Suburban Senshi IRC Chat #42: “Dragonball returns?!”
#42: “Dragonball returns?!”

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<--=[ SpeedRcrX ]=--> Okay, before I even get started, have a look at this picture, obtained by Toriyama's World. According to the site, the translation is as follows:

On the right we have a pic from a all color 48 page one shot called "Tocchio the Angel." It seems like this won't be in a magazine but will come out in it's own book, since it says "hard cover." The top quote says "This is what I wanted to do the most." Now the middle caption says something to the effect of "2002, Autumn, Toriyama Akira makes his move."
Now... Here is the huge news part. The bottom quote on the left says "At the end of 2002, that classic returns!!!" With the quote above it saying "I'm currently rereading it from the beginning."

<--=[ SpeedRcrX ]=--> Wow... now Toriyama's World is worried about this being a big tease. While this is possible, I see two possibilities myself. One (and sadly the most likely)... The Dragonball manga will be reprinted in Japan... Two (and what would make me go ape[BLEEP]... the very real possibility of new Dragonball manga from the main man. After all, with a Fox Movie on the way, what better way to kickstart the franchise once more?
<FireFly_9> For some reason, Son Pan is my favorite character.
<Mdm_Maestro> I hope Toriyama-san omits that fool Mr. Satan from the new manga, if there is one.
<GERMATOID> Uhh... nevermind.
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