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#573: “Reflections”

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[12:11] <Cést_la_V> Hi Hotaru-chan, are you back from Paris??
[12:11] <FireFly_9> Yes, I tried to stop Haruka-poppa from stalking Michiru-momma's concert partners, but to no avail.
[12:12] <Cést_la_V> LOL tell me the story!!
[12:12] <FireFly_9> Maybe tomorrow, Minako-san, I'm not in the best of moods
[12:13] <Cést_la_V> ?
[12:13] <FireFly_9> Well, you may not know this, but every year since I came to live with Michiru-momma and Haruka-poppa, I made a trip to Paris to visit some of my friends from the private school I went to in the summers when one break from Mugen Academy.
[12:22] <Cést_la_V> Oh?? How was it??
[05:23] * FireFly_9 sighs

[12:23] <Cést_la_V> Daijobu?
[12:23] <FireFly_9> mmm
[12:23] <FireFly_9> Every time I go to Paris, it's the same thing. At first I feel very relaxed and comfortable, as if I could stay there forever.
[12:23] <Cést_la_V> But?
[12:24] <FireFly_9> Well, things start to subtly remind me that I don't really belong in that milieu.
[12:24] <Cést_la_V> How so?
[12:24] <FireFly_9> I was... well... "ditched".
[12:24] <Cést_la_V> ditched??
[12:25] <FireFly_9> Someone used me as a convenient pretext to go off and do their own thing with someone else. I was supposed to go view the Mona Lisa at the Louvre with an old classmate
[12:25] <Cést_la_V> ...
[12:25] <Cést_la_V> That happens sometimes, you know...
[12:26] <FireFly_9> Meh, I don't feel bad about it, there was no malice behind it, and it was a clever little move that I might have thought of...
[12:27] <Cést_la_V> YOU, Hotaru-chan?
[12:27] <FireFly_9> Well, if I was that sort of person.
[12:27] <Cést_la_V> Well I'm sure they didn't mean anything by it...
[12:28] <FireFly_9> I know. I think I was used as an opportune pretext. But I consider it the universe's way of reminding me that no matter how comfortable I am in other situations, no matter how well I might get along with others, in the final analysis everyone is out for themselves and I have to rely on my own wits and devices.
[12:29] <Cést_la_V> I think Hotaru-chan is being a little harsh...
[12:29] <FireFly_9> I don't mean to sound so, nor do I mean to say the genuine interactions I had with my friends were worthless. It's just that I have to watch how comfortable I become with the perception that I'm actually meshing into a group where I am in fact not.
[12:32] <Cést_la_V> Maybe you're overanalyzing?
[12:34] <FireFly_9> I don't know... perhaps I am a little irritated about the whole thing.
[12:34] <Cést_la_V> Just remember you have friends who care about you
[12:35] <FireFly_9> I know. :) I just consider this a friendly nudge by the universe to remind me to not get too complacent...
[12:39] <Cést_la_V> ...
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• 11/15/12 05:46pm

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• 11/02/12 04:47pm

(sigh) and people wonder why I drink and smoke....all I want is a nice girl (I DONT CARE WHAT SHE LOOKS LIKE!!) who happens to like anime and music as much as I do...IS THAT TOO FUCKING MUCH TO ASK?!!!

DJ WOLFWOOD [e-mail] • 05/31/04 10:48pm

get this little shindig: I was dateing this chick named Misty,we were real serious....and then she got kicked out of her house,she gave me the "i'm too emotionally unstable speach" and being the nice,sweet,understanding bastard that I am,I said ok....she said she knew someone she could stay with,so I diled the number she gave me and worked it all out for her.I come to find out the next day that the little backstabing cockbite ended up *going out* with that guy that night...ohhh I was UBER pissed. See,this is what I get for being a nice,sweet guy to every girl I date.Maybe if I started acting like a prick,i'd get more respect in this world....

DJ WOLFWOOD [e-mail] • 05/31/04 10:42pm

I can certainly relate to Hotaru. I got "ditched" on numerous occasions in much less nice ways. It's one of the reasons I'm so secretive and distrustful of people. Someone once said "trust is for the foolish...and the dead."

The last time I was on a date I got stood up. Nice.

Solarchos [e-mail] • 05/31/04 05:27pm

Wow, it's the story of my life. People care for me so little my parents once forgot I was still at school untill 6:30 at night. . . . Then I had a concert at 7.

So I know the feeling.

Moonstar [e-mail] • 05/31/04 03:22pm

Ok, I wouldn't ditch Hotaru..... I'd just ask her to decapitate this asshole that's been bugging me! He lives in Paris and says his name is Yuji but he's a real asshole! HE THINKS I LIKE HIM AFTER I KICKED HIS ASS FIFTY TIMES!

Kakyuu [e-mail] • 05/31/04 01:22pm