#444: “For Love and Money”

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Bwuahaha! You see now, Minako said it, and that's the point! ^_~

Uninformed Newbie [e-mail] • 02/22/04 09:13am

You do realize that cats has 26 different types of blood. It's very risky for a blood transfushion with cats.

YingGirl [e-mail] • 02/15/04 03:44pm

Danburite: Minako-sama, like many anime characters, changes clothes super-fast (and hasn't thrown away any of her old seifuku ^_^)

Brittany - I trust Minako-sama's cooking over Usagi's any day! :) (Remember her best friend is Makoto, so some good cooking skills must have rubbed off, right? Right? (keels over in pain)

Xadium • 02/15/04 06:49am

You actually ate a mysterious food item given to you by Minako-chan? o_0;

Brittany [e-mail] • 02/15/04 03:20am

Very, very funny... ^_^ but i couldn't help but notice that Minako's outfit keeps changing. In one frame, she's in her junior high uniform, in the next, she's casual, then she's in her high school uniform! SHAME ON YOU!!! But it's still very funny and I like the comic a lot.

Danburite • 02/14/04 11:14pm

Well you know what they say... "being rank has its priveliges"... waitaminute...
(Hanging around Minako-sama too long)

Dr. Xadium • 02/14/04 05:02pm

Damn, Minako! Leave Artemis out of it! Anyways, I like how you did your own self-insertion. Cool!

Solarchos [e-mail] • 02/14/04 04:32pm

wow, great job, Xadium!

starcat [e-mail] • 02/14/04 01:34am

Bravo *claps* *lol*

Ten [e-mail] • 02/14/04 12:08am