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Suburban Senshi Entry #2256 - “20 years later, a radical new approach appears! The Senshi in peril!! ”
#2256 “20 years later, a radical new approach appears! The Senshi in peril!! ”
Excerpt Start - 11:43 PM 09/08/22

So the surgery's going well and they've got Artemis converted into socks or something, I think they'll get him back to being a cat in a few days
// J_Daito //
Does it matter? These days the promotional material from TOEI seems to forget he exists.
Man f[BLEEP]k TOEI they just use our likenesses without paying us Royalties
We should start our own show just to make cash
// J_Daito //
Suburban Sergeants was a thing you know
That was like 20 years ago, no one remembers that
i sew dis on da intarnat

We should totally make an ISEKAI it's all the rage
You realize for isekai to work we'd all have to *die*, yes?
// J_Daito //
I have no problem making that happen for you
Excerpt End - 11:47 PM 09/08/22

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Seramuun Urtora

December 18, 1997: Mamoru and Artemis were admiring a park slated for demolition, when Viluy attacked using Ookatubu, determined to seduce Sailor Moon. As the Senshi huddled around Sailor Mercury, Sailor Venus made the scene, commenting on how cruel and heartless the enemies were. Mamoru got to use a steel-tipped rose in battle. When all hope seemed lost, the Senshi got a break through Queen Beryl freaking out and calling a retreat. Sailor Moon used a secret weapon that up until that moment had been sitting in plain sight to win.

"Whose actions are more disgusting? General Jedite 's perverse gropings of a woman ten thousand times his age,or Sailor Pluto 's distinctly unhygenic dietary practices?"
-- Budokai Announcer

Suburban Senshi: ...Er..Well...there's people here. Mostly.