Suburban Senshi IRC Chat #681: “Parody Blog week steams on!! Yu-Gi-Oh Style!!”
#681: “Parody Blog week steams on!! Yu-Gi-Oh Style!!”

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Topic is -= I know a nice restaurant in the Kaiba pass... =-

[10:14] <FireFly_9> IRC Parody Blog week continues, this time with an entry from TuxRainbow, a parody of Yu-Gi-Oh.
[10:14] <.`~SugaBB_2999~`.> peekachoo i chuse u, bich!!!11
[10:14] <--=[ SpeedRcrX ]=--> Wrong anime, spore
[10:15] <.`~SugaBB_2999~`.> yewgiho, trensferm an rwel ot!11
[10:15] <--=[ SpeedRcrX ]=--> STILL the wrong anime
[10:16] <.`~SugaBB_2999~`.> facking sam of a bich! baying cerds frum gapan an pleying against amerikan curds sacks! in da nem of da mewn i wal panish u!!!11
[10:16] <--=[ SpeedRcrX ]=--> WRONG Ethical stance
[10:17] <FireFly_9> What's wrong with her ethical stance? (Chibiusa, Ethics, what?!)
[10:17] <.`~SugaBB_2999~`.> tanks horatru n fack u 2
[10:17] <--=[ SpeedRcrX ]=--> ANY MEANS NECESSARY TO VICTORY, FOOL!
[10:17] <// J_Daito //> Exactly!
[10:18] <FireFly_9> I always knew there was a reason Haruka-poppa and Jedite got on so well.
[10:18] <FireFly_9>, start the log playback please.
[10:18] * @spiritflame bows
[10:18] <@spiritflame> begin parody log playback
Thought up and written by: TuxRainbow (
c 2004 - 2005 The Midnight Crew, Ltd.
Kazuki Takahashi is thanked for his contribution to this chat.
4 Kids is also at fault for any contribution to this chat.

Disclaimer: This chat is a parody of the Suburban Senshi chatbox. It is not intended to be realistic. Any relation to any character or characters, real or fictional, is just coincidence. Yu-Gi-Oh is c 2004 4 Kids productions and Konami of Japan, and is used without permission.

Do not copy this chat. When you do, a Toon Blue Eyes dies.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -= Now Talking in #YGO:RTD
-= Topic is: Kuribo ph33rs BEWD

