Suburban Senshi IRC Chat #48: “James Allen Stanfield, 1986-2002”
#48: “James Allen Stanfield, 1986-2002”

While catching up on articles on, I found out that one of the group regulars, James Allen Stanfield, was killed due to injuries sustained in an automobile accident. While I did not know him personally, he was by all accounts an outstanding individual and someone I would have been glad to call a friend.

So often I wonder, given the nature of the internet, if I were to die tomorrow, would anyone even know? Would they realize something had happened, or would they just assume I had stopped posting / answering my E-Mail? Would I just fade away into collective oblivion, my passage silent and unmarked?

Well, James Allen Stanfield, you shall not fade away in my memory. To paraphrase Donne, the death of one man diminishes us all. Rest in peace wherever you are.