#413: “Winners and Losers”

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[17:05] <// J_Daito //> BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! My evil plan continues APACE! My ascent to control of the American Nation BEGINS with my conquest of Iowa!
[17:06] <Cést_la_V> (^_^;;?
[17:06] <// J_Daito //> HAHAHAHA! Silly Senshi of Venus, you've never seen my awesome disguise powers!
[17:07] <FireFly_9> You're not trying to imply that you *are* John Kerry, are you?
[17:07] <// J_Daito //> Of course not! The real Kerry was sent to the Next Dimension ages ago! But now, thanks to my Shitennou powers, I have begun to rise again!
[17:09] <Cést_la_V> uso da.
[17:09] <// J_Daito //> Doubt if you will, losers, but *I* am teh WINNAR!!
[17:09] <H3LI05> Yo Yo Yo Yo YO YO! Don't be a tool, fool, I'm also on da team dat won dis little scheme!
[17:12] <// J_Daito //> Bah, I'd rather be on the same team as Sailor "I want something that rhymes with" Venus
[17:12] <Cést_la_V> (-_-#) You saw what my live-action counterpart did to Zocite, yes??
[17:13] <// J_Daito //> Bah, I'm no gay Pianist!
[17:13] <Cést_la_V> Want to spend the rest of your life as a kidney stone??
[17:14] <--=[ SpeedRcrX ]=--> I'll dress up in a tux and keep you in my pocket! hahahahahah!
[17:14] <// J_Daito //> You people.... you FORGET, as the LOSERS, one of YOU has to kiss ME... err, "Kerry".
[17:15] <Cést_la_V> Remember what I did to you LAST TIME.
[17:16] <H3LI05> Don't be afraid yo / she can't even get [BLEEP]d.
[17:17] *** [ Dr_Xadium ] has kicked H3LLi05 from #suburbansenshi (REASON: Blasphemy! )

[17:17] <// J_Daito //> Hmm, as a future ruler of the Earth
[17:17] <FireFly_9> America.
[17:17] <// J_Daito //> Same difference
[17:17] <// J_Daito //> As future ruler of the Earth I must pay lip service to the wants of the unwashed masses. So as a member of winning team, I will leave it to the PEOPLE to choose which of the losers will have to kiss "Kerry" as a consequence of their disloyalty to His Dark Cause.
[17:19] <- spiritflame -> i shall not object
[17:19] <--=[ SpeedRcrX ]=--> Umm... I just want to say to whoever reads these logs that I LOVE all you guys and would do ANYTHING for you, I mean I KILLED my friends to save you all
[17:21] <.'~SugaBB_2999~'.> lik i no U al wnt pak mi cuz im so cut n hit n u all wnt mi bdy sew lik if u dnt vot 4 me den il giv u da nud pikturz
[17:22] <FireFly_9> I already had to kiss Jerry Lawler, I'm already ruined, I cannot be hurt any more.
[17:23] <Mdm_Maestro> Remember all of you, I am the example to which you aspire. If you sully me, you sully yourselves.
[17:23] <Cést_la_V> Kerry's gross!! I don't want to kiss him!! He's obsolete!! Pick someone else please!!
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