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Legacy Archives

Suburban Senshi Entry #2217 - “A fight for the ages! The true story of Haruka and Michiru vs Usagi at Mugen!!”
#2217 “A fight for the ages! The true story of Haruka and Michiru vs Usagi at Mugen!!”
C'est_La_V 03/01/2021
So the thing you missed when you were frozen Jedite was that time that Haruka-san and Michiru-san were finally tired of listening to Usagi-chan and so they decided to have a final fight in the ruins of Mugen Gakuen!!
// J_Daito // 03/01/2021
Wait I heard about that, didn't Ten'ou get her ass kicked?
SpeedRcr_X 03/01/2021
I did NOT!
Flame_Sniper 03/01/2021
Uhh, I was there. Usagi-chan just RAISED HER HAND and you and Michiru-san just KNELT BEFORE HER and surrendered.
SpeedRcr_X 03/01/2021
Okay enough of this slanderous lie. Michi, Mako, we need to tell them the truth. For the sake of our own shining legacies.
Flame_Sniper 03/01/2021
...Mako-chan? What?
IrnChef_Jovian 03/01/2021
IrnChef_Jovian 03/01/2021
So uhh, there was a side-bet going on between me and Ami-chan about who would win that fight... and I let Haruka-san know about it, so we basically decided to have her and Michiru throw the fight so we could cash out...
Mdm_Maestro 03/01/2021
...and it wasn't worth it ><
Flame_Sniper 03/01/2021
Well of course not! The stain to your honor!!
SpeedRcr_X 03/01/2021
No.. not that... we thought we'd get $2,000 if we lost...
Mdm_Maestro 03/01/2021
But the "two thousand" was yen.
Mizunomics01 03/01/2021
Honestly, we live in Japan. It still mystifies me to this day why you thought it would be United States Dollars.
SpeedRcr_X 03/01/2021
Because you were the daughter of a DOCTOR? Who the hell would have thought you'd have just offered twenty bucks worth?!
Mizunomics01 03/01/2021
Anyone with an ounce of common sense? I was a junior high student!
// J_Daito // 03/01/2021
I'm still laughing my ass off at the image of Ten'ou kneeling before the symbol of uselessness incarnate.
SpeedRcr_X 03/01/2021
STFU Mr. "I still have treadmarks on my back from that airplane."

July 28, 1999: Haruka and Yuuichiro were sadly lingering outside a dance hall after the university festival, when Zoicite attacked using Sutearingu, determined to unleash Chaos throughout the universe. As the Senshi got tired of being kicked around, Nephlite joined them, jumping into battle only when attacked. Mamoru got to look cool by entering the scene riding a motorcycle. When all hope seemed lost, the Senshi got a break through the sudden appearance of a lolicon Sailor Luna. Sailor Moon used the Rainbow Moon Heartache attack to win.
<--=[ SpeedRcrX ]=--> Ahh, so THIS is why Neko-chan reads the good Doc's email... people are always trying to "link" to him... hehehe... like the Odo on deep space nine

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