#396: “New Year Present - The End of Motoki”

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Hmm... Personally, I didn't like BR 2 as much, it didn't have the sense of menace the first one did...
They wanted to go for the "pointlessness of war / terrorism" thing, so characters are left very undeveloped... I dunno, I just think compared to the original it's a vastly inferior story (the SFX etc are
top notch of course)... if they had skipped the whole "BR Act" redux from the first one it might have worked better, as the main point of things is the impact BR I had on the "winners" from that movie.
So I dunno... IMHO, I'd just kick back, it's not worth a frantic hunt.

Xadium • 01/01/04 02:31pm

Hehe...lots of fun. I've seen BR#1; is it worth trying to find the second one to see it?

THM [e-mail] • 01/01/04 02:23pm