Suburban Senshi IRC Chat #31: “Oh, they have gone and done it now...”
#31: “Oh, they have gone and done it now...”

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<GERMATOID> Blast. As someone MADLY experimenting with internet affiliation programs to drum up some badly needed-funds for the Death Busters' next STAB at WORLD DOMINATION (you didn't think I was FINISHED after Pharaoh 90, did you? MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!), it ANGERS me that PUNKS like Morpheus, Kazaa and Limewire are actually shipping software that REDIRECTS commission links AWAY from the originating websites to the issuing companies!

"Mr. Petersen said that he had received complaints about TopMoxie and LimeWire from friends and took a closer look. After conducting a detailed analysis of the software, he concluded that the TopMoxie program was intricately designed to substitute its affiliate identification code for that of other sites as transactions were made. He said that the program remained on the computer even if the user removed the original LimeWire music sharing software."

<GERMATOID> That's just too much. I may be evil... but I'm not THAT evil...
<GERMATOID> Oh, of course you are, father.
<GERMATOID> Heh... you may be right... I wish I had thought of it first! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
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