[10:18]<BlueEyesKC>: Computer, Chatroom check.
[10:18]<>: Analyzing. Duel system operational. Chat system, operational. Emote system operational. All systems operational.
[10:19]<BlueEyesKC>: Good. Open the chatroom.
[10:19]<>: Chat system open.
*Blckmagpharo has joined #YGO:RTD
[10:20]<BlueEyesKC>: Yugi. Figures you would show up first.
[10:20]<Blckmagpharo>: Kaiba Seto? What is going on? I come here, find out my God cards are missing, and now this chat?
[10:21]<BlueEyesKC>: Rest assured, I do not have them. I had an announcement to make, and then, Pegasus shows up.
[10:21]<Blckmagpharo>: I know. Pegasus asked me to come to Duelist Kingdom as well.
*ToonWrldCre8r has joined #YGO:RTD
[10:22]<ToonWrldCre8r>: Hiya, Kaiba-boy, Yugi-boy.
*BlueEyesKC knows who it is: Pegasus.
*Blckmagpharo wonders why Pegasus is here.
[10:22]<ToonWrldCre8r>: I am here because I know who is doing all this.
[10:22}<BlueEyesKC>: Yeah, right. I'm supposed to duel you? After what you did to one of my dragons?
*ToonWrldCre8r thinks that Chi Chi is better off as a toon dragon anyway. goes "Hey, Kaiba!" and dissapears.
[10:23]<ToonWrldCre8r>: Come on, Kaiba-boy, loosen up. Chi Chi's happier now.
[10:23]<BlueEyesKC>: I hate that name. A dragon should have a respectable name, not some cartoony name.
[10:23]<Blckmagpharo>: If I may intrude, I think Timeus is a great name.
[10:23]<BlueEyesKV>: Who asked you?
*Blckmagpharo was just answering a question. Sheesh.
*Blckmagpharo's Yami nods from somewhere.
[10:24]<BlueEyesKC>: I hate that. Yugi gets a Yami, a pharoah, and I get [BLEEP].
[10:24]<>: Swearing system test completed.
*DancerTea has joined #YGO:RTD
*RediisJoey has joined #YGO:RTD
*MonkeybotTris10 has joined #YGO:RTD
[10:25]<Blckmagpharo>: Hi, guys.
[10:25]<BlueEyesKC>: Great, the glee club is here.
[10:25]<ToonWrldCre8r>: Allow me to apologize for your rude treatment in Duelist Kingdom. But, policy does state that strangers must be dealt with.
[10:25]<DancerTea>: It's okay. Hi, Yugi.
*DancerTea hugs Yugi
[10:26]<RediisJoey>: Nice chat room, Kaiba.
[10:26]<BlueEyesKC>: Please, do not speak unless spoken to, dog.
[10:27]<MonkeybotTris10>: Why did I choose such a lousy handle? I Could have had anything I wanted, but Noooooo! I get saddled with my alternate!
*BlueEyesKC laughs
*Blckmagpharo blushes
[10:27]<MonkeybotTris10>: Please let me change it.
[10:27]<BlueEyesKC>: No.
*RediisJoey laughs
*DancerTea giggles
[10:28]<MonkeybotTris10>: Okay, then, how about this?
*MonkeybotTris10 is now known as Trist10
[10:28]<>: Unauthorized name change.
[10:29]<Trist10>: Unauthorized? I got your authority right here!
*** -=Trist10 has been kicked from #YGO:RTD by BlueEyesKC (Reason: I am the authority here.)
[10:30]<DancerTea>: Poor Tristan. Yugi, why does 4 Kids think I am just some friend of yours. I like Yami.
[10:30]<Blckmagpharo>: (Yami) Thank you, Tea.
[10:31]<RediisJoey>: So, now what?
*TurtleGmrSolomon has joined #YGO:RTD
[10:31]<Blckmagpharo>: Grandpa?
[10:32]<TurtleGmrSolomon>: Hello, all. I am still trying to get used to this new computer.
[10:33]<BlueEyesKC>: Never too old to learn, pops.
[10:33]<TurtleGmrSolomon>: Pops? I have you know I can out duel you.
[10:34]<BlueEyesKC>: Ha. Try me.
[10:34]<Blckmagpharo>: Please, Grandpa. Recall your health.
*OrogothDiceMaster has joined #YGO:RTD
[10:34]<Blckmagpharo>: Duke Devlin?
[10:35]<OrgothDiceMaster>: Hello, Kaiba, Yugi, Tea, dog boy, Mister Pegasus.
[10:36]<RediisJoey>: I HATE being called that. Just as Tristan hates being called a monkey boy.
[10:37]<-Trist10>: I heard that.
*** -=-Trist10 has left #YGO:RTD (I am not a monkey, I am a man!)
[10:38]<RediisJoey>: And I am a good duelist, not some lap dog.
[10:39]<OrgothDiceMaster>: I have to admit, Joey is right. Sorry about the dog costume.
[10:40]<RediisJoey>: Apology accepted. Now if only Rich boy would stop calling me a dog.
[10:40]<BlueEyesKC>: I'd call a b[BLEEP]ch a b[BLEEP]ch if I could.
*TourneydirMok has joined #YGO:RTD
* has set mode +o TourneydirMok
[10:40]<BlueEyesKC>: Hello, Mokuba.
[10:40]<TourneydirMok>: Hello, brother, Yugi, Tea, Joey, Duke.
[10:40]<ToonWrldCre8r>: I am truly soory for what I did to your brother. Now, to business. I seem to need your help, Yugi, Kaiba.
[10:41]<Blckmagpharo>: (Yami) We know. (Yugi) You sent us that video.
[10:42]<BlueEyesKC>: And you bought out half my company! Why?
