.
[18:20] * Sailor Venus stands, looking ethereally beautiful, surrounded in a halo of golden light, her mouth just fine.
[18:20] <Sailor Pluto> Venus? How...
[18:22] <Sailor Venus> I sacrificed my future self to gain the clarity of a warrior's mind. The focus of a mind untainted by fear, committed only to victory.
[18:22] <Sailor Pluto> What are you saying...
[18:23] * Miss Dream jerks her head around and floats to Venus. "So... you know..."
[18:24] <Sailor Venus> I don't know when it started. All I know is, that right now, we are in a battlefield not of flesh, but of the mind.
[18:24] * Miss Dream cackles
[18:24] <Miss Dream> Fat lot of good that knowledge will do you!
[18:25] * Miss Dream floats up to the ceiling.
[18:25] <Miss Dream> So you know. That knowledge will do you no good. For here you stand upon the plain of your own personal ruin.
[18:26] <Sailor Uranus> This is no f[BLEEP]king dream! Michi's blind! We can't all be dreaming the same f[BLEEP]king dream!
[18:27] <Miss Dream> Oh, but you are. You dream my master's last, darkest dream.
[18:27] <Sailor Pluto> Master?
[18:28] <Miss Dream> Do you remember... when Nephelenia captured all of you, and locked you into her mirrors?
[18:28] <Sailor Venus> Yes.
[18:28] * Sailor Pluto nods
[18:29] <Miss Dream> She read all of your minds, your fears, your desires, the things that cut to the bone of your soul.
[18:30] <Miss Dream> After Saturn nearly destroyed her, she vowed never to be defeated by her again, so she cast her foulest magics into Saturn's dream mirror, causing a small stain. A blot, A blemish, that grew slowly, with time.
[18:30] <Sailor Pluto> ...
[18:30] <Miss Dream> But she was sealed away before her plan could take root, before I, her darkest flower, could come to bloom.
[18:31] <Sailor Pluto> ...Galaxia.
[18:31] * Sailor Uranus is half listening
[18:31] * Sailor Neptune can do nothing but listen.
[18:32] <Miss Dream> Hah, yes. When Galaxia released the cursed seal, my Mistress' magic once again became active, setting the events in motion that would awaken me.
[18:32] <Sailor Venus> But Nephelenia relented! Time was reset!
[18:32] <Miss Dream> You may have reset her, but not Saturn.
[18:33] <Miss Dream> I, the last seed of her hatred, continued to grow slowly, in the dark corners of Hotaru's soul, feeding and growing upon the pain and anguish there.
[18:35] <Sailor Pluto> And now you have emerged...
[18:36] <Miss Dream> For vengeance! For retribution! To see you all smothered, crushed under the horrible weight of your own darkness! Yes, I, Miss Dream have finally made my debut! And now, all you fools will cry out in eternal agony within my hellish nightmare! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
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