Suburban Senshi IRC Chat #681: “Parody Blog week steams on!! Yu-Gi-Oh Style!!”
#681: “Parody Blog week steams on!! Yu-Gi-Oh Style!!”

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Topic is -= I know a nice restaurant in the Kaiba pass... =-

[10:14] <FireFly_9> IRC Parody Blog week continues, this time with an entry from TuxRainbow, a parody of Yu-Gi-Oh.
[10:14] <.`~SugaBB_2999~`.> peekachoo i chuse u, bich!!!11
[10:14] <--=[ SpeedRcrX ]=--> Wrong anime, spore
[10:15] <.`~SugaBB_2999~`.> yewgiho, trensferm an rwel ot!11
[10:15] <--=[ SpeedRcrX ]=--> STILL the wrong anime
[10:16] <.`~SugaBB_2999~`.> facking sam of a bich! baying cerds frum gapan an pleying against amerikan curds sacks! in da nem of da mewn i wal panish u!!!11
[10:16] <--=[ SpeedRcrX ]=--> WRONG Ethical stance
[10:17] <FireFly_9> What's wrong with her ethical stance? (Chibiusa, Ethics, what?!)
[10:17] <.`~SugaBB_2999~`.> tanks horatru n fack u 2
[10:17] <--=[ SpeedRcrX ]=--> ANY MEANS NECESSARY TO VICTORY, FOOL!
[10:17] <// J_Daito //> Exactly!
[10:18] <FireFly_9> I always knew there was a reason Haruka-poppa and Jedite got on so well.
[10:18] <FireFly_9>, start the log playback please.
[10:18] * @spiritflame bows
[10:18] <@spiritflame> begin parody log playback
Thought up and written by: TuxRainbow (
c 2004 - 2005 The Midnight Crew, Ltd.
Kazuki Takahashi is thanked for his contribution to this chat.
4 Kids is also at fault for any contribution to this chat.

Disclaimer: This chat is a parody of the Suburban Senshi chatbox. It is not intended to be realistic. Any relation to any character or characters, real or fictional, is just coincidence. Yu-Gi-Oh is c 2004 4 Kids productions and Konami of Japan, and is used without permission.

Do not copy this chat. When you do, a Toon Blue Eyes dies.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -= Now Talking in #YGO:RTD
-= Topic is: Kuribo ph33rs BEWD

[10:18]<BlueEyesKC>: Computer, Chatroom check.
[10:18]<>: Analyzing. Duel system operational. Chat system, operational. Emote system operational. All systems operational.
[10:19]<BlueEyesKC>: Good. Open the chatroom.
[10:19]<>: Chat system open.
*Blckmagpharo has joined #YGO:RTD
[10:20]<BlueEyesKC>: Yugi. Figures you would show up first.
[10:20]<Blckmagpharo>: Kaiba Seto? What is going on? I come here, find out my God cards are missing, and now this chat?
[10:21]<BlueEyesKC>: Rest assured, I do not have them. I had an announcement to make, and then, Pegasus shows up.
[10:21]<Blckmagpharo>: I know. Pegasus asked me to come to Duelist Kingdom as well.
*ToonWrldCre8r has joined #YGO:RTD
[10:22]<ToonWrldCre8r>: Hiya, Kaiba-boy, Yugi-boy.
*BlueEyesKC knows who it is: Pegasus.
*Blckmagpharo wonders why Pegasus is here.
[10:22]<ToonWrldCre8r>: I am here because I know who is doing all this.
[10:22}<BlueEyesKC>: Yeah, right. I'm supposed to duel you? After what you did to one of my dragons?
*ToonWrldCre8r thinks that Chi Chi is better off as a toon dragon anyway. goes "Hey, Kaiba!" and dissapears.
[10:23]<ToonWrldCre8r>: Come on, Kaiba-boy, loosen up. Chi Chi's happier now.
