Suburban Senshi IRC Chat #684: “For Great Justice! The next Parody Blog!!”
#684: “For Great Justice! The next Parody Blog!!”

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Topic is -= Comics Rule! =-

[12:17] <=^catablanca^=> As the catman, champion of justice and enemy of EVIL, it is only fitting that I should introduce this next entry in parody blog week.
[12:18] * =^catablanca^= is now known as The Catman
[12:18] <The Catman> Good citizens, I present to you the parody blog of one Ikari Shinji
[12:20] <The Catman> It features some of my erstwhile allies in the Justice League-- while they may not be as famous as I am, please try to support them!
[12:20] * The Catman leaps off into the NIGHT
[12:20] <C'est_la_V> Ano... you just jumped into the dark hallway...
[12:21] <@spiritflame> begin parody log

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Topic is -=Monitor Duty Sucks =-
[14:33] * Green_Lantern is currently in the JLA Monitor Womb, located in the Watchtower on the Moon, nearly at the end of his 24 hour shift of Monitor Duty
[14:33] <Green_Lantern> Great, nothing's still happening.
[14:33] * Green_Lantern surfs through the transmission on the monitors, hoping for something to happen to take his mind off of the boredom
[14:33] * // The_Flash // walks into the Monitor Womb and stands besides Green Lantern
[14:34] <Green_Lantern> Ask and you shall receive! Damn glad to see you, Wally.
[14:34] <// The_Flash //> Hey bro, Monitor Duty getting you down?
[14:34] <Green_Lantern> You wouldn't know the half of it. It's been boring as hell.
[14:34] <// The_Flash //> I would say that I sympathize with you but my last stint was anything but boring.
[14:35] <Green_Lantern> Lucky you.
[14:35] <// The_Flash //> So, need something to liven up this place until the end of your shift and then today's meeting?
[14:35] <Green_Lantern> Master of the obvious, aren't you?
[14:35] <// The_Flash //> I take that answer as a yes, then. Ok, I'll tell you something I've been meaning to bring up for a while.
[14:36] <Green_Lantern> That would be?
[14:36] <// The_Flash //> Dude, your rogues gallery sucks.
[14:36] * Green_Lantern gives The Flash a sidewards glance while still keeping track of the everything on the monitors
[14:36] <Green_Lantern> You're the one to talk, Wally. Do I need to say the name "Rainbow Raider"?
[14:36] <// The_Flash //> Sonar.
[14:37] <Green_Lantern> Abra Kadabra.
[14:37] <// The_Flash //> Hector Hammond.
[14:37] <Green_Lantern> Wrong Lantern, bro.
[14:38] <// The_Flash //> Damnit.
[14:38] <Green_Lantern> heh.
[14:38] <Green_Lantern> Going off subject for a moment, why don't we ever see Batman on Monitor Duty? Everyone else does it, even Mr. King of Atlantis himself, but never Bats.
[14:38] <// The_Flash //> Remember who you're talking about. Do you actually think old Dark and Spooky would actually pull Monitor Duty?
[14:38] <Green_Lantern> Good point. I guess I had a momentary lapse of intelligence.
[14:39] <// The_Flash //> Is that any different from normal?
[14:39] <Green_Lantern> Blow me, renaissance man.
[14:39] <// The_Flash //> You wish, gangrene.
[14:39] <Green_Lantern> Oh, no! Now you know my deep, dark fantasies! Whatever am I to do?
[14:40] <// The_Flash //> I'm sorry to break you heart, GL, but I have a hot wife back home waiting for the super-hero loving. Maybe you can see if Tasmanian Devil is currently available.
[14:40] <Green_Lantern> Here's a few points for you, twinkletoes: 1. I'm not gay, 2. I don't go for the whole furry deal, and 3. Even if I was gay, I wouldn't want you if my life depended on it.
[14:40] <// The_Flash //> Why's that?
[14:40] <Green_Lantern> 'Cause I'm guessing the nickname "The Fastest Man Alive" applies to your bedroom performance as well.
[14:40] <// The_Flash //> ...
[14:40] <Green_Lantern> Wait, what was that? Did someone get owned? I think so!
[14:41] <// The_Flash //> Funny.
[14:41] <Green_Lantern> Thanks, I thought so.
[14:41] <// The_Flash //> Not.
[14:41] <Green_Lantern> Whoa, West, wait a sec... I got a transmission coming in from my ring. Hello? Yes? Ok, I'll tell him. Wally, there's a world crisis happening at the moment. A third grader called and she wants her reply back. I guess she's really in a heated discussion with some other kids over who's the coolest: Britney or Christina. So could you hurry up and run it back to her?
[14:42] <// The_Flash //> You're quite the comedian today, aren't you?
[14:42] <Green_Lantern> I just seem to be on a roll today.
[14:42] <// The_Flash //> Why do we have you as our Lantern and not someone like Hal Jordan or John Stewart? Hell, I'd even welcome Guy Gardner over you.
[14:42] <Green_Lantern> It must be my charming personality and people skills. Everyone loves me.
[14:43] <// The_Flash //> Sure. And I'm Kirsten Dunst.
[14:43] <Green_Lantern> Nice to meet you, Miss Dunst.
[14:43] <// The_Flash //> As much as I'm enjoying this witty exchange, I need to know something.
[14:43] <Green_Lantern> What's that?
[14:44] <// The_Flash //> How much longer is it until the meeting? I left my watch at home.
[14:44] <Green_Lantern> The Flash without a watch? The world is ending! However will you be able to keep track of the time so you can b[BLEEP]ch when people don't arrive at their destinations in the matter of seconds like you do?
[14:45] <// The_Flash //> Stow the sarcastic remarks and just answer me.
[14:45] <Green_Lantern> There's only a little while longer before it starts. It's your fault for arriving here early.
[14:45] <// The_Flash //> Don't remind me.
[14:45] <Green_Lantern> So, where were we?
[14:45] <// The_Flash //> Star Sapphire.
[14:46] <Green_Lantern> Pied Piper.
[14:46] * @MartianManhunter walks into the Monitor Womb with an open bag of Oreos in his hands
[14:46] <@MartianManhunter> Hello.
[14:46] <Green_Lantern> Hey, J'onn.
[14:46] <// The_Flash //> Hi, J'onn.
[14:47] <@MartianManhunter> Should I even ask what the two of you are up to?
[14:47] <// The_Flash //> Seeing who has the worst rogues gallery.
[14:47] <Green_Lantern> Making fun of quick spurt here.
[14:47] <@MartianManhunter> The same old routine then.
[14:48] * Green_Lantern notices the bag of Oreos in the Manhunter's hands
[14:48] <Green_Lantern> More Oreos? Are you addicted to those? Considering how many bags you tend to go through.
[14:48] <@MartianManhunter> I am not addicted.
[14:48] <Green_Lantern> J'onn, dude, you go through 10 or 15 bags a week. In the budget, there's a section just for your Oreos!
[14:48] * MartianManhunter glares at Green Lantern
[14:48] <@MartianManhunter> I. Am. Not. Addicted.
[14:48] * MartianManhunter notices that he's finished this current bag and goes flying out of the Monitor Womb and returns seconds later with a new bag of Oreos already open
[14:48] <Green_Lantern> Denial's always the first sign.
[14:49] <// The_Flash //> J'onn... do you need an intervention?
[14:49] * MartianManhunter just stares at the two
[14:49] <// The_Flash //> If we need to, we could call Oreos' Anonymous.
[14:50] <Green_Lantern> I hear there's a patch nowadays.
[14:50] * MartianManhunter sighs
[14:50] <@MartianManhunter> You two are sometimes worst then Beetle and Booster.
[14:50] * MartianManhunter walks out and heads to the Hall of Justice
[14:50] <// The_Flash //> Nicely Done.
[14:50] <Green_Lantern> Although I would like to take the full credit this, I simply can not. Half of this honor should go to my good friend, Wally.
[14:50] * // The_Flash // bows
[14:51] <Green_Lantern> So what now, my fast, and impotent, friend? We still have some more time to waste until the meeting starts.
[14:51] <// The_Flash //> Well, we could always figure out how much you'll be paying in child support this month since you probably have more kids then Old Dirty B[BLEEP]rd.
[14:51] <Green_Lantern> Nicely done, Wallace. Or it would if I'd haven't heard that crack a dozen times already from you but you'll get a consolation prize!
[14:51] <// The_Flash //> What would that be?
[14:52] * Green_Lantern uses his power ring to create a metal gag around The Flash's mouth
[14:52] <Green_Lantern> You shutting up.
[14:52] * // The_Flash // tries to remove it but to no avail
[14:52] <=^Batman^=> Lantern, that gag better be removed before the meeting. Also, the both of you: act your ages.
[14:53] <Green_Lantern> Batman! When did you get here?
[14:53] * =^Batman^= has always been here
[14:53] <Green_Lantern> Bullsh...
[14:53] * =^Batman^= glares at Green_Lantern
[14:54] * Green_Lantern shuts up