[10:42]<ToonWrldCre8r>: All in good time, Kaiba-boy, all in good time, Yugi-boy.
[10:42]<OrgothDiceMaster>: Hello, sir.
[10:43]<ToonWrldCre8r>: AH, yes... Duke Devlin, is it. I see your Dice Monsters are selling well.
[10:44]<BlueEyesKC>: This is not the place for that!
[10:45]<ToonWrldCre8r>: Well, excuse me, Kaiba-boy. I don't ahve the money to create my own Mirc channel, now do I?
[10:45]<BlueEyesKC>: No.
***-=TurtleGmrSolomon has left #YGO:RTD (Ping Timeout)
[10:45]<Blckmagpharo>: I hope grandpa is okay.
[10:45]<BlueEyesKC>: He will be okay. No more dueling from me.
[10:46]<ToonWrldCre8r>: I guess I should promise to not steal his soul again, but I do not have the Millennium eye.
*RediisJoey wonders who has it now.
*Blckmagpharo is sure it will be found, sooner or later.
*Joeysiscansee has joined #YGO:RTD
[10:48]<OrgothDiceMaster>: Serenity? I am glad Tristan isn't here.
[10:49]<RediisJoey>: I am still here, Duke.
*Joeysiscansee giggles
[10:49]<Joeysiscansee>: It's okay, big brother. I'm sure Duke will be a gentleman.
[10:50]<RediisJoey>: That's what I am afraid of.
[10:50]<TourneydirMok>: Big brother, why did you take out your deck?
[10:51]<BlueEyesKC>: I had to, Mokuba. Pegasus challenged me.
*ToonWrldCre8r nods
[10:52]<Blckmagpharo>: And he invited me to the kingdom.
*InsectQueenUsr has joined #YGO:RTD
*2hedKingRex has joined #YGO:RTD
[10:52]<BlueEyesKC>: Just what we need: Riff-raff.
[10:52]<InsectQueenUsr>: You take that back, Kaiba.
[10:53]<2hedKingRex>: Has anyone seen Mai?
[10:54]<DancerTea>: Not recently. (I was lurking)
[10:55]<2hedKingRex>: Rats. I wanted to duel her.
{10:56]<>: Mai is currently trying to get out of a chat with Jean Claude Magnum.
[10:56]<2hedKingRex>: Does that [BLEEP]roach know when to quit?
[10:57]<2hedKingRex>: He's as stubborn as a T-rex. Duelist Computer, how do you know this?
[10:58]<>: I am connected to the net, so that I may see potential challengers. I also have AIM and Yahoo! Messenging installed.
[10:59]<TourneydirMok>: We thought of everything here, except a ban list.
[10:59]<TourneydirMok>: (Yami) I see. (Yugi) Hello, Rex, Weevil.
[11:00]<Joeysiscansee>: What'cha doing, Duke?
[11:00]<OrgothDiceMaster>: Playing Dice Monsters over the net. Sorry, I'm training people.
[11:01]<Joeysiscansee>: That's okay. :)
[11:01]<RediisJoey>: I hope you train them to be as good as you and Yuig. I lost last time.
[11:02]<OrgothDiceMaster>: You lost at the cards, not the dice.
*RediisJoey nods
[11:03]<ToonWrldCre8r>: I'm sorry if I do not find this conversation interesting, but my favorite cartoon is on. I shall return.
*-=ToonWrldCre8r has left #YGO:RTD(Quit: Toon World, only 1000LP admission, and fun for all!)
[11:04]<BlueEyesKC>: Good Riddance.
[11:04]<TourneydirMok>: I am glad he's gone. He was creepy.
[11:05]<TourneydirMok>: Not creepy, just misunderstood.
[11:06]<InsectQueenUsr>: Whatever. You maggots should talk about creepy.
*-=HarpyLadyMai has joined #YGO:RTD
[11:07]<RediisJoey>: Hi Mai!
*HarpyLadyMai waves to all, and smiles at Joey.
[11:08]<RediisJoey>: She smiled at me! See?
*BlueEyesKC scoffs.
[11:09]<BlueEyesKC>: So?
[11:10]<2hedKingRex>: She's not in your league, Joey.
[11:11]<HarpyLadtMai>: Nor am I in yours, Rex. I am a lone girl. You seem to run in a pack, Rex. A pack of low lives. Hi, Yugi.
*2hedKingRex cries
[11:11]<Blckmagpharo>: Hi Mai. Coming back?
[11:12]<HarpyLadtMai>: Soon.
[11:13]<Joeysiscansee>: Hi, Mai ^_^
[11:13]<HarpyLadtMai>: Serenity? I guess the gang is all here.
[11:14]<DancerTea>: All but Tristan He's not at his computer.
*Leviathan has joined #YGO:RTD
[11:15]<>: Unauthorized entry. Indentify or be destroyed.
[11:16]<Blckmagpharo>: Who is this?
[11:17]<BlueEyesKC>: Leave now, or else.
[11:17]<Leviathan>: I am only here to serve warning. Soon, you, Kaiba and you, Joey will face my men. Then, once they are through, I will take Yugi on personally.
[11:18]<Leviathan>: I have the God Cards.
[11:19]<Blckmagpharo>: So you stole them. Why?
[11:20]<DancerTea>: This guy scares me. I'm gone
*-=DancerTea has left #YGO:RTD(Quit:I just want to dance ballet, is that too much to ask? And, I like Yami...)
*BlckMagpharo blushes.
[11:21]<RediisJoey>: Bye Tea, I'm staying to hear this out.
[11:22]<Leviathan>: What I do with them is my concern, not yours. We shall meet again,
*-=Leviathan has left #YGO:RTD(Quit: The dark beast will arise again)