[10:23]<BlueEyesKC>: I hate that name. A dragon should have a respectable name, not some cartoony name.
[10:23]<Blckmagpharo>: If I may intrude, I think Timeus is a great name.
[10:23]<BlueEyesKV>: Who asked you?
*Blckmagpharo was just answering a question. Sheesh.
*Blckmagpharo's Yami nods from somewhere.
[10:24]<BlueEyesKC>: I hate that. Yugi gets a Yami, a pharoah, and I get [BLEEP].
[10:24]<>: Swearing system test completed.
*DancerTea has joined #YGO:RTD
*RediisJoey has joined #YGO:RTD
*MonkeybotTris10 has joined #YGO:RTD
[10:25]<Blckmagpharo>: Hi, guys.
[10:25]<BlueEyesKC>: Great, the glee club is here.
[10:25]<ToonWrldCre8r>: Allow me to apologize for your rude treatment in Duelist Kingdom. But, policy does state that strangers must be dealt with.
[10:25]<DancerTea>: It's okay. Hi, Yugi.
*DancerTea hugs Yugi
[10:26]<RediisJoey>: Nice chat room, Kaiba.
[10:26]<BlueEyesKC>: Please, do not speak unless spoken to, dog.
[10:27]<MonkeybotTris10>: Why did I choose such a lousy handle? I Could have had anything I wanted, but Noooooo! I get saddled with my alternate!
*BlueEyesKC laughs
*Blckmagpharo blushes
[10:27]<MonkeybotTris10>: Please let me change it.
[10:27]<BlueEyesKC>: No.
*RediisJoey laughs
*DancerTea giggles
[10:28]<MonkeybotTris10>: Okay, then, how about this?
*MonkeybotTris10 is now known as Trist10
[10:28]<>: Unauthorized name change.
[10:29]<Trist10>: Unauthorized? I got your authority right here!
*** -=Trist10 has been kicked from #YGO:RTD by BlueEyesKC (Reason: I am the authority here.)
[10:30]<DancerTea>: Poor Tristan. Yugi, why does 4 Kids think I am just some friend of yours. I like Yami.
[10:30]<Blckmagpharo>: (Yami) Thank you, Tea.
[10:31]<RediisJoey>: So, now what?
*TurtleGmrSolomon has joined #YGO:RTD
[10:31]<Blckmagpharo>: Grandpa?
[10:32]<TurtleGmrSolomon>: Hello, all. I am still trying to get used to this new computer.
[10:33]<BlueEyesKC>: Never too old to learn, pops.
[10:33]<TurtleGmrSolomon>: Pops? I have you know I can out duel you.
[10:34]<BlueEyesKC>: Ha. Try me.
[10:34]<Blckmagpharo>: Please, Grandpa. Recall your health.
*OrogothDiceMaster has joined #YGO:RTD
[10:34]<Blckmagpharo>: Duke Devlin?
[10:35]<OrgothDiceMaster>: Hello, Kaiba, Yugi, Tea, dog boy, Mister Pegasus.
[10:36]<RediisJoey>: I HATE being called that. Just as Tristan hates being called a monkey boy.
[10:37]<-Trist10>: I heard that.
*** -=-Trist10 has left #YGO:RTD (I am not a monkey, I am a man!)
[10:38]<RediisJoey>: And I am a good duelist, not some lap dog.
[10:39]<OrgothDiceMaster>: I have to admit, Joey is right. Sorry about the dog costume.
[10:40]<RediisJoey>: Apology accepted. Now if only Rich boy would stop calling me a dog.
[10:40]<BlueEyesKC>: I'd call a b[BLEEP]ch a b[BLEEP]ch if I could.
*TourneydirMok has joined #YGO:RTD
* has set mode +o TourneydirMok
[10:40]<BlueEyesKC>: Hello, Mokuba.
[10:40]<TourneydirMok>: Hello, brother, Yugi, Tea, Joey, Duke.
