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Suburban Senshi Entry #2389 - “12 days of Temu part 2! This wasn't covered in biology class!!”
#2389 “12 days of Temu part 2! This wasn't covered in biology class!!”
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Log excerpt starts - 15 June 2024 5:47PM
In the name of innovating the frontiers of Cheapo entertainment, we bring you the 2024 edition of "Twelve Days of Temu!", where we selected 12 random words from a word generator and searched for them in Temu, finding the craziest stuff we could that matched.
For day two, our word was REPRODUCE
DJ Reverend_H
Yo on sketchy sites like that I bet you found some Premium stuff with that word right yo?

DJ Reverend_H
yo, what
@Chateaux Concierge
Oh, that's the face I make when I, the omniscient being permeating all aspects of the HOTEL have to sit there and see / hear you meatbags f[BLEEP]king to REPRODUCE
...I guess it would fit in that context yeah
Log excerpt ends - 15 June 2024 5:53PM

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January 13, 1997: Michiru was angry because Haruka was apparently intruding on a relationship, when Fish-Eye attacked using Giwaaku, determined to unleash Chaos throughout the universe. As the Senshi tried to think up a plan, The Amazon Trio joined them, trying to kill 'taru for no good reason. Prince Endymion got rendered amnesiac. When all hope seemed lost, the Senshi got a break through a sudden powerup. Sailor Moon used a piercing scream amplified through her odango to win.

<.'~SugaBB_2999~'.> I B da hip op rulr of da 31st sentury!! I gotz da syle and Da lok of futr funky frshnis!

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