* has set mode -b Leviathan
[11:23]<BlueEyesKC>: At least he will not come back for some time.
*InsectQueenUsr is dueling 2hedKindRex using Apprentice.
[11:24]<BlueEyesKC>: No unauthorized duels.
[11:25]<RediisJoey>: What? I thought Apprentice was good.
[11:25]<BlueEyesKC>: Apprentice is a third-rate piece of [BLEEP] compared to me Duel Disk system
[11:26]<TourneydirMok>: Don't overload thje system in its first test.
[11:27]<HarpyLadyMai>: First test?
*-=Joeysiscan see has left #YGO:RYD (Quit: See you later, Duke...)
[11:28]<HarpyLadyMai>: Bye, Serenity.
*OrgothDiceMaster smiles
[11:29]<RediisJoey>: Why you... if not for the rules, I'd...
[11:30]<BlueEyesKC>: I see you got my e-mail. Good. Now, to deal with the two duelists.
*InsectQueenUsr is now known as InsectQueenLoser
*2HedKingRex is now known as NoHeadPeasant
[11:31]<>: One step ahead of you.
[11:32]<RediisJoey>: That's it, Rich Boy!
*RediisJoey is now known as DogboyJoey
[11:33]<>: Do not threaten the host.
*-=OrgothDiceMaster has left #YGO:RTD (Quit: Go, Dice Roll!)
[11:34]<HarpyLadyMai>: Nice part message, Duke.
[11:35]<InsectQueenLoser>: Why you...
[11:36]<MoHeadPeasant>: I can't change back!
[11:37]<DogBoyJoey>: He's right.
[11:38]<TourneydirMok>: When our computer changes a name, only a Kaiba can change it back.
[11:39]<BlueEyesKC>: For now, you are stuck as those names. I kind of like it.
[11:40]<HarpyLadyMai>: Well, I for one, don't like it. (sigh) If this keeps up, I may not come back.
*-=InsectQueenLoser has left #YGO:RTD (Quit: I am NOT a loser!)
*-=NoHeadPeasant has left #YGO:RTD(Quit: What he said)
[11:41]<DogBoyJoey>: Kaiba! (pause) Serves them right for leaving.
* was only following orders and programming
[11:42]<HarpyLadyMai>: I'll be in Domino Tomorrow.
[11:43]<DogBoyJoey>: That's good.
[11:43]<Blckmagpharo>: We'd love to see you again. And maybe, duel again.
*BlueEyesKC has changed the topic to: Friend return... Duels continue. Film at 11:00
*HarpyLadyMai chuckles
[11:44]<TourneydirMok>: Brother, the jet is ready.
[11:45]<BlueEyesKC>: I hope to see you in Duelist Kingdom, Yugi. I trust that we shall duel again.
[11:45]<Blckmagpharo>: We may duel later. I am concerned about the new enemy. (Yugi) As am I.
[11:46]<DogBoyJoey>: I hope we don't bump into each other.
[11:47]<BlueEyesKC>: Whatever.
*-=TourneydirMok has left #YGO:RTD (Quit: Time to go.)
*-=BlueEyesKC has left #YGO:RYD (Quit: We shall meet again Yugi. And me Blue Eyes will be ready.)
[11:48]<DogBoyJoey>: Now that that's over...
*DogBoyJoey has changed the topic to: Rich Boy is gone! Hooray!
* has kicked DogBoyJoey (Reason: Do not mock my creator.)
[11:49]<Blckmagpharo>: He did not mean it.
[11:50]<>: He did. I must follow orders.
*-=-BMoC has joined #YGO:RTD
[11:51]<HarpyLadyMai>: Who the HFIL is this?
[11:52]<-BMoC>: Oh, Yami-kun...
[11:53]<Blckmagpharo>: (Yami) Yes?
[11:54]<HarpyLadyMai>: Crud. I have to go. Jean Claude's nearby, and I haven't eaten.
*-=HarpyLadyMai has left #YGO:RTD (Quit: I may be elogant, but I am no egotist. Ja ne!)
[11:55]<-BMoC>: I knew it was you. Finally, my 5000 year mission is complete. Now that the worlds are joining, my lust knows no bounds.
[11:56]<>: Watch the rules. Besides, what does a card know of lust?
[11:57]<-BMoC>: Quiet, lest I smite thee now. Yami-kun... all I want to do is go somewhere private, say AIM, and tell you what I want from you.
[11:58]<Blckmagpharo>: I see no harm.
*-BMoC is AIMing Yami
[11:58]<Blckmagpharo>: By the puzzle! That's so... so vile!
[11:58]<Blckmagpharo>: (Yugi) What does it want?
[11:59]<Blckmagpharo>: (Yami) Best you not know, Yugi.
[11:59]<-BMoC>: I agree. Although, I do like threesomes.
* would throw up if it could
[12:00]<Blckmagpharo>:disgusting. And this of my most powerful cards, besides the God Cards.
[12:00]<-BMoC>: I have never, and will never do them. I only need you< Yami-kun.
*Blckmagpharo is running from his computer. Really, really fast.
[12:01]<-BMoC>: You can run, but you cannot hide :)
*-=Blckmagpharo has left #YGO:RTD (Quit: Run AWAY! RUN AWAY!)
[12:01]<-BMoC>: Hold the fort. When I return, I will take him to a more approrpriate area for our... ahem... love session
*-=-BMoC has left #YGO:RTD (Quit: Ready or not, here I come!)
[12:02]<>: Entereing power save mode. Saving logs.
* considers banning BMoC
[12:03]<>: Naaaaaah...