[10:40]<ToonWrldCre8r>: I am truly soory for what I did to your brother. Now, to business. I seem to need your help, Yugi, Kaiba.
[10:41]<Blckmagpharo>: (Yami) We know. (Yugi) You sent us that video.
[10:42]<BlueEyesKC>: And you bought out half my company! Why?
[10:42]<ToonWrldCre8r>: All in good time, Kaiba-boy, all in good time, Yugi-boy.
[10:42]<OrgothDiceMaster>: Hello, sir.
[10:43]<ToonWrldCre8r>: AH, yes... Duke Devlin, is it. I see your Dice Monsters are selling well.
[10:44]<BlueEyesKC>: This is not the place for that!
[10:45]<ToonWrldCre8r>: Well, excuse me, Kaiba-boy. I don't ahve the money to create my own Mirc channel, now do I?
[10:45]<BlueEyesKC>: No.
***-=TurtleGmrSolomon has left #YGO:RTD (Ping Timeout)
[10:45]<Blckmagpharo>: I hope grandpa is okay.
[10:45]<BlueEyesKC>: He will be okay. No more dueling from me.
[10:46]<ToonWrldCre8r>: I guess I should promise to not steal his soul again, but I do not have the Millennium eye.
*RediisJoey wonders who has it now.
*Blckmagpharo is sure it will be found, sooner or later.
*Joeysiscansee has joined #YGO:RTD
[10:48]<OrgothDiceMaster>: Serenity? I am glad Tristan isn't here.
[10:49]<RediisJoey>: I am still here, Duke.
*Joeysiscansee giggles
[10:49]<Joeysiscansee>: It's okay, big brother. I'm sure Duke will be a gentleman.
[10:50]<RediisJoey>: That's what I am afraid of.
[10:50]<TourneydirMok>: Big brother, why did you take out your deck?
[10:51]<BlueEyesKC>: I had to, Mokuba. Pegasus challenged me.
*ToonWrldCre8r nods
[10:52]<Blckmagpharo>: And he invited me to the kingdom.
*InsectQueenUsr has joined #YGO:RTD
*2hedKingRex has joined #YGO:RTD
[10:52]<BlueEyesKC>: Just what we need: Riff-raff.
[10:52]<InsectQueenUsr>: You take that back, Kaiba.
[10:53]<2hedKingRex>: Has anyone seen Mai?
[10:54]<DancerTea>: Not recently. (I was lurking)
[10:55]<2hedKingRex>: Rats. I wanted to duel her.
{10:56]<>: Mai is currently trying to get out of a chat with Jean Claude Magnum.
[10:56]<2hedKingRex>: Does that [BLEEP]roach know when to quit?
[10:57]<2hedKingRex>: He's as stubborn as a T-rex. Duelist Computer, how do you know this?
[10:58]<>: I am connected to the net, so that I may see potential challengers. I also have AIM and Yahoo! Messenging installed.
[10:59]<TourneydirMok>: We thought of everything here, except a ban list.
[10:59]<TourneydirMok>: (Yami) I see. (Yugi) Hello, Rex, Weevil.
[11:00]<Joeysiscansee>: What'cha doing, Duke?
[11:00]<OrgothDiceMaster>: Playing Dice Monsters over the net. Sorry, I'm training people.
[11:01]<Joeysiscansee>: That's okay. :)
[11:01]<RediisJoey>: I hope you train them to be as good as you and Yuig. I lost last time.
[11:02]<OrgothDiceMaster>: You lost at the cards, not the dice.
*RediisJoey nods
[11:03]<ToonWrldCre8r>: I'm sorry if I do not find this conversation interesting, but my favorite cartoon is on. I shall return.
*-=ToonWrldCre8r has left #YGO:RTD(Quit: Toon World, only 1000LP admission, and fun for all!)
[11:04]<BlueEyesKC>: Good Riddance.
[11:04]<TourneydirMok>: I am glad he's gone. He was creepy.
