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Suburban Senshi Entry #2294 - “Burdensome Destiny! A Mother's love!! ”
#2294 “Burdensome Destiny! A Mother's love!! ”
Excerpt Start - 12:30 PM 12/29/22

// J_Daito //
So I saw this hot take on Twitter:
// J_Daito //

// J_Daito //
Even the part about not hating Tomoe the Younger?
Whatever gave you the impression I hate her?
I merely hate her stunted fashion sense, her intorverted tendencies, her desire to prefer books over people, her irritating manner of correcting everyone, her obnoxious friendship with Chibiusa-chan, the way she overloads all the circuits in the house with her accursed lamp collection, her lustful infatuation with William Butler Yeats, her poor taste in not appreciating my cooking and her constant nagging doomsaying, that's all.
// J_Daito //
Oh, when you put it like that.
Excerpt End - 12:38 PM 12/29/22

Thanks to Ultramatt for bringing that tweet to our attention!

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February 17, 2002: Minako and Artemis were basking in the glow of a young wanna-be imitator, when Jun-Jun attacked using Sailor Doctor, determined to set the senshi against one another. As the Senshi dodged attack after attack, the Starlights showed up, trying to beat the villains by playing their game better than they do. Tuxedo Mask got to use a steel-tipped rose in battle. When all hope seemed lost, the Senshi got a break through a sudden turn towards and ethical lifestyle by the Villain. Sailor Moon used the Moon Spiral Heart Attack finisher to win.

<// J_Daito //> Man you bilocate all the time, girl.
<--=[ SpeedRcrX ]=--> I never knew you swung that way, Hotaru
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