Suburban Senshi IRC Chat #678: “Parody Blog week begins! Dekaranger style!!” ”
#678: “Parody Blog week begins! Dekaranger style!! ”

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Topic is -= Here we go =-

[10:24] <@spiritflame> system announce - a new log begun -
[10:26] <C'est_la_V> Hi Hi!! Since X-chan isn't feeling very well still, I'll do the announcements for this special-special suburban senshi event!! It's the start of parody blog week!!
[10:27] <--=[ SpeedRcrX ]=--> This week we're going to highlight IRC-style logs done by YOU, our loyal readers
[10:28] <// J_Daito //> Yes. And remember, vote for me in the election. Or die.
[10:28] <FireFly_9> That is perhaps the most offensive platform I have ever seen in my entire life.
[10:28] <// J_Daito //> Good.
[10:30] <C'est_la_V> Tch. Anyway, it's on to parody blog week!! Our first entry is from Adam Kanal, who's doing a spoof based on the Dekaranger sentai series!!
[10:31] <FireFly_9> Here's a key of the persons involved: "@DoggyStyle" is Doggie Krugger. "@BirdLady" is Swan-san. "BBSamaSan" is BanBan Azama, DekaRed.
[10:31] <C'est_la_V>, let's go!!
[10:31] <@spiritflame> begin parody log
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Topic is -= Sit boy! Sit! =-
<KawaiiShoujo Oh, c'mon, Adam!
<Adam_Kanal I said, "No!"
<KawaiiShoujo But whyyyyy???
<Adam_Kanal > Because the PatSigna isn't to be used for directing traffic into the Sea of Japan. Yaijinden already tried that.
<KawaiiShoujo > How'd he do?
<Adam_Kanal > I stopped him before any major damage was done.
<KawaiiShoujo > K[BLEEP]o.
<Adam_Kanal > I though you were one of the good guys.
<KawaiiShoujo > I am. But...
* KawaiiShoujo is now known as AutumnChyld
<AutumnChyld> It's always nice to have a bad side.
<Adam_Kanal> You know you're still kicked from the house, right?
<AutumnChyld> K[BLEEP]o.
*** K-9_Murphy [] has joined #sp-dekaranger
*** @BirdLady sets mode +o K-9_Murphy
<Adam_Kanal> Swan-san, how come Murphy gets to be an op, and not me?
<@BirdLady> Murphy acts like does in #suburbansenshi . It's only natural that he be allowed opship.
<AutumnChyld > Yes, but can he speak in haiku?
<@K-9_Murphy> The op in puppy
<@K-9_Murphy> Cannot be taken lightly
<@K-9_Murphy> Programed for much, yes.
<AutmnChyld > _ I stand corrected.
* @K-9_Murphy barks
*** DoggyStyle [] has joined #sp-dekaranger
*** @K-9_Murphy sets mode +o DoggyStyle
* Adam_Kanal and Go-Go salute
<@DoggyStyle > At ease.
<@DoggyStyle > I have reports of illegal activites at the Ten'ou Haruka house.
<@DoggyStyle > Any information on that, Officer Kanal?
<Adam_Kanal > ...
* @DoggyStyle is waiting...
<Adam_Kanal > Everything's a-okay there, Boss.
<@DoggyStyle> Are you certain, Yanma?
<Adam_Kanal > Hai.
*** Adam_Kanal [] has left #sp-dekaranger ( Uh oh, I think I left the oven on! )
<@BirdLady> Adam bakes?
<@DoggyStyle > This nose smells corruption.
<AutumnChyld > Oh, come on! Out of all the Dekas, Yanma-chan is the _least_ likely to go bad!
<@DoggyStyle > ...
<@BirdLady> ...
<@K-9_Murphy> ...
<AutumnChyld > ... What?
*** @K-9_Murphy has kicked AutumnChyld from #sp-dekaranger (REASON: You are not an officer of the SPD.)
<@DoggyStyle > I guess this is the point when I investigate.
* @BirdLady nods.
* @DoggyStyle pulls out his SP Master License
<@DoggyStyle > Emergency! DekaMaster!
* Doggie Krugger, the current leader of Tokusou Sentai DekaRanger (Investigation Squadron DekaRanger), is in control of the ultimate DekaArmor, the DekaMetal. Conforming to his body, the DekaMetal allows him to henshin into the legendary DekaMaster.
<@DoggyStyle > Face on!
* @DoggyStyle is now known as DekaMaster
<@K-9_Murphy> I've sent a call to the other DekaRangers, Officer Krugger.
<@DekaMaster > Very good.
<@BirdLady> Wait, doesn't Officer Xadium live in that house?
* @K-9_Murphy checks the records
<@K-9_Murphy> Yes, it appears the Timelord's TARDIS resides in the living room of the house.
<@BirdLady> He and Officer Kanal, as well as Officer Ikari, may be under-cover.
<@DekaMaster > Without requesting propper authorization?!?
<@BirdLady> Doggie, calm down!
* @DekaMaster sighs
<@DekaMaster > You're right.
<@DekaMaster I should probably just hop for the best.
*** BBSamaSan [] has joined #sp-dekaranger
<BBSamaSan > Banban-sama is heeeeeere!
<@DekaMaster _;
*** @DekaMaster has kicked BBSamaSan from #sp-dekaranger (REASON: Hey, I've got a mission for you. Take a long walk off a sort pier while wearing cement shoes.)
<@BirdLady> ^_^;; Doggie...
<@DekaMaster > I knew we should've given him that labotamy...
*** Adam_Kanal [] has joined #sp-dekaranger
<Adam_Kanal > I brought... COOKIES!
* @K-9_Murphy's alert!
* @BirdLady smiles, laughing
<@DekaMaster > ^_^ Those smell nice!
<Adam_Kanal > Would you like one?
<@DekaMaster > Why, yes, I would.
* @DekaMaster takes a bite...
* Adam_Kanal looks expectantly...
* @DekaMaster runs to the bathroom!
<Adam_Kanal > Oh s[BLEEP]t!
* Adam_Kanal runs his ass outta there!
*** Adam_Kanal [] has left #sp-dekaranger ( Aiming at your heart... Target Lock! )
* @DekaMaster runs out of the bathroom
*** Disconnected
[10:37] <@spiritflame> end parody log
*** Disconnected