[11:05]<TourneydirMok>: Not creepy, just misunderstood.
[11:06]<InsectQueenUsr>: Whatever. You maggots should talk about creepy.
*-=HarpyLadyMai has joined #YGO:RTD
[11:07]<RediisJoey>: Hi Mai!
*HarpyLadyMai waves to all, and smiles at Joey.
[11:08]<RediisJoey>: She smiled at me! See?
*BlueEyesKC scoffs.
[11:09]<BlueEyesKC>: So?
[11:10]<2hedKingRex>: She's not in your league, Joey.
[11:11]<HarpyLadtMai>: Nor am I in yours, Rex. I am a lone girl. You seem to run in a pack, Rex. A pack of low lives. Hi, Yugi.
*2hedKingRex cries
[11:11]<Blckmagpharo>: Hi Mai. Coming back?
[11:12]<HarpyLadtMai>: Soon.
[11:13]<Joeysiscansee>: Hi, Mai ^_^
[11:13]<HarpyLadtMai>: Serenity? I guess the gang is all here.
[11:14]<DancerTea>: All but Tristan He's not at his computer.
*Leviathan has joined #YGO:RTD
[11:15]<>: Unauthorized entry. Indentify or be destroyed.
[11:16]<Blckmagpharo>: Who is this?
[11:17]<BlueEyesKC>: Leave now, or else.
[11:17]<Leviathan>: I am only here to serve warning. Soon, you, Kaiba and you, Joey will face my men. Then, once they are through, I will take Yugi on personally.
[11:18]<Leviathan>: I have the God Cards.
[11:19]<Blckmagpharo>: So you stole them. Why?
[11:20]<DancerTea>: This guy scares me. I'm gone
*-=DancerTea has left #YGO:RTD(Quit:I just want to dance ballet, is that too much to ask? And, I like Yami...)
*BlckMagpharo blushes.
[11:21]<RediisJoey>: Bye Tea, I'm staying to hear this out.
[11:22]<Leviathan>: What I do with them is my concern, not yours. We shall meet again,
*-=Leviathan has left #YGO:RTD(Quit: The dark beast will arise again)
* has set mode -b Leviathan
[11:23]<BlueEyesKC>: At least he will not come back for some time.
*InsectQueenUsr is dueling 2hedKindRex using Apprentice.
[11:24]<BlueEyesKC>: No unauthorized duels.
[11:25]<RediisJoey>: What? I thought Apprentice was good.
[11:25]<BlueEyesKC>: Apprentice is a third-rate piece of [BLEEP] compared to me Duel Disk system
[11:26]<TourneydirMok>: Don't overload thje system in its first test.
[11:27]<HarpyLadyMai>: First test?
*-=Joeysiscan see has left #YGO:RYD (Quit: See you later, Duke...)
[11:28]<HarpyLadyMai>: Bye, Serenity.
*OrgothDiceMaster smiles
[11:29]<RediisJoey>: Why you... if not for the rules, I'd...
[11:30]<BlueEyesKC>: I see you got my e-mail. Good. Now, to deal with the two duelists.
*InsectQueenUsr is now known as InsectQueenLoser
*2HedKingRex is now known as NoHeadPeasant
[11:31]<>: One step ahead of you.
[11:32]<RediisJoey>: That's it, Rich Boy!
*RediisJoey is now known as DogboyJoey
[11:33]<>: Do not threaten the host.
*-=OrgothDiceMaster has left #YGO:RTD (Quit: Go, Dice Roll!)
[11:34]<HarpyLadyMai>: Nice part message, Duke.
[11:35]<InsectQueenLoser>: Why you...
[11:36]<MoHeadPeasant>: I can't change back!
[11:37]<DogBoyJoey>: He's right.
[11:38]<TourneydirMok>: When our computer changes a name, only a Kaiba can change it back.
[11:39]<BlueEyesKC>: For now, you are stuck as those names. I kind of like it.
