2214. Panic at the Discord11/30/20
2213. Haruka's Black Friday Mistake11/27/20
2212. Happy Thanksgiving from Suburban Senshi! 11/26/20
2211. Sketch Sessions 002 - Ongoing Fashion Disaster11/06/20
2210. A Special Election indeed (Sketch Sessions 0111/05/20
2209. In the name of the moon and the International Standards of Weights and Measures, I will punish you! 10/19/20
2208. WHAAAT? It's been eighteen years? Catching up with the Suburban Senshi!!08/25/20
2207. We always did have a blind spot for Venus-sama~08/17/20
2206. Some things are better off DEAD! The Suburban Senshi react to the rest of the Death Note Anime [Episodes 11-37]!!08/09/20
2205. 14 years late! The Suburban Senshi react to the Death Note anime! Episodes 1-10!!08/09/20
2204. Back in Blargh~08/04/20
2203. In a Hot Spot06/25/20
2202. [GrimDark Arc] Fear her Pink Sugar Heart Attack~06/04/20
2201. Art is in the voice of the beholder06/01/20
2200. [ Grimdark Arc ] Floating on Clouds Nine and Ten05/30/20
2199. [ Grimdark Arc ] All Fired up~05/26/20
2198. Where does Haruka get those wonderful suits?05/25/20
2197. Smile! You're in the Picture at last!05/24/20
2196. Haruka takes the Sailor Moon Drawing Challenge!!05/21/20
2195. Great Moments in Suburban Senshi History: Sad Departure05/19/20
2194. Family Flashback Fun 90's style05/17/20
2193. DEEP LORE DROP! The Spiritual Space-Screams of the Silver Millennium through Space and Time!05/15/20
2192. Lockdown Diversionary Tactics 05/14/20
2191. BEHIND THE SCENES - Suburban Senshi Podcast with Retro Fanfic Retrospective!04/17/20
2190. Blame Big Papa04/06/20
2189. In poor taste03/12/20
2188. More fun that a Big Daddy Turtle! Hiatus 1 and "Whatever happened to the Suburban Senshi" now in the story collections!!01/14/20
2187. Alexa, we're in the sh*t now. 01/08/20
2186. MST: Mansplaining to Women for Fun and Profit01/07/20
2185. Superhero Superstars of the WWE - Plus Ultra [Lashley]?01/03/20
2184. The Perils of Commercialization12/20/19
2183. That's one Powerful P*ssy12/19/19
2182. Flushed with Anticipation11/21/19
2181. Announcing the Suburban Senshi collections - The S and SuperS comics!09/15/19
2180. Beryl got Back (and got back~)09/14/19
2179. Twitter Test09/13/19
2178. The Sub. Senshi go to the Minnesota State Fair (by UltraMatt)09/01/19
2177. Quality Parenting08/30/19
2176. Science08/29/19
2175. Medical Heroics Plus Ultra08/28/19
2174. Motoki Finds True Love?08/27/19
2173. Hotaru wut u doing08/26/19
2172. Suburban Senshi is NOT old enough to Vote today! <_<08/25/19
2171. Suburban Senshi is OLD ENOUGH TO VOTE today! (08/25/19
2170. You've got to FIGHT... for the RIGHT... to POTTY~!08/13/19
2169. Back to the IRC II (Test)08/11/19

Legacy Archives

Suburban Senshi Entry #2212 - “Happy Thanksgiving from Suburban Senshi! ”
#2212 “Happy Thanksgiving from Suburban Senshi! ”
// J_Daito // 11/26/2020
In this trying time of this trying hell-year that should not exist, I would like to take this moment to be thankful for everyone who has so graciously donated their energy to my latest Dark Kingdom plot, "Zoom Teleconferencing" and would like you gift you all with this token of Thanksgiving charity
// J_Daito // 11/26/2020

Reverend_H 11/26/2020
Yo i would eat that sweet succulent chibi-turkey, yo
FireFly_9 11/26/2020
I don't need these mental images
Reverend_H 11/26/2020
You need a lot of *something* yo
FireFly_9 11/26/2020
And you need to be gelded once again
Crwn_Frt_Gmer 11/26/2020
FireFly_9 11/26/2020
Finally, someone else who agrees poor Chibiusa-chan should not be a target of abuse.
Crwn_Frt_Gmer 11/26/2020
Huh? I'm talking about the *turkey*! That's just animal abuse!
FireFly_9 11/26/2020
IrnChef_Jovian 11/26/2020
just chucks Thanksgiving dinner in the garbage ><

April 18, 2001: Makoto and Haruka were locked in deadly combat with Wiseman, when Kaolinite attacked using Sailor Teacher, determined to find the Light of Hope. As the Senshi let loose a Sailor Planet Attack, Helios appeared, jumping into battle only when attacked. Mamoru got relentlessly hit on by Chibiusa. When all hope seemed lost, the Senshi got a break through sudden incompetence on the part of the villain. Sailor Moon used the Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss attack to win.
<--=[ SpeedRcrX ]=--> That's right runt, I clearned your dirties
<--=[ SpeedRcrX ]=--> I think some are still buried in the pile of crap lining my floor
<FireFly_9> Bu... that pile of "crap" would be almost...
* FireFly_9 does the math
<FireFly_9> almost NINE YEARS OLD
<--=[ SpeedRcrX ]=--> Yeah I;m uhh... making a compost heap

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