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Suburban Senshi Entry #2393 - “12 Days of Temu Part 6! Howdy, Partner!”
#2393 “12 Days of Temu Part 6! Howdy, Partner!”
*** welcome to #suburbansenshi-backrooms
Log excerpt starts - 19 June 2024 7:13PM
Welcome back to the 2024 edition of "Twelve Days of Temu!", where we selected 12 random words from a word generator and searched for them in Temu, finding the craziest stuff we could that matched.
What's today's word?
For day six, our word was PARTNERSHIP
Hmm maybe something business-related?
Close, they really wanted to "get down to business" all right.

@Paisley Pythia Peinforte
I'm sorry I can't stop laughing
Anniversaries are a vigorous time <_<
Vermellia X. Rosso
Get some for me as well, Vermellia-san
Log excerpt ends - 19 June 2024 7:23PM

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Seramuun Urtora

February 14, 1999: Michiru was basking in the glow of a young wanna-be imitator, when Sailor Galaxia attacked using Otedamako, determined to capture Sailor V. As the Senshi got their teamwork together, Helios appeared, contacting the girls telepathically and urging them to fight. Prince Endymion got rendered amnesiac. When all hope seemed lost, the Senshi got a break through a sudden turn towards and ethical lifestyle by the Villain. Sailor Moon used the Moon Tiara action attack to win.

"Old men look like wrinkled up old babies to me."
-- Usagi, "Spamlet"

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