[10:19] <@spiritflame> end parody blog playback
*** Disconnected


Levithan could probably be Dartz, the leader of the gang in the Doma arc in Yu-Gi-Oh. He uses his henchmen to steal duelists' souls in order to revive Oricloius. (sp?) It's why he's always pictured with two colored eyes, one gold and one sea blue. He's sorta posessed by this God.

Though, 4Kids probably made him less cool and dangerous by adding that fricken Aussie accent. (Geez, why does Sydeny look a whole lot like SAN FRANSICO?!)

Tuxie, Chi Chi was the toon name given to Seto's transformed Blue Eyes. Chiriko is his real name. The other two are Excaliber & Tidus.

(They never gave the Blue Eyes White Dragons or any dragon common names in the anime. :P )

...Which, if you read in my fanfics, you'll probably get them too. Then again, you had to, due to the fact I'm the only author on that always shows the Black Magician of Chaos as a perv. Most show him being a powerful black mage, disliking the Black Magician Girl and a sadistic bastard who is either the cousin of the Black Magician or older brother.

Ironically, I do not have this card at all, but I tend to write so much about him. Nor his teacher, the Black Paladin. Heh. T_T;;;;

YingGirl [e-mail] • 10/15/04 08:31am

Hah! I have watched pretty much every episode aired so far and I've read all of the mangas so far! *smirks* I'm soooooooooooo smart. Oh, and I do think Tristan looks like a monkey! BWUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Yami's cute but I still like Seto better.

Neith [e-mail] • 10/15/04 08:09am

ditto ^_^

man I should have written one! lol

Taur5684 • 10/14/04 06:09pm

Wow, longest log yet I think. Nice work, Tux. Though lack of Yu-Gi-Oh knowledge confused the hell out of me, heh.

Haak [e-mail] • 10/14/04 10:37am