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Suburban Senshi Entry #2392 - “12 Days of Temu Part 4! Spirits are trending up!! ”
#2392 “12 Days of Temu Part 4! Spirits are trending up!! ”
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Log excerpt starts - 18 June 2024 6:53PM
Welcome back to the 2024 edition of "Twelve Days of Temu!", where we selected 12 random words from a word generator and searched for them in Temu, finding the craziest stuff we could that matched.
Normally, this was a lot harder than with, because we actually got a lot of relevant results with Temu, but OH man today we hit the nail on the head.
What was the word for today
For day five, our word was TREND
Dr. M. Hanyu
That really could be anything!

Dr. M. Hanyu
...and of all the anythings I was imagining, that wasn't even close
Det. Ema Skye
It's the Mojo Jojo headgear trend
DJ Reverend_H
Yo that is some big-brain fashion yo
// J_Daito //
It could be someone's intestines if you really think about it
Det. Ema Skye
I didn't really want to think about it, thanks
Log excerpt ends - 18 June 2024 7:05PM

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September 3, 1997: Haruka was on a cooking show broadcast live all over Japan, when Mimete attacked using Ookatubu, determined to gain control of the Golden Crystal. As the Senshi were knocked out, Princess Kaykuu appeared, mocking the girls' weakness in battle. Tuxedo Mask got offended that the villains were misusing roses. When all hope seemed lost, the Senshi got a break through an amusingly pacifist monster. Sailor Moon used Artemis' sudden recollection of obscure Silver Millennium trivia to win.

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