[14:54] <=^Batman^=> Watch your language.
[14:54] <Green_Lantern> Yes, sir.
[14:54] * Green_Lantern uses his power ring to dissipate the metal gag construct
[14:55] * =^Batman^= stalks off
[14:55] <// The_Flash //> You got in trouble!
[14:55] <Green_Lantern> Dude, shut it.
[14:55] <// The_Flash //> Let me think about that. Hmmm.... nope!
[14:55] * Green_Lantern gives The Flash the middle finger
[14:56] * // The_Flash // returns the favor
[14:56] <Green_Lantern> Times like that is when I'm glad Batman's on our side. Except if you don't count the fact that he had secret protocols for each of us incase of the possibility that we ever went rogue. Paranoid b[BLEEP]rd. But a paranoid b[BLEEP]rd on our side.
[14:56] * =^Batman^= heard that via a planted bug in the Monitor Womb
[14:56] <// The_Flash //> The meeting's about to begin.
[14:57] <Green_Lantern> And almost everyone is here except for Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and Superman.
[14:57] <// The_Flash //> I'm heading over to where everyone else currently is. See you when the meeting starts.
[14:57] <Green_Lantern> Ok, Wally.
[14:57] * // The_Flash // starts to head out
[14:58] <Green_Lantern> By the way...
[14:58] * // The_Flash // stops half-way out the door
[14:58] <// The_Flash //> Yeah?
[14:58] <Green_Lantern> You never denied the bit about the bedroom performance.
[14:58] <// The_Flash //> ...Bite me.
[14:59] <Green_Lantern> No thanks, quickie. You can kiss my ring, though.
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[12:21] <@spiritflame> end parody log
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