#330: “Enter: The Pegasus”

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<BLK_5T4LLi0N> Yo Yo Yo I be the Sum of all yo Fearz
<BLK_5T4LLi0N> So lissen up you punkz and lend me yo Earz
<BLK_5T4LLi0N> If you thought pregfur.org was whack
<BLK_5T4LLi0N> Then you dunno JACK
<BLK_5T4LLi0N> Cuz when you're dealin wit da Horse wit da Force
<BLK_5T4LLi0N> Dat kinda [BLEEP] is par for da Course!
<BLK_5T4LLi0N> So Mamas bettah hide yo kidz
<BLK_5T4LLi0N> and sew up yo pretty little eyelidz
<BLK_5T4LLi0N> Because Mastah P Elioz has gotta surprize
<BLK_5T4LLi0N> Dat might be too Vulgar for yo weak little eyez
<BLK_5T4LLi0N> But dat'z a present I ain't gonna share
<BLK_5T4LLi0N> Till you be lax an' unaware
<BLK_5T4LLi0N> So fuh now just keep yo eaz to da ground
<BLK_5T4LLi0N> Cuz Whack Mastah Elios is gonna be comin' 'round!
<BLK_5T4LLi0N> And dat Solder of Saturn
<BLK_5T4LLi0N> Dat makes [BLEEP]in wit MY life her favourite pattern?
<BLK_5T4LLi0N> Know dat my reign of terror is gonna start
<BLK_5T4LLi0N> By me takin all of yo black gothic heart!
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I should make the links and text on TGTN front page updates permanently pink.

What you mean? Why can't I have one day to beat the pink hair bitch and her horsie love interest? That bitch is eventually thinking of planning to rule this world in the future...

Life stinks.

YingGirl [e-mail] • 10/24/03 06:37am

umm... Ying, it's take

Duo • 10/23/03 06:00pm

I'm not. I think it's time to KILL THE RABBIT.

YingGirl [e-mail] • 10/23/03 06:29am


Lady Delphi [e-mail] • 10/22/03 10:06pm


YingGirl [e-mail] • 10/22/03 03:44pm

, takle a long walk on a very short pier and take that rabid pink hair freak with you.

YingGirl [e-mail] • 10/22/03 03:43pm