Suburban Senshi IRC Chat #27: “You'll pay for EVERY Byte!”
#27: “You'll pay for EVERY Byte!”

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"AMD's chips will increase the security of those accessing programs and the Internet, says company marketer Patrick Moorhead. But it will also refuse to play certain content if it is not digitally signed by Microsoft or an authorised party."

<GERMATOID> In case you've been living under a rock lately, you may not have known that both Intel and AMD have agreed to make their next generation of processors compliant with a new "security" scheme called Palladium, which will incorporate Digital Rights Management (DRM) into hardware instead of easily circumventable software. What this means in short is that soon your desktop will be just like those fancy HDTVs that, while theoretically capable of giving you super high quality broadcasts, are switchable to crappy low-resolution mode at the whim of broadcasters, and able to prevent you from exercising your right to record what you see. I would laugh, but this stuff isn't very funny.... unless you're working for THE MAN! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
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