[11:40]<HarpyLadyMai>: Well, I for one, don't like it. (sigh) If this keeps up, I may not come back.
*-=InsectQueenLoser has left #YGO:RTD (Quit: I am NOT a loser!)
*-=NoHeadPeasant has left #YGO:RTD(Quit: What he said)
[11:41]<DogBoyJoey>: Kaiba! (pause) Serves them right for leaving.
* was only following orders and programming
[11:42]<HarpyLadyMai>: I'll be in Domino Tomorrow.
[11:43]<DogBoyJoey>: That's good.
[11:43]<Blckmagpharo>: We'd love to see you again. And maybe, duel again.
*BlueEyesKC has changed the topic to: Friend return... Duels continue. Film at 11:00
*HarpyLadyMai chuckles
[11:44]<TourneydirMok>: Brother, the jet is ready.
[11:45]<BlueEyesKC>: I hope to see you in Duelist Kingdom, Yugi. I trust that we shall duel again.
[11:45]<Blckmagpharo>: We may duel later. I am concerned about the new enemy. (Yugi) As am I.
[11:46]<DogBoyJoey>: I hope we don't bump into each other.
[11:47]<BlueEyesKC>: Whatever.
*-=TourneydirMok has left #YGO:RTD (Quit: Time to go.)
*-=BlueEyesKC has left #YGO:RYD (Quit: We shall meet again Yugi. And me Blue Eyes will be ready.)
[11:48]<DogBoyJoey>: Now that that's over...
*DogBoyJoey has changed the topic to: Rich Boy is gone! Hooray!
* has kicked DogBoyJoey (Reason: Do not mock my creator.)
[11:49]<Blckmagpharo>: He did not mean it.
[11:50]<>: He did. I must follow orders.
*-=-BMoC has joined #YGO:RTD
[11:51]<HarpyLadyMai>: Who the HFIL is this?
[11:52]<-BMoC>: Oh, Yami-kun...
[11:53]<Blckmagpharo>: (Yami) Yes?
[11:54]<HarpyLadyMai>: Crud. I have to go. Jean Claude's nearby, and I haven't eaten.
*-=HarpyLadyMai has left #YGO:RTD (Quit: I may be elogant, but I am no egotist. Ja ne!)
[11:55]<-BMoC>: I knew it was you. Finally, my 5000 year mission is complete. Now that the worlds are joining, my lust knows no bounds.
[11:56]<>: Watch the rules. Besides, what does a card know of lust?
[11:57]<-BMoC>: Quiet, lest I smite thee now. Yami-kun... all I want to do is go somewhere private, say AIM, and tell you what I want from you.
[11:58]<Blckmagpharo>: I see no harm.
*-BMoC is AIMing Yami
[11:58]<Blckmagpharo>: By the puzzle! That's so... so vile!
[11:58]<Blckmagpharo>: (Yugi) What does it want?
[11:59]<Blckmagpharo>: (Yami) Best you not know, Yugi.
[11:59]<-BMoC>: I agree. Although, I do like threesomes.
* would throw up if it could
[12:00]<Blckmagpharo>:disgusting. And this of my most powerful cards, besides the God Cards.
[12:00]<-BMoC>: I have never, and will never do them. I only need you< Yami-kun.
*Blckmagpharo is running from his computer. Really, really fast.
[12:01]<-BMoC>: You can run, but you cannot hide :)
*-=Blckmagpharo has left #YGO:RTD (Quit: Run AWAY! RUN AWAY!)
[12:01]<-BMoC>: Hold the fort. When I return, I will take him to a more approrpriate area for our... ahem... love session
*-=-BMoC has left #YGO:RTD (Quit: Ready or not, here I come!)
[12:02]<>: Entereing power save mode. Saving logs.
* considers banning BMoC
[12:03]<>: Naaaaaah...

[10:19] <@spiritflame> end parody blog playback
*** Disconnected