Suburban Senshi IRC Chat #486: “Knockdown ”
#486: “Knockdown”

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*** Topic is '-= Game Over, man... Game Over =-'
[15:51] * =^catablanca^= looks around frantically for an op

[15:51] <spiritflame> on duty am i
[15:52] <=^catablanca^=> We have a big big problem!
[15:52] <spiritflame> ?
[15:52] <=^catablanca^=> Professor Tomoe's been hauled up on charges of violating Japan's ban on cloning
[15:58] <spiritflame> tsk
[15:58] <spiritflame> infatuation
[15:58] <spiritflame> kaolinite's grip poisons
[15:58] <spiritflame> tomoe's black soul
[16:00] <=^catablanca^=> And Hotaru-chan went to get him out, but Sailor Neptune used her mirror to predict saturn's arrival, and she managed to knock the Silence Glaive out of her hands before she could use it!
[16:02] <spiritflame> worry not for glaive
[16:02] <spiritflame> ephemeral thing it is
[16:02] <spiritflame> can be resummoned
[16:03] <=^catablanca^=> Only if it was broken! Neptune has locked it away...
[16:03] <spiritflame> irritating
[16:04] <=^catablanca^=> Do you realize what this means? It's down to you, me, and Chibiusa!
[16:04] <spiritflame> error omission
[16:04] <spiritflame> as to my eternal ire
[16:04] <spiritflame> one is forgotten
[16:05] <=^catablanca^=> ?
[16:05] *** H3LLi05 [] has joined #suburbansenshi

[16:05] <H3LLI05> YO YO YO PEOPLE! Let me speak on this!
[16:05] <H3LLI05> Hey you stupid chumps / don't be down in the dumps
[16:05] <H3LLI05> you ain't at the end of yer rope / I'm your last best hope
[16:07] <=^catablanca^=> Oh my god.
[16:07] <H3LLI05> I'll do my solemn duty / to free hotaru-chan's booty
[16:07] *** spiritflame has kicked H3LLi05 from #suburbansenshi (REASON: if you are last hope / rather face doom would i do / disgusting creature)

[16:08] <=^catablanca^=> Well, there's always Chibi-moon....
[16:08] <spiritflame> faith placed in a spore
[16:08] <spiritflame> this truly do I abhor
[16:08] <spiritflame> now at defeat's door
*** Disconnected


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• 04/27/10 07:35am

Down to spore or pony boy to save the day? I've played games of russian roulette where I was less terrified! (grabs his Remington) Methink it be up to us!

DJ WOLFWOOD [e-mail] • 03/21/04 12:55am

Uh...Go get her Artemis! I have faith in the feline!'s better than the other choices...

SaturnGrl [e-mail] • 03/20/04 10:40pm

*cough* Or let your friendly neighborhood other artistical influenced magicial suited sprite comic creator take care of Michi. *cough* *cough*

YingGirl [e-mail] • 03/20/04 10:10pm

Michiru is just jelous that she was being replaced. It's not like that's new in any way. Haruka was ignoring her, Hotaru replaced her in the Senshi'ichi Budokai, EVERYONE ran from her cooking, and they say she has no personality of her own what so ever. I personally agree, but she is just getting revenge, this is going a little too far though.

Yaten Kou [e-mail] • 03/20/04 08:50pm

Does Michiru realize there's no way she and Haruka can maintain their rightful place as Top Shoujo-ai Couple with Haruka in jail?

Chibiusa and Helios could still easily win; they could blind Michiru by doing... something I'd really rather not think about, much, actually.

YeahYeahYeah [e-mail] • 03/20/04 07:00pm

Hmmm... Solarchos, releasing every diamon pod would cause mass chaios in Tokyo, it may force the police to let the others out to save the place, or it may cuase more prblems then before. I'm fairly sure they only listen to Dr. Tomoe, so unless you have a Tomoe clone somewhere about, that won't work in all probibility.

As for Nako-Nako.... hmmm.... they'd just shoot the thing, not much of a destaction really. I say, call in the reinforcements, there's still eight senshi out there, the Inners ((Not much help really)) and the Starlights ((Yep! that's us!)), so why dont we just call them in?

Taiki Kou [e-mail] • 03/20/04 06:10pm

Robo-Rei, Cat-man, Spore, and Horse-Boy!?!?! They're our last hope! GOD

Seiya Kou [e-mail] • 03/20/04 05:55pm

Oh god, a choice between either ChibiUsa or Helios? I'd rather face Barney the Daemonic Dinosaur. Maybe we should break into Tomoe's lab and unleash every single daimon pod he's got. Or maybe we should send in Nako-Nako as a distraction?

Solarchos [e-mail] • 03/20/04 05:02pm